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A New Idaho Settler Writes

Dear Harold: I apologize for not responding to your last letter sooner. I’ve been quite lazy lately, but I am getting my act together. Feel free to share my contact info with any trustworthy folks in my area. I have a feeling this is going to be a good year, the year of the Fourteen […]

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Next Year In Jerusalem, Er, I Mean The Homeland

[The Jews have a religious ritual they chant in their synagogues at Rosh Hoshanah, I think it is, or maybe Passover or Yom Kippur–anyway, it contains the famous vow, “next year in Jerusalem,” a vow which for all the Zionist crap, 2000 years of Jews have pretty much ignored because they were too comfortable and […]

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Thank You

Harold, Thank you very much for taking the time to meet with us, for breakfast, the great hospitality, the book, mugs, pins, and all the information. It was great to meet with you all, and sorry again for the early morning phone call. That day we made it to Hole in the Wall on the […]

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A Quiet But Interesting Observation

Attention all you idiots from That Nineties Show and idiots in general: I have no intention of discussing actual numbers, of course, but of the comrades who attended our Thanksgiving feast last Thursday, half of them–50 per cent–were migrants who came from outside the Homeland and at least half of those weren’t here this time […]

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Northwest Job-Hunting Advice

Mr. Covington, I don’t anything generic to add, but since I’m in a tech area, tech is sort-of easy to get here with. Any job-related conversation I’ve had which has ended up moving me across the country (and not just to Seattle, either) started with (it’s a technology-only job board). One of the more […]

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“I’m In”

Well I just saw this article on-line; I can’t pretend that the NWF isn’t a racial necessity any longer. I have lived my entire life like a stranger in a strange land. Grievance after grievance I sat idly by and tried to put a silver lining on things. But now I can see that […]

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Oregon Relocation Video

This is a yuppie-ish kind of thing, so disregard the “diversity” crap, but it’s got some good shots of this part of the Homeland.

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On Me You Shouldn’t Depend

(That’s the punchline from an old Jew joke I won’t bother to repeat.) Dear Mr. Covington, I’ve recently begun listening to your Radio Free Northwest broadcasts and reading through your website. I’ve also received two of your Northwest novels and have just finished one of them. Allow me to say that I admire and appreciate […]

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NW Migration Reps

Hi, guys: Okay, what with the Novel #5 and RFN and NO and another project it looks like I have to start soon, I am going to have to schedule my time almost down to the minute on a day by day basis. One of the things I simply will not have time to attend […]

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Welcome Home

Congratulations to “Thomas Paine,” whom some of you know via internet and some not. Comrade Paine is our newest Homeland resident who left New England in the best pioneer tradition and has now settled in Post Falls, Idaho. Once he gets settled in I expect we’ll be hearing a lot more from Mr. Paine. -HAC

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