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Secure Mailing Address

Hi, guys: A communication of a kind I have received time and time again down through the years: Dear HAC:  I’m fifteen. If your parents are liberals, be very careful when ordering Northwest novels or literature. My parents intercepted my White Book when the parcel was at my door while I was at school. They […]

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Organization Or Organism?

[This was received today on the Homeland blog. Any comments from the rest of you folks? – HAC] I think the next big ‘steps backwards’ will be A) as Covington says, amnesty for illegal immigrants (which will then surely reveal the true extent of the non-Aryan invasion) and B) restrictions on gun ownership, probably starting […]

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Purchasing A Tricolor Flag

Periodic reminder: right now all our Northwest flags are homemade, mostly by Comrade Steve, although there are a few others who have made their own. Steve may be contacted at As far as I can recall, a standard-sized 3 X 5 Tricolor runs $50.00 plus shipping. Please don’t stiff Steve; I take altogether too […]

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RFN Music Note

Dear HAC: Thank you for playing my song ‘Awakening’ on RFN #139. I do not have anymore material like this at the moment; but if I do record any more I will send it to you. I am mainly playing folk songs from Britain and Ireland on the flute, and hope to form a band […]

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NF T-Shirt Site

New Café Press site: You can get a T-shirt and one for your dog as well.          

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1,142 On August 8th

1,142 unique hits to this site on August 8th. (That’s actual visitors as opposed to pageloads.) Not sure, but I think that may be a daily record.

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I Am Nobody

Hi, guys: Just a quick word in your shell-like ears. I sent this out to the Colonel House Academy, a small group of you who volunteered to edit my video footage and produce YouTube pieces from it. (The Colonel House Academy is the only way anyone can get off the hook from the moral imperative […]

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Beating The Censorship on Stormfront

Dear HAC: I know you’ve asked us to promote the NF on message boards like Stormfront to get at the large user base they have, but this is going to be a bit more difficult now that the URL for the NF’s website is automatically censored and rendered as asterisks. You’re right. Don Black doesn’t […]

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Support For The NF

A commenter recently stated his willingness to support the NF anonymously but said I need to make it clear how. Fair enough. Contributions to support our work may be sent to Northwest Front, P. O. Box 4856, Seattle, Washington 98194. Checks and money orders should be made out to Northwest Publishing Agency, not Northwest Front, […]

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Old Fan

Dear Harold, I have been a fan of yours for many years. How well I remember the early 1980’s in Raleigh, NC. I was in high school and always enjoyed calling the special telephone number you set up for the weekly White Power message. It was the highlight of my and many of my friends […]

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