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Radio Free Northwest – December 24th, 2019

RFN Guest Contributor Extravaganza!  Andy and Jason make way for the multitude of contributions received.  If you haven’t heard yours yet, don’t worry.  It’s coming soon!

Gretchen on Yule Logs, Andy and Jason with their brief Party updates, Comrade Owen Sheridan on the creation of money, the Count of Letis on Conservatives, Lord Lucan asks “Who is an American?”


  1. Ryan
    Dec 26, 2019

    The George Orwell book mentioned during the money section is “Animal Farm”, not “1984.” However, there are parallels in both as they were meant as a parody/criticism of Stalin’s regime. Of course, the conditions in the books apply to today’s regime as well.

  2. Kekistani pilgrim
    Dec 27, 2019

    I wish I could contribute to the movement more than I do, which is mostly finding people who are ready for the NF, but do not know about it till I tell them. I do not financially contribute, but I did make the migration and have been well on my way into a spiritual and racially aware transition that is half a decade in the making. I do not comment much anymore, since I think I have had a few computers compromised, despite my best efforts to be secure in my internet practices, though I still am here for the movement in ways that I am able. I am deliberating on when and if I can contribute another child to the Northwest…hope that goes well as the first ones. I am also finding many people who are teetering on the race issue, in that, they will say some racist things, then backtrack a bit and do something like listen to rap. Their condition is often a psychologically tense situation. I find it best not to push anything on them, but to casually represent my beliefs and move on to “normal” conversation. This makes me think back to studies I perused in college, about the tipping point in group behavior, wherein if enough people do something not considered to be typically normal, others will follow suit and get even more to join. Thus, regular and varied exposure to racial awareness rather than lecturing is best. Many people, like me, were raised around racism, but society got their hooks in while the folks were vulnerable/susceptible to change and such people probably just need to hear some honest opinion, without much pressure and they will probably come around in decent time. I may be preaching to the choir, but just wanted to share my experience and thoughts. Hail victory, comrades!

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