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RFN Special – October 26th, 2019

In this contribution, The Count of Letis talks about the rise of the New World Order, what is in store for us and how we can overcome the fall of our civilization and rise from its ashes. He talks about how we can come together in the PNW as a new nation and regain the upper hand in the struggle for survival, and the Count also dials up a selection of Christian and Pagan folk songs.



  1. Fathers Initiative
    Nov 01, 2019

    Short, but he made an effective point on the New World Order.

  2. John Seaforth
    Nov 04, 2019

    I think other people have mentioned this before so I will ask as well to reinforce the need. Could you please set up a method of paying by bitcoin. I’m in Switzerland and have often donated in the past using paypal via Harold’s email address. That said, it would be much more convenient and less costly to donate via bitcoin. As such this would also be very much to your advantage since others could also make use of this facility. I hope you can reconsider this favourably.

  3. AJ
    Nov 04, 2019

    @ John Seaforth, Paypal, and similar electronic services are not an option for us as they have repeatedly shut accounts we have opened with them and confiscated the funds therein.
    At this time we are also not using cryptocurrencies. We have had success with people using their personal checking accounts “Bill pay” to send funds to our Northwest Publishing Agency LLC PO Box 2188 Bremerton Washington 98310 USA.

  4. Kekistani pilgrim
    Nov 05, 2019

    Zero out .EMFHS. GID

    I grew up in abject poverty. If I got to eat or got clothed, that meant I stole or begged. This is where the movement lives. I respect a thief more than a beggar, as more thought (IMO)goes into stealing than does begging. Take what you need to grow the movement. Take from the takers. Sorry for the last post being indecipherable. 0 out is a new fiscal term, which describes theft. The true meaning is that you are not a thief if you steal something that was stolen from you.

  5. AJ
    Nov 05, 2019

    @Kekistani pilgrim, I can Identify and appreciate your sentiments, growing up in the Rust-Belt, where things truly were hand to mouth in a-kind of “Mad Max” society. As the Jews destroyed White families, creating “latch-key kids” and everything that went with that term. Purloining was a means of downright survival.

  6. Kekistani pilgrim
    Nov 05, 2019

    @AJ thanks for the response, which added a new term to my vocabulary.

  7. Rust belt revolt
    Nov 05, 2019

    I identify with middle working-class politics. Men are intolerant of another thief stealing from them. Not the movement. The real red-blooded Americans that pay all the taxes, do all the work, created everything worth having, told to fight the wars, and take out credit just to keep going maintaining a family and everyone else as their needs become last. Last on their stub, yet first for everyone and everything else. We either want to get away from this bloated state or drop out on government welfare. When we drop out, we lose. The rust belt is dead niggerized cities surrounded by controlled suburban dormitories of the strip mall filled with the aging, victim, moralizing republican losers full of shit. There is no alternative to the northwest front in scope and character, and its existence is the moral rejection of the movement.

    To me, the movement is the earthly Sisyphean torment of self-aggrandizing false kings and parasitical retards speaking on my behalf. The nation lives on the doers, not the soothers or the sewers. I’m getting older where opportunity cost means something where the movement high pretention and character deficiencies are stealing from my family. Real Americans mean not only dropping transnational liberalism but cutting away from these fake movement time vampires where all is vanity, self-anointed leaders, and stolen valor of foreign peoples that tried to kill your grandfather. I am an authentic American, and no movement of freaks are going to change god, history, or a world they’ve never lived. The hive of contrarian pretentiousness is unbelievable unless one watches up close.

    The character of the movement is trash addicted to fake spirited rhetoric like a junkie looking to assault me with a knife for my shoes to get another bump.

  8. JimEE
    Nov 06, 2019

    Any man who steals from me or my own is no better than a nigger in my eyes. Surviving by stealing while a child and too young to understand is one thing, but surviving by stealing while you’re a ‘man’? That’s not the kind of people I want or will associate with in the Northwest Republic and the kind of people who are going to find themselves on the losing side of a duel.

  9. AJ
    Nov 07, 2019

    @JimEE, I believe the sentiment being expressed, has to do with stealing from those who have stolen from Whites, on many levels; be it our genes (taking White women), money, property, lives (economic) or simply our freedoms. Aka Jews and Zionists (ZOG). This would encompass material intellectual and ideological aspects, as (((they))) have set laws against us. I am sure you are aware of the Noahide laws. Why should whites abide by laws whites had no part in creating but have been imposed upon us?

  10. JimEE
    Nov 07, 2019

    Taking back what is ours has a time and place. I think HAC said it better than I can, although he only directly referred to more serious crimes than petty theft: “At this point in time in the struggle, you should assume that anyone who proposes illegal activities or anyone who refuses to shut up about illegal activities is a cop. He’s either a cop or he’s someone who is so mentally unstable or bird-brain stupid that he cannot recognize the difference between my fiction and reality, so he’s just as dangerous to have around. On more than one occasion in my career I’ve seen men and women go to prison, not for doing anything, not even for saying anything, but for simply being in the same room with somebody who would not shut up about planting bombs, or assassinating people, or blowing up bridges, or whatever. And it turns out there was a funny little man in the corner, with a funny little tape-recorder beneath his coat, and we know what happens then.” I also take a bit of an issue with “EMFHS”, i.e. every man for himself. Why not every man for his race?

  11. JimEE
    Nov 08, 2019

    @ Kekistani Pilgrim
    In retrospect, I believe I interpreted your first statement far beyond what you intended. I grew up in the NW and as a child it was a very white place, and, compared to most of the country, it still is. So I freely admit that I have difficulty relating to the experiences of others who were not so fortunate.

    The influence of ZOG and multi-culturalism corrupts everything, and I am not exempt from this. Everyone who serves the 14-words deserves a measure of respect here, and I apologize.

  12. Thomas C.
    Nov 08, 2019

    The NWF needs a new approach to obtaining members. People have lost interest with the Northwest Imperative because it doesn’t seem to be yielding any noticeable results. The ideas and arguments are completely sound, however, with the NWF running over a decade now, there seems to be little to no sort of display of any movement progress. That’s extremely frustrating.

  13. Kekistani pilgrim
    Nov 13, 2019

    Forgive me for not using the forums to discuss this. Our people have relatively nothing in the way of hand to hand combat, as a method. We have boxing and a few other methods, though we must have our own, very brutal (Muy Thai) method. To be sure, learn from the enemy, but create your own method. Israel has Krav Maga, Brazil has Capueoro (probably misspelled), and China has Wing Chun. Of course, Western media has led us to believe that we have no fight sport of our own, which can compete with the others. Boxing does not count, as it does not include all limbs as members of the fight. JKD is a good rule of thumb…I hate to borrow from Bruce, but this is one method, derived from many. Mind you, that I have KM, JKD and other arts under my nonexistent belt, but we need our own system. Were Hurrold to respond, he may say “ scoff and be damned.” Funny thing is that KM teaches about hair pulling, which does not work against short haired individuals. More for the women, but they teach it to men, too. IMO, basic training (not for war, but every one of us), is to learn the basics and adapt principles on the fly. Learning how to kick and punch would help our kids against the invaders. I may have developed a method for Swedes, us…wherein a little girl could prevent rape, with proper execution of a few moves, not taught by any MA that I have seen thus far.

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