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Radio Free Northwest – September 5th, 2020

The Northwest Front announces its permanent shutdown and gives guidance on how this process will occur. Andy gives the reasons for the decision based on a brief Party history and current conditions. Jason gives his take and announces he will remain in White Nationalism before Andy discusses his reasons for why he will not.


  1. harpax
    Sep 08, 2020

    This is sad but inevitable. I supported NWF by sending money to Harold every month, and admit when he died I stopped. I believe that the NWF simply didn’t have enough support, but that in no way detracts from its vigorous life and Harold’s devotion to it. I also think Andy becoming heir apparent did a much better job then the jerk who took over the NA from Pierce and ran it into the ground. I’ve met WN folk who threw themselves into the cause, but mass indifference made them quit, and they simply had to get on with their lives. White nationalism is a great cause. If it is not right, then nothing is, but it will probably do better on a smaller, regional level. As I always told Harold, when you get thirty miles away from any American or European city, you are in the NW homeland. Events are forcing this country to face up to where it wants to go. A lot of people in our culture and society avoid history, but this time history isn’t avoiding us.
    Like Harold, I’m a writer, and always respected his dedication and creativity. I read his early drafts of The Brigade and Freedom’s Sons, and believe his work will stand the test of time. Even has last novel, Give Me the Night, published under a pseudonym, had a power and compelling character dueling with a hostile, unthinking world. As a writer, he went out in style.
    I believe i met you, Andy, many years ago in Missouri, and I was very impressed with your dedication, intelligence, and determination to help Harold. I sent him a very positive report about you, and I’m glad you have served as well as you have, but you do have your family to think about (and congratulations on that), and I know you’ll be a good, wise, father. So many movements come and go, or they change leaders, quarrel, etc., but family remains. It was unfortunate Harold had such hard times with his, and I hope you have a much better life regarding that. Knowing Harold and his works was a fulcrum to my development, and provided me with much wisdom and pleasure. I trust he will always be that way to you, and I thank you for your devotion to the NWF, but now you must move on. Don’t look back, and I wish the best for you and all who kept NWF going.

  2. The Trucker
    Sep 08, 2020

    Victor, you stay safe as well.

    Andy, I’m sorry to hear about the decision to shut down, as I’m on the road most of my time is spent on the road so I couldn’t help out other than financial support, with the P.O. box being shut down I’m guessing that that support will have nowhere to go now.

    Jason, I’m not sure if we ever met at any of the gatherings that I attended, I’m still living on the peninsula, not sure where you’re at, I plan on being home at the beginning of Nov to avoid the fun and festivities that I envision going on that week.

    Stay safe Comrades.


  3. Bob asking for a friend
    Sep 08, 2020

    So this is my analysis after reading every comment.
    1. Andy….leave the site up and chill out for a few months.
    2. Turn the site over to Jason after a few months if you don’t want to return.
    3. Andy, allow people to continue on with Harold’s ideas.
    4. Don’t take the ball from the game and go home.
    5. If you must go home, allow others to play the game with the ball.
    6. They need the ball to win the super bowl.
    7. Just because you don’t see progress doesn’t mean there isn’t progress.

  4. Andreas Donner
    Sep 08, 2020


    To use your metaphor, there really weren’t that many people playing to begin with and those that were clearly played in such a way that no one could pass them the ball and expect anything out of them. If people needed the ball to win the championship, why didn’t they accept the years of attempted passes? Most of the feedback we get around here assumes that there are all these other teammates just about to rotate on to the field yet this never happens. Quite the opposite, actually.

    To break the metaphor, the upset about this decision is that I – more or less – am doing what everyone else (save a precious few) does with the opportunity. The obvious contradiction that just about everyone is balking at their own behavior passes most of us right by.

    Those who don’t get involved the way they were asked really aren’t in a position to call shots at this late hour. If the NF were to stick around, what would people do with the ideas the Party propagated? We both know the answer to that and it isn’t good.

  5. Andreas Donner
    Sep 08, 2020


    This is sad but inevitable.

    Is it inevitable? Okay, at this point, that an academic question, but even so, the answer is “no.” At any point, many different people could have made different choices. I half suspect that quite a bit of the feedback I’m getting is the result of most WNists preference to wait for things to fail so that they can retroactively justify their decisions to avoid involvement.

  6. Harold in CA
    Sep 09, 2020

    Thank you for all of your work comrades. Regardless of the closure of the NF, I am still going to migrate to and build my life in the Northwest. This is the end of one chapter and the beginning of anew. The Butler Plan lives on. I will get a copy of your archive and spread the ideas in the novels.

  7. JR
    Sep 09, 2020

    Another suggestion:

    Anyone that takes the ball from Andy should try to put the NF and this blog on a more business like manner – don’t give everything away for free. AH talked about the problem of Folk Nationalists not doing things in a businesslike way. In contrast, AH did do things in a businesslike way. He wrote the best selling book MK and make enough on sales of this book to buy a personal Mercedes convertible. I doubt if AH could have had such a beautiful girlfriend as Ava Braun if he didn’t have that great car to drive her around.

    We’ve had some blogs that came and pretty much went that did have very high hits, large audiences – but these blogs fell down in to the NPR type way of doing things that relied almost completely on volunteer contributions. Lots of people, particularly older, retired people will give money if they are asked in the right way, preferably by an intelligent, attractive young woman fundraiser.

    We always bitch and moan about how much $ enemies like the SPLC have – well one reason they have all this $ is that they are good at fundraising. We’re not.

  8. Gretchen the Librarian
    Sep 09, 2020

    I understand Andy being exhausted. I can sympathize with his aspiration to civilian life. Certainly, relationships would be less complicated. It will be easier for Andy to marry and have a family.
    Yet I’m not sure why everything must shut down so completely. We may not need a regular podcast, but we do need a resettlement initiative if the Butler Plan is to mean anything. (Granted
    at times I wonder if we aren’t better off focusing on Europe.) However back to the topic, I’m puzzled as to why the NF has to be so inseparable from the podcast. There was a time when organizations had no internet at all and still persisted at a local level.

  9. Bdhd
    Sep 09, 2020

    Therefore the Settlement Orania in South Africa is our last remaining piece of hope. Donations to those people from now on, cause there are already 2000 white people living together.

  10. Clyde Denton
    Sep 09, 2020

    @ Andreas Donner – I will miss your podcasts for their guidance and for the deliberation and confidence by which you delivered them. Even now, your attention and replies are diplomatic. I wish I could have been around when some ignoramus gave you a hard time, perhaps to provide a ‘rebuttal’ he could understand. For every one jackass who’s ever disrespected or inconvenienced our HQ people, there are 50 more of us out here who’d have loved to have ‘shown them the error of their ways’. More than that, I wish the way had been clear for me to return to the States to be of help. I must wait until next year.

    It may be taken that there are some pleas for comfort and entertainment, here. But please don’t discount education and inspiration. Have you any idea how f###ing dumb I was before I started tuning into Radio Free NW and digging through HAC’s archives???

    There’s a sentiment I’ve kept to myself for the past several years following the NF (from Ukraine, for temporarily I must work here). It’s that HQ has been operating with too high of a profile, publicly, however legally. And that may have been necessary to be effective, no argument. It’s just my spidey sense.

    Concerning the NF site, I don’t want to ask any questions, here. I have a NF forum account, or there’s email. No, I don’t want to keep the NF site, specifically. Nor do I want to do anything (yet) on my own that’s ‘unwarranted’. Is this possible? Or Jason?

    @ The Trucker – Before I became a web programmer, I did some OTR. Fresh out of trucking school, I was with Marten Transport, a Blue Bird. Randy Marten loved collecting Harleys and was totally cool to his drivers (especially when we clashed with dispatch). Then, I was a class A gasoline tanker in Denver, CO, a mountain driver, good pay. Yes, I know how complicated it is to run log books. Excuse me, log ‘book’. Ha, ha. I met a deputy sheriff in TX who told me that when he drove, he ran 3. Glad he didn’t ask me for mine. My favorite truckstop was the Petro because of the Iron Skillet. Of course, I had a company gas card. Handles were often created on the fly, quite typically our home states. I was Colorado. I caravanned from a pickup in TX to a New Jersey dock with a fella I called Oregon. We both knew an ol’ codger called Arkansas who didn’t like trees. The truckstops, the docks, the CB, give a lot of opportunities to meet people and ‘plant the seeds’. Maybe we’ll share trucker stories, someday. I’m sure you have a lot more than do I. From lot lizards to Phd’s, there’s A to Z out there. I met a lot of cool folk on the road. Thanks for all your entries!

    @ Count of Letis and @ Anonymous – Sept 8 – “The future of our race does not lie in North America, but rather in Russia and Eastern Europe.” – I’d like to see such hope over here. Russian is the language where I live in Ukraine. But the mentality is still very ethnocentric. Count of Letis has spoken accurately on this. In as much as the Russians are transparent to Ukrainians, politics and war eclipse everything with ethno-cultural grievances which yet take precedence over race. Like usual, the Americans (Whites) are a decade or two ahead of eastern Europeans. Now, we see this principle applies to racial awakening, because western Whites are getting their faces rubbed in it more severely. The news of this, ex. BLM riots, has reached Ukraine. Friends ask me about it. But it remains a curiosity to them, not a threat. Many White Westerners have already sat down to a plate of crow regards to WWII. This phenomenon is practically a litmus test gauging genuine racial awakening. Unfortunately, I don’t see it, here.

  11. WalterWhite
    Sep 09, 2020

    It’s easy to be a Monday morning quarterback. That’s why people do it. People will always provide suggestions and sure fire solutions after the fact. That’s easy to do. The ever present problem of follow through rears it’s head every time. If you have the answers then why aren’t you doing anything. If you can do it better why haven’t you? Why didn’t you step up? Everybody wants to be a general and not a soldier. They want to give orders and not take them. I call it the little Fuhrer syndrome. I come from the portion of white nationalism that Andy and HAC didn’t really care for, more the altright. I still appreciate what both men contributed and the hard work they put in. I don’t feel like I’m in a position to criticize or gloat because I didn’t chip in either.

    On a personal level, I hope that Andy lives as much of a happy and fulfilled life as one can have in this hellscape we currently live in. Andy, If you ever feel inclined to talk I would absolutely love to make that happen. You have a lot of information and experience to share. Good luck, brother. I mean that.

  12. Mysterious Mr. Warden
    Sep 09, 2020

    I want to agree with “Bob Asking For A Friend” and add that I have been trying to get in touch with the movement for three months, with three Emails to two of the contact us emails, and NO ONE HAS RESPONDED TO ME. I have volunteered MY LIFE to the cause and no one running the contact us emails seems to care. So I knew at least two months ago the current leadership was not adequate. I cannot be the only one getting blatantly ignored either. So If we can get NEW leadership that is FRESH and INVIGORATED we can start GETTING $#!T done! There are loads of allied groups that will benefit greatly from the NWF’s growing infrastructure and personell. Lets keep this going, especially in the face of iminent WHITE GENECIDE. It is then that we will spling into action, when we are needed most!

  13. Mark V. Canneto
    Sep 09, 2020

    Not sure if I’m to late in adding my comment, but I’d like to thank Andy for stepping up to fill some very big shoes. I was actively contributing to the NF, until I lost my business and house. I even was on the that email list to meet like minded comrades in My area (central NJ) and met with another good Solid man. We did meet up a few times and enjoyed being able to talk freely before I moved to East Tennessee in 2018. I would greatly appreciate any contact or update if somebody tries to keep this going in some way. HAC was a great man with a great vision before his untimely departure to Valhalla, I didn’t always agree with him, but respected his opinions, experience and loyalty to the cause. I have no ill will to headquarters, I know in my heart that y’all did the best you could with what you had. I’d like to personally thank everyone that made time to record a piece for the Radio Free NW, especially Trucker, and Gretchen for their dedication. I learned a lot from both of you. Not sure if you all still have my phone number, but if y’all ever get over to East Tennessee look me up. Oh, can I still buy a flag?

  14. Mark V. Canneto
    Sep 09, 2020

    Well, I had the opportunity to read some of the other comments. Just wanted to say that we as an organization and idea with such lofty goals accomplished quite a bit. I’m proud to have been affiliated with the NF, at 60 years old I see things from a different prospective than I did back in the old NA days.
    I agree with Harpax as well as Clyde Denton.

  15. Bob...asking for a friend
    Sep 09, 2020

    Andy…..since Gretchen is still up for the task, turn it over to her.

    Gretchen, tag your it.

    Be our queen of battle.

  16. Guest
    Sep 09, 2020

    Godspeed to you Andy. Reading this latest post regarding the disbanding of the NF was the same gut-level hurt as when I read about HAC’s death a little over two years ago. I believe I remarked in 2016 that I wish HRC would have won the election. Point being – things need to get ALOT worse before any of us are stirred into any real action. And this point you made abundantly clear in your departing remarks. Maybe Andy’s actions are another straw adding to breaking the camel. It is a disappointment – yes. But we’re going to need ALOT more disappointments for things to change. Sport-ball gone – Check. Severe angst over the upcoming election – Check. Economy racing towards the cliff – Check. Regardless of who ‘wins’ in two months, the clown charade will accelerate. Prepare and stay aware.

    @JR – Agreed. Local, de-centralized, in-person groups are the way to go. Yes, the Internet is a luxury but there is no such thing as secure electronic communications, None.

  17. Andreas Donner
    Sep 09, 2020

    @Mr. Warden

    We’ve had that concern several times, though I’m sure which contact email you used. At this point, it is about as academic as anything else. I always routed people towards the form on the contact page even when Harold was alive because that was the most sure-fire way to get a hold of us. Right up to the point where we knew the shutdown was happening, everyone that submitted that form has been followed up with.

    Also, we’ve always had the PO Box and this has been as reliable as anything else. You had multiple options that you (very likely) did not follow up on. And even if you did, you were able to post a comment here and this is the first I’ve heard of your trouble. Are things perfect on our end? Certainly not and that’s part of what the HQ Group’s infrastructure projects intended to address. At the same time, you didn’t exhaust all of your options and that is entirely on you.


    Something else just occurred to me this morning. We’ve only ever published a single email contact point, so sending emails to more than that one address is entirely on you. Second, two emails not going through for whatever reason meaning the NF itself is somehow no good is an absolute non-sequitur. I call these things out not because I have any interest in defending the NF or WNism is general but to try and help everyone watching this discussion that one person (or a few people, in this case) cannot be held responsible for the world’s fate. Understanding where your reasoning fails you might actually do you some good.

  18. Andreas Donner
    Sep 09, 2020


    I’ve struggled with how to answer the question of not only why is the website coming down, but also why the NF can’t just be handed off to someone else.

    Second one first, since it provides context. My position and its requirements are significantly different than what someone would imagine outside of seeing it for themselves. And even then, they certainly would not be able to immediately reproduce what I do without a certain amount of learning on some critical tasks. I tried that a few times, but no one in the HQ Group really wanted to bite given that they had their own projects going on. That’s just how it is sometimes. And more importantly, holding such a position makes one rather unpopular in society at large and that takes some consideration, too.

    But even more importantly, everything is coming down precisely, and ultimately, because my advice is for anyone associated with White Nationalism to break contact and never come back. I’m not just doing that myself, but encouraging everyone within my sphere of influence to do the same thing for the reasons I gave in this RFN episode. I cannot in good conscience enable someone else to do something other than what I advise. I’m surprised that this advice hasn’t drawn more commentary since the announcement was made. The most I can do for people is release the archive because the Party’s body of work over the years was aimed – first and foremost – at fixing the problems I name while justifying my decision to cut and run. Hopefully, it can do others some good.

  19. Gretchen the Librarian
    Sep 10, 2020

    Thanks, Andy I’ve been meditating on your current point of view regarding movement activity.
    It’s hard to fully take in, but the real reason the NWF is going down is not so much that we’ve been struggling (though we have). It is because you have decided the personal cost is too high.
    At the end of the day, although we all have our failings and shortcomings, this is not the ultimate result of the personal limits of supporters. Rather it is because you cannot continue. That is your choice and at a certain level, I can’t judge that, because I’m not you. I don’t know what you’ve experienced. Yet history will record you left the fight, and encouraged others to
    do likewise.
    As for myself, I am keenly aware of my own limits and shortcomings, I know that I can’t
    do everything myself. I’m limited by circumstance and geography (I’ve tried to change that, but
    do have obligations.) Even so, I will continue to find other ways of doing what I can.

  20. JR
    Sep 10, 2020

    Andy writes:

    “my advice is for anyone associated with White Nationalism to break contact and never come back.”

    I respond:

    Yes, that’s the short and not very sweet of it. It’s Denathor the Steward of Gondor giving up and shouting to those still battling the mass Orc breakthrough of the walls of Minis Tirith – “Run for Your Lives, it’s hopeless”.

    And I concede it probably is from an open American style White Nationalism.


    There are things that can be done, other ways to think, act, dress, live. Our people and culture somehow survived the loss of our own religion, our own White European Gods when we somehow got ripped in to very alien forms of Judeo Christianity – we adapted, made it our own and did well for a long time. Not that doesn’t work.

    Or take Central and Eastern Europe when our kinsmen their got overwhelmed by the Soviet Red army and had the (Same) alien J Bolshevik/Communist system forced on them – our kinsmen adjusted and somehow made Soviet style system…. very, very White – Just look at the best ever all White Soviet hockey teams of the 1970s and 80s or even the all White Soviet Olympic basketball team that beat our Black #*$&@ coached by anti White racist John Thompson or even White Greece (mostly) beating Black NBA allstars in the Olympics.

    I agree that open 24/7 American White nationalism hasn’t worked, isn’t working and won’t work for us as a people/culture and especially not work for individual activists/leaders – but we can reorganized and work within other implicit White groups/causes like environmentalism, anti cruelty to animals, birth control groups helping the underclass. The Benedict Option is viable from all kinds of Left to Right perspectives.

    I note that Turkish Ottoman Empire things are coming back big time – these Turks (for bad reasons) look rather White, European. Some can consider a Whiter form of Islam Turkish things, or even White forms of Islam Persian things – lots of good looking tall Persian women and there’s a reason this country/people are called Iran/Aryan.

    And it is reality that we now are in a bad stage of Kali Yuga – the final bad age before the destruction and renewal of pretty much the entire world.

    Unless you are the last incarnation of Vishnu – Kalki, the last man against time, none of us is going to stop, reverse the dark age collapse of our civilizations.

    For the rest of us – I recommend going Classical Stoic.

    Get up everyday like it’s your last day. Do what you feel is right, because that is the right thing to do.

    Eat well, exercise well, read good books, listen to good music, treat others Black, White, mongrels and various Js fairly.

    Get rid of your Cable TV – I did and get the electronic device TV-B-Gone, it zaps off TVs everywhere, it’s a great weapon lots of fun, we should repackage this as “ZOG Buster”. Have some fun out there.

    14 words

  21. anonymous
    Sep 10, 2020

    Harold will never truly die, so long as those of us who remain are loyal to him. I fully intend to continue in the white nationalist movement and promote the butler plan however I can.

  22. Kevin Harvey
    Sep 10, 2020

    Dear Gretchen. May I convey a few words of Sincere Thankyous for
    The years you have dedicated to enlightening and informing and educating our Folk. You gave us a Base and direction . I Salute Your service. . I’m Saddened our tomorrow has lost another light .
    Farewell And may Gods Strength be yours.
    Foot note.
    Can I sense Mr Covingtons RightiousRage ?
    I dunno.

  23. gavin, king of the trolls
    Sep 10, 2020

    The jews have won. Prepare for the coming of the pax judaica. Get ready to suck Jewish dick for all time.

  24. Widukind
    Sep 10, 2020

    Wow, what nonsense. It is, of course, perfectly reasonable for Andy to decide he has had enough and try to live a normal life. (P.S. You can’t.) It is not reasonable to just disband an entire organization because one man has had enough. From what was said in the podcast it smacks of personal drama more than financial insolubility. There are others who would be willing to carry on with the party.

    Maybe it would die a whimpering death to the next person’s incompetence, but that’s no different than what is happening here and now. There is also the possibility that the next person could do a better job. One thing missing from this sorry ending is assurances that Andy made every attempt to find a willing successor.

    Andy, the leader of a revolutionary insurgency party, has denounced WN violence and continued with Harold’s tradition of relentlessly insulting the people who support him as trash. What a sorry ending.

    Remember that time there was official party literature about blasting lesbians in the face with shotguns, mass murdering hollywood jews, and burning down the black part of Portland, Oregon? Better times.

  25. Andreas Donner
    Sep 10, 2020


    I did mention that the Party has resources to continue if I could, but I cannot. And this isn’t just for reasons of personal exhaustion (though that does play a significant role.) Rather, I am also not willing to continue being a vehicle for people to not only not do the right thing, but do the very, very wrong thing instead. Call that personal drama if you will, but those are the major motivators and I won’t apologize for that. The Party consistently instructed people to behave one way and definitely not the other, but that hasn’t affected the situation one iota.

    As for the search for the successor, Harold had me because I did what I was supposed to. There are others who did so, but they are not in a position to take the reigns, nor could I easily explain why. Even if I could, there are very few willing to understand and accept that their choices created this situation. That, perhaps, is my greatest desire for this process and why I didn’t just shut things off without making is clear what was happening and why. WNists and our collective choices put the Party and the race in this situation. That was Harold’s message as well if we’re being as honest as we can, each of us will admit it.

    Others here have written that there are other ways of behaving and acting, and I totally agree. The problem is that this was always the case. As I keep saying, this isn’t just “my thing” to take care of. A major part of what spurred me to keep my mouth shut and just Come Home when it was my turn is that a mature person applies their own standards to themselves first and foremost. I have continued to do this ever since and with a very small number of genuine exceptions, the rest of WNism does the polar opposite. Does that mean I’m denouncing WNism? Well, yes, in all candor. But here’s the thing: Harold’s body of work says more or less the same thing. Some material I ran across just today repeated Harold’s concern that the Movement is ill – and possibly terminally so. That’s the long and short of what I’ve said here.

    I kept going in the face of some rather severe personal costs that have sent lesser individuals running for the hills, though that isn’t relevant now. What is relevant is that, as I have been forced to call out, just about everyone upset with me couldn’t be bothered to even begin step one. As much as this might not have been my first choice, neither have I said anything that isn’t factually accurate. This same general circumstance is what made Harold into Harold and citing him as a reason for me to do differently shows that few, if any, really took his message to heart. I can’t help but emphasize that he, too, condemned the sort of violence I do, too.

  26. anonymous
    Sep 10, 2020

    The idea that there is this epidemic of violent crazys among white nationalism is a media concocted myth. While white nationalists can sometimes be disfunctional, the overwhelming majority of them are not violent. Its just that whenever some nutjob with a gun who claims to support us does something illegal the media goes batshit and acts like there is this army of violent nazis out there. I don’t see that as a valid reason for leaving. The reason our movement has gone nowhere is because despite all the politically correct crap we have to deal with every day life is still reasonably comfortable for most people. I do think eventually our people will rise up and fight when they are backed into a corner and there is nowhere to run and hide anymore.

  27. Anthony Tidus
    Sep 10, 2020

    Dear Andy

    I understand wholeheartedly your decision and support it. Ultimately you must do what you think is right, for you and your family, and it would seem that at this current time the support is just not there, and perhaps is evaporating, to support something like the NF any longer in its current capacity. Yet I cannot say this does not bring sadness to my heart, as within the last year I had discovered Harold’s novels which led me to find the NF.

    As a young white person in today’s world there seems very little to look forward to, once all of the pointless consumerism and mindless drivel that is shoveled down our throats is cleared away. Yet Harold’s novels gave me something that I struggle to put into words. A vision of a brighter future would sound cliche but that is what comes to mind. Your podcast has been another great source of happiness for me. So many young people my age have had the wool pulled over their eyes to the point that even the slightest bit of sunlight is unbearable and rebuked. I sincerely would like to thank you for your hard work. I would like to believe that the ideals Harold put forth will continue to be utilized to motivate others to come home as well as I call the PNW my home. Despite the dissolution of the NF, white nationalism will continue to live on, even if those who “believe” in it will not act on the words they speak. Who knows, perhaps in time there will be a resurgence in a younger generation, I pray mine, that will allow the Butler Plan to finally come to fruition. May you find success in all your endeavors, whatever they may be.

    Dear Jason

    I hope that you will continue to speak as I enjoy you segments of the podcast. Regardless, I understand you feelings as well, and the need to be active in the movement should not be ignored. At some level there must be participation and simply typing on a keyboard will not suffice. I will look forward to seeing the archive posted to that I may save it and review its materials. Thank you as well for all your hard work with the NF.

    Hail Victory Comrades.

  28. kerdasi amaq
    Sep 11, 2020

    Well, if you could find someone willing to take over: what would that entail? If it were possible; I would think of doing it.

  29. Christopher Cameron
    Sep 11, 2020

    Was wondering if a physical copy of Brigade would be possible to obtain. Im a young man that has heard of Covington for the first time I have all other copys but that.

  30. Count of Letis
    Sep 11, 2020


    Esteemed Comrades,
    I have not yet heard this episode, however the news come to me as both, shocking and expected. The progress in the WN movement has always been slow. It is the task of the Jew to prevent us from reclaiming what is rightfully ours. That being said, we must never surrender, never tire and never give up. Whichever route you choose, Andy, I wish you well. It was an honor and pleasure to meet you in the Homeland. Perhaps our paths will cross again. Jason, I was also honored to meet you in the Homeland. I wish you success in your goals. Gretchen and Trucker, I have not had the pleasure to meet you but it was an honor to share this digital space with you. I have a personal archive of my contributions to RFN, some of them were aired on the show, others remain tucked away. I personally will continue to record my observations, commentary and personal deliberations, while encouraging our Aryan brothers and sisters to follow the Butler Plan. My goal is still to establish myself in the Homeland. Perhaps Providence will allow me to assist in the creation of a new nation by connecting with like-minded White Nationalists. To our Aryan brothers and sisters, remember never to surrender, in whatever capacity you can, continue to improve yourself. Remember that your ancestral bloodlines live through you and must continue to illuminate our dark planet, until the day we break free from ZOG/ZWO. As sad as it is to loose this important voice in the White Nationalist movement, we must understand the reasons and each and everyone of us, must continue to fight for our cause. Never surrender, never tire, never stop fighting. May God or the Gods bless you all, and may all of us live lives that will make our ancestors proud.
    Be well comrades,
    The Count of Letis.

  31. Warlord
    Sep 11, 2020

    I have been viewing Harold’s post back from when he was living in N. Carolina (I think) back in the 90s and ran an organization with a different name. He had always referred to the movement as the “bowel movement” due to the many bad characters involved with it. I will miss the podcasts. At least NF isn’t ending like the NSM did (with a nog being handed control as a final “FU”) or as the NA did after Pierce died (the old timers being tossed out and then the NA being run into the ground by rapacious new-comers). No SPLC lawsuits which drove Aryan Nations into the ground. No prison time like Atomwaffen leaders will probably end up doing. Donner is handling the NF ending as maturely and competently as can be expected from the leader of any organization. People should thank him for a dignified closure.

  32. Amenophis
    Sep 11, 2020

    So sad. For my part, I’ll still continue to spread the word about NF as it was described in the novels as well as the novels themselves. Personally, I don’t understand how did it come to this, but so it did. Someone should salvage at least bits and pieces of the NF and go forth. You all know there is no other solution.

  33. Widukind
    Sep 11, 2020

    Comrade Jason has said he will continue being a WN, so why not allow him to do with it whatever he will? There doesn’t have to be a podcast. There doesn’t have to be a P.O. Box. He doesn’t have to take over any responsibilities other than keeping the lights on, nor any sensitive information. Same goes for Comrade Gretchen or anyone else who wants to maintain some bare bones skeleton crew role. Whatever your personal feelings on the matter, no one knows the future and a civil war could begin tomorrow, a month from now, or in two years. Why should the NWF flip the table right now of all times? It will be needed at some point. The Breakup of the United States is inevitable and even normal people are starting to see that. Even calcified boomers I talk to no longer take America’s perpetuity for granted the way they used to. The man who will save this planet from becoming a hell planet playground for sadistic jews is already alive and in his adulthood. Fate is on your side. If there is one motif consistent to the NF besides shaming and attacking your own audience it is that belief.

    >”Oh I don’t want to enable others to make the bad decision of being white nationalists.”
    Not your choice to make for others, and it’s too late for most of us anyway. I’ve tried to hide my beliefs. I can’t. So I live them openly in my personal life. I highly doubt that anyone else except for very rare high functioning sociopaths can pull it off without developing severe mental illnesses from reliance on the copes that it entails.

    >”Harold also routinely called white nationalists trash.”
    True. And it didn’t do the party any good. No one wants to be berated and called trash all the time, even if they do have some “character issues.” But I’d say that the whole party culture of accusing each other of “character issues” is at least half of the reason this is happening. You know there is no “better quality of white man,” right? What you see is what you get and what all of our ancestors have always had to deal with. Trying to purge those who don’t meet your standards and hoping to cultivate a better quality over time isn’t going to yield results because what you’re doing is basically just picking up rocks on the beach and throwing half of them away and then gathering more up hoping for some diamonds to turn up eventually. **There is no selection going on, so you’re just treading water.** The diamonds are in the rough and won’t shine through until they are weathered by hardship no matter how many purge cycles you go through. Those T-Shirt Youths and Divorced Men HAC constantly complained of are the men who will win this coming war. Some unknown percentage of them, probably much higher a percentage than you think, are great men who don’t even know it themselves yet. And the rest will of course die clutching a gunshot wound, but will be reborn so long as the race endures.

    For your frustrations, I take them at face value. Of course being in white nationalism is frustrating. My enemies had already won when I came into this world. I was born in the bunker. Wybois with their conservative priors, christian priors, libertarian priors, furbaby worship, sportsball worship, vidyagame worship, flaking on obligations, betrayal, and so on are an insufferable scourge. But literally everyone has to deal with that, and you don’t have to choose to make yourselves vulnerable to it. Those aren’t white nationalist issues those are white *people* issues. That is the state of the race. But there is also opportunity and power for the first man who can solve that problem. We must solve it, and we will solve it, because there is no other choice. The tactics the party has been using are not working and frankly were never going to work with or without Donald Trump and the Alt Right or any other irrelevant competitor. Shaming your audience for not doing enough… come on, guys. You’re smart enough to know better. Calling out the lack of a legitimate alternative plan was a good tactic, but extending that to the audience is not. Clearly, it hasn’t been healthy for you, either, carrying around that resentment. You’ve made your decision and I know you won’t be deterred from it, but I hope you keep it in mind when you’ve cooled off for 6 months and realized that you can’t stop being Who You Are, even when you want to. You don’t have to wear the gauntlet. I just want you to put the gauntlet down on the ground and let someone pick it up if they dare. If it does sit there and gather rust then it really is on all of us.

  34. Andreas Donner
    Sep 11, 2020

    @Kerdasi Amaq

    It’s always nice to have someone make that offer, but unless I’ve known someone for quite some time and they’ve been involved in the HQ area for some years, there really isn’t a chance that they could just take over. Even the people we have here now aren’t in a position to receive everything they need to receive and take care of it the way they have to take care of it. And before someone suggests otherwise, no, that’s not an insult to them. I can’t talk about this in public, but there was an almost magical confluence of timing and abilities I painstakingly acquired for myself without knowing I would need them for the Party that enabled me to step in to the roll. That’s as specific as I care to get.

  35. Andreas Donner
    Sep 11, 2020

    I just want you to put the gauntlet down on the ground and let someone pick it up if they dare.

    In theory, I could do that. The problem is that it isn’t some trivial hand-off and too few people have dared by now. The sad reality is that the gauntlet was already rusting through well before Harold’s death. We were so very close – a number of times – and instead of trying harder (like I and maybe five others at one point were doing) people got bored and and wandered off. In reality, no one is in a position to pick this thing up. And as I’ve said, there is a long list of reasons – much more than I’ve let on in public – that I would be uncomfortable allowing someone to subject themselves to this situation without a very specific set of skills and circumstances which would allow them to properly carry on. If this was such a priority to so many people, why didn’t they fulfill the request made of them long ago?

    The upsetting truth is that this really is my decision to make and I’m making the best decision I can despite the upset it causes. If this isn’t my decision to make, then remaining in place and not coming to the HQ area to help out (as was specifically requested by Harold when he repeatedly insisted that those among us who were serious were at his side helping) wasn’t anyone else’s decision to make, either.

    You can’t have it both ways.

  36. Captainchaos
    Sep 11, 2020

    “this really is my decision to make”

    No, it isn’t. If we are to take you at your word you have already repudiated WN and all those associated with it. As such, you should have the courage of your convictions and just fuck off. The shambles of what you leave behind can easily be left to those still willing to tend to them. The website rightly belongs to those people and several of them have already offered to take custody of it. Be a man about this and just walk away.

  37. WalterWhite
    Sep 11, 2020

    Andy doesn’t own the idea of the Butler Plan so all the people who believe they can do better should do it. I know you won’t because the same inability to act when it came to the NF will impair any future action on your part. I’m just being real here and you really should be real to yourself. Don’t blame any of this on Andy. You can’t say that Andy didn’t try. The problem is no one else did. I’ll be sad to see Andy leave WN but that’s his decision. He put in his time. I’ll leave you a couple of questions. What did you do for the movement? What do you plan to do for the movement? If the answers to both questions is nothing then you really have no right to complain. Bitching on the internet doesn’t count.

  38. Andreas Donner
    Sep 11, 2020


    They can offer all they like, but unless they’re in a position to do so, that offer is empty. I stepped up when I needed to and others – with very notable exceptions – did not. That’s why this is happening and since I’m more or less the last man standing (again, with no insult meant to those still helping me,) how this happens is pretty much up to me entirely. Either WNism will learn from this and internalize some sense of responsibility and agency apart from the abstract “we must save our race” stuff or else nothing will get better for WNists.

  39. Clyde Denton
    Sep 11, 2020

    @ Andreas Donner and @ anyone else who wants to share their thoughts

    Thanks for your patience and not pulling the plug before we could vet a few things. I do support your decision, at least in part. My contention, rather trepidation, with the NF has been a HQ with a high public profile, interacting outside the safety of your own firewalls.

    Of course, I may be overly cautious. Other than on some webpages posted years ago, collecting dust on jew paranoia sites like the ADL, SPLC, ad naseum, where are we? Maybe there still exist some backroom FBI/CIA first year recruits frequenting a monitor while on break from perusing child porn. But I don’t see the NWF, right now, as even a blip on the radar.

    Your farewell podcast seemed to show a good report card. So pardon some of us for being a little perplexed. Obviously something bad has happened. You and Jason have made that clear. We don’t need the details.

    But you also express an inherent futility. And I have something, here, to add to Harold’s sentiment that ‘the Movement is ill’.

    WNism has been a long, sad history ridden with poor character examples, pardon the understatement. But compare it to what already runs this country. Yet is all the sabotage what we think?

    Before I get to it, understand I may not be the only web developer who’s watching this. There’s strong interest in maintaining an online nexus of communication, although I make no promises one way or the other. If this site goes down, I’ll be hanging out over at Renegade.

    OK, there’s something fundamentally flawed in the expectations of White Nationalism, aside from the societal dregs it attracts.

    #include ‘common_sense.h’
    #define race = White;
    main(int argc, char* argv[])
    try {
    string result = boost::lexical_cast(race + ‘Nation’);
    return result;
    catch (exception &e)
    cout << e.what() < ./prog_hello_wn
    > standard error 1488: oxymoron found in result ‘White Nationalist’

    When has there ever been a war in the name of Race? Do the White brothers wars in the past 1000 years ring any bells? People defend their nations. They rally round flags. “Our race is our nation,” decries our existential dilemma, but is abstract in the minds of the sheeple who define themselves by past generation ethnicity, religion, football teams, rock stars, and cooking recipes.

    Racism occurs in nature as an ore, an iron unrefined. It is normally hard rocks and knocks that mine and temper what lies dormant. In times of peace, it’s never been a distraction, much less in times of war. It’s not an awareness held by the average person to emotionally tax, daily challenging him over moral perspectives, e.g. the individual vs the group. We have always looked to our kings, chiefs, and warriors to post the sentinels along our borders and resist the intruder who is not like us.

    Tribalism is our evolution. Explicit racial loyalty, however, is an education. So in WNism, it is WE who are the anomaly, holding a defensive posture against a threat yet not recognizable to the sleeper. We’re funneled into a dire strait unprecedented in written history.

    Another thing I’ve observed is that the bookish, melancholy, and tender hearted seem to be the wisest when drawing conclusions where race is involved. They are the least likely to resort to careless, senseless violence, especially the kind that harms their own group, whether through incrimination or directly upon other members.

    The 3rd Reich connects the dots both by philosophy and example. The Germans responded to Das Vaterland. Hitler substantiated it and expanded upon it with the Aryan doctrine.

    The slow and steady migration of participant people to the northwest is the exception, not the rule. The lion’s share of the revolution is the mob, the masses of clueless, uprooted Whites, which might move like a school of fish, once dislodged, under even the slightest polar magnetic alignment. This was mein kampf when trying to wrap my mind around the Butler Plan. I never saw it succeeding as an insurrection of enlightened folk. Rather I saw it, at best, as a strategy focused on guiding the fleeing herds when the time comes.

    It’s also no stretch for the imagination that the present civil unrest could soon find the USSA decomposing into scattered, congealing enclaves. They will not long survive. Knowing only that they can’t return to their former state, they’ll have but one choice left, like cattle in a chute. ‘Goyim’, here, is not so inaccurate.

    It’s damn frustrating that so many would-be comrades jumped on the Trump Train. But it does not stray outside the control group behavior we’ve read about in DumbAss Psych 101. And since 2016, Harold and HQ have bantered the Trump phenomenon as both a glass half full and half empty. True to form, Trump is doing exactly now what he did before – dog whistle to the rising desperation of Whites with no intentions of crossing the Rubicon. This slow motion train wreck is never going to un-derail itself anymore than this country is going to un-fuck itself. Trump is no long term threat. Beyond the face diapers they have us wearing and the looming crash of the petro-dollar, he’s still pissing of the half of his voters with mandatory vaccinations.

    See how the only Whites out there, caught up in the mayhem and slandered by the jewmedia as terrorist Nazis, supremacists, fascists, are not but reactionaries who have no such pre-meditations nor affiliations. And one can leave a formal WNist party. But WNist identity has become an involuntary condition, not a personal ‘choice’. If you’re White, you’re a Nazi. Period. End of discussion. For what we’ve understood all along is now Thor’s hammer, raining blows upon the thick heads of dunce conservatives.

    Gun shops can hardly keep their shelves stocked, so we’ve been hearing. And it’s the Trumptards who have been taking to the streets, armed, defending their monuments and reinforcing cops. Shots already fired. It’s almost like something out of Harold’s novels.

    It was the jew actor, Leonard Nimoy, Spock, who had the line in Star Trek The Motion Picture, “Break free to where, commander?”

  40. George M. Jones
    Sep 11, 2020

    I may not be in the Homeland or at least not yet Andy, but why seriously can you not allow the HQ group to at least “keep the lights on” and the website up so to speak? Is the HQ group honestly not willing or that capable of keeping the site up or both? Not even three people, two, or even one that can just keep the site going at least? Surely the remnants of the Party can hold off until they can pick things back up eventually when more migrants and quality vetted people arrive. The quality people who understand how this works and are not “trash” are in the HQ group where needed, and this show can get back on the road again.

  41. Andreas Donner
    Sep 11, 2020

    @George M. Jones

    I’ve tried to make this as clear as I can and I simply cannot discuss details in public. That being the case, the most plain thing I can say is this: There are bigger requirements than just “keeping the lights on.” I appreciate that very few if any will know what I mean, but it is a fact nonetheless. Further, there is quite a bit of sensitive information that has been kept very safe (despite what some people would tell you) and I have to trust not just the person (or people) who might end up with the site but also their judgement about a number of subjects.

    It’s just not feasible even if I thought it were a good idea to hand this off to someone.

    All those coming in after this point in the conversation: Can we please stop rehashing this?

  42. Bob...asking for a friend
    Sep 11, 2020

    This is the weirdest break up I’ve ever been part of. My brother(Andy) says he won’t hand over the keys (website) to our Dad’s house even though my brother never wants to go into the house again (wn’ism). My brother (Andy) says that I never mowed the lawn (went to Seattle), but I talked to every neighbor on the block (very active promoting the NF in real life) in order to have them look after Dad because I live 1500 miles away.

  43. Andreas Donner
    Sep 12, 2020


    Since I have asked that we stop rehashing this particular issue, I now have latitude to become unpleasant. Your metaphor is garbage and you know it. Not only is this no longer Harold’s house – because he specifically gave it to me – but you don’t have any claim on it since you’re not one of the very few people who did what he requested. Remember that Harold always said that even though the NF isn’t a membership organization, the first requirement of a theoretical membership would be one’s ZIP code. You’re not part of squat and even if I wanted to hand things off to someone, it certainly wouldn’t be you or anyone else in your general situation. At the very least, do try to understand that conferring upon yourself a status or association you have not earned is one of the most significant errors just about every WNist indulges in.

    I’ve been polite even though I’m no longer a WNist because I had hope that everyone interested would be able to internalize the lessons I myself was so grateful for and take this opportunity to understand how they bear some responsibility for this situation for their own growth. This discussion will either maintain a proper relationship with reality or you won’t be allowed further participation. I have repeatedly indicated that there is a long list of reasons why a website hand-off isn’t going to occur and I have even been transparent about the most important among those reasons. Pretending otherwise for the purpose of mis-characterizing my position is not just dishonest but derails discussion others might wish to have. Don’t do it again.

  44. Guest
    Sep 12, 2020

    Not to detract from the seriousness of our Time –
    Please pardon the need of an umbral humor,
    The absurd will refuse further to hide,
    Evil becomes manifest and ready apparent,
    The Truth struggles to Breathe
    Those with Good Action hold fast,

  45. Barney
    Sep 12, 2020

    Ok Andy. I’ve always tried to be polite and tactful on here, but for you to have been talking decades just a month or so ago, and now announce that you’re leaving and taking your toys with you is just too much.

    You’ve had your say. Now go before you cause any more damage to what remains of the movement. You can’t defend the indefensible, and not one of the millions of good White People in the US and worldwide needs to pick up on whatever your “secret projects” may have been. You’re abandoning the movement, so just go, so someone else can pick up where the Great Man (Harold, certainly not you) left off.

    We’ve had enough of your “I’m right so that means you’re wrong” attitude. Everyone is different, with different needs and commitments that take time to deal with, and imho you’re too arrogant for the job you were given. That arrogance may well be why you failed to attract new migrants.

    I still believe in the Butler Plan, as do most people commenting here, so there’s no need to “hand over” to anyone else. All it takes is for one person, or a small group, to set up a new website and start again, ideally in the PNW where so many of the people you’ve abandoned have already moved in preparation for what is to come.

  46. Theodore
    Sep 12, 2020

    The whole pacific northwest is being lit on fire by antifa arsonists. The state is pushing an internal color revolution to draw out reactionary dissidents.

    This might be a good time to close shop, and maybe there should be a separate interim party organization to represent the butler plan. Internal squabbling aside, and the exhausted leadership making reasonable demands, things outside this slice of life hasn’t changed. If anything it has become more pronounced.

    I hope that Harold Covington’s life work and the NF materials are preserved for later distribution, as even Harold knew this was a multi-generational project meant for our children’s children to enjoy the fruits of this life’s labor. Outside of that, I think it’s fair to give Andreas Donner’s life back and to protect the life legacy of Mr. Covington and his volunteers. For the rest of us, history doesn’t stop and its time to step into the void.

  47. Andreas Donner
    Sep 12, 2020

    One of the more fascinating phenomena demonstrated both prior to Harold’s death and after is that I can repeat a point he made and be excoriated by the most ardent Harold fans for doing so. Another of the more interesting experiences I’ve endured is being subjected to all the same criticisms Harold had to deal with, but compounded with the (wrong) observation that Harold didn’t possess the fault being criticized. Harold was told precisely these same things in RFN comments over a period of years by people who were in no better position to remark, Barney.

    When circumstances change but someone’s problems remain, it means they themselves are the issue, not the world around them. One again, I and a handful of others learned this lesson. The rest of you are invited to do so now. After all, there is no time like the present.

  48. SnuffySmith
    Sep 12, 2020

    Andy, the violence associated with White Nationalism through misguided individuals is reason enough to break with it. What Harold wrote about in his novels could never been possible unless the Party was a mass party. The Party never achieved the mass whereby it could become a revolutionary combat organization. The half-cocked actions of deranged individuals only added to the problems of trying to organize along national socialist lines post 1945.

    Any society needs a set of basic rules. Some are rather obvious, but we live in a time when our survival depends upon rules which protect us from abuses present in the modern age. Like the old classics, a new set of rules has at its core a list of prohibitions. As commandments for consideration I present the following “Nine Nos.”

    1. No extinction of other species.
    2. No nuclear weapons or nuclear plants.
    3. No production of cancer-causing or mutation-causing substances.
    4. No adulterants in foods or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
    5. No private automobiles without a clear business use.
    6. No advertiser-controlled television or internet service.
    7. No limited liability corporations.
    8. No absentee ownership or control – one employee, one vote.
    9. No growth in population

    Quality of life depends upon shared cultural values. For this reason multiculturalism is a dead end for everybody – it goes against Natural Law.

    I trust you have read The Dharma Manifesto. I found good things in it. I don’t expect Khalki to be riding in anytime soon, so I think we will all have to make do in the Kali Yuga. All the best in your future endeavors!

  49. Widukind
    Sep 12, 2020

    >I can repeat a point he made and be excoriated by the most ardent Harold fans for doing so.
    I believe people were merely tolerating it, because we all feel and understand the frustrations of our racial powerlessness. But people did tolerate it. From Harold, and also from you. The pushback you’re getting now is the same pushback Harold would have gotten, and which you admit he got too. Most of us don’t agree with party policy, because it didn’t work well. The disagreement was there all along, but it was being patiently tolerated because we believe in the Northwest Imperative.

    I’m sure many like me feel the urge to Come Home and try to work that into our lives even if we disagree with the party’s approach to attacks on our character being the only means to compel that. The Northwest Territorial Imperative was and remains the only practical plan for nationalist organization. Even if you’re going to dismantle the codebase of this site, the domain, the P.O. Box, the hardware for hosting, and the rest, it won’t be the end of the NF. It’s just one more malicious betrayal along the road to a Homeland.

    Gretchen is right, the history of this moment will have to be written by those who stay in the fight (whether you think we’re fighting or not), and your viewpoints on the matter won’t be material to the discussion. We will just have to make whatever sense of it we can, pick up the pieces, and keep moving.

  50. Theodore
    Sep 13, 2020

    Placing the sum of the burden on Andreas Donner, and using a movementarianism (of any brand) to rationalize or project personal character misgivings is wrong. He is not your therapist nor is the movement your struggle session.
    Marxists and partisan liberal democrats can accept this because they rely on masses of broken people to enhance their power. The more screwed up and unmanly a population Is, the greater powers and justification of their actions. Even on the center right and far left antiwhites, there is an unbreakable shibboleth of conduct (that may be largely bullshit) that keeps some accountability in exchange for status. The right makes demands from it’s audience in character and actions, a Shibboleth, that isn’t being met.

    Andy is tired and wants to live his life, and has somehow been persuaded that white nationalism is an open infection where the people themselves are a greater problem than their surroundings, and likely need religious reform or internalized restructuring. Andy doesn’t want to do this for them, nor should he have to. .

    I think it’s far more important that whoever wants to lead pick up the pieces and bear the burden that Andy has done. I would hope that Andy can appoint a worthy successor instead of forcing a reboot of 10 years of labor. In 2020, White millenials are otherwise looking at the production of a marxist color revolution, where these broken people are going to have direct control over our lives through state appointed corporate overseer. The critical point is white men want to self identify and want a positive difference, and reflect this in their words and actions.

    We all have the same unifying vision. The NWF is just stuff and a title. Harold’s immortal contribution and works will live on, and I encourage those willing to continue the struggle to do so.