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Radio Free Northwest – March 21st, 2019

Andy and Jason share the Front’s message on the retribution meted out to the Muslim invaders of New Zealand in Christchurch last week, HAC’s piece on Joseph Stack from 2010 fully applies almost a decade in advance, and Gretchen reviews Niccolo Machiavelli’s classic, The Prince.


  1. Comrade Jason
    Mar 22, 2019

    This is the link to the Joseph Stack video on the NorthwestFreedom YouTube channel mentioned in this week’s RFN. The fruit loop YouTube censors have placed a disclaimer warning on it on behalf of all the faint-hearted sissies out there, but if you are of stout heart, you can click on through it to the frightening content beyond. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXdW88aVg-4&bpctr=1553275155

  2. A. Noman
    Mar 22, 2019

    The Aryan morality of “virtue, honor, superiority, and excellence” is good, although “nobility” might better serve in the third place.
    However, he would instruct about revolutionary theory must accurate about revolutionary history. The Kind David Hotel was located in Jerusalem (@ 17:25)

  3. Comrade Jason
    Mar 23, 2019

    Thank you for the correction. I have fixed this inaccuracy in the broadcast. It is strange, the things that stay with you…twenty years ago I heard of the bombing for the first time, in passing, and as being in Egypt. I thought that seemed a bit strange, given the name, but I did no research on it at the time. I have certainly learned since then that it was in Jerusalem, and, in fact, read that again when researching the year of the blast for this episode. Why didn’t my brain re-write the old, first data, both long ago, and again this week when actually doing the show? Who knows? Memory and recall are funny things…one of the reasons eye-witnesses to crimes are only factually correct about 50% of the time, and prosecutors generally hate having to rely on them, because of the vulnerabilities they open in any case when put to cross examination by the defense.

    As for the word selection, I see nothing included in nobility that is not covered, essentially, by “honor.” Additionally, any number of Leftists will obviously consider themselves noble for pushing the “noble lie” of racial equality. Can’t upset the mud-colored little darlings, don’t you know. However, superiority is truly an Aryan value worthy of inclusion in a list of four. It comes readily to my mind as a direct counter to the ludicrous egalitarianism of mass democracy and the instinct for communist leveling in the intellectual pap the Jew has fed us. Aryans have always understood what Thomas Jefferson called the “natural aristocracy” of men, the existence of superior and inferior, the greater value of the the former over the later, and the need to distinguish between them. This is captured in the notion of the meritocracy, and the National Socialist “Leadership Principle,” The Best Must Rule. Quite frankly, “superiority,” held as a value, distinguishes us from modern society perhaps more than any other word of the four.

  4. Comrade wolf
    Mar 23, 2019

    I understand we usually steer away from conspiracy theories. However, after looking at multiple videos of the shooting broken down by several people, I am convinced this is just like a Hollywood production, FAKE. there are many things that give it away. I won’t go into them but, the one that blows it out of the water for me is the fact that a magazine was sitting in the mosque before he even entered the building, which he then slipped into his rifle later.
    I guess it doesn’t matter in the end. Most people will buy it, and the kikes will still push more crap against us. It does however help us see what they are doing and how they are going about it. It still doesn’t change what has to be done.

  5. Hammerheart
    Mar 24, 2019

    A great RFN.

    A corrective (meant kindly) to “superiority”:
    The globalist judeo-technocrat class, etc have promoted “superiority” as their ie. THEIR version of “meritocracy”, over [Aryan] ‘superiority which by a total coincidence, favors the Technocrat Class. Superiority does not equal “meritocracy”; the latter is a system for disenfranchising whites except those whose are globalist elites/technocracy class ie the white part of the problem. (I’ve done nothing but slightly rephrase HAC.)

    The Prince by Machiavelli reviewed by Gretchen: Awesome.
    My book recommendation: The Way & The Power by Frederick Lovret; also Living The Martial Way by Maj Forrest Morgan. (Neither are racial works.)

    Really, a great podcast. And thank you for dealing with a major world news story the week it happens & not 6-12 mos later!!!–much appreciated!

  6. John Beattie
    Mar 24, 2019

    THE HOUR IS BLACK AND WE ARE LATE. AS OUR DR. WILLIAM LUTHER PIERCE SAID IN HIS ” TURNER DIARIES “…….. ” IF WE CAN’T GET OUR PEOPLE TO LOVE US, THEN WE WILL GET THEM TO FEAR US ” ? One way or another, we have to break through the ostrich syndrome, or our race is finished (jb).

  7. Excellent RFN. With Covington’s timeless influential guidance and the HQ’s hard work, the idea of the Northwest Imperative will, in time, prove itself to be the best and only plan. Nice job, comrades.

  8. Woodsman
    Mar 26, 2019

    Harold’s clip on Joseph Stack is excellent, and ought to be one of the clips everybody should show when first introducing the idea of the NF to somebody new. That being said, the music in the clip is so loud it makes it hard to understand Harold, especially on the cheap tinny speakers that come with most consumer devices.

    It’s a bit of a long shot, but would the HQ group happen to have the unedited source audio from that episode that could be re-cut with the music levels adjusted? Barring that, is there anybody here in the comments versed in audio wizardry who could tweak the clip we have?

    From Comrade Jason: I actually thought about doing so for this RFN, but was running short on time. I still have the original files. I can’t recall whether I set the recording levels at the time, or Harold did, but I agree the music is too loud for the voice, and I know more about audio mixing now. Maybe I can get around to pulling everything back together to get it done this week, now that someone else has reinforced the need. If so, I will put the corrected audio into the show.

    Update: Completed. Thanks for the suggestion – CJ

  9. Barney
    Mar 27, 2019

    The Christchurch video is obviously faked, but imho our propaganda should treat reports of what we know to be false-flags and hoaxes as if they’re real because (in many cases) they reinforce our arguments for a White Homeland.

    As just two examples, 19 cave-dwelling arabs with box cutters DID NOT demolish the WTC, and Sandy Hook shows all the signs of being a film set. Even the “school” is known to have been closed years before.

    We can see that most of these “attacks” either didn’t happen at all or were carried out by agents of zog, but saying that publically doesn’t do our cause any good and makes it easier to denounce us as “conspiracy theorists”, so imho it’s usually better to at least pretend to believe the official version.

    I believe this was also HAC’s thinking, but I won’t have confirmation this side of Valhalla.

  10. Fathers Initiative
    Mar 28, 2019

    …Playing catch-up on the past 4 episodes which I didn’t comment on: last month, HAC’s monologue once again asked us NOT to commit acts of violence. Through the years, HAC usually provided new material. But, there were a few repeated Talking Points: Mainly this.
    In the next episode, Andy spoke of an issue which he’s mentioned a few times before. “You don’t speak for us”. Personally, I’m guilty of identifying with with brand-names etc which I’m not exactly authorized for. But, If someone’s behaving badly, this can be problematic. This works both ways, too. Many of us identified as AltRight until we heard those loony interviews with Richard Spencer.
    One in a while, RadioFreeNorthwest has featured interviews on other programs. I wish I could learn more about those other podcasts. They’re usually unfamiliar to me.

    This current episode really topped everything. For years, I’ve been trying to find a way to explain that Acts of violence would hurt our movement. Andy’s point was PERFECT: “It doesn’t work”. Comrade Jason might’ve even topped that. He stated that when Jews ruin our countries, they’ve NEVER done this using mass-shootings, or other conventional warfare.
    I’ll add another point: Our movement should achieve our goals completely, not through personal satisfaction. Just like it makes no sense to take-down any specific individual. It’s gotta be done right. You need to win hearts and soul of White people.

  11. JR
    Mar 28, 2019

    Woodsman – here is an excellent audio of HAC’s sound advice on the Joseph Stack suicide:


  12. kerdasi amaq
    Mar 30, 2019

    I was reading the long manifesto Brenton Tarrant wrote, the one that they have tried to delete. The Northwest Front gets a mention.

  13. Woodsman
    Apr 02, 2019

    @kerdasi amaq
    I read through Tarrant’s manifesto after I saw your comment, and no the NF does not get a mention. However the concept of ‘Murrica balkanizing does get some attention, which I see as more signs of the inevitable dawning on more and more of “our” people. It’s probably for the best anyway, the longer the NF can remain under the radar, the better. I’ve been intentionally avoiding the usual sites I browse and actively trying to “burn my tracks” by deleting old accounts and acquiring new devices with different MAC addresses for all my new browsing. Based on the media coverage and the little cues given off by big sites like 8ch, I can sense the Tarrant debacle was “something big” and there are more shadows moving about in the murk than usual. I’d wager that it’s very unwise to be browsing sites like this with your own IP address at the moment.

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