Radio Free Northwest
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Radio Free Northwest – August 25th, 2016

HAC on what might happen in November and an excerpt from a British podcast. Gretchen on Jobbik and Lord Lucan returns from lying doggo.

Radio Free Northwest – August 18th 2016

Horse race, Gretchen, and Part Two of The Ghost Dance.

Radio Free Northwest – August 11th 2016

Part One of The Ghost Dance Series: “The World Must Change.”

Radio Free Northwest – August 4th 2016

Andy and HAC on money, Gretchen reviews East German novel, Trucker, N.C. comrade on Edgar Steele.

Radio Free Northwest – July 28th 2016

HAC on the Horse Race and the Ghost Dance; Gretchen on Nigel Farage; Andy on hobbyism and the misuse of White Nationalism as entertainment.

Radio Free Northwest – July 21st 2016

HAC, Trucker, special guest speaker, long and abstruse raps on deep subjects. And the Horse Race, of course.

Radio Free Northwest – July 14th 2016

HAC on presidential race and also on avoiding post-Trump depression; we hear from a newly-arrived Northwst migrant, plus Gretchen and the Trucker.

Radio Free Northwest – July 7th 2016

HAC on the latest machinations of Billyboy and the Hildebeest; Trucker, Gretchen, and Edgar Steele.

Radio Free Northwest – June 30th 2016

HAC on Sacramento and Brexit, Gretchen on Eric Frank Russell’s The Wasp. our two ladies from Oregon, and a length blast from the past.