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Radio Free Northwest – May 10th, 2020

Andy Donner gives a general Party update, and plays a Harold piece on the emotional and spiritual aspects of coming Home, new Trucker, Gretchen, and the Count of Letis contributions, and Jason talks about keeping the pandemic in proper perspective, and holding the long view of History and Destiny.


  1. Carson Brewer
    May 12, 2020

    Regarding the Harold piece on homecoming, Harold lamented migrants not crossing the Oregon border. Why does the homeland limit itself to the 49 parallel north as its southern border. Why isn’t the southern area of Cascadia and the State of Jefferson included in our homeland?

  2. Andreas Donner
    May 12, 2020

    @Carson Brewer

    Overall, the reason for this is that the problems we need to solve as a matter of course in creating an independent, all-White nation must be reduced to manageable scale. That question comes up in various forms that always end up asking “Why doesn’t the proposed Homeland include the area I live in now?” The detailed answers to that are found in the Introduction to the Northwest Front RFN series.

  3. Lucie A Wesson
    May 12, 2020

    Great piece from Harold, of course. Is he still writing? Tell him I said hello from Chicago.
    88, Brother.

  4. Comrade Jason
    May 14, 2020

    Harold Died in July of 2018, Lucie. We’ve been carrying on since then, working on the Northwest Front 2.0. Thanks for listening!

  5. Alt-Whyte Dissident
    May 15, 2020

    The state locked down everyone, so naturally us bad-ass revolutionaries couldn’t do shite. LOL!

  6. Comrade Jason
    May 15, 2020

    AWD, What might you have wanted to be done? Let’s hear some specifics. I, for one, have changed precisely nothing about my behavior with regard to staying home under “lock-down.” Lock-down, my ass. That’s something you do to a cell block. If I had a business, it would have remained open, and I might damn well have been stubborn enough to resist with force if John Law thought to show up and enforce these outrageous closure orders. I’m in that kind of mood, but I can’t say it would be the smart play…yet, anyway. And as far as “doing something,” plenty of people around the nation have toted their AR-15s down to the state house and shoved them in their governors’ faces, metaphorically at least. The truth is that conditions are not bad enough to warrant a real response from bad-ass revolutionaries, nor favorable enough for any meaningful outcome. And the smart ones know that. You’re kind of taking yourself out of that group if you’re actually serious with your criticism. There is a long road of preparation and organizing ahead before armed resistance would be of any use at all. We’re talking decades. We know it, and you should, if you’ve been paying attention.

  7. Shady
    Jun 02, 2020

    So has this movement died with its founder? Cause it appears we’ll be in need of a safe state pretty soon. Yet everyone seem to have abandoned the idea of a white ethnostate.

  8. Barney
    Jun 03, 2020

    With great reluctance I have to agree, Shady.

    Two balloons have gone up, first the shutdown over a fake “killer plague”, and now the riots. I wonder whether zog’s NEXT act of treason will trigger a response of some kind, or will the remaining White People continue to roll over until they’re taken to the FEMA death camps.

  9. Andreas Donner
    Jun 03, 2020

    @Shady and @Barney

    First and foremost, Harold didn’t invent the idea of a White Ethnostate. Secondly and almost as important, Harold did make it plain we would most likely have to do this without him. I have the same connection to him that everyone else who ever associated with the Party has or had, but that just means I took his exhortations to heart like I hope everyone else expressing such concerns did for themselves. Thirdly, in light of what is about to come out on Radio Free Northwest, those making such observations should make sure they’re in a position to be of material help to the Party here in the Homeland before sounding off.

    I don’t know your situation, Shady, but the Northwest Front more so than anything else in White Nationalism has grown weary of disinterested bit players wondering aloud when someone else is going to do something (or words to that effect.)

  10. Shady
    Jun 03, 2020

    @andreas. My comment wasn’t meant as a critique. I myself am guilty of postponing my duty to migrate for years now. I have the sorry excuse of living in a foreign country and having a good job. Yet I realize there is absolutely no way out of this mess for whites on the long term, except moving commonly en-masse into a safe piece of turf and recuperate some control over our lives and neighborhoods. I’m not even speaking of open rebellion against the Marxist monster.

    But I’ve been monitoring the “movement” from a distant eye for the last couple of years and as interest for the white race survival itself appears to fade even among us, the idea of an ethnostate has all but completely disappeared from the popular discourse. Hence my inquiry.

    White people will start to look for a new home pretty soon I believe. Urgently.

  11. Guest
    Jun 05, 2020

    For the love of pete, don’t shoot your load!
    No balloon has gone up. Yet.
    And that ‘yet’ has a mighty disclaimer on it.
    Believe it.
    For those who toil away in their happy and sober labors for their families and their homeland;
    These modern events are but a mild and comical diversion to those who merely pretend.
    Yea, they may smash ‘n burn
    True conviction is not theirs.
    For capacity to apprehend is not theirs.
    We Know in why We prepare.
    And we need no reminder of what that is.
    We need only to be silent, vigilant, and ever ready.
    It is not up to me to know when the bell tolls.
    But only when my brothers in blood say it is thus.

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