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Radio Free Northwest – April 6th, 2020

Andy with Party updates, a request about packages sent to the Front, and White Nationalism’s version of “pop culture.”  The Trucker checks in from Texas, Gretchen reviews Ragnar Redbeard’s Might is Right, and Jason talks on good things that may come from the Chinese coronavirus crisis, unsalvageable America, and additional thought on Might is Right, with personal praise for the same.

Might Is Right for purchase:


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  1. Molly McGuire
    Apr 09, 2020

    A wonderful show guys, thank you. Our own plans for migration are moving right along.

  2. Kekistani Pilgrim
    Apr 09, 2020

    I had to part from Christianity due to my endeavor to acknowledge reality. Maybe that departure was not necessary, but I encountered too many issues with the religion, so out it went. I believe the religion is wildly misinterpreted by adherents, which definitely interferes with racial needs. On another note, I recently came across the Greater Idaho project and that movement seems very similar to NWF, minus actually overtly making it an ethnostate. It seems the project would effectively create something very close to an ethno state or at least pave the way. Is the party aware of this project? Another movement I recently discovered is the Cascadia project, which seeks to make the Northwest its own liberal paradise (hell to us). I laugh them off. Funny that the book “Might Is Right” was brought up…I just found out about the book today, before listening to this show and the only info I found initially was propaganda from Colonel Jack Mohr, who alleges Hitler a jew and other nonsense. It is astounding the amount of effort required to saturate us with enough propaganda to keep us in the dark. Hail Victory!

  3. Comrade Jason
    Apr 10, 2020

    Fantastic to hear, Molly! That kind of news is always welcome!

  4. SPB / WP
    Apr 14, 2020

    David Lane, #14Words: In a democracy the noble man is condemned to obscurity, prison or death, while scum, liars and degenerates rule. Civilizations have cycles. Sometimes a strongman is needed. But pick one who has demonstrated devotion and dedication to his people. Other times, permit a republic. But, forsake elections forever. Let those of good character have their names thrown in a lottery. Then let a drawing be held to pick the administrators of a limited government and let them serve short terms only. Thus you eliminate the seekers of power and honor the guardians of the folk. Till then, wallow in the filth of your democratic pigpen. It is a fitting place to bury your red, white and blue fag rag.

    I’ve been doing a lot of research into the NAR Constitution and while I am still researching it along with its ramifications, I am reminded by some of the various things David said on politics.

    He said to forsake elections forever.

    And while there indeed are three classifications of men (Jarl, Karl & Thrall with polygamy for Jarls, monogamy for Karls and forced or voluntary celibacy and possibly death for Thralls – not my opinion), it seems as though instead of direct election, there should be a lottery with names thrown in and picked randomly for short terms.

    David Lane was fundamentally Anti-American. He said USA was formed to finalize a New World Order and to use and murder our race. It is not a sacred entity of our race.

    It also appears that women shouldn’t actually have a vote at all, least of all three. It appears that a National Referendum would have to pass that law since it’s not in the proposed NAR Constitution.

    As someone who adheres to David Lane’s spiritual, political, religious, esoteric and philosophical teachings, as well as one of the few to physically carry his ashes, I weigh stuff against his writings.

    I am not knocking the NAR proposed Constitution. I’m just trying to understand it more while the maxim of Forsake Elections Forever keeps coming back to me. (Not to mention David’s proposal being in the Northern Mountain States, even though I am aware of the need for a coast, etc,)

    Just trying to make sense of everything in light of what David taught. He taught a limited Government with few laws (88 Precepts) but he also taught a government of the philosophical elite.

  5. Andreas Donner
    Apr 15, 2020

    SBP / WP

    Bear in mind that elections in the NAR aren’t quite what most people think they are. The franchise is inherently non-democratic in nature because it is graduated and those who have proven their quality exercise more voting power than others. This would, provided corruption doesn’t enter how the franchise is awarded, serve the same purpose as limiting or eliminating elections entirely. It should be obvious that the same sort of corruption could easily bypass the lottery system as well.

  6. Povilas88
    Apr 17, 2020

    Ernst Zündel speaks on Adolf Hitler’s 100th birthday- https://www.altcensored.com/watch?v=kvZKArYWyCI

    My suggestion to add some parts into a new episode of Radio Free Northwest. Best wishes From Lithuania! Heil Hitler!

  7. Kenneth
    Apr 17, 2020


    Moderation note: Yes, it came in like this, despite the fact that the NF has no religion plank whatsoever. Oh well.

  8. Tarkovsky
    Apr 23, 2020

    Excellent episode. I especially enjoyed the part about keeping on track with our goals as a movement and not straying into Americanism.

  9. Aquila
    May 09, 2020

    The Provos may have been Socialist scum who sold out their own ideals for a few crappy government positions but they made some fine music. And as Harold always reminded us they brought a modern first world power to the negotiating table so they must have at least known how to do something right. Great choice on that last song I recognized it from the gunshots at the beginning. A great episode as always and I hope to hear from you all soon.

  10. Gerry Gable
    May 10, 2020

    I love weddings, they’re so romantic, and this was a dream wedding. The groom ticked all the right boxes: he was from a good family, wealthy, handsome, charismatic, intelligent, and a military man. I love military men. Best of all though he was a redhead. I love redheads.

    The bride was gorgeous, she ticked all the right boxes too: beautiful, intelligent, witty, a fun person, and a successful singer-songwriter. Best of all though, she was a redhead. Beautiful women can be intimidating to plain women like me, but not her.

    I thought of them walking down the aisle, swearing their undying love for each other as they exchanged rings in front of the whole world. Then he took her in his arms as they kissed passionately. And at the end of the ceremony, they walked off into a bright future where she would bear him redheaded sons and daughters in their own image, and they would live happily ever after. It really was a dream wedding.

    Then I woke up in horror and realised Prince Harry had not married the lovely Florence Welch as I saw him and his half-caste Hollywood thot boarding a plane for Canada. He was holding their picaninny, and I was trying desperately to hold back my tears.

    Sadly, this is not a joke

  11. Comrade Jason
    May 10, 2020

    Gerry, I too, was very much impressed by Prince Harry, as was much of the world, before his unforgivable turn. And it was a depressing and telling failing of the English royals to allow it. In doing so, it proves their now-complete decent into irrelevant uselessness for any purpose whatsoever, especially the one thing they might actually have had a valuable role in accomplishing, helping maintain formerly-Great Britain’s culture or future. If they thought that upholding common-sense standards by preventing the racial corruption of the royal bloodlines with a nigger mulatto foreigner would merely drive the young man out of the family, it’s especially fitting that their capitulation led directly to his recent exit from the royal family, anyway. The whole pathetic situation has become sad and infuriating in the extreme. I understand your feeling completely.

  12. Barney
    May 11, 2020

    It doesn’t matter what the so-called “royals” get up to because, despite some having ginger hair, they’re crypto-jews. One more jew marries a nigger, that’s one less couple maintaining the tribe. Let ALL the cryptos marry monkeys.

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