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Radio Free Northwest – April 18th, 2019

Andy and Jason expound upon the Front’s take on “Waking People Up,” Gretchen reviews a book by Tomislav Sunic, and we serve up a particularly meaty and savory slice of the long-running panel discussion.


  1. kekistani pilgrim
    Apr 21, 2019

    I would like to first thank Andy for addressing an issue that I brought up about discovering crypto-jews. Regarding my concern about identifying jews, I make a mental note every time I discover that someone is a jew.
    On the topic of waking people up, I mostly agree with Jason and Andy, though there is one idea that should be considered. Rush Limbaugh once talked about how he doesn’t try to wake people up, but instead tries to lead them to waking themselves up. I probably butchered even paraphrasing what he said, though the idea is in tact. With many people, the waking up does not come from an external voice, but an internal reckoning with external situations. I once spent one month working daily with a friend, who had a very toxic girlfriend. I tried to convince him to leave her, even using persuasion tactics (I told him that I was trying to use these techniques, because he was a friend), but he couldn’t see past the reasons he got with her when she was not a nut. I used neuro-linguistic programming and embedded subtle suggestions on a daily basis for one month. The business we had failed and we stopped working together. I called him a couple months later and he told me that he left his girlfriend (of nine years). I cannot prove that I had an effect on him, but I can say that the ex-girlfriend did…maybe my tactics were the straw that broke the camel’s back. My main point is that, if you insist on waking people up, you must know that there are strategies and a significant amount of time required to affect a change in someone’s programming. All of us live life by scripts. Sometimes the script is written by another and sometimes it’s written by you. My first contact with anyone in the party was Bill in (I think) Seattle. I discussed a version of this idea with him. We talked about planting seeds of white nationalism through very subtly embedded commands. An example I discussed with Bill was to call attention to anything white (trucks work well with guys, nail polish with gals) with high regard and come up with all the benefits of what white colors afford you…white vehicles show less dirt…reflects sunlight…looks good with that dress. Similarly, one might suggest subtly how dark things are dirty, evil, creepy or whatever negative. Interlace that with some other carefully-crafted wording and it’s very possible to get the result I saw with my friend leaving Satan’s daughter.
    To be clear, I have not been using these NLP tactics on you guys/gals on this forum and I have used them to do some really interesting things, from entertaining to walking into a car dealership and using their own tactics on them and walking away with a better deal (they hate it). Here is one such tactic that you can avoid when dealing with salesmen: once they bring out paperwork, they immediately hand you a pen, suggesting that you’ll need it. Do not accept the pen, instead, point out that you brought your own pen or just reject the pen offered. Why did I just go through all this discourse? Andy and Jason are telling us not to bother with waking people up, while they are trying to wake us up to the futility of waking people up. My intention is to satisfy both sides. If you’re gonna try waking folks up, do it right.

  2. Comrade Jason
    Apr 21, 2019

    KP has offered some valuable commentary and insight, and I’m sure we will all find it welcome, but I guess I need to restate the main point, and am starting to feel some of Harold’s and Andy’s frustration. We did not say for “you” to not bother with waking people up. We did not say the Front does not and will not put attention to waking people up. I explicitly said that educating our people is essential. Unfortunately, however, it seems to matter less than it should, as not everyone responds to facts shoved in front of them, far fewer than we might expect or wish. What is confusing here? We said that the FRONT will not get wrapped around this axle, the Party is about the other pieces of the puzzle as well, just as much or more so. How does this not land?

  3. Woodsman
    Apr 22, 2019

    This has been an excellent episode of RFN with plenty to think about. And of course the continuing Amurrica Panel is a joy to listen to, the latest installment is especially good. I hope once all the segments have been aired we’ll have the whole panel discussion available for download.

    I’m glad there has been clarification on the whole “waking people up” canard. I think once again this has all been a matter of miscommunication. When the party has heard “waking people up” I think they’ve heard “The Party should wake people up” whereas most people (I hope) meant “We the individuals should be waking people up.” Of course The Party shouldn’t be responsible, considering the time constraints and the availability of much more polished options elsewhere online. I think everybody filling your inbox up with their incessant chirping tends to think of themselves as “part of the NF” and as such is begging for direction and guidance. They’re asking “give me an order to follow” rather than “why isn’t the party doing x?” As the NF starts to attract more of the younger crowd, I forsee this occurrence happening more frequently. Chin up guys, and don’t let the GUBU get to you.

    @kekistani pilgrim
    I find the whole NLP stuff rather creepy and weird, like you’re trying to brainwash somebody rather than show them the truth. Granted, people need to be desensitized before they allow themselves to consider forbidden knowledge. But this is accomplished more efficiently through humour (as imageboards have shown us). You’re right that people can only ever redpill themselves, so choosing topics that pertain to the individual you’re targeting is essential. Just like the strength of the NVA in the books was not their guns but their TARGET SELECTION, our strength should be our ability to tailor our arguments to what matters most to each individual we attempt to convert.

    On that note, something in this episode made a light bulb go off in my head: the most redpilling events for the greatest audiences has been the liberals becoming increasingly militant and off the rails. For those concerned with propaganda production and “waking people up” this is essential. Perhaps we (the listeners, not The Party) should be attempting to accelerate and publicize liberal insanity, so that it reaches more people and much more often. My previous supervisor was very clued in to how rotten the world currently is, yet she had no idea that the crazy rainbow-haired shrieking harpies of modern colleges even existed (she went to a small community college)! I was flabbergasted and miffed that I didn’t have a slew of videos from 2015 to show her, since if you lived through that time it seemed to be everywhere. The filter bubbling of the public mind by (((google))) is very extensive. That needs to change.

    I enjoy how Comrade Jason promulgates optimism and hopeful rhetoric while Andy dispenses hard truths. I’ll refrain from making any allusions to good and bad cops, but the dichotomy works very well for getting points across. Keep it up comrades, and I hope you have an excellent and productive week.
    Hail victory, and a belated Festum Fuhrer Tag!

  4. Tehkek
    Apr 22, 2019

    @Comrade Jason
    I am listening through the show a second time to make my response to you most meaningful. My post was a response to Andy, before you addressed what you did. You made clear that which was not as clear from Andy’s message. Mind you that, many of us are used to real-time interaction with media and comments may be made without thought as to what comes from the next presenter in a show such as this one. Thanks for clarifying your position and I would appreciate a retake on the matter, knowing what you now know. In the future, I will refrain from responding to what I hear until the show has ended. What I ask of you is to acknowledge the value of my previous comment, in suggesting methods of waking people up ( I do not care if you do so on this forum) and acknowledge that you are trying to wake people up to the idea that the party does not focus heavily on waking people up. Maybe you do not consider your listeners as part of the party, but I live 1488 on a daily basis in some way. As I have mentioned previously, my part in the party (that is how I see it), is to make white children who do not need to be woken up. My kids know and someday will show that they have been raised with racial consciousness. Jason, thanks for what you do.

  5. AC
    Apr 22, 2019

    I was completely unaware of you guys before yesterday. Somebody posted a link to Covington’s ‘The Brigade’ on a site I frequent a while back, and after reaching the end of the book, I searched for ‘Ex Gladio Libertas’ out of curiosity. Noticed one of your old sites in the results and clicked on it, that site had a link to this site. Found the podcast page, and listened to this episode.

    You might consider a bit more outreach to the alt-right people. It’s just luck I stumbled on to this place.

    //fake email, btw

  6. Viktor A. Hirschmann
    Apr 24, 2019

    While reviewing Homo Americanus, Gretchen incorrectly identified the author, Tomaslav Sunic as a Czech. Tomaslav Sunic is in fact a Croatian-American who was born in Croatia.

  7. Gus
    Apr 26, 2019

    A study, in the Journal of Cognitive Nueroscience, found that when people (30 participants) were presented information perceived as threatening to their opinion of a political candidate they favor, their brain would send signals that are associated with experiences of punishment and pain. The person would then come to a biased conclusion in order to escape or avoid the punishment and pain of the information. If the brain perceived the escape successful, it would release dopamine.

    Waking people up can doubly reinforce their sleepy state.
    (bad link… AJ… but approving anyways)
    http://www.datascienceassn.org/sites/default/files /Neural%20Bases%20of%20Motivated%20Reasoning%20-%20An%20fMRI%20Study%20of%20Emotional%20Constraints%20on%20Partisan%20Political%20Judgment%20in%20the%202004%20U.S.%20Presidential%20Election.pdf

  8. Tehkek
    Apr 26, 2019

    The Party is not what it seemed to be, to me, when I first saddleded up. Andy, your response to my inquiry about IDing crypto-Jews was wholly inadequate. I described Jews who had admitted, on public forums, their ancestry. I was specifically mentioning those, whose ID is withheld and deliberating how we find the answers to the history of those who try to keep in secret. My examples were merely for visual sake. I am losing faith in the NWF due to a gross underestimation of your follower’s intellect and a deficit of worthwhile discussion. I am a man of what I believe to be class “A” character and will not serve as a “maybe” guy. Maybe, we need class “A”s, maybe not. I will send financial support when you pull your heads out of your collective asses and address issues that are real, instead of shit like addressing “waking people up.” I have never thought that you guys should wake people up. This is a problem with any social media group or individual: you are addressing people that do not need woken up. A class “A” does NOT need woken up. We are already there and are awaiting the right time. I came to the homeland without your prompt and this is the kind of person our party needs. If I must convince you that the growing population of brown/black skin is a problem for us, you are not worthwhile.

  9. Comrade Jason
    Apr 27, 2019

    Okay, Tehkek, or Kekistani Pilgrim, or whichever name you’re going to jump to next and confuse things for everyone…now that you have cried enough it looks like baby will get his bottle.

    I’m leaving today for a trip to Idaho to meet with some established comrades and a new couple who has just bought land here in the Homeland, and who want to meet with the Party for the first time, but I guess I’ll just sit down here first and deal with your need for personalized attention, shall I? Super.

    First, let me say that it is excellent and welcome news that you and your lady are going to have your second child, and that you plan on more beyond that, so that you do more than replace yourselves on this Earth. That is fantastic. You recognize our first and greatest need, and are doing your part, as a man should. You say that you will raise them right, with an awareness and appreciation for their race and our glorious racial heritage and unsurpassed history of accomplishment, and nothing could be better. From one White man to another, I thank you and your lady for this, on behalf of our people and future. The last thing we need is more of our kind who are allowed to grow up oblivious to the racial basis of history and society, which makes them easily turned against their own people by our enemies.

    I went back and reviewed all your comments on past RFNs. There’s a distinct pattern of increasing engagement with the comments board for the show, and you have offered up some good stuff in those comments, and a few people have started to engage with you directly. You even got Andy to dedicate airtime on RFN itself to specifically address a question you raised, something I am wary of doing very much of, honestly. I wouldn’t necessarily have answered you because of just this possibility, you now want to complain about the answer you got, and get yet another response through your complaining. After I also responded to a comment of yours, you then needed and basically demanded yet another response from me, because you didn’t get the appreciation you felt you deserved for other things you had said. In your previous comments on RFN, you have tried to tell us multiple times what we should talk about and how we should set our priorities. Some of them were good suggestions, I even considered discussing one of them in a segment of my own, but, regardless, it is very clear that you have a lot of wants, and you’re making a lot of demands. If we start to regularly bend ourselves to them, this kind of thing can become endless.

    Don’t get me wrong…leaders in anything need to show the “troops” the respect of listening and responding, either by adjusting their course, or explaining to the troops the things the leaders see that they may not, and while laying out the vision and action plan. However, as Harold Covington said many times, far too many people come to White nationalism to get something from it, not to give to it…to work out their own internal issues. When we accept too much of that, we can quickly get bogged down with becoming Movement therapists, and important work will go undone. And here I am having to play Movement therapist with you. So, fine. It’s sometimes necessary. Let’s get into it.

    If I were to do a read on you, I’d say you strike me as a young man of potential, who is gaining an ever-growing sense of himself and the world, and is constantly growing in maturity and capability, as we all want and need our young people to do. You’re increasing your knowledge of some sophisticated concepts such as NLP, and have interesting things to say and to offer to others, which is one of the hallmarks of an adult man worthy of respect. Such a man is USEFUL to others, and has the ability and desire to make things better, not to feed off of society and other people like a parasite, as too many do.

    So you’re doing well, and just what you should, but your need for this much personalized attention and validation should be a flag to you. It is to me. A few RFNs back, Andy talked about the need for each one of us to learn the skill of self-validation. You should work on this skill, and then you will need far less of it from others. Yes, we all want to be appreciated for the contributions and gifts that we have to give. We all need this reinforcement from our fellow man, I’m not saying we don’t. But as we mature we should need less of it. FAR less of it, actually.

    You should not feel the need to go fishing for praise over your NLP offering, or to demand that I essentially take a second go at my comment because you’ve now informed me that young people are used to flying to the keyboard without listening or thinking fully, nowadays, and shouldn’t that mitigate things in your favor? Psychology and human motivation, behavior, and communication are some of my favorite topics. I was actually pleased you knew about NLP, and if not for your neediness and your approach, I may have given you the validation you were seeking of my own accord. But you ended up getting in your own way, and here we are.

    I’m going to level with you. I thought seriously about responding to your request before this, earlier in the week, but I was only 50-50 on whether I should. I kind of wanted to see where you would go if I didn’t. Now we know.

    I had analyzed your communication as I laid out above, and was particularly interested in your having thanked me for what I do. There are always two possibilities with something like that. Is it real, or just a bit of sweet-talking? Is it a genuine thank you, or a tacked-on attempt to manipulate, and gain some personalized attention? In your case I guessed it was a little of both, and I think that’s now been proven, as apparently you thanked me for being one of the ones who now has his head up his ass and doesn’t talk important issues. I understand. You were disappointed and didn’t get the result you wanted. And you’ve reacted and made a fuss. It’s not a big deal, it happens to us all, but it’s unimpressive, to be sure. Not class-A behavior. Not class-A instinct. I know you can do better.

    So that’s enough from me on this. I will end by saying this is not 4chan or 8chan. This is not /pol/. Good work is done, at least in the aggregate, by many of the autistic geniuses that lurk there, but you will not get that kind of “discussion” here, and shouldn’t expect it. I think you have a lot of good things to say, but please be aware that regular personalized attention to your own agendas and requirements is not in the cards. You may get it again, but you should not expect it, and for your own growth as a man you should work on coming to NOT NEED it.

    You’re a young racially aware White man of excellent potential, just what we need and are looking for. But there’s work to be done, and while we will guide our people, we in the HQ group have been doing too much life therapy lately, on RFN and through email. I’ve already talked to Andy about this, and, while his show next week will feature a bit more of that, we’re going to try to give that a rest for awhile.

    Kek, you have great potential, and we’re happy you’re here to learn and to contribute. Others in the comments section have seen the value of your offerings, keep doing what you’re doing. If you want to hang with us some more, I think we’ll both make out well.

    Hail victory, comrade.

  10. Comrade Jason
    Apr 27, 2019

    AC, Thanks for the suggestion. We do know reaching out to the Alt-Right will gain us listeners. It’s a second-tier need, however, since it would require a dedicated effort from personnel we don’t currently have to spare to the task. It also can bring any number of people who are more trouble than they are worth. There are enough links and pathways to us for additional internet supporters to find us. You are evidence of that, and you did not get here by luck. You had the curiosity and desire for greater understanding to motivate your own search…you brought yourself here. This self-selection process is actually valuable to us. The better class of seekers, who have the brains to follow the right questions, will bring themselves here, as you have. The Front is the cream of the crop in WN, and we do need to make use of the people that come our way more effectively, but the cream will still rise to the top, and make its way here. So, internet recruitment from all over is a secondary task. We are going to start focusing more on local recruitment in the near future, after certain things relating to Harold’s death have completed. But, thanks for the suggestion. I like the fake email you included by the way. A nice joke!

  11. Kekistani pilgrim
    Apr 30, 2019

    I thanked you because I really appreciate the time and energy you devote to white people. I also appreciate that you addressed my concerns. I do not expect us to meet eye to eye on all matters and some back and forth scrutiny is good IMO. We do seem to land on the most important issues of preserving the white race. I am not foolish enough to think I am right on all accounts and if, in my self-reflections, I find myself to err, I will admit it to myself and possibly others. I go to great measures to prevent people from having a great influence on my thinking, since I realized that I had been lied to my whole life. I am sure you understand that trust is hard to earn and society has fostered trust issues. If a thank you is uneasy for you, I could tell you to fuck off, if that sits better with you. BTW, the screen name change was me moving between computers and you still know who I am.

  12. Comrade Jason
    May 01, 2019

    @ Kekistani Pilgrim
    I do know that trust is a huge issue with our people…intellectual and spiritual violence are visited on us non-stop by our enemies, who control our social world, and have been interfering with the intellectual and social development of our youth for decades. So, I get it.

    I’m pleased to see you didn’t slink away. Your response is an honorable and respectable one, weakened only by a final need to get in a dig that once again (intentionally?) misses what was actually said. Good enough. I hope you keep contributing, you have a lot of good things to say.

  13. Kekistani pilgrim
    May 01, 2019

    A request or a demand?
    You must, will, need or might? I hereby demand that you continue breathing. That is a demand. I demand that you do your best to carry out the 14 88. As to my “demand” that you respond to me, I never made such command. A suggestion or request is not a demand. Get that right and we are good,

  14. Barney
    May 02, 2019

    Sorry this is so late Andy. I promised to listen carefully and give my take on the issue of “waking people up”, but then the relevant RFN was late, not being available in the UK until the Saturday morning, when I was called away for over a week.

    Better late than never – I hope!

    Finally hearing the podcast, we’re pretty much in agreement over this. It’s true that if “enough” people were to wake up at the same time, the enemy would be defeated almost overnight, but it’s not going to happen like that. What we refer to as “waking up” is a slow and difficult process. As an example of this, I was genuinely shocked when I first learned that there were people who didn’t accept what I now see as outdated atrocity propaganda about the German labour camps of WWII.

    My reaction went something like “How could it not be true? It’s such recent history that there are still people living who can verify the stories. What about all the photographs?”, and similar arguments.

    Most people already know “something isn’t right”, that this isn’t the way we’re supposed to live, and there are a lot of good people “out there” who simply don’t know what we know. If they were to spontaneously “wake up”, they’d be fighting with us tomorrow, but to attempt to “wake people up” before they’re ready would have the opposite effect, driving them further away from the truth. The cognitive dissonance would be too much for most people to cope with, causing them to retreat further into what they wrongly believe they already know.

    What I try to do is “plant seeds”, which often seem to find fertile “soil”. A good one to start with is the money-as-debt SCAM. Most people aren’t jew-aware, so we can name the Rothschild scammers without being condemned for mentioning the jew connection.

    Immigrant crime is another. We just need to start people thinking about ONE of the problems in the hope that they’ll investigate for themselves, even if they’re trying to prove us wrong. That doesn’t matter. Those that go deeply enough into it will be led to other subjects, and ultimately “wake themselves up”, but it isn’t going to happen overnight. It takes time to understand that everything we’ve been told is a LIE.

    It’s not that people are stupid. They just haven’t been told the truth, and it takes time and effort to change our beliefs.

    We can’t “wake people up”. They have to do that themselves. What we CAN do is point them in the right direction (any “right direction”) in the hope that they’ll look into it, and imho we SHOULD do that whenever we meet a fellow White Person who we believe to be receptive to the truth.

    I agree that it’s not the job of the NF to do this. We’re already awake enough (though many of us probably still have things to learn). It’s for us as individuals to “plant seeds” and hope they germinate. Point people in the right direction, then leave them to it in the hope that they’ll be fighting on our side “when the time comes”.

  15. dalmazia_ind
    May 04, 2019

    I must say something people in america not know : Tom Sunic is not white nationalist , he is croatian nationalist , obsessed with hatred against Serbs as all croatian nationalists . In fact Croatia is fine country , its population is serbian speaking , but ruled by jewish and muslim minority who artificially ignite hatred of catholics against orthodox people . I talked with Harold about croatian question few months before his death , he said this jewish-croatian nationalists are kind of croatian “alt-right” . Tom Sunic is not even ethnic croatian but descendant of baptized turks. Large part of croatia was under turkish occupation until 1683. and in those areas after liberation , remained large turkish minority which converted to catholicism , while local christian population was majority orthodox. Surname Sunic come from root “sunite”. There is large number of croatians with turkish surnames. And croatian capital city Zagreb was before ww2 jewish town with name Agram and its jewish population were known as Agramers , and also spoke distinct dialect of jidish. 29 out of 121 generals of army of “fascist” ustasha regime were jews

  16. Kekistani Pilgrim
    May 09, 2019

    To @Jason and @Andy
    I am a demanding person, of myself and the party. My goal is not to undermine, but to understand. There is much to research and contemplate upon for people like me. I have been brainwashed my entire life and in some cases much more than one might imagine. When I challenge you, I am in my mind and not yours. That is a horrifying difference to distinguish, depending on whom you deal with. Since I am not really part of the party, I see not what you do, but I hear what you say on this program and have only a hope that others have been empowered as I have. In Seattle, where the party is, it is not so shocking to see niggers strutting down the street as I see here. I am in territory held by whites, mostly, but I have noticed that PAID niggered are dong the same here, except the ones here are paid for directly by establishment folks… I have watched them long enough to know. They go to Western Union to receive wired funds, for the purpose of roaming my streets.

  17. Amenophis
    Jun 14, 2019

    I’m very well aware how this topic has nothing to do with the Northwest Independence, but it is hard for me to remain silent confronted with such amount of lies. Yeah, lies. There’s not one valid point in mr. Dalmazia_ind post. I only ask the mods to let me state some things for truth’s sake.
    Mr. Sunic is a Croatian, and he may be called a Croatian nationalist, but he is also a prominent white nationalist and author, member of more think-tanks in Europe and America, and he proved his value numerous times. Besides, he is the promoter of Northwest Novels too, since he wrote very good article about mr. Covington work. (chechar.wordpress.com/2012/04/23/sunic-on-covingtons-northwest-front-novels)
    And to crown it all, he is certainly NOT “obsessed with hatred against Serbs”, and all of his contributions to this question have been always constructive ones. It is easy to check this statement.
    Croatians don’t speak Serbian, although the languages are very similar (or were made that way in Yugoslavia, but this is another topic). There are other countries with similar languages (Denmark – Norway for instance) and nobody claim such things about these.
    Croatia is not “ruled by jewish and muslim minority” and to say so is more than incorrect, it’s ludicrous. Of course there are jewish influence in Croatia as anywhere, or even less than it is the case in western Europe, and I suppose in the US, or Canada. And there’s not one Muslim in Croatian government (there is one in the Serbian government though).
    “Hatred of catholics” has been generated through Serbian aggression and crimes 1991-95, as well as before. And statements like these ones mr. Dalmazina_ind made, surely won’t help it to abate.
    There were no Turkish minority in Croatia, baptized or not. It is another crazy thing in mr Dalmazia-ind post. One has to understand that the word “Turk” had different meaning in the past, and it meant simply a muslim. The modern meaning of the word came only after WW2. There were of course a lot of Croats and Serbs who became muslims for various reasons, be it by force or to improve their conditions, but they didn’t become “Turks” in racial or even ethnical sense.
    Also local Christian population was not “majority orthodox” (again, something that can be proven easily). Actually, most of the orthodox population in Croatia came in the country during 17th and 18th centuries and the process is well documented. Whether these people were ethnic Serbs or orthodox Wallachs is another story but I suppose it to be too academical for this little unwanted discussion.
    “Agram” is simply German word for Zagreb, just like the German word for Ljubljana is Laibach, and has absolutely nothing to do with the Jews. It is another absurdity in Mr. dalmazia_ind post, and I suppose he knows it. Everybody from ex Yugoslavia would have. “Agramers” are the citizens of Zagreb in local dialect that has nothing in common with yidish language.
    Ustasha movement was fascist one, and that’s why it has been so haunted and lied upon to this very day. Jews can not stand it, and there’s been constant stream of demands either from Israhell, and International Jewry alike to remove any memory and unbiased sources about it.
    The lie about “jewish generals” in NDH army had been debunked many times (on Stormfront etc). Some names are phony, some were not generals, and none were Jews. It should be mentioned that the army of NDH was the last one still fighting in the European theater of WW2. Battle of Odžak ended at 25th May 1945.
    Well, these are facts, and now – back to the Northwest Revolution!

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