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Personal GUBU Note From Harold

Hi, guys: A word in your shell-like ears, plizz. I’d like to give you a quick shot of anti-GUBU. You know the standard accusation leveled against me by the Goat Dancers that “Harold got a Section Eight from the United States Army?” Recently, as part of one of my spasmodic efforts to get my affairs […]

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Fake Twitter Account #3

From: Eric Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2013 7:26 PM To: Subject: Your Troll Greetings brother, It looks like your little friend has started a new Twitter account @NFGeneralHQ . He seems to have taken a liking to me as of late. He keeps trolling my radio show and the other one that I sometimes co-host. […]

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Wedgie’s Latest

FTR, no, I did not publicly propose marriage to Ann Coulter. Yes, really. Apparently Wedgie is putting his new playtoys, multiple fake twitter accounts in my name, to good use and he tweeted her a proposal, which she seems to have ignored so far. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the left-wing media picked up […]

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Second Fake Twitter Account

Apparently the first bogus Twitter account was suspended after somebody complained, and so the stalker is at it again. “Harold A Covington (@JerryReb88) tweeted at 7:15 AM on Mon, Feb 18, 2013: @RSR93 @WARRIOR33_6 @phwang1991 I agree, that is a fake a/c. I’m the real one. (” Usual drill guys. Please spread the word that […]

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False Twitter Account

HAC: It looks like your friend is now using your name on Twitter. I’m sure you already know this but thought I’d do my duty and give you a heads up. If everybody reports him as spam they will disable the account. Harold A Covington “Leader of the ONLY active White Nationalist Movement in the US. […]

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Hoax Site Falling Flat

Wedgie’s latest hoax site seems to be falling flat. Amazingly so; I’m surprised the sewage flow has dried up as quickly as it has.  People just don’t seem to be interested. I don’t look at it, and haven’t done since a day or so after it appeared, but one of our guys looks in every […]

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Ye Goate Dance Updat’d

Hi, guys: The latest thing our nig-nog friend from Nanaimo Island is doing is forging posts, allegedly from me, to the comments section of certain blogs. Just so everyone knows, prior to this I almost never posted to the comments sections of news articles or other rite-wing blogs because I was usually simply banned by […]

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A Word To The Wise, Possibly An Urgent Word

Uh, guys… You haven’t forgotten the most important of all rules on the internet, have you? The fact that unless someone is personally known to you through physical, real-world contact. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO YOU ARE ACTUALLY TALKING TO. None of you have forgotten that, right? You also have not forgotten that just because […]

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God(s) Is Dead

Okay, guys, I’m cutting off religious and general off-topic responses to posts and RFNs. We have an NF Forum at Use that.

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Come To The Dark Side, Harold

Harold, As despicable as your writings and your podcasts are, I have to concede that nonetheless you often display an incisive intelligence, a biting turn of wit, and an intuitive grasp of political and social issues that any progressive would be proud to have at his command. I have, of course, familiarized myself with your […]

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