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Radio Free Northwest – September 5th, 2020

The Northwest Front announces its permanent shutdown and gives guidance on how this process will occur. Andy gives the reasons for the decision based on a brief Party history and current conditions. Jason gives his take and announces he will remain in White Nationalism before Andy discusses his reasons for why he will not.


  1. Bob..asking for a friend
    Sep 13, 2020

    Andy, thanks for contributing and keeping the Butler Plan alive. I’m sorry for angering you. Good luck in your new life. We wish much prosperity for you with your new life. As America fractures, the NWF will be relevant. It might be relevant as soon as Tuesday, November 3, 2020 when Joe Biden refuses to concede and the animals in Portland and Seattle burn everything that is white and right.

  2. Jan Majeski
    Sep 13, 2020

    Kills me to see this. I suppose I share the blame as much as anyone else for having not come home yet (wanted to finish my degree, so not entirely just being lazy). And can’t say I blame Andy for getting tired and wanting out. But it seems a real shame to put all those people who in good faith took the plunge, potentially at great financial risk, out in the cold like this. If nothing else, we need a flag to print onto fliers, and a website to print under the flag. The northwest novels and the RFN archives are, in my opinion, just about the best redpills there are and I hate to see em lost to the normies of today and nazis of tomorrow. Even if RFN from now on was just once monthly unedited snippets of Letis, Trucker, and Gretchen, that and the existence of the website are still the best introduction to the Butler plan there is, and thus the best chance our race has got. Sorry to see you go, Andy, and I wish you a happy and large family.

  3. Spell Grouchy
    Sep 13, 2020


    1. You encouraged WN’s to “cut and run” however I assume you believe the white race still faces a threat to it’s existence. What do you recommend WN do to counter that threat if you don’t believe they should be in WN anymore?

    2. If HAC were able to see what is happening fron beyond death what do you think he would say about your current decision?

    3. If HAC could have looked into his crystal ball and see your current decisions what do you think he would have done differently (especially Re: leaving you in charge)?

    4. Knowing what you now know what advice would you give your past self as you were first entering the movement?

    5. If you were open WN (you used your real name and face like HAC) how do you think you would have to handle the current shutdown of the org different?

    6. Is there any chance you will come back to WN?

    7. Is the concern Re: handing over the site that it will cause peoples info to be compromised? If so couldn’t you just clear all of that out (maybe even erase the site and just hand over yhe URL)?

    8. Would handing the NF over in peace’s be possible? Like one person gets the site, another gets physical equipment, etc? Also as far as contact’s couldn’t you get in touch with people and ask “are you comfortable with this person (probably Comrade Jason)having your info?”? It could at least allow the associations of people to stay together.

    9. Will you remain friend with anyone from WN?

    10. Do you belive the white race has any hope of surviving?

  4. half-jew
    Sep 13, 2020

    If you really think abandoning white nationalism is the right thing to do, does that mean you think white people are fine as is and nothing bad is happening demographically? That there is no impending danger to white people?

    While I still feel it’s not my place to butt into this thing since the NWF constitution makes it pretty clear that it’s not for me, anti-whiteness affects me and my future too since I’m half-white and look white to most people. If you think there’s a serious and persistent flaw in whatever this white nationalist scene is — and I can see why you might after listening to some of the old NWF recordings on this topic, particularly https://northwestfront.org/2013/02/radio-free-northwest-february-21st-2013/ — then I can understand why you might say, “this whole scene has a terminally serious problem.” But white people still exist and need a safe and secure future whether you think the 14 words and their particular origin and history is good or not.

    It’s just strange to me. How can someone go from believing that white people are in such a bad spot that they’d uproot their entire life and dedicate themselves to a revolutionary liberation movement, only to turn around one day and say, “eh, this really isn’t working out, time to just… completely stop working on this problem.” I’ve never agreed with a lot of the way white nationalism seems to be approached in a lot of circles, and I always assumed that for me some of that disagreement had to do with my ancestry. But to the extent I still wanted to find a way to help (since again, anti-whiteness affects me too after all), I never thought of just abandoning things because of that problem.

    I don’t even understand what someone who would “leave white nationalism” thinks is going to happen. Just live out one’s personal days in “peace” watching everything you ever loved get destroyed? Try to build a family knowing that horrors await your descendants? Knowingly choose to devote your life to drugs or some other fake pleasure? What are the other options?

    I don’t mean to be harsh or whatever. I know it’s not my place but I’m grateful for everything any of you have done to help your people. I know you all probably don’t like me because of what I am but what happens to you has a pretty big effect on me too, not to mention you’re half my heritage and if I’m sad about Tibet I may as well be sad about bad things happening to my own racial cousins.

    My whole understanding of white nationalism and the NWF in particular was that there isn’t any realistic alternative for white people. That was the whole pitch of the NWF and the whole reason for the urgency of Harold’s exhortations to “Come Home” and contribute. Do you no longer think any of that is true??? What’s the realistic alternative?

  5. JR
    Sep 14, 2020

    Andy has made his decision (I think it s a hood decision) I think we should support him and help him move on to a productive life doing something else. My situation was once very similar to what Andy is going through now . Andy I will be happy to write and speak with you to offer practical advice how to go forward.
    There are quite a bit of dangers for Andy and for our cause/people. Our enemies Jew and Gentile will usually try to take advantage of such a situation – pressure or bribe Andy to become an informant or a propaganda spokesmen as a reformed sinner who s message is to spread the word that anything associated with White identity activism is satanic, anti American , hateful and also pointless because nothing can change the path we re going down.
    Another guy who was on a similar situation to Andy now was the Jewish Holocaust Revisionist David Cole, who decided to reinvent himself with a new name ( I think it was David Stein) and he did more mainstream Breitbart news Conservative type politics with modest success .
    Andy , I think you should consider a name change. Also try to get some hobbies , interests that are more acceptable to mainstream society . I’ve been a biker and a tennis player – two very White cultures, groups – so I m known in places as “oh that s JR he s a solid biker guy or a decent tennis player. I never renounce my past or present politics . I never voice support for ZOG or BLM. For quality Whites or other races that honestly want to know about the JQ , mass immigration, Islam or World War II or the Holohoax I share what I know to be true.
    Andy let me know if you want my help/advice.

  6. Andreas Donner
    Sep 14, 2020

    Thanks, all. In response to the questions answered:

    1.) The political situation for just about everyone – and yes, that definitely includes Whites – is incredibly precarious. Even mainstream information sources (i.e. Neo-conservatives, in particular) are openly discussing the normalization of anti-White racism and this has clearly morphed into a physical danger. The seemingly total Marxist brainwashing of society hasn’t helped matters, either.

    2.) Having indicated that I’m done with White Nationalism, I’m not really in a position to give advice or prognosticate. As stated, my advice is to cut and run since just about everyone is in it for the wrong reasons and/or can’t be bothered to do the right thing when they need to. Further, the general culture is a serious problem because it encourages all the wrong things. I don’t know what to tell you other than that.

    3.) I have no desire to continue interacting with other White Nationalists since I am leaving the Movement for reasons having to do with personnel quality. I would hope that those who know this doesn’t apply to them won’t take it personally, but I am under no pretense that hanging around WNism is good for me or anyone else.

    4.) As stated in this RFN episode (though briefly,) I have become exhausted with the situation in general as well as the way WNists behave as a group that causes so much wrong even if only a few individuals are outwardly responsible. As a whole, this thing is a mess and it became increasingly obvious to me that the NF was being used as a vehicle for people to hang their revenge and/or civil war fantasies on as well as the NF’s ideological material being used to justify the worst behavior possible even though it explicitly calls for people not to engage in said behavior. I’m no longer willing to tolerate what WNism is and I’m leaving the political scene.

  7. George M. Jones
    Sep 14, 2020


    From what I hear from one of the party members that I happened to be in contact with, is it true that you often liked to complain that no one was helping you because you refused to actually work with those outside the HQ group, despite that they reached their hand out to you and the HQ group?

    Is it true that after Harold died that the you and or HQ group took 2 years to reconnect with a mentioned person’s ASU even with them constantly reaching out?

    These are some things that I’ve been hearing.

  8. Andreas Donner
    Sep 14, 2020

    @George M. Jones

    To the best of my knowledge, only one of our contacts offered the HQ group help and when I very gladly accepted their help, they could not be relied on. I genuinely have no idea what you’re asking about, though I assume its possible that the fellow inside the HQ Group who handled communications until late last year may have totally flummoxed his job. Truth be told, the HQ group and I have always wondered why the regional contacts all fell out of contact with HQ and never got back in touch. There is quite a bit of room for sabotage or other bad behavior to have gotten in the way, though it’s moot at this point.

    Truth be told, the exact opposite occurred. It hasn’t been more than a little over two years since Harold’s death anyway, and I haven’t recently reconnected with anyone at all. Further, when Harold died, communications directed to me personally were the usual “sorry for your loss” messages as well as a staggering amount of abuse from just about every other corner of the Homeland. Others in the HQ Group made multiple trips to other places within the Homeland after Harold’s death and I myself was involved in an abortive attempt to make another trip early this year.

    I did my level best to pay attention to anyone who wanted anything at all from the Party and the HQ Group in particular and it didn’t seem to get us anywhere.

  9. Gretchen the Librarian
    Sep 15, 2020

    Dear Andy, Do you think people would have trusted you more if you just used your real name?
    Even just on a first-or middle name basis? Andreas Wilhelm Donner is a great name, and I would bet that you wish it where yours. However, in your position being doxed is such a high probability that what’s the point? Also, National Socialism is the fundamental truth therefore it allows nothing
    else, however creative.

  10. Andreas Donner
    Sep 15, 2020


    I don’t know that trust was ever really an issue in my case since it hasn’t come up in conversation thus far. Also, the systemic issues with the Front and its operations were in place even before my own involvement of any sort. The drop in the level of interest was also before my tenure.

    And having already been doxxed, it’s a small matter either way. The trouble with the issue of using my real name is that I never intended to take over the Party and I certainly never asked for it. I had been introduced to the Party’s audience as Andy Donner and were I to change that once Harold took over, there would be just as many questions that would come up as if I didn’t. As Jason indicated, this happened at the worst possible time for me personally and while dealing with Harold’s legal affairs, the HQ Group knew we needed to make certain infrastructure projects happen or else the Party wouldn’t be viable in any sense. That was made the priority. Further, anyone genuinely trying to find out who I was would have been able to do so with very little effort (and ultimately, they did.) It’s not as if I was hiding and it’s not as if I didn’t drop everything I was doing when someone wanted to meet for any reason, so the issue of trust isn’t exactly a large one (other than what low level of trust already existed in WNism.)

    Those infrastructure projects would have made doxxing irrelevant (for the most part) and that’s why they were given priority even while trying to operate the Party, handle Harold’s legal issues, and working a job that had me on multiple 3-month-long stretches of mandatory 70 hour work weeks. You can guess what lost out. The strange thing about this is that Covid and a number of other factors may have made them outright irrelevant even if we had accomplished our goals.

  11. Guest
    Sep 15, 2020

    As someone who has recently been introduced to WN and racial awareness as a whole (by the NF itself, might I add), it’s specially disheartening to me to see it disbanded. For the last 3 months or so (since the day I’ve stopped being a libertarian-conservative and veered into the “Far Right”), I’ve been listening to the RFN on every spare moment. First in reverse order beginning from the (then) latest episode of June 2020 to aboutwards mid 2019s, when I decided to instead of listening to reruns of mr. Convington’s segments, that I’d simply go to the original releases. And so I’ve begun to instead consume the RFN podcast in the proper chronological order. Ironically enough, just as this episode was released, I had just the the day prior listened to a certain segment which was eerily apropos to this development. Mr. Donner, if you erad this, please do not take this comment as any sort of jab or attack against you. That is not at all my intention. It is not intended as criticism, specially since as an utter newcomer, it is far from appropriate for me to dispense any of such. The segment, however, clearly bears a ghastly similarity to your situation, at least insofar as I could gather from your podcast and your comments in this section. In my mind, and I obviously claim that my insight is particularly sharp or correct, Harold might as well be talking to/about you, and if you’re willing I’d invite you to share your thoughts on it and how, if at all, accurate my statement is.

    The segment I refer to is one in which Harold discusses a certain acquaintance of him, who he nicknamed ‘Harry’, after ‘Harry Houdini’, who “made a disappearing act” due to his utter disgust of the people he encountered in WN. Among other insights, mr. Covington posits that any attempt to leave White Nationalism, regardless of how much in contempt one finds oneself towards the movement due to the aberrations of moral and characters of way too many “comrades”, the truth one learns after awakening simply cannot be unlearn. As a fresh newcomer, like I previously stated, my opinions on this matter should bear no weight at all. But as you certainly would agree, Harold’s does, if only by virtue of his lifetime expertise.

    The segment is https://northwestfront.org/2011/08/radio-free-northwest-august-25th-2011/ , @47 mins.

  12. Gretchen the Librarian
    Sep 15, 2020

    I know this question is off-topic but …

    Yep, that’s off-topic. And at this point, it’s not relevant.

  13. Chad in Texas
    Sep 16, 2020

    Andy, you are a huge disappointment. Barney is right – just move on, go away. You have caused enough pain and confusion within OUR ranks. You took Harold’s lifelong work and tossed in the crapper. You are truly a race traitor and a pathetic excuse for a White Man. Words can’t express how disgusted I am with you. You took the Party less than two years ago and nosedived it into the ground.

    The upside is you are now out of our circles, that’s a good thing as we require men with fortitude and honor. Harold was certainly wrong about you.

  14. Andreas Donner
    Sep 16, 2020


    Hypothetically, what is the business about “our” ranks? Sure, I’m officially out of the picture once the site goes down as scheduled, but even so, Harold himself said that the first requirement of (theoretical) membership in the NF would be one’s ZIP code. Last time I checked, Texas isn’t in the proposed Homeland and I’m not entirely sure where this idea that you have any ownership in the Northwest Imperative comes from.

    Aside from me, no one else was in any sort of position whatsoever to even attempt continuing the Party. Sure, my mind has changed about a number of things, but I at least made the attempt even though the Party was suffering quite a bit in the wake of the Trump election. WNists most critical of me couldn’t even be bothered.

  15. Guest4
    Sep 16, 2020

    This is incredibly saddening to hear. I’m not in the homeland yet – though I still plan on coming home regardless of if the official party is there or not. I’m not going to criticize you Andy, as I’m not in your shoes. I hope in time you reconsider, even if you take a much more passive role with the party, though it sounds like you’ve thought long and hard on this before making the announcement. I hope you’re able to have a family like you mentioned in the podcast and live a good life. Thank you for all of the work and time you’ve put into this over the years.

  16. Captainchaos
    Sep 16, 2020

    Andy, now that you have renounced WN do you plan on fathering children with a nigger?

  17. Old Gray Saxon
    Sep 16, 2020

    I would like to say that Gretchen and The Trucker have done a great job.. Harold would be proud… Some others not so much.. Andy has been an insufferable, narcissist meglomaniac, since day one.. He has continued to talk down to Whites and now is talking Whites down, to justify his cowardly exit. Guess what Andy, as someone mentioned earlier and gave a link, Harold dedicated a spot on an old show, which talked about race traders just like you…
    ..Many folks are still dazed and confused about why Andy thinks he is so damn important that he can discard and walk away from a national
    political movement, while pretending that he was in charge and has the right or authority to destroy it, as if he could..
    There exists no Ego bigger than that.
    Harold would talk about ‘White trash’ in the movement, as a small percentage that made the rest of us look bad.. He was of course right.
    Most pro-Whites aren’t degenerates.. But, when Andy talks about ‘White trash’, he seems to directly imply that we are almost all some type of deplorable degenerates, who aren’t worth saving.. And now he is dumping us because we and the cause, just aren’t worth saving..
    Well, he talked shit about us all along. How can we really be surprised and not expect him to treat us like useless shit, now..??
    With this stereotypical attitude, how can Andy not be a member of or at least a supporter, of the tribe…??
    His smug, psudointellectual, condescending comments and general attitude rubbed me the wrong way from day one. But, like the rest of you guys, I gave him a chance. Now we see what his true character really is and isn’t..

    Andy was once a voice FOR White well being.. Now he is a voice against it.. Nobody but, Non-Whites and anti-Whites would say the things that Andy has said… Only they need you now, Andy. Good luck with that..
    Your ‘zip code’ comment was also an insult to every person who ever lived and contributed to the NWF, from a zip code outside that of the NWF.. Your hatred for Whites really comes out, now that you have ‘gone public’ with your open hostility..
    ….But, don’t think you have won. We can do this without cowards and traitors like you..
    This entire bazaar ending of the NWF was confusing at first but, I think I known the real cause.. Especially since Andy never gave us any legitimate reasons.. He only gave us his excuses and insulted us… Andy could have chosen other actions to take but, because of his megalomania and control issues, he chose to SHIT on Harold, the Butler Plan and every White person who ever listened or supported, the
    NWF. .
    Only a self absorbed asshole, would make that choice..
    … After much discussion, my wife and I have come to only two logical conclusions, which would make his actions understandable.. There are only two circumstances that might exist, which would explain this cowardly and hateful action.
    1) Andy did a DNA test and found out he wasn’t as White as he thought he was. As a result, he can’t walk away.. He has to set the house on fire, with everyone still in it and run away.. This is what Jews and other Non-Whites and anti-Whites, would do… Wouldn’t they..??.
    2) Andy has hooked up with a anti-White or Non-White girlfriend/wife. Now, he must burn all his bridges. And as he will never be allowed to live in the future NWR, he destroys the NWF, so we can’t live there either..
    You may not want to believe it but, if you listen to what he has said and now see what he is doing, no other explanations can logically explain his words and actions..
    Even Andy can’t deny these facts below..
    …Andy never had to destroy the NWF or this website but, took direct and specific actions to do so.. He has expressed his anti-White attitude, time and time again, in many condescending ways, since day one.. He may think me a dog or White trash too but, even a dog can judge character..His consistent anti-White attitude is now and has always been, expressed in a way that can’t be excused or explained away.
    … When all the possible explanations to riddle have been excluded, only the impossible that remain, can be true..

    ‘They went out from our number but, they did not belong to us; for if they had been of us, they would have remained with us..’…
    ….1 John 2:19….

    I doubt Andy believes Scripture but, fortunately, he doesn’t have to for it to be true. But, Andy, if you don’t believe Scripture You can believe these two last facts…

    1)… We do not need you and never really did.. But, don’t worry, you never need to even think about ‘coming home’ again, if you change your mind. You burned that bridge now.. Good luck with that.
    2) Traitors die first..

    Have a nice day….

  18. David Tucker
    Sep 16, 2020

    It is like a kick in the gut to get this news. We must not let this be the end of the Northwest imparative. Our race is our nation. We MUST ensure that the NF is not gone, but will rise again. Together we CAN do it. We must do it for H.A.C.,and.OUR RACE. Hail Victory Comer ads.

  19. anonymous
    Sep 16, 2020

    May Harold’s ghost haunt you for all time for your disgusting betrayal. I hope that one day you will realize the depth of your weakness and pathetic surrender to the enemies of our people.

  20. Andreas Donner
    Sep 17, 2020

    @Old Gray Saxon

    Your ‘zip code’ comment was also an insult to every person who ever lived and contributed to the NWF, from a zip code outside that of the NWF.

    I suppose so, but consider for a moment that it originated Harold prior to my even knowing the NF existed and you might come to understand that you never really internalized what Harold said to begin with.

    I could keep going, but I gave the reasons I gave (which are true) since I’ve dealt several times with the “we don’t believe what you’re saying, but please stay on anyway even though we think you’re a liar” (or variations on it,) I’ll leave it alone since that proves the poor mental capabilities and/or genuine character issues within WNism.

    I’ll leave you with this juxtaposition to ponder:

    Andy was once a voice FOR White well being. … He has expressed his anti-White attitude, time and time again, in many condescending ways, since day one.

    Once again, for the five thousandth time in this discussion, you’re going to have to pick one.

  21. Gretchen the Librarian
    Sep 17, 2020

    Dear Old Saxon Guy, Thanks for the appreciation. I too have given much thought to Andy’s
    change of heart. I can believe he’s frustrated and tired, and that others could have helped out more. Yet I believe that there must be other factors going on behind the scenes. I got theories
    of my own. This is not the place I want to speculate. We may understand better in the future.
    I do want to thank all my fans and well-wishers. Stay safe and be well. Find truth and hold
    it as a gem.

  22. HM
    Sep 17, 2020

    Why not just admit you’re a chicken-shit? There was never any real intention to ever do what is in HAC’s books. The civil war has started. It has been started by the anti-White left-wing. It has started in the northwest. Instead of rising up to defend the “homeland”, you tucked tale & ran, like a pussy.

  23. Captainchaos
    Sep 17, 2020

    There is no contradiction here. Andy Dorker is a gamma male who tried to pretend to be alpha. Cracks soon formed in his facade until the whole thing crumbled altogether. Once that occurred naturally it was everyone else’s fault but his own.

    In a sense it is pointless to harbor resentment towards him. He is only acting according to his nature. By nature he is a little bitch.

  24. Warlord
    Sep 17, 2020

    I don’t understand the abuse directed at Donner; I am sure that if he found someone to take over the burden he would do so. This seems to be the problem with so many organizations and not just political ones – nobody wants to take on responsibilities. I belong to two separate groups and and the same people continuously run for leadership posts, mostly because few others volunteer. As for “leaving WN”, I take that to mean he is no longer taking an active part in the movement rather than “betraying” it (unless he wants to gainsay me in this), unlike what Axis Sally did by working with the One People’s Project.

    Since this blog is being open (was surprised the rather harsh and hateful criticism of Donner was allowed to be posted), I want to voice a criticism of Harold concerning how he handled Axis Sally’s departure. I always felt it was an act of cowardice in ignoring it. She had been part of his podcast for what…a year and was popular. Suddenly she was gone. Not even a terse “she is no longer affiliated with the NWF”. But this could be a teachable moment, as the left likes to say. I’ve listened to her podcasts and she was very open about why she left. She was at a vulnerable period in her life and was looking for meaning. It could have been communism, religion or something else, but at the right time she found a skinhead flyer. She went to their rally, joined up, and eventually (in a short period) got a leadership position. But she felt that they were too juvenile for her and ended up at the NWF. Harold claims he vets members before meeting with them, so she must have passed and even made her his gal Friday and put her on the pod cast. During this period her life outside the movement improved (specifically getting visitation rights to her child). Since she didn’t join for the right reasons she ended up leaving when the negatives in her life cleared up. She found no reason to stay and went back to her home town and got a job with a future.

    Harold had occasionally talked about bad actors in the movement: con-men; crazies, informants, two-bit fuhrers who crave even a minuscule amount of power and fame, and hobbyists. She represented people who join not out of ideological commitment but to give meaning to their lives. Nothing wrong in itself if the movement brings meaning and satisfaction, but it didn’t since her issues didn’t come from within but without, and when they eased she left. If it was internal, then she may have drifted through the various movement groups, much like some new-agers drift from cult to cult. Harold should have provided a thumb nail sketch as a warning about what he has to put up with as a leader but didn’t. (Note: she deleted her podcasts about her movement experience a few years ago and replaced it with ones about life as a mortician.)

  25. check
    Sep 17, 2020

    The more I reflect on the shutdown of the NF website decided by one lone individual, the more I am convinced this is not due to ‘personal exhaustion’. It is eerily similar to what is happening with the continued shutdown of the whole damn planet. How does the saying go? – There are no coincidences. Moreover, it always struck me as more than a little odd with the self-referential term “here at the HQ group”. First impression; sounded too much like boys playing ‘fort’ with a dozen hay bales and showing off their decoder rings from Captain Crunch. And lastly, the term ‘comrade’; I get Harold’s DNA was that of Irish rebels who they themselves were adherents of Marxist doctrine. I am too much of a rabid anti-communist to ever get used to the term ‘comrade’. Whatever…
    Despite the growing satanic clown-world, the Butler Plan-NF movement will not wither away and die: “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” -Victor Hugo

  26. wintermute
    Sep 17, 2020

    So with the dust having settled a bit;

    1. @Jason, is there an email, telegram channel, etc that we can receive updates about your material?
    (Books, essays,)

    2. @Andy, very sorry to hear your thoughts, though I have absolutely no doubt of their poignancy and truth. Unfortunately the real scumbags are only useful in the final stages of a struggle, and they usually get themselves killed in doing so to everyone’s benefit. They also seem to gravitate at the beginning instead of the end, causing this exact situation. I hope you will continue to think on the core moral and philosophical issues regarding the movement, and help to bring about structures and strategies that weed out the psychos and malcontents.

  27. Hammerheart
    Sep 17, 2020

    The Final Salute

  28. Andreas Donner
    Sep 18, 2020

    The productive portion of this discussion seems to have wrapped up since no one has added anything substantive to the conversation for several days now and further remarks are sinking to mere personal abuse instead of remaining on the subject matter, I’m inclined to close up comments on this item. I’m sorry if my inability to devote limitless time and energy (as well as my very factually accurate commentary on WNism itself) does not meet with someone’s approval, but as indicated, this effort was always a group responsibility and as a group, the decision not to participate (which was made well before my tenure) isn’t something I had any effect over.

    Best of luck, all.