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At Ease, People

Okay, guys, once more (for the second time in less than a week) I have to remind you about using the comments column to snipe and pick and pursue pointless flame wars and arguments over how many Stormtroopers can dance on the head of a pin or whatever. This is not Usenet, and it is […]

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Northwest Jobs

Just a quick note of interest. I went over in my mind last night a kind of roster of about dozen people, mostly families but a few single men as well, who have emigrated to the Northwest Homeland over the past five or six years. With only one exception, all of these found work within […]

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Rearranging the Deck Chairs

White people remind me of the wealthy first class passengers on the Titanic, who spent their final moments before the liner went down in the saloon bar, calling for the stewards (who hopefully by then had sense enough to flee) to bring them whiskey and sodas. Guys, the super-liner America hit the iceberg long before […]

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Whites and Guns

“Resistance to gun control laws was one of the few acts of mass civil disobedience whites ever engaged in. They didn’t have the balls actually to use the guns, but at least they kept them hidden away to take out now and then, stroke, and fantasize. It was the same problem that the government experienced […]

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I Want You To Believe

Occasionally people ask me if I really think we can win our own country for White people here in the Pacific Northwest. The answer is, yes. Absolutely. We can and we will–if somehow, through some alchemy of the soul, I can make all of you believe as deeply and as completely in our future as […]

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On Comments

Still diddling with WordPress. Guys, a word on comments. This web site is the NF’s public web site, and the comments section is going to be for public viewing, where everything on here is for the permanent record, so to speak. The enemy will soon be monitoring this blog if they’re not already. That imposes certain restrictions and […]

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Northwest Aphorism

Remember, Northwest Migration isn’t running away from anything. It’s running to something, a glorious new future for our Folk.

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New Blog Protocols

Okay, I’m starting to diddle with WordPress now, which I’ve never used before. Aparently there’s a word limit, which is good–it will keep me from getting lazy and just dropping in long articles. This may end up being more of a tweet than a blog; I’ll probably drop in several times a day whenever I’m […]

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Another One On The Way

Dear HAC, Our family’s arrival in Spokane is now set for November. We’ll need some time to get set up, but within a year I hope to be active with the NF there. -Name Withheld

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Billings, Montana

Anyone in the Billings, Montana area willing to help new White migrants, please get in touch with me at

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