Dear White American
We Will Create a White Homeland in the Pacific Northwest.

What can one person do?

One exceptional man—Christopher Columbus—discovered America. One dedicated chemist—Louis Pasteur—found a vaccine for rabies and a way to treat milk so it wouldn’t spoil. One committed woman—Florence Nightingale—founded modern nursing.

One person can change a country, or even the world!

What, exactly, is wrong?

Diminishing opportunities for prosperity

  • Jobs aren’t secure. The days of going to work for a company, remaining there over a career, and retiring on an adequate pension are history.
  • Most new jobs created over the past 10 years have been part time, with low pay and few benefits.
  • Americans struggle more each year to afford health care, while huge numbers of illegal aliens use emergency rooms for their care and leave others to pay.

Erosion of character

  • Education has taken a back seat to social engineering. Diversity trumps historical fact. Self esteem trumps competence in mathematics. Standards are being lowered, and schools aren’t safe anymore.
  • Few mothers can afford to remain at home to care for their children, teaching them values that will make them good citizens.
  • Wherever we look, the values of honor, decency, and honesty are under assault. Television, movies, and magazines celebrate the worst kind of behavior, and ridicule those who believe in a better way.

Rampant crime

  • For decades, the “war on drugs” has cost billions of dollars, many lives, and many of our rights. Yet drugs are more available than ever.
  • You can hardly find a neighborhood not tainted by gang graffiti.
  • And how would you feel about your sister taking a walk alone in your own neighborhood at night?

Wasn’t it always like this?

No! Things have changed.

First, we have to understand the real problem. The difficulties we face are all symptoms of a single underlying sickness.

Let’s take a look backward fifty years or so. Families were anchored by a husband and wife. The husband earned a living, and the wife made the home worth living in. A high school diploma meant something, and employers were glad to add a new graduate to their payroll. Wages were sufficient for the new family to buy a house and a car and take vacations. Most people avoided debt, except for a mortgage.

Neighborhoods were safer. You could take a walk at night if you wanted. Many people didn’t bother to lock their doors. There was no foul language on radio or television, or in the movies. When someone gave you their word, it could be depended on.

What happened to change all this?

We’re going to let you in on a secret. It shouldn’t be a secret, but few people dare to talk about it in today’s politically correct world. White people created modern civilization and modern science.

We as a people have forgotten our greatness and our courage. We’ve been told our beliefs are “cultural imperialism” and have been chided to accept other cultures’ standards for behavior.

If someone suggested replacing the solid foundation of your home with shifting sand, you would dismiss the idea as absurd. Nations, economies and cultures are built on a solid foundation of values. The values that created and shaped America made possible a prosperous, productive society. Yet many would have us believe that those values can shift from time to time and society won’t be harmed. How wrong they are!

We are paying the price for erosion of our values and we’ll continue paying unless we do something to change present trends.

A country just for White people

It is now fairly clear that at some point in the future, the United States of America will cease to exist as a viable political, economic, and social entity. It is a historical truth that nothing lasts forever, and the USA will not last forever either.

When that collapse occurs, the many races and vested interest groups that inhabit the North American continent will begin to rip and tear at whatever’s left of the United States, like vultures on a carcass. Bluntly put, we need to make sure that Whites get their piece of the carcass.

We need to create a country for White people alone. Considerations of history, economics, and logistics dictate that the best place for such a country is here in the Pacific Northwest.

We call this country the Northwest American Republic, and we call the fighting revolutionary Party of Northwest independence the Northwest Front (NF).

OK, but who is the Northwest Front?

We are a dynamic political movement for White people based on the principles of White separatism. Many groups have created political and educational associations to promote racial consciousness and to enhance cultural awareness. Blacks have the NAACP and Jews have the ADL. On campuses nationwide, students have offices of minority affairs. The NF is the White person’s voice.

But I don’t want to hate anyone!

Neither do we. The politically correct system we live under stigmatizes any kind of White racial pride or racial awareness as “hate.” We need to learn to ignore this and not let ourselves be frightened away by a meaningless word.

We don’t stand for hating people, we stand for freeing people—our people—from a yoke of tyranny and oppression that has become impossible for us to live with. We stand for preserving our race from biological and cultural extinction.

The Northwest Front is about building a new, better society where everyone contributes, everyone benefits, and all share a common set of values and cultural beliefs—and a common racial heritage.

As American as apple pie

The founding fathers of the United States would be far closer to being White Nationalists than to any of the other political groups of today. The men who drafted the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution were all White. They shared a common cultural background, and none of them wanted racial mixing.

Only recently has diversity and affirmative action been made national policy. And it’s been used as a weapon against Whites.

How bad could it get?

Affirmative action has effectively closed the door on young White people seeking a good job with enough pay to raise a family. In schools, our youth have been bombarded with propaganda telling them that White people have oppressed and persecuted minorities. They don’t hear about the White scientists, explorers, authors, and inventors that made today’s world possible.

Laws force cultural diversity everywhere. Mass immigration from countries with very different cultures is helping erode the foundations on which our country was built. English is no longer a shared common language.

Diverse societies survive only as long as a strong central government can suppress the natural tendencies people have always had.

What happens when cultures clash? Historically, the result has been civil unrest of the worst sort. Examples from Yugoslavia include rape camps, where each side degraded the other’s women; the torture and murder of civilians; death camps; and more.

It is our duty to our children, both born and unborn, to avoid it.

An act of courage … and a commitment

Some people have the motivation to be activists, and are willing and able to go out and help others see the world as it truly is, instead of as some would have us believe. When comfortable but mistaken beliefs are threatened by the light of truth, activists who struggle against ignorance are often resented—at first. But we cannot survive as a people without that kind of energy, enthusiasm, and courage.

For those who prefer a quieter approach, activists need the support of people who can supply creativity, ideas, information, and money.

Whether you choose to be an activist or a supporter, you will have chosen to be a part of the answer, instead of being part of the problem.

For our part, we offer a commitment. We will never divulge your name or address. We won’t sell it or publish it. And we will always tell you the truth in every issue of our member magazine.

Help us build a better tomorrow! Get Involved with the Northwest Front.