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The PO Box Has Moved!

The Party wishes you all a belated happy new year with many more to come!  The HQ Group has relocated the Party’s PO Box.  Our new mailing address is:

Northwest Publishing Agency, LLC
P.O. Box 21933
Seattle, WA 98111

Please begin using this address immediately.  Don’t worry if you’ve sent something to the old box in the recent past – we planned for just that situation.

Thanks, and be well.


  1. Bruce
    Feb 27, 2020

    What is the current status of the Northwest Imperative as an ethnostate? What progress has been made specifically in Eugene Oregon? If it is recommended that I should leave Eugene, due to it’s large Leftist population, what would be a recommended city to relocate to?

  2. hans
    Jul 05, 2020

    Bruce, if you could please reach out to me sometime soon i would like to see if your like minded. I’ve recently moved to the vicinity and would like a sit down.
    yours truly,
    Hans Rudolf

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