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Radio Free Northwest – April 11th, 2019

The Party replays the “Halloween 2012” episode since it contains a healthy amount of “education vs. action” in addition to some interesting (though not at all seasonally appropriate) entertainment value.


  1. Woodsman
    Apr 14, 2019

    Not sure I would have used the jew crew at TRS as an example, but I meant to comment on something similar that I hope is addressed in next week’s RFN.

    In this episode Harold talks about the delusion that waking people up will somehow get other people to do things for us (which ties into the White Character Problem). But I look at it as simple math: Supposing Class A’s appear as 1% of white people and we need 1,000 Class A’s to get the party started, then we need to get 100,000 people “converted” to white nationalism. Okay, white people are lazy and stupid and don’t want to take any risk, yes we know. But a tiny minority of us are willing to do whatever it takes to guarantee the survival of our people. The “Alpha Gene” that Harold talks about is still present in our population, just in minute concentrations. We need to reach them!
    I think this is what all the people filling your inbox with ideas about “waking people up” are talking about. They don’t mean we should substitute talk for action, and they don’t mean we should cower behind mass movements. They mean if we need bigger numbers of better men, we need to first REACH people. And sure, that will mean sifting through metaphorical oceans of low character, GUBU and all the pathetic weakness of the white character as it stands. But to get to that 1 Class A in a hundred will make it all worth it.

    Time and time again I see some of the best people – the doers that don’t talk much – say they wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for somebody pointing them to the books or videos that show them the truth. I wouldn’t be here if a random dude from Spain didn’t tell me about what’s happening in Europe and point me to /pol/. Sure, the number of us who can look at the statistics and suddenly change our whole life’s goal is rather few. But that means we need to cast an ever wider net.
    What is the alternative? That we have to wait for divine intervention to swell our numbers overnight? I might agree with Harold’s retelling of Pastor Butler’s “Cosmic Thumbprint” idea (that God is keeping a thumb on the scales of fate and preventing us from rushing into battle too early) but as the saying goes: “God helps those who help themselves.” Shouldn’t we be laying the groundwork as best we can until such divine intervention appears one day? Perhaps this is youthful ignorance on my part.

    Just some thoughts I hope to see talked about next week. Until then, good luck and take care comrades.

  2. Class A family
    Apr 18, 2019

    It’s happening. People are coming. We are unable to post or update due to security in occupied ZOG areas, so keep up the podcasts and updates. It’s working. The major Democratic cities are uninhabitable to Whites. The Trump plan to place invaders into sanctuary cities may be afoot. 1 more loyal class A family is heading home.

  3. common sense
    Apr 18, 2019

    The TRS/TDS and the generic alt right crew lead by Richard Spencer are not the kind of people who are going to lead a serious movement when niche racial homosexual statisticians and obscure lucid communists can humiliate them.

    The youth do not believe in the traditional white character that made America great. More young American adults actively hate us (or themselves) on race based on lies by teacher salaries we’re forced to pay for. [Source: https://www.flagusa.org/patriotismreport/ ]
    More young American adults, in their prime years, are suffering the character crisis and fundamental inability to reason that is at the root of mainstream political dissolution. The alt right embraced the GUBU, which is why it represents failure.

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