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Radio Free Northwest – May 2nd, 2019

Andy summarizes “Waking People Up” and discusses why the Party talks about the things it talks about, with supporting input from Harold Covington.  Gretchen reviews Jorjani’s World State of Emergency.  Trucker discourses on Seattle excretia.  Jason speaks on meeting new Northwest migrants this weekend and presents part of another John Mark piece from YouTube.


  1. SonOfVasa
    May 04, 2019

    Hmm I’m getting conflicting information here. In the beginning I think the “lesson” is that we should stop worrying about debating and waking people up and focus on our own migrations and community building, but the last segment is about waking people up on tolerance?

  2. Leonsson
    May 04, 2019

    My take is that bombarding people with facts, trying to make them full-on WN with that technique, is generally not very fruitful. I’ve redpilled several people in the past year or so by simply being friendly. We hang out, they see I’m a nice, normal guy, and we talk. Over time, their eyes open and they see clownworld. I introduce them to some of my WN friends (after careful vetting), and soon they’re joining us for book burnings (fun as hell!), my local WN community is now strengthened, and then we have conversations about NW migration. Three are now looking to migrate. As for waking people up on tolerance, we would talk about that like we would anything else. Again, bombarding people with facts like a teacher turns most people off. Good conversation draws people in, then you can sprinkle in a fact or two. People tend to think in generalities. The key is to connect together into a coherent picture what they see constantly, which is purposeful anti-white action from all quarters. Most people don’t see that connection. Making friends and building community have waking people up built into them. It works. I know. I’m in the middle of it right now.

  3. Calvin Hawthorn
    May 04, 2019

    Thank you, Andy. I am very happy to hear you saying this for us, once again. I have seen for myself on many occasions that it does not yield much fruit to be focusing on red-pilling people. The folks that do focus on red-pilling are rarely found speaking of solutions to our extinction. This is the key to finding the gatekeeper and coward, in my opinion. Several RFN’s ago you had your segment on the White Pathology. This was a genius moment.
    Most of our comrades I speak to found WN/NS because they went looking for the answers to our worldly problems. They did not require anyone to red-pill them, they did the work themselves. These types are those seen getting involved after they reach the educational goal they set for themselves. They understand on an instinctual level that Truth is in the Deed. It is not enough for us to know of the problem, because with knowledge comes the responsibility to act upon it. For many of us, this first action is migration.
    It is the red-pillers that are found too afraid to act toward the 14 words, so they remain in the safe halls of the internet. There is little risk in red-pilling, and little reward. There are real risks in migration, holding a career, getting married, and creating and raising the most precious of treasures, children. Without labor, we will leave no legacy.

  4. JR
    May 07, 2019

    Leonsson you sound very intelligent and very practical.

    I recommend:

    Listening more than talking.
    Get to know your audience (class, age, occupation, religious cares etc)
    Without cucking, kissing as*, taking the 30 pieces of silver – try to present our WN program in some way that has a snowballs chance in hell of being accepted.

    Don’t try to to force Libertarian Economic Conservatives on old people dependent on social security.

    Don’t try to force the whole JQ in one session to anyone.

    Most Whites who have either served in the military or have family members who have served, they don’t want to be insulted and told that they were completely used in pointless, counter productive J wars.

    I also use the mirror trick.

    I put a hand mirror in their face and ask:

    Q: Who do you see?

    You know who I see? – A White European American, so why don’t you start thinking and acting like a sensible, intelligent, practical White European American and support peace between other White European Americans, White Europeans.

    Do you really like Hip Hop gangster Black rap music? Muslim sexual groomer rapists in Rotherham England. How about Harvey Weinstein masterb*#&$@ in public on young White actresses? Do you really like Harvey Weinstein movies promoting snuff film killings of our people?

    How about the Russians? Do you really want to kill off all those beautiful White European Russian women?

    What’s wrong with you? Are you addicted to Jeff Zucker’s CNN?

  5. Fathers Initiative
    May 09, 2019

    I haven’t commented for the past month. So, I’ll play catch-up. For starters, HAC is very correct when stating that all the bickering between White nationalists is often not ideological. But instead, it boils down to the almighty dollar. It’s also correct when stating that “waking people up” is not enough to solve problems. Educating people is only the beginning.
    As for the politics of a White homeland? I usually avoid that issue since that’s secondary. Although I’m aware that some larger government involvement is necessary. It’s unfortunate. But, we can’t simply become Libertarians. Although we don’t want a police state, or even the current “Amurica”.
    Surprisingly, the biggest point came at the end of this episode. Besides John Mark’s “The Winning Right”, Jason stated that our fight will never end. (We’ll never retire from the battle from White freedom). That statement is very true. We’ll always have to defend ourselves. Even if we had multiple homelands surrounded by walls; hordes will always try to enter our spaces. It never stops.

    Also, I approve of Andy’s Psycho-analysis. I’d like to see more of that !!!!

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