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RFN Final Episode – October 12th, 2019

End of an era, and the beginning of another.  Onward and upward.


  1. John Beattie
    Oct 13, 2019

    History is built around personalities. An outstanding personality is required.

  2. Sven Longshanks
    Oct 13, 2019

    Radio Free Northwest gets 4,000 downloads every week at radioaryan.com, as well as the numbers at northwestfront.org. Seems a real waste to stop producing it after building up a listener base like that and the episodes since Harold passing have not seen any dip in quality content, it’s still one of the most well thought out and well put together podcasts out there.

    If you are needing to make money, how about doing an RFN extra with Andy, Jason and a few others just discussing a few relevant topics and making that available to people who donate $10 a month to the NF?

    You could then still do the normal show and the extra would not require any preparation apart from writing a few headings down. It would take an hour a week to record and 15 minutes to edit, but may encourage a lot more people to subscribe and could also subsidise the main show.

    I can’t see that removing RFN will result in more donations, but I could see an extra RFN for subscribers only doing that. That panel discussion recently was top quality and it was just you guys meeting up for an afternoon. If travel costs and time prevent that happening regularly, then it could simply be recorded from Skype.

  3. Hammerheart
    Oct 14, 2019

    I found out about RFN today which is the same day I learned my father has died.

    From Father To Son
    Promise me my son to always cherish what is home to you
    What is the truth and to defend all your race
    Never lose the values I have taught you
    Always keep your moral and ideals
    Do never bring your flag disgrace
    My child, take heed
    Through you I am granted to live on
    These words worth more than you will ever know
    Make them live on:
    From Father to Son
    From Father to Son, from Father to Son

    — Bathory: HAMMERHEART

  4. Andreas Donner
    Oct 14, 2019


    So sorry to hear about your father.

  5. Comrade Jason
    Oct 14, 2019

    I mistakenly included in this episode a book review from Gretchen which had previously run. It has been replaced by a new one. Be sure to check it out.

  6. Gordon
    Oct 15, 2019

    I’d buy a flash drive loaded with content. Although I’m mailing a money order today anyway, just wanted to share an idea for low-cost revenue. Hit me up if you want to work something out. Great music as always.

  7. Hammerheart
    Oct 15, 2019

    @ Andy Donner
    Thank you, it’s appreciated.

  8. Comrade Jason
    Oct 15, 2019

    A very interesting idea, Gordon, we will consider that one. And thanks for the support! We have a lot to do, and big plans.

  9. AC
    Oct 16, 2019

    I stumbled across you guys about six months ago, or so. If you want donations, you should ask for them. I can’t remember you even asking, though I suppose it’s possible I just missed it repeatedly.

    The address and who to make the checks out to should probably be on every podcast page on this site. Maybe on the main page, too – or at least a ‘donations’ link to the information should be on the main page.

    Consider setting up a bitcoin address, maybe a monero address too.

    You’re likely going to eventually need a parallel banking system of some sort, for a while, going forward. Look at the various international shadow banking systems function. Just take a look at them, and how they work.

  10. Kekistani pilgrim
    Oct 16, 2019

    I got on the Trump train for a few months, then realized that he was a pacifier for cry baby voters. The realization that voting is a provision for giving up my need to act for myself and not allow someone else to act on my behalf, made me rethink my position in many facets of life. I believe that each of us must stake out a place to raise a family, guard that place and uphold any person nearby who does the same. Regarding the loss of financial input from the Trumpians, I think we are largely sick of empty promises and NWF does not do anything that many of us consider tangible. The NW Front must actually be in front. Radio show is sidelines, so I care not if the radio is offline for some time. The situation is, IMO, much like a “you make the first move and I will follow.” We are far removed from seeing people manifest their intentions in powerful and meaningful ways. Were a leader with a strong backing to emerge, things could move quickly in our favor.

  11. John A
    Oct 16, 2019

    AC Is Spot On Regarding Donations
    Long ago I wrote to HAC and pointed out that if he wanted money, he had to ask for it and make it easy to give it.
    Rule #1 in sales: “You have to ask for the order.”

  12. Barney
    Oct 17, 2019

    I’m not in a position to “come Home”, being old, crippled and trapped in the belly of the beast (the sewer that was once known as England – and will be again), so perhaps my opinion doesn’t count, but it seems to me that dropping the weekly RFN podcasts could prove to be a mistake.

    Though aimed primarily – and necessarily – at a U.S. audience, the NWF has followers all over the (White) world, for whom the regular podcasts have been a way of keeping in touch with the Party. We’ll each have to sort our own countries out “when the time comes”, but we’ll be looking to the U.S. to lead the way.

    The U.S. is both the great hope of, and the greatest threat to, the White world, in that any country that “jumps the gun” will almost certainly be annihilated BY America, whereas if we see Americans “going first”, we can follow with a greater chance of success.

    Because of America’s great size and military capability, the NWF MUST go first if the White Race is to have a future, and the podcast, even though it’s been a struggle to get it out on time since the unfortunate demise of The Great Man (HAC), provides both a means to communicate with your followers and a reason for us to visit your websites on a regular basis.

    The revolutionary struggle will NOT be televised. Neither will it even be mentioned in passing by the BBC and other national propaganda outlets, because zog fears the worldwide uprising that will certainly follow, and which will indirectly assist the NWF in establishing a Homeland in the Pacific NorthWest.

    I realise it’s been a struggle, and that you need to prioritise things “at Home”, but to those of us far removed from the Homeland, the podcasts are much more than entertainment, so perhaps you could consider reducing the frequency to once a month rather than dropping them entirely.

  13. Andreas Donner
    Oct 17, 2019

    @Kekistani pilgrim

    Interesting. I seem to recall you, yourself, freely offering that you aren’t qualified to criticize the Party. Perhaps this is another of those times?

  14. Andreas Donner
    Oct 17, 2019


    I couldn’t say either way. But regardless, what does that have to do with individuals doing the right thing (as many have already) absent that personality?

  15. Sven Longshanks
    Oct 18, 2019

    It would help if you made it easier to donate as well. It’s pretty easy to set up an electrum wallet for people to donate bitcoin and you could try using Stripe for credit cards. Red Ice, TRS and others manage to get credit card donations, maybe check out their methods since Paypal is off limits for them too?

  16. Scouting Trip Done
    Oct 18, 2019

    Another suggestion: Find a young man with a great personality and radio voice. Move that guy in as presenter and have Jason and Andy more as guest segments, like Gretchen and Trucker. For musical segments use some of the music movement people are making. There’s a lot of it out there.

  17. Comrade Jason
    Oct 18, 2019

    Time for me to weigh in here on this notion that we need some hero-leader to emerge before anything important or significant can be accomplished. That’s simply not true, and I’m pleased for the opportunity to put you all on track. First, John Beattie put this fallacy very well, in his formulation “History is built around personalities. An outstanding personality is required.” Yes, a lot of people believe that, but it’s wrong, or at least not right ENOUGH to serve as any real form of guidance, which is where many people go off-track. This idea is just not worth very much consideration, and certainly should not be thought of as essential to effective strategy. History is not built only around personalities, nor even primarily, at least of the outsized Napoleon-esqe type that people are imagining. History is made by everyone, and individual personalities aren’t anywhere near the only things that motivate people and get change to happen. Ideas motivate them, philosophies, connections to history and identity, Utopian visions, self-interest, trauma, lost time, lost opportunity, their own observations of increasing social chaos. A thousand things. Some outsized personalities can certainly come on the scene and redirect things, but as much, or more, is done by people taking initiative at their own level because of their own commitments to follow an idea, than some single-man hero changing the course of everything. Pining away for some larger-than-life charismatic leader that will galvanize all the people and save the Republic is a fool’s time spent. Besides being a single-point-of-failure if a movement is dependent upon such a man, even if a particularly skilled one were to show up, he’s not necessary anyway. Make use of one if there’s one around, but don’t fool yourself into thinking one is essential. The Jews did not have an overarching towering personality or figure to galvanize all their efforts and overcome White supremacy of the world in the 20th century. They created a subversive ideology made up of false racial equality and anti-racism propaganda, and focused their communal efforts on supplanting the White worldview with it by controlling the centers of Earthly power…media, finance, and government. It’s just that simple. Coordinated common effort to control the three worldly forms of power are the only way anyone wins. Get that into your heads people, and stop pretending a savior is needed to save…that’s lazy wishful thinking for something that is unnecessary and just gives you the excuse to continue to not do one-tenth of what YOU could… “Oh, I haven’t found the RIGHT MAN to follow, yet. History is only ever made by Napoleons, Caesars, Lenins, and Hitlers. We have to have one of those appear before we can get anything done, or have a chance to win.” Bullshit. History is made by you and me. How much are YOU doing to further the cause? If you’re pining for a savior to come along, GTFO of here with that. It just gives you the excuse to do nothing, or next to it. Work, and prepare the way, the talent will show up. Maybe you’re part of the necessary talent and you’ll find that out when you put in the effort.

  18. Andreas Donner
    Oct 18, 2019

    @Scouting Trip Done

    I’m actually pretty open to that idea. Even so, I’m concerned about the phrasing. There are quite a few things the Party is told it should just do or find or otherwise produce. While you certainly didn’t say this explicitly, the implication is one of these “background noise” items we would like to do away with.

  19. Andreas Donner
    Oct 18, 2019

    @Sven Longshanks

    We’re not opposed to attempting any of those things, though the cryptocurrency situation isn’t the God-send some people think it is and there are actually a number of issues that a couple of tech-savvy people clued me in on when it was proposed to Harold for the umpteenth time. There are some good reasons that cryptocurrency isn’t for us at this juncture, though we haven’t ruled it out by any means.

    And someone else clued me in on the real issue with how it is payment processing platforms end up being forced against their will (yes, really) to cut people off and any of those platforms you named is just as susceptible to the same sort of pressure. It’s actually an issue with credit card companies themselves. That bit of information took me off guard when I was first shown how that works. In the long run, there are things we can do about this, but we have to work up to it. Those currently using such services are actually just as vulnerable as if they were using PayPal itself.

  20. Iron Dream
    Oct 25, 2019

    Where do I send my money order

  21. AJ
    Oct 26, 2019

    @Iron Dream
    Northwest Publishing Agency LLC PO Box 2188 Bremerton Washington 98310 USA.

  22. Europe pioneer vulunjin
    Nov 03, 2019

    What is very interesting about the northwest is that it is extremely similar to Europe. Instead, you have the Pacific ocean instead of the Atlantic. The main difference is that it is not a ruined land like dying Europe, and the land is relatively safe from full many natural calamities that have been predicted. I think that you should start using bitchute as well as this site. There, you will be heard of far more, but not banned like on jewtube.

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