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Radio Free Northwest – March 14th, 2019

For this week’s rerun, we have opted to replay one of Harold’s early appearances on the Mike Harris show because of its focus on the secession movement.  This is another political canard that won’t work just like traditional system politics won’t work.


  1. kekistani pilgrim
    Mar 16, 2019

    I have a couple suggestions for some serious ideas that need covered. I’ve met many people who will act racially conscious much of the time, but when faced with that one really nice nigger, they let down their racial guard and say, “he’s okay for a black guy.” This is how shitskins creep into communities wherein they may not be otherwise welcomed with open arms. Even the nice nigger brings mean niggers eventually and the nice nigger is likely going to be going after white girls, given that he’s one-of-a-kind in this situation. The other issue really bothers me and I’ve never heard anyone tough on the subject. How many self-professed, pro-white people are out there who have no telltale signs of jewsih heritage, other than the occasional and often missed mention in an article or YT video. Mike “the kike” Enoch, Stephan Molyneux, Ben Shapiro and Lauren Southern are proper examples of jews that look white. So, how do we tell if we have no proof on social media or personal admission whether someone’s a jew?

  2. Fred B. Woodward
    Mar 17, 2019

    Before you shed too many tears for the euthanization of 50 or so Muslims in New Zealand, reflect back on 9/11.

    We saw innocent people leaping out of the twin towers so they wouldn’t be burned alive. Not counting the so called “peaceful Muslim” hijackers who went to meet Allah and be rewarded with 24 virgins, 2,975 people died that day. Wikipedia reports that since then, more than 2,000 Americans who worked at the site have died from toxic exposure.
    Four airliners loaded with innocent passengers were flown to destruction while their pilots bled out on the aircraft floor after having their throats slit with the box cutters that Muslim terrorists were allowed to bring on board.

    Anti-gun advocates should consider that if just one passenger on each aircraft had been allowed to carry a handgun, all the destruction on 9/11 could have been avoided. Guns trump box cutters.

    Time to put this situation into perspective.

    Fred Barrett Woodward
    Author of the White Nationalist novel “Highway To Valhalla”.

  3. JR
    Mar 17, 2019

    Fred B. Woodward is repeating an Archie Bunker guest editorial advocating passing out hand guns to all passengers on US domestic air flights.

    I strongly disagree. Our problems are racial/cultural – our problems with the 9-11-01 Arab Islamist mass murderers were racial/cultural – just look at them. They spent the night before going to strip clubs, they had complete disgust and hatred for our people and our culture.

    How does the government in Israel or Japan handle such things- by passing guns to everybody.

    No – Israel has never had an incident of an Arab hijacking of an Israel airplane – nationalist Jews in Israel take precautions and yes they profile.

    Japan doesn’t have any problems with Arabs/Pakistan Muslims mass murdering Japanese or raping Japanese girls because Japan doesn’t allow mass Muslim immigration – you can probably get close to 99% agreement of Japanese that they will not do American/Western European style open borders for Arabs/Muslims.

    Seems pretty simple to me.

    But – so many White Americans are all obsessed with the US Constitution, gun rights, Libertarian loon stuff.

    If we ever get a White North West Republic I hope we don’t even bother to write a Constitution which would probably end up like our last one which doesn’t mention race, immigration, Islam.

    The Japanese don’t bother putting in Muslim banning in the Japanese Constitution – nobody bothers to care about the Japanese Constitution which was I think imposed on them by Douglas Macarthur. Old Doug was probably another race denying Constitutionalist.

  4. Barney
    Mar 20, 2019

    Guns on aircraft? No thanks! One bullet through that (almost) paper-thin skin could spell disaster. Better to ban moslems.

    kekistani pilgrim asks how we tell a jew when it pretends to be White. This isn’t 100% reliable because some Whites have this procedure too, but I imagine most genuine White Men wouldn’t object to an attractive White Woman checking whether “something” is missing down below.

    Ok, not every man would willingly submit, but those who refused would have to be considered “suspect”.

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