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Radio Free Northwest – September 12th, 2019

The HQ group replays the November 8th, 2012 episode since it serves as a great introduction to a recently recorded panel discussion.


  1. Kekistani pilgrim
    Sep 13, 2019

    I question the spoken need for white people to migrate to the homeland. We have enough white people here already. What we do with those people must be comprised of getting rid of the propaganda of the enemy. Why has there been no focus on the destruction of enemy propaganda? I never “ran away”. My country was given to invaders by people who wanted me to suffer. My migration was thought out carefully fully and carried out, before I found the NF.
    I know where to begin: destroy enemy propaganda… the enemy is presenting shit skins via pictures in stores. Products we are supposed to buy and advertisements aiming to get us to but products, portray niggers on the packaging and I realize why the producers do as much. To get us used to seeing shit skins in daily life. I understand why you replay Hurrold’s messages from the past, but he is dead. Refer us to him as you do, though, we need actionable and relevant commentary, such as I just provided, to encourage the right people to do the right actions…here and now. The reason that we cannot get more migrants is that the ones we want here will do their own thing. I applaud that. Work with what we have or die trying. We have all we need already.

  2. Shane Bunting
    Sep 15, 2019

    Kekistani Pilgrim is of course accurate.

    The NF has so much potential but I do not believe they exercise it effectively. They need to break the spell of U.S. Loyalism that infects White Nationalism. David Lane was a true Folk-Hero who spoke uncompromising truth. What many don’t seem to understand about his 14 Words cause is that they mean death to “United States”. David Lane was irrevocably against calling ourselves “American Patriots” and loyalty to “USA”.

    Focus 14: New World Order:
    In 1776 there was a revolution in America. In the Great Seal of the United States, designed by the founding fathers over 200 years ago, now seen on the back of a dollar bill, it reads: “E Pluribus Unum” and “Novus Ordo Seclorum,” which translates to “One out of many” and “New Order of the Ages.” As we now see beyond denial by reasonable men, that meant “destroy the integrity of every race, nation and culture on the globe for a New World Order.” So America travelled from Dixie to Cuba, to Mexico, to Panama, to the Philippines, to Libya, to Italy and Germany twice, to Japan, Korea and Vietnam, to Iraq, to Waco, Texas, to Ruby Ridge and a hundred other wars, occupations and assassinations. In the process the red, white and blue travelling mass murder machine has maimed or murdered 200 million people. Over the eagle on the Great Seal are 13 pentagonal stars which form the Star of David, the clear symbolism being that the United States would finalize the World Zionist Empire. So we see that the Pentagon is the home of the police department for a World Zionist government of those who use the six-pointed star.

    Revolution By Number 14: Current Reality

    The White race comprises about 8% of earth’s population. Due to abusive taxation we have had to curtail family sizes and now we average far less than replacement. Meanwhile, our taxes are used to breed Colored families of a dozen or more children. As a result we are a comparatively old race. The relevant statistic to survival is the number of White women of childbearing age or younger. About 2% of earth’s population is young White female. In addition our masters force us to accept immigration by millions of Coloreds each year into the once White countries. Finally, the propaganda promoting inter-racial mating, particularly between White women and Colored males, is unceasing. We must now speak with the eloquence of emergency and act with the fanaticism of desperation. We must finally realize that political, religious and economic systems can be destroyed, rebuilt or replaced, but the death of our race will be eternal. It is beyond just setting priorities. Survival is the only issue. It is true that a country is made up of far more than just the government or politicians in power at a specific time, just as the deceivers have said. But, let us look at America then, in all its aspects. I have divided this country into the following categories:

    1) Military power
    2) Police power
    3) Economic tenets
    4) Political tenets
    5) Religion
    6) News media
    7) Entertainment
    8) Sports
    9) Demographics

    When I am through, if you are still able to say the words “White American,” then leave the company of sane men, for you can no more be both White and American than you can stop the motion of the planets. The singular intent of America in all its facets is to mix, overrun and exterminate the White race. How can you be what destroys you? If you are not an implacable enemy of every facet of America listed above, then you are a traitor to the existence of our race. If you support the aims or the continued existence of the entity known as America, then your treason cannot be calculated in the words of mortals.


    The point of this comment is this: Real and major changes in religious or political power systems do not occur until substantial numbers of people realize the old systems are destructive, genocidal and beyond repair.


    The Northwest Front needs to break the spell of U.S. Loyalism that infects White Nationalism. I am trying every day to do just that.

  3. Fathers Initiative
    Sep 15, 2019

    I’ve been tuned in, every episode. But, I should engage more often. There’s always alot of material to cover.
    Let’s focus on the episode from 3 weeks ago. When some guys suggested that we should all wear uniforms, etc. Actually, we need to appeal to The Normies. The average person. We’re not trying to make a Hollywood movie. Just look at Charlottesville. They were morally right. But, they looked silly wearing clownish uniforms.
    Perhaps, four weeks ago, AndyD mentioned the issue of early Jewish settlements into the New World. He’s hoping that it’s not true. I say: Make them own it. They had no regard for the Indians whatsoever.
    In several episodes, we have a great new speaker. However, we should hold back on calling Blacks “shitskins” “subhuman” etc. Although I personally do NOT respect Blacks, just remember that everything we say is being recorded by our enemies.
    Now, here’s the most important point: I’m sort-of speaking to Kekistani Pilgrim: HAC always said that things could always transpire differently than expected. He’s giving a guideline for us to follow. You’re probably all familiar with John Mark Says. There’s a hopeful thought.

  4. Fathers Initiative
    Sep 15, 2019

    to shane bunting: great comment, as well. Over the past several weeks, I’ve considered responding to comments. Hmmm. that was the only time I was ever censored by HAC. (when responding to another comment).
    I’ve had a REAL BIG problem with my loyalty to the USA. It’s the country I’ve always loved. But, as usual; HAC addressed that issue. He explained that the country is already gone. Long gone.

    In fact, I’ve even pondered for a few years how this country could possibly be saved. I’m still thinking of a reason. I can’t find even one.

  5. Hammerheart
    Sep 20, 2019

    Maybe my personal history is “extreme”, but I’m sorry–I was over “America” a loooonng time ago. I can’t quite fathom how anyone (least of all anyone NF, 14W etc oriented) would even still be expending energy considering the concept (loyalty to/saving “America” etc).
    I was young when I worked out the comment of Shane Bunting (David Lane quote?) for myself (& not quite in a 14W context per se).
    This leads to the thought “Then there’s not much we can do except wait [how long? decades? a century or two?] for the old generation [Boomers, etc] to die off.” This is what we’ve been doing. The primary effect was based on the idea (i guess???) somehow the new generation would somehow magically be just fine. As we can see, kids are kids, ie immature & very vulnerable, & today’s kids are being conditioned in the digital age, etc. You don’t have to be a grumpy boomer in their 60s-70s to see today’s kids are a horrific screwed up mess in some ways beyond previous ability to conceive. The main effect wasn’t “Oh the kids turned out just fine” but rather they were left wide open to the agendas of…[insert list here]. In other words we horribly failed them, sitting idly by on the sidelines waiting for the old generation to die off “before we can do anything.”
    And of course, you’re ageing as you wait.

  6. Hammerheart
    Sep 20, 2019

    White people themselves are the sole reason “it can’t be done.”

  7. LotNR LG
    Oct 04, 2019

    Party comrades and allies, I see via words and through them immortal fires ablaze in you, of our ancestors. Echoed into eternity through folk hero Robert Jay Mathews, comrades, DUTY CALLS! Harold opened the puzzle box and unlike most self appointed leaders protecting their donations, did not hide the cover of the box. Harold not only showed us this cover but gave us extensive instruction and advice on how to go about putting it together. He even put a few of the harder pieces in place for us before he ascended to the halls of our fathers. Andy, Jason, and AJ plus the mighty HQ are feverishly sorting these pieces, matching the colors, edges and corners just as Harold would have expected, and to the surprise of many, are doing extremely well. You already in the Homeland and those few of us migrating will be first in the fight, first to the front. We will set the example and perform the deeds that will inspire thousands to follow in our footsteps, in honor and memory of the fallen before us. Quit the excuses, quit hiding behind your families and burn any sentimental feelings for democracy or America. “We are here to fight and to die and to continue the flow, the flow of our people…” fear should NEVER enter into the equation. Come Home.

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