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The Official NF Message Board

Since we’ve had a ton of back-and-forth in RFN comments lately, I thought I ought to remind everyone that the Party has a message board at http://www.northwestfront.net/forums/.


  1. Fiach O'Byrne
    Oct 01, 2019

    Your forums do not allow users of TOR to even read the content there, let alone post. A restriction on posting is regrettable but perhaps understandable, but blocking read access is not acceptable. Many members of the younger generations are perfectly aware of the dangers of the supranational western intelligence apparatus and are thus not willing to connect without a strong guarantee of anonymity. If you really want to change the world of 2019, you need an .onion.

  2. Anon
    Oct 03, 2019

    @Fiach O’Byrne
    I post from tor just fine. You have to click the little i in the upper left hand corner and “change circuit” until you find an exit node that hasn’t been banned. It’s a little tedious, but once you find a working exit node it’s smooth sailing.

    You may want to reconsider using tor though. It’s not as independent as we are lead to believe. Check out the following links:

  3. Andreas Donner
    Oct 04, 2019


    I’m going to choose to believe you meant well with that. At no point have TOR users been prevented from using the message board. I can’t say that one or more TOR exit points haven’t been blocked since that’s not how that sort of thing works.

    Point 1: Don’t assume you’re in a position to lecture us because you think the Party is not “of the younger generations” or otherwise tech-savvy. As it so happens, TOR is not what most people think it is and it by no means offers anything resembling a guarantee regarding anonymity.

    Point 2: Changing the world in 2019 is precisely the same as it is in any other year. Just about everyone who has completed their own Northwest Migration – myself included – did so without bothering with the Party message board. The NF isn’t an online game and your perceptions of online presence have little if anything to do with the changes in the world required to halt White Genocide.

    Since I have decided to assume good intentions on your part, the only truly constructive thing I could say at this point is that you might consider changing your attitude towards us since shooting one’s mouth off on the open internet, while not truly harmful, is still difficult to come back from. Thankfully, said attitude adjustment doesn’t require reading our (or any other) message board.

    Be well.

  4. Zevik
    Nov 19, 2019

    I listen to the podcast normally and will putting in plans to make migration to a white homeland, seig heil. Currently in the north east.

  5. Paul Moses
    Feb 15, 2020

    Dear ladies and gentlemen, I ran across something today that had me wondering. There is a group calling themselves New Awakening and they seem to use a lot of rhetoric and imagery from the old National Alliance. I also saw them using the imagery of the tricolor flag. The blue white and green one you use. I also recall them saying they were the inheritors of the northwest imperative. If they are some adjunct to the northwest front all well and good. However if they are not you might want to consider checking them out. I may be dead wrong, but I would hate to see anyone in the NF fall prey to the goons in the suits for something done or said by some domestic black op.

  6. Comrade Jason
    Feb 16, 2020

    Paul M, we are aware of the NA and have no issues with them, their message, or their activities. Thanks for the alert.

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