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Radio Free Northwest End of Year Special Hour 1 December 19th, 2019

Radio Free Northwest End of Year Special Hour 1 December 19th, 2019

Count of Letis brings us a selection of tracks themed around winter, Christmas, Yule and so on.
The contribution opens with a Slavic folk track themed for the wintertime.
After that, there are two Pagan and two Christian songs, an Irish folk song, and an Iberian fantasy/folk song.
To close the contribution, he added a neo-folk/rock song with a European nationalist perspective.

A contribution from an anonymous listener Today, Christmas is celebrated by millions across the world.
Its name and image are firmly ingrained in popular culture, and it stands as the biggest Christian holiday.
But is Christmas really that Christian? How does it connect to its other name, Yule?
And where did those traditions really come?


  1. JimEE
    Dec 19, 2019

    Many years ago, I presented a Sunday-School report about the history of Christmas trees being derived from Yule/Norse pagan tradition which were co-opted by Christians, likely when Constantine created or moved Christian celebrations to coincide with the traditional holy days of our ancient peoples.

    But some of our peoples traditions remained firmly entrenched and survived. Really enjoyed this special.

  2. Comrade Forest Brother
    Dec 26, 2019

    Nicely done Count of Letis, that was excellent and very well put together. Would it be too much to ask if someone could post the first four artists that were played by chance? As for the Neo-folk group ROME, I discovered them a few years back. I figured them to be naturally nationalist, just from the passion and emotion of their music. I can hear a suffering and/or sadness in some of the songs, as if they are in distress because of what’s happening to Europe. Some claim they are quasi Marxist but I don’t think so. Someone as soulless and unnatural as a Marxist couldn’t create such music, however that’s just my opinion. One of their best albums is titled “Flowers from Exile,” if anyone is interested.

  3. JimEE
    Dec 29, 2019

    The first four artists and songs are: Dzivia – Dzikaje Palavańnie (Wild Hunt); Bukkene Bruse – St. Sunniva; Sowulo – Yule; The Choral Scholars of University College Dublin – Mo Ghile Mear

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