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White Apocalypse

Greetings Harold, Thanks for the Sam Francis book. I have an earlier collection of his essays on race. Much appreciate this one. Just finished White Apocalypse. Other than the characters and story line, unfortunately it is not fiction. Professor Jack’s soliloquies should be required reading. He covers it all including Boas and Gramsci and so […]

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Suggest You Try Forum

All you guys who are writing book-length comments to the “Nigger Apes” post, which is so far back I can’t be bothered to hunt it up, you know we do actually have a forum for that kind of thing? It’s at

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2017: The Year America Dissolved

An intriguing article… but the usually astute Paul Craig Roberts omits a couple of things. 1.) No mention of race whatsoever.  One might think from reading the article that we are all one people – and that racial differences will play no important role in the dissolution of our society. 2.) More importantly, one would […]

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SOS – Save Our Species

Just like the timber wolf, the White man is an endangered species. We need our own protected habitat–and in the same place.

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