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Radio Free Northwest – January 30th, 2020

Andy Donner with housekeeping, Gretchen reviews The New Order, Count of Letis on ideological conditions in Europe, Comrade Jason on new propaganda resources on the website and the problem of sports worship among White men, Runic Sigil in his RFN debut, and Andy’s abortive attempt at addressing The Base and White Nationalist pop culture.


  1. Fred B. Woodward
    Jan 30, 2020

    It is not too many years ago that niggers like Kobe Bryant who raped white ladies were taken out and lynched in front of cheering crowds. They never did it again. This won’t be a problem in the Northwest Homeland.

  2. AC
    Jan 31, 2020

    A few ‘The Base’ links for anyone interested.

    Rinaldo Nazzaro appears to have been the ‘leader.’ I guess the Feds have solved their problems with infiltration by starting and running the groups.



  3. Kekistani Pilgrim
    Feb 01, 2020

    You would not believe where I can get 2wd vehicles and the many problems I encounter in the homeland, that I refuse to let dominate me. Snow is much less an issue than mud. AWD/4WD are essential for most of us. Remember HAC urging us to sell the compound and invest in vehicles. Regarding what to drive, Dodge, Chevy and Ford are going to be the best bets, as parts are readily available and fixing these vehicles is much easier than some lesser known vehicles like Volvo, Subi, MG… It should be considered mandatory that each of us have at least a modest ability to fix and maintain vehicles. I recently had a Japanese issue with a vehicle and it took me for a ride into the unknown. My Fords have not given such headaches.

  4. M.M.
    Feb 02, 2020

    Well Fred, there won’t be any niggers in the northwest homeland. I do agree that we should bring back that form of entertainment, however, but perhaps with sexual predators from our own race.

  5. JLP
    Feb 04, 2020

    Why do we always have to separate religion from politics? Our enemies know better. Who gets what, when and how isn’t just addressed in their political doctrine, but codified into religious ideology as well. And if you think about it, there’s no way to separate the two. It has to be this way.
    Which religion? Christian Identity is the closest to what our forefathers who founded the US practiced. Add to that the fact that Communists ALWAYS go after the Christians first, and we have our answer to which path to take.
    “But.. But Christians are cucked and don’t discriminate based on race! They will let in all the blacks!” They aren’t real Christians if they practice that, just as any Jew in Israel who says “we all bleed red! We’re all the same!” Isnt a real Jew.
    The reason people are turning away from Christianity is because only the churches who are willing to cuck on PC Marxist agenda of feminism and race get the tax write off. All others are categorized as political action orgs or worse, hate churches/groups.
    No, we should definitely make religion a core tenant in any political movement. Otherwise you leave yourself open to attacks from enemies

  6. SB
    Feb 06, 2020

    HC used to occasionally play songs by someone called Arland Bran. If possible could you play his song ‘White Man’. Can’t find his music anywhere.

  7. JimEE
    Feb 07, 2020

    You can find one of Arland Bran’s song, ‘A Ballad for White People’ in episode #52 dated Jan 20, 2011 at around 17:23.

    It’s also available for listening at https://rfnarchive.org/?n=rfn012011&t=1044

  8. mb
    Feb 08, 2020

    Re: JLP
    White people certainly need a religion that supports & compliments their political philosophy. But, picking one is something whites have been incapable of doing since pagans had a choice of death or conversion into Judaeo-Christianity almost 2,000 years ago.

    You might find David Lanes’ discussion of natural law & natural religion vs. revealed religions interesting: https://ia800304.us.archive.org/7/items/DeceivedDamnedAndDefiant/DeceivedDamnedAndDefiant.pdf To wet your appetite for this major work, check out Lane’s comparison of Christianity’s destructive philosophy with natural wisdom on pgs. p.117-118.

    If religion cloaked in ancient mythology doesn’t appeal to you, here’s a discussion of William Pierce’s Cosmotheism from one of Pierce’s closest friends and long-term associates who’s now in the Northwest: https://cosmotheistchurch.org/tag/fred-streed/

  9. Ryan
    Feb 09, 2020


    Shilling for cults isn’t going to help and you know it.

  10. Bruce
    Feb 14, 2020

    I strongly suspect that America will eventually separate into political and ethnic enclaves. I keep searching for current information on the development of that possibility. Is there the possibility of meet-up groups within Eugene Oregon to discuss the development of a Northwest Front?

  11. AryanBarbarian
    Feb 18, 2020

    Objectively the only religious question is “Are you 100% White and willing to act for the benefit of your own people exclusively?”

    The bond of that total life commitment can eclipse other differences. Would you rather hang with a pro white of different religion or an NPC of any creed?

  12. Barney
    Feb 26, 2020

    Though it may seem trivial to the Headquarters Group, there are those of us who can never Come Home and who feel abandoned since the demise of Radio Free Northwest.

    We outsiders, living in other countries, will have to find our own solutions to the problems that have been created by the enemy of God and Man, but we can’t do it alone. To attempt to retake our nations individually would amount to suicide while the U.S. remains entirely in enemy hands. We would be bombed back to the stone age. Because of this, we have no realistic alternative but to take our lead from the NAR, or any attempt to reclaim our White Nations will be doomed to failure.

    HAC understood the importance of the weekly podcast in uniting supporters wherever we happened to be, in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world, and always managed to upload each week’s RFN in good time.

    The Great Man has moved on to collect his reward in Valhalla, and I accept that things cannot remain the same now that he’s no longer at the helm, but the loss of our regular dose of RFN means we, and I include those in the U.S. who have yet to Come Home, are no longer able to monitor the situation in the Pacific NorthWest. We don’t know what’s happening any more, and we NEED to know.

    There will be those who say those of us who are unable to Come Home at this time, for whatever reason, be it jobs, geography, family commitments or some equally valid reason, and especially those of us in other countries, “don’t matter”, but that’s jewish thinking. ALL White People matter, and those of us who are trapped in our own countries need to know what’s happening in the Homeland if we are to be able to form our own insurrection against the tyrant.

    There’s also the fact that YOU need US. An insurrection in any ONE White country will immediately be stamped out by zog, and that includes the NAR. We outsiders need to take our lead from the NWF, but the NWF needs us outsiders to run interference, to simultaneously confront the enemy on as many fronts as possible. Only then will we stand a chance of winning.

    Keep in mind that the Homeland is not really any different to a small country anywhere in the world, and like any small country, it can be defeated. Only by acting simultaneously can we hope to defeat the monster by dividing the forces of evil over as wide an area as possible, and for this to happen, we NEED our regular dose of Radio Free Northwest.

    The revolution will NOT be televised, so there’s no other way to co-ordinate our actions.

  13. Andreas Donner
    Feb 29, 2020


    At times we have disagreed about various things, but you are well aware that there has been no demise of Radio Free Northwest because you are commenting on a recent episode of that very program. There are quite a few good reasons for our people all over the world to feel all sorts of things, but getting a response to your concern at all is material proof you have not been abandoned. RFN still exists, but it is less frequent and this fact was made very clear the instant the HQ Group decided to put it in to effect.

    Further, scenarios about the existence and defense of the NAR have been covered many times on RFN and in Harold’s novels. If you’re confused as to those subjects, the old catalog of media on this website might be just what you need. Harold made it very clear that low tech can beat high tech and the recommended reading lists he maintained definitely expand on this idea. Perhaps find that material as well if you’re concerned about such things.

    All the best.

  14. Guest
    Feb 29, 2020

    Keep the Faith.

  15. Barney
    Mar 03, 2020

    Andy, I appreciate you taking the trouble to reply to my recent comment. Perhaps “demise” was the wrong word to use, but with new podcasts having become less predictable, we don’t know when to expect them. Now that they’re no longer a weekly event, perhaps it could be arranged that a new RFN will be uploaded on a particular day or date each month.

    I do realise there’s a lot more to the NF, and that it (the NF) exists primarily for those who are able to “Come Home”, but my point was that we all need to act simultaneously if we are to defeat zog and ensure the survival of the White Race, nature’s peak.

    Though we can be certain that the enemy will do everything it can to isolate us, until they shut us down, regular RFNs will help groups all over the world to co-ordinate our efforts.

    You did make it clear that the podcasts would continue, but imho they’ll be more effective if they can be “tied” either to a particular date each month or to something along the lines of “every four weeks” or “the first Thursday of the month”, anything to make them more predictable than they are at present.

  16. Andreas Donner
    Mar 03, 2020


    We can certainly consider something like that since it’s a fair request.

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