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Radio Free Northwest – July 12th, 2020

Andy discusses an important legal situation in White Nationalism, the demise of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle, and following directions, the Count of Letis on where our focus must remain in the struggle, Gretchen reviews Battle for the Mind, and Jason explains why the NF will never engage in pointless street battles, and why “recruitment” to the cause will soon be no worry at all.


  1. Bill
    Jul 13, 2020

    Nice show, guys, and ladies. Glad to hear the infrastructure is being attended to. I recently had a movement guy tell he everytime he talks to an NF person, he hears complaints that it’s disorganized. He then told me he has a militia that gives orders. I told him hes a fool, because he’s leaving himself open to lawfare by the Anti White legal system. I’d say there’s more negative opinions about the NF than positive. Hopefully we end up looking good in the end, because that means the homeland is coming closer to reality.

  2. Bill
    Jul 13, 2020

    Bill Ryes says the best way to operate is to make friends with high quality Whites, but don’t reveal your true beliefs. He says there’s penalties for being public, and odds are high that you won’t change anybody’s mind. Now these local people know about you, you get ostracized, and it happens with no upside. He also mentions it’s a disadvantage for activities down the road. He says You’re better off being an unknown. Can’t fault his logic. I tried red pilling at the gym, and things got weird. The good news is, if you stop talking Race, the muggles start to think you went back to the Blue Pill. Bottom line, keep your beliefs hidden IRL. It’s all downside, no upside.

  3. mike
    Jul 13, 2020

    re question at 4:58, how to operate behind enemy lines in occupied territory:

    I recommentded this book on previous podcast. It’s worth reading to spark creativity, Eric Frank Russell’s 1957 “Wasp”, https://archive.bookfrom.net/eric-frank-russell/437245-wasp.html

  4. John Beattie
    Jul 14, 2020

    Very inspiring broadcast.

  5. Mountain Man
    Jul 14, 2020

    On Tucker Carlson last night he was talking about how now even Christianity is being targeted by Antifa and BLM. Statues of Jesus and Mother Mary have been desecrated and several churches have been burned. [SNIP] I can’t wait until the majority of the white race finally and collectively pulls our head out of our ass and finally fights back, but not in a reactionary way like so many of our people are doing now but in an organized and pre-planned way. I can’t wait until these young white communist sellouts come to the horrifying realization that they were nothing but useful idiots contributing to the extinction of their own extended family. I can’t wait until they finally see the light and I pray that it’s not to late when they finally do!


    Moderation note:

    It is a well-known policy that the NF has never tolerated religious sniping here and I’m a bit confused as to why some people think that’s gone away. We may end up resorting to more severe measures to deal with those that can’t contain themselves.

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  8. Bob asking for a friend
    Jul 14, 2020

    Thank you for devoting some time in you program addressing my questions about re-inventing the NF in order to gain credibility on the world stage with regard to the CHOP zone in Seattle. Again, my questions are genuine and come with much thought. My comment was after a Seattle police officer posted on your site about the on ground situation. That police officer provided valuable context and further credence that the police in Seattle would have welcomed your help. Yes, the female black communist lesbian police officer with two foster children from Mongolia doesn’t care for you, but the Seattle police officer post showed…..he/she and his friends do. My idea was for a few guys to walk in front of the police, protecting the police from harm while the police advanced forward to repel the hordes. If you asked for the help, the pick-up trucks full of helpers would come. The context always needs to be helping the city restore order. Service to the community by partnering with the police is paramount. The optics seem flawed as the thought mantra on this site is that America is the enemy, but obviously the Seattle police officer is not the enemy. The documentary Seattle is Dieing is further proof that the police of Seattle long for your help. When you replied that you don’t even have a squad to act after decades of work by Harold, there is a big problem. No one asked for the NF to do anything criminal, in fact what was proposed was to act righteous and help out you neighbor. Who the heck is going to sell their family assets, quit their good job, and move 1000 miles to the Pacific Northwest for a cause that can’t/won’t perform legal acts that would be admired by all moral People worldwide in their own backyard of Seattle.

  9. Andreas Donner
    Jul 14, 2020


    “My idea was for a few guys to walk in front of the police, protecting the police from harm while the police advanced forward to repel the hordes.”

    If they were doing that, they wouldn’t (and clearly, didn’t) need the help, which begs the question of why our assistance would be appropriate. Furthermore, the undertaking you asked for simply is not within the scope of our objectives.

    When you replied that you don’t even have a squad to act after decades of work by Harold, there is a big problem.

    That problem is the Character Problem and Harold spent a very large portion of his time addressing it. Truth be told, quite a few people have answered the call for Northwest Migration, though nearly all of them have pointedly avoided the HQ area for various reasons (most of which were and are poor.) At this time, the objective of an independent, all-white nation requires infrastructure organizing that calls for those willing to make the move to do so in a way that makes them of use to the Party. Making the move happens a surprisingly large number of times, though the misplaced Trump obsession within White Nationalism and what I have come to call the “Harold Covington Fair-weather Fan Club” running for the hills following his death have only compounded said Character Problem.

    Crying that other people won’t do what you want them to is more or less what got our race where it finds itself today and it certainly does not play well with those who have already taken the first step (and then some.) You’re more than welcome to catch yourself if you can opt out of the portion of the audience that expects other people to make good on our collective responsibility to one another.

  10. Bob...asking for a friend
    Jul 14, 2020

    Great response….And thanks for the larger font size response, it is recognized and appreciated that effort is being generated. As far as objective goes, the home page of northwestfront.org states……” The founding fathers of the United States would be far closer to being White Nationalists than to any of the other political groups of today”, accompanied with a gorgeous picture of a three generation paternal nuclear family……

    That is your hook.

    That’s what we all want, and are willing to stand and fight next to another person that has the same cultural values.That’s a classy white family with means, that you showcase as the ideal.

    I didn’t put that picture on your site, you did. That type of family unit thinks differently than others. If you want Class A family units to arrive in the Pacific Northwest they need to see that NWF leaders are taking legal actions that are bold and honorable.

    Otherwise these families will not come. We can’t afford to loose those precious few families that will supply the capital, intellect, moral compass, and positivity for the NWF. The NWF can already attract people that are all tatted up, with illegitimate children, mountains of debt, divorce, mental illness, alcoholism, drug addition, and jobless.

    The challenge is how to attract the Class A’s.

    Side note…..Andres, when we see Seattle taken over by hordes of unwashed like in the CHOP….we get unsure that NWF has the staying power. We want men as strong as lions, not scampering like mice to stand up to the hordes as the leaders of the NWF. We’re currently addressing the hordes in our own cities so that CHOP’s aren’t established in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, etc. AS much as these cities are toast, there are still parts of all those cities/suburbs that are very nice.

    I say again….Be our hero.

  11. Andreas Donner
    Jul 14, 2020


    I’m not interested in Theorycraft lectures after having been at this for quite some years after my own Homecoming and neither is the rest of the Party.

    Otherwise these families will not come.

    Patently false. They generally have (as indicated) though not quite as requested (as also indicated).

    The NWF can already attract people that are all tatted up, with illegitimate children, mountains of debt, divorce, mental illness, alcoholism, drug addition, and jobless.

    Not the sort we attract and that’s been entirely consistent through the history of the NF even prior to my own involvement.

    If you want Class A family units to arrive in the Pacific Northwest they need to see that NWF leaders are taking legal actions that are bold and honorable.

    While I appreciate passion to a certain degree, you should be aware that you’re addressing a years-long problem which produces more or less your specific reaction from a new arrival every eighteen months. As it turns out, we’ve done all sorts of things that any White Nationalist who knows what they’re talking about should be impressed by given the history of the movement. The problem is that every time the NF accomplished something, the goal post was moved and it turns out nothing we could ever do was good enough for those asking for something. For quite some time after my own Homecoming up to the 2016 election, the Party did everything it could to parade before our audience examples of new Migrant families (of which there were many) as well as some converts already in the region.

    Prior to the Alt. Right distraction and the Trump campaign, the NF actually assumed primacy in the White Nationalist Movement. It turns out that everyone telling us we were doing it wrong was engaged in pure guess work and got really angry when they were called out on it.

    Again, the passion is appreciated, but those of us that have been in this thing of ours for some time have lived experience and institutional memory to understand Theorycraft when we hear it. About three years ago, this got so bad that we started shutting people down that wouldn’t stop.

  12. no one you'd know
    Jul 15, 2020

  13. Jr
    Jul 15, 2020

    I definitely agree the NF Front shouldn’t engage with Antifa and BLM terrorists in violent street battles in Leftist dominate zones in Portland and Seattle. The system both Lib Leftists and Cuckservative would be brutal and unfair – look what happened in Charlottesville VA and what happened to the Proud Boys in NY.

    Still, regular White people are desperately looking for some hope, looking for someone anyone that will show resistance to this Red Guard Cultural Revolution Antifa, BLM Erin of terror. There are so many things that can and should be done that will give regular White people some hope that there is a resistance.

    Here are some suggestions;

    Do voter registration drives , meet and greet in strip malls in working class majority White areas outside of Portland and Seattle – have some American patriotic flags and banners, maybe something pro Trump, have simple fliers opposing Antifa, BLM riots, looting murder and mayhem.

    Keep your identity anonymous – wear hats and sunglasses. You don’t have to be a part of official Republican party to register voters. You will be trying to recruit activists for something pretty much anything like a guy or gal that is good at canvassing or fundraising.

    Consider meeting and greeting when a Conservative church gets out. Don t get in to arguments, if mall cops try to bully you off their sidewalks just try to state your legal rights, but move on and document the business hostility to opposing the riots.

    Don t talk to the press developer your own media.

    I ve been to dozens of flash demos, literature distributions, anti Sharia protests and have had positive experiences , haven t been brutalized or arrested.

    This is basically a first step recruitment : attracting regular White Americans who are disgusted with the BLM, Antifa riots and the pathetic response from Liberal, Cuckservative establishment. George Lincoln Rockwell included the Swastika to attract attention and up the resistance – that s a judgement call.

    I would consider networking with existing biker clubs – Hell’s Angels did a good job at security at Tilling Stones Rick concerts.

  14. mke
    Jul 15, 2020

    This is the elephant in the room, https://www.fightwhitegenocide.com/

    And the solution we don’t discuss in our big tent, https://tinyurl.com/y8y8dhom

    I’d like to get AJ’s thoughts if he has access to my contact info.

  15. Kekistani Pilgrim
    Jul 15, 2020

    I have been listening and responding to NWF’s calls. I do have to agree with the above commenter’s criticism of the NF, though I do not necessarily think you should go help cops in Chop. The party seems more like a novel idea than a tangible cause to join. Sure, you win a few, but not enough. I do get that there is the character issue and that issue appears to extend into the party. Radio shows are great, but how did a minority of jews infiltrate and take over as they have? Surely, it took decades and times have changed, but something in all of us must change and the general feel I get from the party is that you are doing what you are more holy than those who just won’t make the migration. I know what I would do if I had the party backing me. My whole reason for trying to get involved was to get some support, though after years of listening, I made a choice not to seek support from the party. Futility abound, crushing what was once hope after reading HAC’s novels and hearing his radio shows (every single one, some many times). The message many of us get from the party is “get ready, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it”, ad nauseum. All the while, more reports of more of our people getting slaughtered on too regular a basis. You guys do what you must, but many capable people will simply find some other solutions, without the party.

  16. Alone
    Jul 16, 2020

    Middle aged and no family of my own. I have wasted much of my life and it’s too late to reproduce. I still want to help secure a future for my people and maybe even stop the evil which is conquering our planet. I hope to make a meaningful contribution before my sojourn here has ended.

  17. JR
    Jul 16, 2020

    Consider networking with existing White biker clubs in your areas near the Antifa, BLM Communist autonomous zones. Hells Angels did well against Leftist college #*$&@ in places like Berkeley CA in the mid 1960s. Working class White bikers naturally detest shi* like Antifa punks. Sometimes White bikers will confront the worst, Black thugs like they did here in Pasadena Texas defending a White home owner who intervened against some illegal alien non White robbing his neighbor’s home:


  18. JR
    Jul 16, 2020

    As far as I know – burning people in effigy on private property is perfectly legal – do it anonymously while authorities are busy with Antifa BLM riots should also work OK.

    Consider burning in effigy traitors like arch Cuckservative pussy Utah Sen. Mittens Romney who has “taken the knee” and fully endorsed the BLM cause. Mittens Romney is perfect propaganda traitor – because he’s super rich, went to Harvard was the spoiled son of another cuckservative pussy MI Governor George Romney who did the same – took the Black rioter’s side after the terrible 1967 Black, Communist riots that destroyed my mother’s once beautiful White city Detroit. George Romney embraced the “Kerner Commision” finding that all these Black urban riots in Detroit, Newark, Chicago, Watts were the fault of evil White racism and what was need was $ trillions in reparations, programs, re-education etc, George Romney thought he could be the GOP Presidential nominee by reaching out to all these misunderstood Negro Black people unlike mean Richard Nixon, George Wallace and their mean racist supporters. Well, the White public felt otherwise and that was the end of George Romney’s political career. Mitt Romney is openly praising his father and supporting that Black criminal drug dealing drug addict George Floyd.

    So burn Mitt Romney in Effigy.

  19. Andreas Donner
    Jul 16, 2020

    Harold often commented on our collective desire for a Man on a White Horse. At times, he was called on (as I have been here) to be that Man on the White Horse. I rather like his response and I’ll make the same offer here. I’ll be that man if you set me up to do so. Give the Party the things the Party asks for and you’ll likely get the excitement you’re asking for.

    I can’t help but observe that there seems to be the same, all-pervasive sense of entitlement to some sort of entertainment or stimulation without any involvement on their part. Harold often referred to this as the expectation that he pull a rabbit out of his hat. He would always follow that up with the promise that, if given said rabbit, he would perform the requested trick.

    Precisely what possesses some of “us” to refuse involvement until “something happens” while simultaneously insisting that others are wrong for not doing that something in their stead?

  20. David
    Jul 16, 2020

    A very thoughtful and reasoned response, Andreas. Hard to imagine finding any fault with it, but I’m sure some commenters here will give it a go. Thank you for all you do.

  21. NWC
    Jul 18, 2020

    Good work comrades got good Irish kin out there . ill be coming not when I have the funds and a women to bring a young white man is useful but a young white couple holds the future

  22. Lovec
    Jul 21, 2020

    Hello all, I’ve listened to several RFN episodes and I’d really like to provide some feedback. I want to be explicit that I have no illusion that I may know better than all of you or HQ – if the following seems to be overly critical: it is not. I think you all are doing some great stuff and I’d like to provide my perceptions of it in equal measure to the effort you put into these shows.

    Mr. Donner: I greatly appreciated the moderation of your message, especially in regards to “putting egos aside” and working together as a cohesive unit. Additionally, I think that mentioning the legal issues of that Black truck driver during the riots is an important thing (i.e. showing a modicum of sympathy for non-Whites) especially when some non-Whites may actually support certain political actions that benefit the NF. Overall, I found your information provided to be clear and up-to-date.

    Gretchen: I really appreciate what you included regarding psychology and specifically the metaphor of High School cliques compared to different segments of American society, it was informative and relatable. A critique I might have is that the amount of information you presented was slightly over-whelming in its breadth and I would have preferred either a longer segment for your book or less information presented. Additionally, because the topic you covered is relatively complex (human psychology), it would have been beneficial if your actual speech was reduced in speed by perhaps 15-25% (I found it was difficult to keep up at some points). Overall, I found your segment to be an enjoyable part of the show which was both interesting a provided a thematic break from more conventional discussions of White Nationalism.

    Jason: You gave excellent reasoning for why any kind of action against the CHAZ was both impossible at this stage; as well as being strategically foolish. Not only did you successfully depict why such an action would be a mistake – but, also clearly separated the abilities of the NF to effectively plan in the long-term. A critique I have is the extensive use of the word “Nigger,” use of “shit” and “horseshit” and referring to YouTube as “JewTube.” Specifically, I noticed your use of these words while other presenters did not curse. My issue with this is not specifically using the word “Nigger,” or acknowledge the Jewish nature of YouTube, but in using this terminology in a semi-formal setting such as RFN. I would encourage that during the show it would be beneficial to clean up the language a bit if for no other reason than to unify the messaging/word usage between presenters on behalf of the NF. Finally, I greatly appreciated your point about having a “treat” of watching “leftists eat each other” in Seattle!

    Overall, I think a great variety of topic regarding White Nationalism were covered and I’ll continue to listen (of course). I would appreciate some increased optimism throughout the show, there is some optimism provided at the start by Mr. Donner; and, some at the end by Jason – but, throughout the vast majority of the show the mood is quite negative and I think that’s unfortunate given the many successes the NF can speak of. Additionally, I found it confusing that Mr. Donner spoke of the NF occaisionally supporting those on the same side of the aisle (Richard Spencer, et al.) – but later-on, Jason berated the Proud Boys and The Three Percenters. Thank you all for your time!

  23. Comrade Jason
    Jul 22, 2020

    Lovec, we appreciate your comments and feedback.

    With regard to my segment, and the “berating” of the Proud Boys and Three Percenters, well, they deserve it. While it is great that they both stand for defending White Western Civilization and Americanism, as historically known, they have no awareness, organizationally, that civilization is a racial enterprise and can therefore only be successfully defended on that basis. Both organizations have felt the need to parade around their non-White members, and take pains to publicly assure everyone they are not “racist”, which means they are definitely in the anti-racist camp, and thus decidedly NOT on our side, despite appearances. The line that matters most is the one between those who have a proper racial understanding of the world, and those too foolish or cowardly to accept the truth about it. This was my point, in context. When the only solution is racial, anti-racists and anti-racist organizations are essentially useless in achieving the long term goal.

    Thanks for your comments.

  24. SnuffySmith
    Jul 23, 2020

    Was reading one of Harold’s novels last night about how guys were evading the draft by claiming to be racist. It occurred to me that this idea might be spun to the Party’s advantage in the here and now.

    I don’t think you need a crystal ball to realize the day will come when the extreme left wing of ZOG will be in the White House again. A look at the demographics of the US Army as of 2017 shows blacks represent 17%. Hispanics represented 16%. Altogether some 47% could be considered non-white. Could Trump rely on this Army to break up Anti-fa and BLM?

    If “racism” is already an indicator of “moral unfitness for military duty,” then the day the draft is reinstated “racists” will be “4F.” Nevertheless, do not imagine for a second that all an unwilling future inductee has to do is holler “Nigger!” at the Military Entrance Processing Station in order to evade the draft! These individuals will need a track record to prove it.

    At this point in time many are not in a position to come home to the Northwest or take on the commitment of becoming a Party member. Nevertheless, would the Party be able to organize something like an affordable annual subscription/conscription prevention policy? Would this be proof of racist “cred?” Imagine millions of young whites sending $25 a year for a receipt thanking them for their on-going support of establishing a white homeland in the Northwest.

  25. Mister White
    Jul 24, 2020

    I remember several years ago there was a protest in Washington. A friend of mine was one of six in the demonstration. He built a wooden shield, no eye protection. They were chased by hundreds from Anti-Racist Action, their cars were destroyed and they barely made it out with their lives. My friend was furious with the NF for not showing up, calling them cowards. This was years before Unite the Right. I said it then and I will say it now. The NF has the only solution.

  26. guest
    Jul 25, 2020

    The NF is a genus of its own; the writings of Butler/Covington clarify this beyond the obvious.
    With approximately 100 days to the election there are noticeable and recent voices in the ether which may, or may not, heed a listen. (my personal caution aside)
    The below link is only a suggestion:
    I personally believe FO has some merit. I initially included the individual, and his company, suggested in the preceding video, in subsequent links. However, I declined. The word ‘sucker’ kept coming up in the forefront of my mind. Good Luck MG.
    Interested in thoughts from the HQ?
    Thank you

  27. Andreas Donner
    Jul 26, 2020

    @Mister White

    I think I remember that incident. The NF takes a severe verbal beating every time this subject comes up, but the inherited wisdom holds true regardless. Public activity is a losing step for us since persecution has become so severe that it is actually systemic (as opposed to the alleged racism our race is accused of.) I seem to recall the claim that these people helped the NF with a demonstration and they were owed reciprocation. I tried explaining that the NF doesn’t do public activity and if they helped “us” out at such an event, they were lied to.

    Some years later, a similar situation happened out East in the Homeland and I still take flak over that from those involved. The sad thing about this is that it was someone who properly counted himself as “with” the NF (and whom we had reason to believe understood the NF’s position on these matters) and this feud exists to this very day.

    Oh well. It is what it is.

  28. Kek
    Jul 29, 2020

    Love to hear these, they give me hope

  29. David
    Aug 03, 2020

    My opinion is that those who advocate for “direct action” in the streets are either Feds, or potential comrades who haven’t quite reached the level of maturity & wisdom required for responsible Party membership. Long before Charlottesville there was York, PA in 2002. Public activism is a losing proposition with no upside. Precedence is clear on this.

    Addressing Andreas’ most recent post, if there are people affiliated with the Party who are “off doing their own thing” in opposition to stated Party goals, then this speaks to issues of vetting & discipline. This seems to be our Achilles heel in this so-called “Movement”. I’d much rather have 10 guys who are rock solid than 500 guys who have delusions of being a Gruppenfuhrer in the 4th Reich. I’m pretty sure N.F. feels the same and I admire them for that.

    My last point speaks to the “Good of the Party”. If there are new members who act contrary to Party principles then obviously they should be rooted out. This is easily accomplished. MORE IMPORTANTLY, if there are long-term members of the Party who are hindering or standing in the way of progress based on current reality, then they too must be rooted out. This takes courage to accomplish. ASK NOT WHAT THE PARTY CAN DO FOR YOU–ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THE PARTY.

    I know nothing of the inner workings of N.F(I am not a member)., I just know that I find Andreas & Jason to be highly intelligent, mature and reasonable men. I have confidence in their leadership and grasp of the issues. I firmly believe they are honorable men, and in this “business” it is so rare to find that. This is why I am here, and it is why I want to hear more.

  30. Nobody
    Aug 30, 2020

    44:00 Pussy, hit and run and you get away with it, never accepting responsibility, causing the much needed civil war to start, paving way to radicalization and recruitment possibilities. But yeah, wait decades until we’re all dead, that’s a good strategy. Time is now and you all dily daddle. I’m fucking off back to europa, this continent is a lost cause, you people are weak.

    Moderator’s note:

    This was approved not because it’s good advice. It isn’t. Don’t do what this idiot suggests.

    Instead, it was approved to help make a point on an upcoming RFN.

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