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John Le Carre Novels

For those of you who asked about the writer I referred to in the latest RFN whose novels I recommend as preparation for “our” way of life:é    

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GREAT White Nationalist Resource Site! Hi, guys: Somebody has finally done it! Someone has begun collecting all the “old stuff” from our Movement. They have undertaken the monumental task of typing it all onto manipulable, cut-and-pastable computer files off of the faded. tattered, garage-mimeographed newsletters of decades long past (a monumental task that must have taken them years; God […]

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Latest Northwest Front Video “Northwest Migration 101.” Let’s face it, people, this is a hell of a lot better introduction than my wino-like face and ramblings. Let’s see if we can get this one to go some approximation of viral, okay?

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A New Contact Writes

Dear Mr.  Covington: Thank you for your time and resources. I was happy to receive the packet in the mail and I was surprised at the contents. Not at the topic but at the extent you have gone to inform us about what NF stands for, and it is heart-warming to see how much effort has gone into reaching us. […]

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Leaflet And Business Card Design

Guys, I’m getting more business card designs and even a few leaflets (finally!) designed and submitted for approval, and in many cases the graphics are very good. However: 1) Make sure you always have the Party’s website at listed, very visibly, on the leaflet or business card. No point in giving people a nice […]

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HAC On Twitter

Okay, a reminder. My Twitter is @JerryReb, although I still don’t know how it transmuted back to that account from the one I established later, I still don’t understand how to use Twitter (maybe because I don’t use it from a phone) and I don’t seem to be receiving any tweets from anyone.

Read More HAC Interview Okay, it wasn’t quite as bad as I had anticipated. Link is above. What this Belfast kid did was to substitute his own sarcastic questions—in reality he was quite diffident on the phone. But the answers he printed were accurately quoted, so I got to have my say. When you check out the rest […]

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FBI Surveillance

Just a quiet reminder: Remember the General Petraeus scandal of last November? When a couple of the general’s bimbos were sending threatening e-mails to each other and the FBI got involved to solve the earth-shaking mystery? It came out at the time that the FBI has been archiving ALL E-MAILS EVER SENT in this country […]

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Comments, Not Chat

I am sorry to have to keep reminding you guys, but the comments section here is for on-topic comments relating to the posts themselves. It’s not a chat room.  I am going to really crack down on off-topic comments that should be conducted on the Forum or by private e-mail between the parties, and if […]

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Promotional Idea

Hal, I got this from a mens’ rights forum.  The guy promotes his website/ideas by putting stickers everywhere with a “QR code”, which is readable by a smart phone.  I don’t have a smart phone myself so am behind the curve on all of this.  A QR code is one of these things, you’ve probably […]

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