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Billings, Montana

Anyone in the Billings, Montana area willing to help new White migrants, please get in touch with me at

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Two Races

I seek not what his soul desires, He dreads not what my spirit fears. Our Heavens have shown us separate fires, Our dooms have dealt us differing years. Our daysprings and our timeless dead Ordained for us and still control Lives sundered at the fountain-head, And distant, now, as Pole from Pole. Yet, dwelling thus, […]

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On Bearing Arms

“Throughout all of recorded history, the mark of the freeman, of the citizen, of the responsible male adult, has been the keeping and bearing of arms. We are free men, every bit the equal of any man or woman on the opposite side of this table or in this audience, and we will not attend […]

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We Begin…

For some years now I have run two blogs, one at (known as Thoughtcrime) and a second blog at on Northwest migration and racial issues. I am transferring that second blog to this, our new Party web site, so as to provide an element of daily update to the site. Thoughtcrime will still […]

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