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Radio Free Northwest – February 21st, 2019

Andy on physical copies of the Northwest novels in the age of After-Harold and remembering that system politics holds no promise for Whites, second half of last show’s panel discussion, Gretchen with a book on the Holohoax, HAC and some lady comrades, and comrade Jason on men and women saving the White future together.


  1. OOTSS
    Feb 23, 2019

    Let’s say a White Separatist revolution in the Pacific Northwest really did kick off, what would the U.S. Loyalists do and say then? Would they support the establishment of a White Homeland in accordance with the 14 Points of the White Genocide Manifesto written by David Eden Lane and wage war against the beast-entity “United States”, or would they support the continued existence of “United States” (“Union”) and wage battle against the White Separatist Northwest Independence Freedom Fighters? The #14Words mean death to “United States”, not loyalty towards it. America is our race’s destroyer. And that statement is easily verifiable in David Lane’s writings:




    DECEIVED, DAMNED & DEFIANT (14 Word Press)


    David Lane: Years ago, I said the day would come when America’s police and military powers made up of many races, including vicious race-traitors, would come to murder the last true White men and carry the last White women and children off for integrated recreation and sport. Both sides in this final battle will be waving the murder rag and singing God Bless America. It is so far beyond insanity that there just are not words. For thirty years now, I have cringed in horror as I watched the deceivers who lead possible resistance look like total idiots. 


  2. Tehkek
    Feb 23, 2019

    An important topic:
    War has changed from race-motivated to money-motivated. The more you go back in history, the more you find race-based wars. Present day wars are more financially motivated. We are coming into an era of a combination of race and money wars. This issue should be discussed.

  3. Tehkek
    Feb 23, 2019

    How you can get to the homeland if financially constrained: find a county in a state in which you want to live, and ask the County Clerk for a list of tax delinquent properties. Find a suitable property and pay delinquent taxes on said property and now it is yours. Move onto the property you just got. You should then share this knowledge of the process with family and friends, perhaps also make this a business for yourself.

  4. Lars Emilsson
    Feb 25, 2019

    When I was a green second lieutenant in the Army many decades ago, I was eager to prove how smart I was by identifying a problem or suggesting an operational improvement that I perceived as mission critical and then to be the first to report it to the company commander, thinking that he would order someone above my rank to take charge of the situation. Typically the captain would wryly compliment me for my observational skills and ask me what exactly should be done to rectify the problem. If I was unprepared to provide a detailed, well-thought-out solution, he would tell me to report back to him the next morning before breakfast formation with a full-fledged action plan. If OTOH I was prepared with a response, he would usually say something like: “Good work, El Tee. Now go make it happen yesterday and get back to me if you need more resources.

    It didn’t take for me long to learn my lesson. If I found a problem or deficiency, it was my duty as an officer and a platoon leader – not to criticize the status quo and then expect someone else to take the necessary action – but instead to take the initiative immediately and to fix it, or at least begin to fix it, from my side to the extent possible before diverting the commander’s attention from his own set of higher-level problems and expecting him or someone else he designates to take charge.

    FWIW, just thought this might be relevant to Andy’s point regarding the letter.

    NB: Of course, my stint in the U.S. Army occurred when it was still a somewhat functional masculine institution and not a multi-cult, feminist-infested social engineering lab.

  5. JR
    Feb 28, 2019

    We just had a God awful Chicago Mayoral election. Only 30% of voters voted, votes were split between 14 candidates. Whites didn’t group block vote, surprisingly neither did Hispanics – there are all these “other” peoples here like Pakies, Indians, hard to figure out what kind of Asians they and of course Homos and Lesbians who do block vote for their groups power.

    The run off is between two White hating, police hating Black or mostly Black women, one an open lesbian.

    Chicago is becoming very much like a Brazilian city – San Paulo or Rio, the roads are worst than Mogadeshu Somalia.

    The Eternal Jew is heavily invested, new fat rich boy Jew governor, Jew handlers spinning and scamming everything.

    I think folks here can recruit Whites in Chicago who want to move out, go someplace better. I follow a Chicago crime and corruption blog (Second City Cop) where everyone pretty much wants out.

    Why not start contacting real businesses, recruiters, real estate folks in the Pacific Northwest to recruit White Chicago cops and others to move out, retire here, sponsor their grandchildren in local colleges?

    I would recommend about being out of the closet NWF White nationalists, instead just post comments saying how much better it is where you live and work now than in Chicago.

    Here’s the blog:



  6. Fathers Initiative
    Feb 28, 2019

    Very good points raised. Regarding Gender, I’ve always believed that traditional roles are healthy, but NOT because raising children is demeaning. Rather instead, having kids is the goal. And, if I had a spouse who earned 10x my salary, then I would devote more time toward family (etc etc). You get the point. ALSO, regarding President Trump… none of us regard him as a savior. just the best thing in politics. and our only alleged asset in politics. Basically, a better option than the democrats or any other republicans. Nothing more or less . Certainly NO savior. The same is true for Putin, and other leaders. They won’t be our savior.

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