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Radio Free Northwest – July 11th, 2019

The Northwest Front makes a major announcement and then plays a selection of Harold Covington’s early Radio Free Northwest pieces on the (near) anniversary of his death and in an effort to create more useful, condensed content for new Party contacts.


  1. Woodsman
    Jul 12, 2019

    Yes! I’ve been excitedly waiting for this announcement since last month. It’s good to hear the nebulous legal circumstances are finally gone. Will we get to hear what those tongue tying circumstances were? Very excited to hear what comes next in party professionalization (and more importantly, what we can do to help).

    This radio cut of Harold’s best material is absolutely superb! It acts as a perfect introduction to the NF as well. It even has the Grow Stronger segment that had such an effect on me when I first heard it. I don’t seem to remember the lower audio quality though, all kinds of mic pops and such. Am I misremembering the original quality of some of these segments? Which episode was the Grow Stronger segment from?
    I hope that Harold reading out Let’s Talk a Little Treason makes it into one of the introductory broadcasts, it had a major effect on my friend when I first introduced him to the Northwest Imperative. I also hope these amazing intro pieces get put on their own section on the website so you can tell people “start here” instead of pointing them to a broadcast that will inevitably be overshadowed by a dozen future broadcasts. Keep up the good work.

  2. Timothy Milkweed
    Jul 12, 2019

    Good to hear!

  3. Andreas Donner
    Jul 12, 2019


    Second question first. These cuts are from the 2nd – 9th episodes of RFN. The audio process back then wasn’t as disciplined. Most of the low audio quality comes from trying to adjust the audio from several episodes in to something that sounded roughly like it all belongs together. My guess is that Harold did a lot of table-banging with his hand and had to learn to stop doing that.

    Now the first question. Quite frankly, the details aren’t really something we could ever air, but it’s fair game for face-to-face conversation. At a high level, the situation is reduced to this:

    As much as I hate to say it, Harold’s preparation for his passing was the very bare minimum and absolutely nothing else.
    His passing came at precisely the wrong time and a number of outside circumstances made this process unbelievably difficult for everyone involved.
    It’s also the case that many of Harold’s day-to-day management processes (such that they were) are entirely suited to one person and one person only. The upcoming professionalization effort will involve fixing that particular issue once and for all.

    Since someone has asked, I’ll check my notes and list where these cuts came from.

  4. A.B.
    Jul 13, 2019

    Damn, the bit in this Podcast where Harold Covington talks about his mini heart attacks is highly profetic and equally sadnening but all-in-all we’ll win in the end and heroic films of us will be made and statues with powerful quotes of us saying a ‘famous line’ during the revolution will be constructed, just for pigeons to poop on of course!

    So good work Andreas Donner for this week’s interesting Podcast and hail victory!

  5. Lord of the Northern Realm
    Jul 15, 2019

    Woodman’s comments are right on point, so no need to repeat it here. The “Lets Talk A Little Treason” is also one of my favorite and most influential pieces I try to spread when I can. If anyone is wondering, that piece comes from the March 25th, 2010 podcast.

  6. Molly McGuire
    Jul 15, 2019

    Good news! Looking forward to coming home myself soon.

  7. Nícolas
    Jul 16, 2019

    What does the NF think of white immigrants from other countries going to the Northwest? I’m a Brazilian white, and since I discovered your movement I’ve been thinking of the acceptance of non-US whites coming into the movement

  8. AJ
    Jul 16, 2019

    Harold often commented that parts of South America were more White than Southern parts of Europe. This goes back to the old ice cream analogy, if ice cream is mixed with excrement it improves the excrement remarkably but the mixture does nothing to benefit the ice cream.

    AJ… HQG

  9. Wayne Diesel.
    Jul 17, 2019

    Congratulations on getting through that nasty legal sewer. It’s very exciting to hear that you folks are going to be heading in a new direction. Probably one of the most uplifting podcasts you folks have had in the last year. I hope to be able to contribute as well to this brighter future of ours.

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