Interview with Occidental Quarterly Editor Greg Johnson, Dec. 29, 2009
Includes a brief biography of Covington, an explanation of the Northwest Imperative, the impact of the internet on White Nationalism, and a discussion of Covington’s novels.

The Patriot Dames Radio Show, Dec. 12, 2009
White Christmas and what it means to Americans
MP3, 22 MB, length 1:15:06

Radio Free Mississippi, Nov. 20, 2009
The Northwest Front, Northwest Migration, and character
MP3, 29 MB, length 1:03:22

The Patriot Dames Radio Show, Nov. 12, 2009
H.A. Covington, novelist and visionary
MP3, 32 MB, length 1:31:41

RV Wolfpack Radio show, Oct. 27, 2009
The murder of Jeff Hughes, leader of Northwest Front Canada
MP3, 17.9 MB, length 1:18:26

The Sunic Journal, Oct. 20, 2009
The Northwest novels and more
MP3, 12.6 MB, length 0:55:03

Prothink Radio Show, Sept. 3, 2009
Northwest Migration
MP3, 49.1 MB, length 2:02:48