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Radio Free Northwest – August 15th, 2020

Andy Donner on what it looks like when you migrate in order to give rather than to get, Trucker shares his thoughts on covid-19 from the road, Gretchen reviews the autobiography of David Lane, Andy again on NF culture, and Jason wraps things up with what the suppression of the George Floyd police body-cam footage teaches us, before ending with a pleasant recent discovery.


  1. Kekistani Pilgrim
    Aug 15, 2020

    This is a serious idea. I work outdoors and get a serious farmer tan. Glowing like a ghost down below, but getting tanned as heck on top. Does this make me colored? Am I accepted in this group? No matter the response, I am still aligned in spirit and thought with you all.

  2. Fred Barrett Woodward
    Aug 15, 2020

    A real eye opener by Comrade Jason. One of the best NF Podcasts ever, and should be copied and prominently displayed by every White Nationalist website in all white countries.

  3. Minster Antonel
    Aug 16, 2020

    I give them hell wherever I go!
    I will NEVER wear a face mask and inform those that do it is a CIA/Mossad torture technique and a social distance is actually 6.66 ft and is also another Mindfk! I am surrounded by Communist Swiss….
    I am supporting White couples with children every month. It is only $50.00 a month but I am trying!
    I live in WA State by Seattle and I also make hand outs for Brethren!
    We are all working hard and this is going to work!

  4. Icesmith
    Aug 16, 2020

    For those of us like me who are slowly but surely making our way to the homeland, its imperative we strengthen our character and live our lives as examples to our racial brothers and sisters. What Comrade Bill said about supporting good white couples with children is great too, along with supporting the Party with donations.
    But in all this, remember that the ultimate goal is going to the homeland and being “boots on the ground yesterday” like Comrade Jason put it.
    Great episode y’all.

  5. Aryanorca
    Aug 16, 2020

    Great show! I’ve been looking forward to this show for quite awhile. I especially liked the part about seceding from the current state in mind and soul.

    Greetings from the homeland, on possession sound!
    Hail victory!

  6. learnercurious1
    Aug 17, 2020

    Enjoyed the show. Glad to have found the Northwest Front.

  7. Leo Riley
    Aug 18, 2020

    1. Migrate within 30 minute drives of our nodes. We need to be around one another families and create that inter culture. This culture will make cohesion and a healthy environment for our actual soldiers (kids). When the parents are content their kids are around solid upbringings we will begin to feel more invested.

    2. Make money, always work towards getting good assets and making you and your family self sufficient from the ‘system’ (food, water, debts..etc). Not only make money but make yourself employable with a service you can provide.

    3. We then need to shove money into our own bank account (backed by gold), this is where we need to lose this individualistic ego pride we all have. We must understand nepotism and greater purpose. This fund will be used in many ways that the leaders feel is important, for example the full time political party.

    Note: with the right culture around you that you are invested in, many other cards fall into place. Germany went 30 years ahead within 5 years while taking on the world, all because they completely changed their culture. Whites are powerful, but it’s that culture that really propels that power ahead.

  8. JiB
    Aug 18, 2020

    Thanks for the info. about “Happy Nation”. I posted it on Stormfront, Britain.

  9. Minister Antonel
    Aug 20, 2020

    I agree with Leo Riley. Whites are a amazing creation and a White with his wit and good health is a force to be reckoned with!
    I know the Brethren are waking up to the {{{FakeJew}}} lies and deceptions!
    It is imperative that all Whites start interacting with each other. I live near Seattle, WA and I think everyone here that is out here is a cuck! I try to reach out but I cannot even get eye contact!
    BTW: Blacks are free ranging all over the little rural towns now. Safeway only hires Non-whites with token Whites and assault the weaker White customers that go there, usually our elders! I am ready to get after it because {{{FakeJews}}} will give us no other choice! These Communists are backed by ALL corporations Amazon and Microsoft being the WORST, Seattle and places are losing their police and niggers with guns are going to bring in the FEDS and then the Military and they will not be here for the niggers, just us defending ourselves! This is DEFCON 1 Brothers and Sisters..Prepare accordingly!

  10. Barney
    Aug 25, 2020

    I believe it was the trucker who corrected “blm” to nlm, but I’d like to make a further correction by inserting the missing letter “D”, making nldm because, both to us and to the niggers themselves, nigger lives DON’T matter. If they cared about life and death, they wouldn’t keep shooting each other.

  11. David
    Aug 30, 2020

    A Google search of “Northwest Front” doesn’t provide a link to the Party until page 3.

    I’m not whining about it; I merely wish to point out the conditions we find ourselves in……..in the very country our people founded & built.

  12. Troy
    Sep 04, 2020

    Long time British listener here. Is there any plan afoot to get The Brigade republished? As far as I can tell the other novels are still available to purchase from the publishers (see link). I understand The Brigade was under Xlibris whereas the other 4 novels were under Authorhouse and that Xlibris were the ones who cancelled the continuing printing of the book. Surely the reprinting of the book could re-commence under Authorhouse or another PPP publisher?

    The Brigade is, of course, the flagship object of ‘propaganda’ for the movement, and it seems absurd that it has not been republished since Harold’s passing, especially considering recent events. Every effort ought to be made to get this work back into tangible form considering it’s importance.

    Response appreciated, guys. 88

  13. Andreas Donner
    Sep 04, 2020


    I’m surprised to hear that these novels are still available since my understanding was that the print-per-order publishing business can’t deal with works that are in the public domain. Even so, there were attempts made to get all of Harold’s books back in print, but every single publisher had started self-censoring prior to Harold’s death and there doesn’t seem to be a good way to work around that outside of finding a publisher willing to print racist literature.

  14. Troy
    Sep 04, 2020

    If Authorhouse are still printing the other four of Harold’s novels (i have ordered books by both Harold and K. MacDonald from them recently, so they are DEFINITELY in print), can’t the Front get The Brigade printed through Authorhouse too?

  15. Andreas Donner
    Sep 05, 2020

    When Harold’s will was being put in to effect, we were told by each of these outfits that they simply could not continue to publish these books for legal reasons. It’s entirely possible someone else is misrepresenting themselves as the copyright holder. True, someone here could do that, but it would be fraud. The Powers That Be are always looking for reasons to do bad things to White Nationalists.

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