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RFN Special – August 18th, 2019

A.J. brings current events, variety of music and a new seriesĀ  Exploring Norse Mythology: Odin


  1. The Fungusamongus
    Aug 18, 2019

    The fight is now but joined, whereas your acknowledgement or lack thereof matters not. So say those who claim their enmity in our regard..

  2. BadGoy
    Aug 21, 2019

    The truth is anti sematism. Lmao.

  3. BadGoy
    Aug 21, 2019

    Alfred Schaffer(might be misspelled) is in a german prison for holohoax truthtelling. His sister Monica was locked up in a german prison for maybe around a year for appologizing to her parents.

  4. BadGoy
    Aug 21, 2019

    By the gods, Harold was a seer for sure. He was so humble about it. In the novels weed was not forbidden because it makes you stoned but it was forbidden so you could have weapons…. Deep stuff. Harold right again.

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