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Yesterday’s Record

Hi, guys: Yesterday set another record for (i.e. Radio Free Northwest)—1,185 unique visitors in a single day, as opposed to page loads (well over 2200), i.e. the most hits we have ever gotten in a single day. Okay, by internet standards that’s still chicken feed, but it does indicate that we are recovering from […]

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NF Salem Unit Web Site

Hi, folks: Check out the video section at -HAC

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Butler Plan On YouTube

Joe Bob says check it out:

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1989 HAC Speech in Pulaski, Tennessee

Hi, guys: If some of you want to hear me rousing the rabble, check out A few words of explanation are necessary. This speech was recorded in Pulaski, Tennessee on Martin Lucifer Koon day, January 17th 1989, and I was addressing a hall of about 200 people, mostly Klansmen and Skinheads, but including some […]

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JooTube Censorship Cycle Begins

From Colonel House: From: Colonel House Sent: Friday, March 18, 2011 10:18 AM To: GenSec Subject: JooTube Censorship Cycle Begins Northwest Front – The NVA has now been rated X-18 by the “YouTube Community”  (read a couple Jews in the Internet Defense Force). In previous incarnations of this site, total banning is always preceded by […]

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NVA Attack Video #2 Back Up

Okay, the Jews on YouTube pulled down NVA Attack Video Version #2, and we were back up within 24 hours. Kudos to Comrade Herrenvolk; that was fast work. Now, Google seems to be blocking this link for some reason. I’m going to diddle with it and see if I can get it to work, but […]

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YouTube Targets NVA Video

Okay, Colonel House’s famous NVA Attack Video has been flagged by YouTube as “18 or older.” This is usually the first step toward pulling it down. The NF is working on backup channels, but nonetheless I urge all of you who have YouTube download and copying software to get your own copy before this disappears […]

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UPDATE:  The NF Storefront has been defunct due to the usual de-platforming reasons for quite a few years now.  This post is staying around for historical reasons. Okay, guys, finally, the first Northwest front t-shirts and knick-knacks are now available online. Check out Please send me your feedback.

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Weekly Site Stats

Hi, guys: Our weekly site stats on for August 19th (Thursday to Thursday to pick up on the RFN surge) are Page loads – 5,605 Unique visitors – 2,538 That’s the best we’ve done so far, although of course judging by the heckles some of those visitors are niggers, Jew, or hostile idiots. Let’s […]

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Site Changes

Greetings,  Racial Comrades: As you can see, there have been some changes to our site. Please feel free to e-mail me at with any comments you may have. -HAC

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