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Radio Free Northwest – September 5th, 2020

The Northwest Front announces its permanent shutdown and gives guidance on how this process will occur. Andy gives the reasons for the decision based on a brief Party history and current conditions. Jason gives his take and announces he will remain in White Nationalism before Andy discusses his reasons for why he will not.


  1. John Beattie
    Sep 05, 2020

    Well said. What Andy has put up with for 10 years, I have put up with for 55 years. Am used to the cowards and liars by now, so I might as well continue plugging away until death.

  2. Anon
    Sep 05, 2020

    At the end of the day, most people didn’t want the truth. The normies bullshit us to justify their comforts and cowardice. The nation is filled with bullshit people, and dissidents are unchurched faggots burying THEIR problems in fake retarded politics. Unchurched faggots who took a nation of free men into a coast to coast dump of liars on the road to serfdom. Lying to themselves and they don’t even know it, egalitarianism of corporate peasants who cannot comprehend the price of security or politics totally spoiled on the expectations of democracy. Making demands while adding nothing of value with the full expectation of an equal. Dead souless rhetoric from dead people. Fake numbers to moore a life on to inflate their 401k and tax revenue for just one more quarter. Doing shit we don’t like, that means nothing, where they weren’t even going to make good on the investment. Its dishonest and disgusting. Lies to get older and weaker, finding isolation and renounciation as the only refuge from these flies.

    Same thing with organizing. Why expect us, or me, to uproot and abandon everything to not be told where specifically we are needed with what task to do. To the HQ group. Doing work, I wanted to do, when I needed to find real work instead that aligns to reality. The northwest cities are garbage overpriced filled with homicidal hippies worse than skinheads, and yet we get the thugs. Extremely guilded cities where if we lost our corporate chain job at McDoodles, we would be homeless and helpless for a cause nobody wants. What about us, and our desires for family and stability? Underemployable peon in communist shithole with ridiculous cost of living, totally vulnerable to the demented feral underclass attempts at Parisian communes. These aren’t trivial concerns: this is the rest of our lives as these coastal areas of the country are very unattractive to those that do not command high bougeois incomes or reasonable job security.

    Do I believe in every white person? No. Do I want space for my race to live? Yes, but not at the expense of dragging the underclass forcing subsidy of their character problems. The whole point was to bud off from a communist corporate scatocracy of the dying american mistake. Will it be the Pacific Northwest rebuilf from pieces and forms to fulfil Harold’s vision, or will it become something else? There is no denying history, the United States is fracturing with yearly sustained riots destroying civil norms and deficits that cannot be repaid, with too many interest groups crying for bloody murder if they don’t get their pork with a cozy lobbyist McMansion in the discreetly fortified DC suburban area. The front may be ending, but history doesn’t stop. If not here, where?

    Personally, every other person I’ve met in the WN movement has been exactly the kind of repulsive creep Andy Donner describes.

    Comrade Donner, you may not see it, but you were a champion for a cause much higher than white nationalism. You held a torch of freedom of a different path from the computerized industrial golem existance that we may never get back. Nationalism is much more than race, it’s the rejection of the biological transnational consumer golem designed by CIA international America. The endless television infomercial of soft rock of unenlightened has beens working themselves to death. You held up that candle of the light that once shimmered by kings and emperors radiating a mana of heaven, in your republican ideal. The movement is a dumpster fire, yet my faith in the new path remains. Vexed by your inferiors, you chose another path in honor of your family and self respect. God Speed.

  3. JimEE
    Sep 05, 2020

    I am certain that no one can be as disappointed with this announcement as those within the HQ group. Thank you all for your dedication to the 14 words. The Butler Plan does not end with the Northwest Front, and, as it always was, it is still the responsibility of everyone listening to this podcast to continue working towards that end.

  4. Anonymous
    Sep 05, 2020

    So this is how it ends. Not too surprising though. I wondered how long it would last after HAC died. You can’t blame Donner if he wasn’t getting the help he needed though. A one man band an organization does not make. Sounds like he was just serving as an unpaid travel agent for people who wanted to move to an area with good job prospects (prior to the Covid-19 problem). Frankly, The Seattle area and Portland seem like an unhealthy place to be at the present time.
    Aside from all that, Andy is right in his decision in any case in my view; NS is as dead as Dickens door nail and has been so since its cause was lost in WW2. AH himself said that it was meant for the German people and the German people alone and only for that time and place in history. Trying to bring it back would be like trying to bring back Confusion doctrine and getting the present Chinese populace of Canada to adopt it and put it into serious practice in their daily lives. Not going to happen.

  5. Anonymous
    Sep 05, 2020

    blinking spellcheck… meant to say ” Confucian”

  6. Anonymous
    Sep 05, 2020

    I’m very sad to hear of the Front’s end. I only discovered this organization about a year ago, and I wanted to move by next years end. While my move date has been pushed later with this news due to me being less needed with no org to help out with, I still plan to move eventually Front or no Front.
    I’ve known of two other groups who’ve advocated the Butler plan, True Cascadia (Which broke apart) and another one I won’t name that is most likely defunct (It was the one that advertised on 4 and 8 chan). Being the last one standing, I think it’s clear that the end of the Front means the end of the Butler plan.
    So what other options do I have? There’s Pierce’s old group, but they’re too crazy and cultish for me. There’s Patriot Front, who seem somewhat alright, but their “American Nationalist” gimmick is a deal breaker for me. Next there’s the America First crowd, who are lead by a half spic, and also suffer from personality cults and Americanism, which will make it a hard pass.
    I could always start my own group, but I don’t think I’m cut out for that. I’d still give it a try, but I don’t know any White Nationalists in real life, so any group I start would just be me and whoever I could find from the internet, which seems like it would make a pretty crumby organization.
    My current plan is to shut my mouth and play the long game. I’ll try to make as much money as possible, so that I can give the spiritual successor to the Front the best shot possible. It’s not a great plan by any means, but it’s really my last option.
    Anyway, since the organization is ending, I may as well ask: What were those “Long term infrastructure projects” Andy was talking about a couple months back? They way you spoke it sounded like a new era for the NWF was about to start.

  7. Andreas Donner
    Sep 05, 2020


    Those projects continued to progress, but they simply didn’t come about in time to be of any help. Admittedly, there wasn’t just one thing in progress and each member of the HQ Group, myself included, bears a certain amount of responsibility for their respective project. At the same time, it didn’t seem to matter how much recovery we made following Harold’s death, there was always more work. That boots-on-the-ground support would have made a difference.

    Not that it matters now.

  8. Guy
    Sep 05, 2020

    Andy is somewhat falling into the same mindset he accuses others of having, blaming everybody else, however I understand. After Harold died why would any one listen to the podcast? There is literally no one who had the knowledge and experience required to entertain and teach young white nationalists in the way that he did me and many others in the time well before trump and Q and all this other bullshit. And yes, 1/3 people I come across every day are scum to interact with, (white people obviously, 9/10 for non whites) and I have found 2/3 people in the movement are strange, queer or impossible to deal with in one form or another.

    But still, what the fuck? You can’t leave the fucking website up? Do the bare minimum? For Harold if nothing else? The podcast was already once a fucking month, I mean, there is really not much to ask to run this shit unless you volunteer. You’re going to close down cause some people fucked you over or acted like faggots when they felt wronged for dumb reasons? What do you expect? This is revolution, not your career, not your family, not road rage, not a relationship.

    The only thing I can imagine which would make sense to me is if the LLC representing the website and accounting for the donations was roped into legal troubles, but closing down wouldn’t help legally unless its blackmail. I

    Either way at the end of the month, Harold will die except for in the minds of those of us who have been around long enough to listen. And for that I say for myself, and for Harold, Fuck you.

  9. Herbert
    Sep 06, 2020

    I assume the butler plan is still on, just not being organized via the NWF?

  10. Andreas Donner
    Sep 06, 2020

    Andy is somewhat falling into the same mindset he accuses others of having, blaming everybody else, however I understand.

    I and the HQ Group did what we were supposed to do. Others did not. There aren’t two ways about that fact.

    After Harold died why would any one listen to the podcast? … What do you expect? This is revolution, not your career, not your family, not road rage, not a relationship.

    You’re going to have to pick one. You can’t have it both ways. It isn’t solely my responsibility and it isn’t solely the HQ Group’s responsibility. Harold himself was always plain about the fact that he needed the help the HQ Group continued to ask for.

    But still, what the fuck? You can’t leave the fucking website up? Do the bare minimum? For Harold if nothing else?

    We’ve done far more than the minimum and everyone else (excepting a very small number of people who contorted themselves into all sorts of strange shapes to help us out) did far less than the minimum. At this point, no one is in a position to ask the HQ Group to do something they themselves cannot or will not do.

    … there is really not much to ask to run this shit unless you volunteer.

    That’s definitely an outsider’s perspective. Someone that couldn’t be bothered to actively involve themselves in helping us out wouldn’t be in a position to know what we were up to until we made the decision to shut down.

    You’re going to close down cause some people fucked you over … The only thing I can imagine which would make sense to me is if the LLC representing the website and accounting for the donations was roped into legal troubles …

    The reasons we gave for the shutdown were plain. You could imagine that we’ve told you the truth. Precisely what would it take for someone who is (presumably) on WNism’s side to just believe something the NF told them?

  11. WalterWhite
    Sep 06, 2020

    Unfortunately, this is usually the outcome when a very charismatic founder of a movement or group dies. More often than not, what he founded dies with him. Let’s be honest with ourselves, there is a tendency for personality cults to develop around a charismatic leader whether the subject of the idolization wants it or not. There are many such examples in WN movement history. Even Andy’s experience and response to his experience is quite common. Dealing with WNs is often like herding particularly ornery and stubborn cats and that can take it’s toll on anyone.

  12. East Coast Don
    Sep 06, 2020

    Well said Andy and Jason. I understand completely. Thank you for all that you have done. Also many thanks to Gretchen, Trucker and the wonderful Lord Lucan. Hats off and cheers to all. Again thank you!

  13. George M. Jones
    Sep 06, 2020

    The most depressing issue of RFN by far, I’m sure Harold is rolling in his grave right now because of this… Abolishing the NF due to movement burnout and that because that there are strange people out there in this fringe movement to Modern society, which are not that hard to avoid and disregard honestly; also and that some people aren’t “doing much” in the Party not reasonable enough to abolish itself, I think. That’s just my opinion though, but I am an outsider unfortunately, so what all do I know? But based on what I’ve heard from the podcast, that’s what it sounds like. Since NF is abolishing itself, are there any remnants of the group that want to form a group and continue on with the Butler Plan? I still have my plans set for migration, I may be in Spokane around March. But Andy, if I may attempt to persuade you, I could be of assistance to the HQ group if it is indeed that badly needed, and go to Seattle area instead. No one can make you, Andy, but I hope you change your mind and decide to stick with it awhile longer or at least someone else from the HQ group who is qualified enough steps up and keeps the NF going. This project is not and never intended to be something for personal gain. It would be depressing as hell if no one within the HQ group wants to at least try to keep the NF and RFN going because self-proclaimed Nationalists within the group whose race is facing extermination are that much too damn lazy and careless.

  14. Anonymous
    Sep 06, 2020

    Its a shame Harold’s incredible and inspiring novels will no longer be publicly available. You should at the very least find a way to keep them available online. I myself still have the pdf copies and will post them online whereever I can.

  15. HamburgerToday
    Sep 06, 2020

    This is sad news. I wish everyone at HQ the best.

  16. Aquila
    Sep 06, 2020

    I am crushed, appalled, and mortified that the last sane bastion with a plan is gone just like that. I fear there is now nothing anyone can do but I must continue to believe as I cannot unlearn what I have believed my entire adult life.
    Words are cheap and words were all I ever had I know but I personally was truly planning on making The Party my life’s work and I have believed in it for the majority of my adult life. All too little too late I suppose. If only I had taken one plan for life instead of the other and gone to the HQ group area instead of just getting anywhere in the Homeland as fast as I could.
    I am sad to hear you are leaving the struggle Andy but just like Harold always said the cause is so right but the people are so wrong. It has gotten to me sometimes and you had to deal with 100x more so I understand. You are strong in wisdom and I hope someday there will be a new movement you find worth your time. You took the reins and fought with all you had but eventually the well runs dry.
    For Comrade Jason I still believe In the Butler Plan and I hope you do too. It will take a lot of work but I hope that this can be a new start to build a new group. Robert Miles, Richard Butler, and Harold Covington must not be forgotten. I will cross paths with you in the future.
    Lastly, I am still unclear on why the Party cannot continue without Andy and must cease exist if nothing else than a shadow of a shadow of its former self.
    For the last time on here, Hail Victory Comrades. I hope to see you all again somewhere.

  17. Anonymous
    Sep 06, 2020

    In your podcast you mentioned that the entire content of the NWF would be available for a short time as, I believe, a 30 Gig download, unless I misunderstood you. Could you please enlighten us as to when and where it would be posted and for how long? I for one would be interested in it for nostalgia’s sake (as silly as that may sound). Thank you for your understanding.

  18. Demosthenes
    Sep 06, 2020

    For those who want to migrate, I still recommend doing so. For everyone listening here, please continue to make your migration as if the NF has not died. I plan on making my migration and I will need help. Even though the NF may end, all of us need to Come Home.

  19. Demosthenes
    Sep 06, 2020


    “I could always start my own group, but I don’t think I’m cut out for that. I’d still give it a try, but I don’t know any White Nationalists in real life, so any group I start would just be me and whoever I could find from the internet, which seems like it would make a pretty crumby organization.
    My current plan is to shut my mouth and play the long game. I’ll try to make as much money as possible, so that I can give the spiritual successor to the Front the best shot possible. It’s not a great plan by any means, but it’s really my last option.”

    Come Home. That’s what you can do. I will give you a spiritual successor to the NF. I’m working hard to make my migration. Very soon, I will Come Home and you will be able to see a completely different character of White Nationalism. Very soon, no one here will have to tolerate the bullshit of incompetents who screw our Noble White Race because of their selfish desires. I will give you something that you can hold on to. It will be based upon action, not upon words. One’s capacity to have influence over it will be entirely dependent upon the work that one puts in. This has already been institutionally achieved. Myself and several other people are Coming Home in order to make Harold’s dream a reality. All that we require of you is that you are in the Homeland when we arrive.

  20. Cincinnatus
    Sep 06, 2020

    Well. I have a lot to think about now. Others have sacrificed more and for a longer time, but I’ve given up everything I cared about to make my migration possible in the next few weeks. Bad timing, I suppose. Andy, I totally understand where you’re coming from and can’t fault you at all, but hopefully it’s possible for others to pick up the pieces and move forward with the plan. It’s still the only sensible idea on the table, as far as I’m aware.

  21. a half-jew
    Sep 06, 2020

    Very sad to hear this project is ending. I had high hopes for the northwest front as one of the only groups that seemed serious about white preservation. I know as a mixed person I and my descendants would never have had a place among you, but I had hoped you would succeed. And I want to see you survive. Please survive, and thrive, you are a good, worthy, and beautiful people and your flame should carry on into eternity. Only the pure of blood among you can make that happen.

  22. Dale
    Sep 06, 2020

    I don’t know if this gets on because every time someone wants a website since I don’t have one I cannot get on but here it goes. Well I guess if you are not in to something you can’t keep it going so you have to move on. Trump and the alright call colored people niggers or criticize the Jews they will have zero to do with you. I heard some of your stuff from radio Aryan I don’t know but in the case of the radio archives maybe they or someone like them could preserve them so people could listen to the shows. A world war will not happen until a very aggressive man comes to power in an advanced major country and starts swallowing up one nation after another with the intent of conquering the world then they will have no choice but to fight him. The white race we. Colonized Europe after the ice age. The lands we come from we race mixed ourselves out without the crusades which where fought to drive out the brown Moslems or yellow Mongols Europe also would have gone brown we would not exist now to survive we will have to fight wars to remove the colored races if not it is over. Wish you well maybe after a while you will come back. Take care. Dale

  23. wintermute
    Sep 06, 2020

    Saddened by this news, but perhaps the baggage of the past is better left discarded like a multi-stage rocket in flight. Why carry with you inert fuel-depleting mass?

    It is my hope that Comrade Jason will provide a P.O. box or digital form of contact, and provide some personal updates. His voice always seems to carry the right tone going forward into these chaotic years at the end of American history, and I am anxious to contribute to any endeavor spearheaded by him.


  24. JimEE
    Sep 06, 2020


    All RFN podcasts are available at https://rfnarchive.org and will remain available.

  25. Bob, asking for a friend.
    Sep 07, 2020

    Andy, don’t take things so hard. Chill out in a different location for a couple of days. My suggestion……Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. Enjoy the bisons, wild horses, and mountain sheep. Then drive back to Sandpoint/Idaho and have a mulberry shake. Talk to folks in the panhandle and rediscover why the fight is worth it. The white man is superior and will win. Don’t get knocked down and stay down……GET UP NOW.

    The guy on you left flank that you never met

  26. Troy
    Sep 07, 2020

    Hoping for thousands of Class-A migrants was chasing ghosts. The Front didn’t fail white men; with their cowardice and laziness, white men failed the Front, and with it the Northwest Imperative. At least, for now.

    Reminds me of a quote by some other guy, “those who choose to fight will live; those who refuse to fight do not deserve to live.”

    Andy is absolutely correct. It applies equally in Britain. I’ve been ‘awake’ for many years now, and many little groups have come and gone in that time, and I have steered clear of all of them for the simple reason that it’s clear from the tone and content of their material and their appearance that they are ‘dreck’, or as Andy said, “trash”. For those of us without the common mental problems and degenerate behavioural traits that are standard in these groups, to become attached to something like that is frankly, dangerous. Especially once we have families of our own.

    A reminder to all: Other than The Brigade, hard copies of Harold’s books are still available to buy at Authorhouse, hardback and paperback. Click on my name for the link. I’ve bought extra copies myself, without problems. The Front is gone, but Harold’s vision will continue to provide inspiration and advice for the future.

    From Britain, my best wishes for the future to Andy, Jason, and all those comrades in the Homeland who did their best.

    I asked Harold to play the following piece of music on the show back in 2014, and he kindly obliged. It seems especially apt now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPQimr1v9fU&ab_channel=DanyLoss

  27. Maurice Conchis
    Sep 07, 2020

    All of the podcasts and books have been archived and preserved. Every single one. Harold announced that after his death all of his works go to public domain. Harold’s work will not disappear.

  28. JR
    Sep 07, 2020

    Thanks Andy and others associated with the NorthWestFront for your hard work and dedication. I (sadly) understand this decision, though you might reconsider after this terrible, never ending Presidential election finally ends – does it ever end?

    I now concede that open, full time American White Nationalism hasn’t worked in the USA for, well forever – mainstream Whites don’t want to be in this, they correctly feel that any association with open White Nationalism will kill their career, kill their social life, make them drop out of society and have to become homeless in some urban hell like Skid Row LA. Who wants that?

    And the alternative good life of various Cuckservatives, RINOs, Christian Zionists, pussyfooters, Negro Felon League worshippers is for the most part – very nice, easy life.

    I suggest people who are disbanding the NorthWestFront try to walk away without taking the knee to submit to BlackLiesMatter, ZOG – try to interact with mainstream whites in hobbies and activities that are implicitly White like hiking clubs, nature preservation clubs, Whiter sports like rugby, Ice hockey, surfing, motocross, volleyball.

    Also – this is key. Take up a whiter form of partner dance. Women, including White women love to partner dance. If you get good at partner dancing, you’ll never have a problem finding a date, partner dancing leads directly to physical love and procreation.

    It’s a fallen world – Kali Yuga. We await….

    The Last Man Against Time.

  29. Standup Broad
    Sep 07, 2020

    All “movements for change” require two wings; the “political talk” and the “substantive action”. No movement can take flight without both wings.
    Remember the motto on US currency, “e pluribus unum” (out of many – one). At some future point the majority of Whites will see the plight of our Race. The individual’s “political” ideology will not mater, they will understand that “substantive action” is the only way to survive. I await that day.
    I wish both Andy and Jason success in their future endeavors.

  30. kerdasi amaq
    Sep 07, 2020

    Check out Brighteon.com. Maybe, you can put classic clips up there. It’s a video hosting site with a more robust attitude to fre speech than YouTube.

  31. Viktor A. Hirschmann
    Sep 07, 2020

    Dear Andy, Thank you for your service in the Northwest Front! I wish you and your family success in all of your future endeavors. Truly, Viktor

  32. Viktor A. Hirschmann
    Sep 07, 2020

    Dear Jason, Your contributions to the Northwest Front and White Nationalism are appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you on your other platform. Meanwhile, stay well!
    With kind regards I remain,

  33. Viktor A. Hirschmann
    Sep 07, 2020

    Dear Gretchen, I always looked forward to your book reviews. They were one of my favorite features of the Northwest Front podcasts! You will be sorely missed!

  34. Viktor A. Hirschmann
    Sep 07, 2020

    Dear Trucker, What can I say? Stay safe and keep on truckin’

  35. William Bradshaw
    Sep 07, 2020

    I am not sad I am not discouraged. I’ve learned everything I need to know about race and so forth from Herald’s North West Independence novels (I just finished Freedoms sons) and I just want to say thank you for your service to our people Andy. Balkanization is inevitable. I might be a little crazy but here is a nice song about racial unity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytWz0qVvBZ0

  36. Anon
    Sep 07, 2020

    Mr Donner,

    Some time ago, you’ve mentioned that there was a reason why the NF refrained from establishing a Bitcoin wallet in order to receive Bitcoin donations, but you couldn’t disclose said reasons. It was something that I’ve always wondered because, being non-American who eagerly wished to contribute in any way I could, Bitcoin transfers would have opened up a way for me to at least contribute financially. So, now that the NF is disbanding, are you at liberty to discuss the subject openly now, specially /why/ was that not viable?

    At any rate, my sincerest well wishes to you and everyone else who kept the NF going as long as it did.

  37. Amy Jackson
    Sep 07, 2020


  38. obama
    Sep 07, 2020

    The idea of white nationalism in America has literally never been more popular with the youth, yet somehow the NWF fails. Why? Because the whole time the NWF movement has existed nothing has ever happened that would cement the NWF as a legitimate movement to be reckoned with. You know what I am talking about.

  39. Heartland Separatist
    Sep 07, 2020

    Mr. Donnor has made several points I agree with. The movement (if a movement it can be called and not a assembly of dysfunctional people) needs quality control! If does vary by group though. Some have higher quality people than others. But when I am at a gathering I ask myself: If I had a business would I hire these people? Would I trust them to watch over my house, kids ,and wife while I was gone? If not then why the Hell accept them into a movement! But to a certain extent we are not the status quo. We are rebels and non-conformists and historically that attracts people who can not fit in anywhere else. I’ve known WN people who were flat earthers or believed the moon landings were faked in the desert! In one group I joined in college they required you to undergo a polygraph examination while they asked you certain questions. I thought that was awesome! It is difficult to make a revolution when two of your proposed three states are blue and psychotic as Hell. I do believe the United States is unstainable. It is inevitable in the decades to come that some of the red states will eventually form their own nation. Notice the opposition that has arisen to fight Burn, Loot, and Murder (BLM) has arisen spontaneously usually on Facebook and not because of any organized racialist group that has been there for decades. We will be a minority by 2045 but even so there will still be vast sections of the Heartland that will still be majority white. It will not stay that way for long because the powers that be are determined no majority white areas can be allowed to remain. This is indeed the century of destiny that Oswald Spengler predicted that will determine for all all times whether or not our race is to be or not to be! It may be that Americans are too soft and weak and in that case the torch of resistance goes to Russia! When it is all said nature know only once test for superiority: that which is superior is that which survives! In that regard survival is the ultimate reality. I am sad the NWF could not hang around because the worst is rest to come. The balloon HAC talked about has gone up and not only are we not ready but we disbanded! Regardless of who is elected in November the other side will feel cheated! Troubled time are ahead, revolutionary times! But I never was a National Socialist. I am a National Populist. That is a philosophy that is American as apple pie and actually predates the formation of the United States with its first manifestation in Jamestown in the Bacon Rebellion. It is the vanguard of the white middle and working classes of which no one can say is anti-America because it predates the United States and was here before there was a United States. Such is not the case with National Socialism.

  40. Mike in Oregon
    Sep 07, 2020

    NWF needs two things: (1) a New, Clearly Stated Purpose, (2) Leadership focused on the New Purpose.

    (1) The Butler Plan died when JOG flooded the NW with mestizos, niggers, Pakis, Indians, Asians, indoctrinated progressives, communist Jews & the “churched” as Anon would say. Migration is a futile trickle against this flood. Millions of White people that Harold & Andy mock & discount as buffoons are already in the NW. True, all white people are not yet WNs. But NWF’s indiscriminate “Big Tent” for migration is fatal to a unified purpose.

    (2) I’d like to see AJ or someone similar take over. I’d support a leader with his head on straight. If NWF had secure digital communications it should be possible to reduce the need for face-to-face whispering in Seattle or wherever.

    Complaints of censorship or no, we’re not linking to Klassen material here. Fruit of the poison tree, etc. That stuff is dangerous enough to match the complaints made in this episode of RFN.

  41. Barney
    Sep 08, 2020

    I was never in a position to Come Home, being both crippled and trapped on the wrong side of “the pond”, but here are a few of my thoughts on the demise of the NF.

    I’m disappointed, but not really surprised. It was inevitable once Harold moved on to Valhalla. I won’t criticise though because I can’t know what’s been going on at the HQ group. It’s just a pity an idea with the potential to save our species has had to be abandoned.

    I believe Andy is mistaken in thinking most racially-aware White People were aware of the NF/Butler plan. The vast majority of decent White People aren’t even aware of the threat to our survival because they’re too tied up with work, family matters and the lies coming at them from the brainwashing box more properly referred to as the tel-aviv-zion.

    I’ve also become aware in the past few weeks of some disturbing rumours concerning HAC’s integrity. I never doubted the man because his ideas were sound, but mud sticks, and I’m sure some people will have been discouraged by these accusations, whether true or not.

    With everyone kept in relative poverty by greedy employers (mainly jews) stealing more than 90% of people’s true earnings, most of those who are aware of the plan are unable to Come Home until they encounter that Horakova moment (see Freedom’s Sons) and are forced to relocate as a matter of urgency.

    Some are unable to leave due to family responsibilities, while still others can’t face the complexities of finding both a home and a job in a new area, perhaps hundreds of miles from their current location, taking children out of school, abandoning lifelong friendships and all the rest of it.

    I don’t believe the problem is a lack of interest or motivation, but more the situation we all have to endure under zog, and it’s often counter-productive to say “I did it, so there’s no reason why you can’t”. Different people have different lives, different priorities and differing opportunities, or lack thereof.

    The Homeland was to have incorporated a large area, more than three states, so to criticise people for not choosing to migrate to the Seattle area is just plain wrong. It’s like inviting people to come to England and then blaming them if they choose a place other than overcrowded, nigger-infested London.

    My feeling is that people who were planning to come to The Homeland should continue to do so. Sooner or later we’ll be forced to fight or die, and with or without the support of a co-ordinating organisation, it will be better for all concerned to have a concentration of racially-aware Whites in more-or-less the same area.

    It has often been said that “leaderless resistance” usually comprises 100% leaderlessness and 0% resistance, but it does have the advantage of being less easy to infiltrate, and this time Our People will know it’s a fight to the death, survival or extinction, so that ratio will have to change dramatically if we are to survive.

    From this perspective, the demise of the (organised) NF may well be a good thing. Harold didn’t fail. He showed us what was possible. Now it’s up to us to make use of what we learned, not just in the Pacific NorthWest, but in all our respective countries.

    As for making everything available for download in a single file, it’s an excellent idea imho, but it would be better if the RFN’s were in a file of their own so people can decide for themselves whether they have sufficient bandwidth and/or hard drive capacity. I’ve saved every one of these files over the years, and they total almost 35GB.

    The NF is to cease to exist, but the idea lives on. Soon the time will come when The White Race will be forced to fight for our survival. We don’t have decades, and we may not have even a year or two. The enemy doesn’t wait until we’re ready. Look how quickly they shut the entire world down. Soon every formerly-White country will resemble Australia and New Zealand, and we’ll find out what (or who) those FEMA extermination camps are for.

  42. JR
    Sep 08, 2020

    The demise of the NorthwestFront is very sad, but not unexpected. It’s what always seems to happen in American White Nationalism. Probably my favorite writer, leader ever associated in any way with American White Nationalism was Jost Turner leader of NSKindred. Jost eventually through up his hands and decided:

    It wasn’t worth it – the American WN movement attracts dysfunction like horse manure attracts flies.

    “White Power you want it you got it” – Jost Turner (mid 1990s)


    I do believe it is possible to organize for productive advancement of our legitimate cause – “The 14 Words”, but it can’t be done in the same old, same old American White Nationalist way – with an internet site, a blog, a free weekly radio podcast and a PO Box and flags and memes that we’re White racialists, National Socialists and attract SPLC, Feds, loners, dysfunctional people or just people throughout the entire world that want free entertainment.

    I strongly suggest we organize locally, with implicit White nationalism or just White culture – things like a White biker club, minor league baseball/hockey fan clubs. White women in particular like to do group activities that aren’t all about politics of any kind, let alone racial politics.

    The White religious ethno town of Orania in South Africa is a good example of our people being practical and successful – Orania has international White support, but it’s mostly regular White people with a common culture living together, working together in a specific local way and getting day to day things done.

    Well, thanks again to Andy, Gretchen and everyone that worked so long and hard for the NWF.

    14 Words

  43. Mike in Oregon
    Sep 08, 2020

    Posted last night but not “approved” by censor working to protect the useful idiots for Jews.

    Childish screed about non-existent censorship and religious whining removed. Also, disagreeing with you and/or not doing what you think needs to be done does not constitute hypocrisy and/or subversive behavior. Only a child reacts to disagreement this way.

  44. Andreas Donner
    Sep 08, 2020


    While I appreciate the intensity, the truth is that those with a long memory understand that it has always been this way and yet nothing ever quite happens like one would think. Each and every point in modern history has just underscored this fact. It’s always worse than it was before and if someone is looking for a reason, they can always motive themselves to do the right thing. Accordingly, the same people will refuse to do this for the same reasons they refused last time. The future with the NF looks almost exactly as bleak as without because the people required to make things work out really aren’t interested in inconvenience.

  45. Paul Anthony
    Sep 08, 2020

    This should not mean that we as white people and white nationalists should give up on the Butler Plan. Pretty much everything HAC “predicted ” is happening before our eyes. We still have a race to save for the future. Let’s not forget that or let the enemy win. Harold died but the NF continued. The NF may be going away but we will not. Hail Victory Comrades.

  46. Andreas Donner
    Sep 08, 2020


    I always hate getting in to the details of decisions that are and are not made. Every time I make attempts to explain things – even to people within the HQ Group, who I might add, were ejected due to being unable to simply cooperate with others – I end up in an argument with someone that doesn’t know what they think they know. I’m in no way saying this applies to you, but it has been my experience. In fact, the reactions I’ve gotten in recent comments generally call me a liar in one breath and demand I keep going with what I’ve been doing in the very next.

    Generally, much of the NF’s problems always came down to the time it takes to handle admin tasks. While I’m quite good at those things, they tend to pile up the more projects we start and because they’re the sort of dull, boring thing that comprises that “heavy lifting” Harold always spoke about, people don’t generally volunteer to do that stuff, so I end up with more work. Conversely, there have been a handful of times someone in the HQ Group wanted to volunteer to do which fell smack dab in the middle of this category except that they weren’t ready for some of the rigors required and chose to forgo the learning curve even though they volunteered to take the work on. (On a side note, one might compare that with the general issue of asking people to emulate our actions, but that’s been done enough I think.)

    With concern to cryptocurrencies specifically, especially when one is operating as a legal, above-ground business, there are additional administrative overhead tasks that I just could not be bothered with when the question was initially asked. On top of that, not every cryptocurrency (most, in fact,) are simply not nearly as private as one thinks. And out of those that are, there was no consensus on which we should adopt and that by default means no selection was made.

  47. anonymous
    Sep 08, 2020

    The future of our race does not lie in North America, but rather in Russia and Eastern Europe.

  48. anonymous
    Sep 08, 2020

    Is the NAR flag still copyright protected? If I were to start another NF group in the northwest, would there be any legal issues with using the blue, white, and green flag?

  49. Andreas Donner
    Sep 08, 2020


    Dunno. (No, really, that’s the best answer I have.)