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Radio Free Northwest – February 14th, 2019

This week, we rerun the Valentine’s Day 2013 episode because it’s appropriate to the day and it was a genuinely fun episode.


  1. Northwest Tricolor
    Feb 15, 2019

    Northwest Migration is key to White victory

  2. LindstedtTroll
    Feb 16, 2019

    I just love the replays of RFN, Harold is still teaching me and imparting his wisdom.

  3. Freekorps
    Feb 17, 2019

    In addition to the Northwest Migration, it takes a good dose of courage, commitment and dedication to be the keys to White victory!

  4. Woodsman
    Feb 18, 2019

    A good rerun as always. I’ve been rereading the “black sheep” of Harold’s Northwest Quintet – Hill of the Ravens – and I’ve noticed a few things upon second reading. Every author puts a little piece of themselves into their work, but I’d say Hill of the Ravens has the largest piece of Harold’s soul impressed on to it. When one character muses on his memories of North Carolina it’s pretty clear they’re coming straight from Harold. I know most of us overlook Hill of the Ravens for a variety of reasons, but if you’ve got some spare time a reread between the lines would be well worth it.

    I’d also like to propose a question for Andy for next week: whenever one searches up Harold Covington about 99.9% of everything that shows up in a google/duckduckgo/searx.me search – not including all the SPLC articles and lefty rags denouncing “neo-nazis” – is people from a dozen other movements saying horrible things about Harold. Some of them are so extensive I’ve even found myself doubting for a fraction of a second, even though some of these people are very clearly making everything up. One person tried to claim that Harold called Pastor Butler “scum.” Pastor Butler of all people! Yet this is the first thing potential new converts see.
    So I’d like to ask, is there any sort of Biography for Harold? Some sort of telling of the story from his perspective? Something that we can point newbies to when they become interested in the NF and a short Google later come across that egregious article from the NA that claims Harold was doing all sorts of agent provocateur antics (an article where even people within the comments section were poking holes in the timeline of some claims).

    There’s just so much GUBU and sound and fury out there, and I understand Harold tried to avoid it as best he could. But I worry the lack of a specific answer to at least some of these incidents has only given space for the “goat dancers” to dominate the narrative and push away potential converts. When I was promoting the NF in an 8chan thread the most frustrating thing was people becoming demoralized and saying “Oh boo hoo we’re doomed, everybody with a good idea ends up being an FBI honeypot” when somebody links one of these stupid articles. Any help for recruiters?

  5. AJ
    Feb 18, 2019

    Woodsman: AJ… here, I’m going to try to take a small swing at the Gubu. Harold tried to instill some standards into white nationalism, this was met with derision and projection. No one likes to be criticized for character flaws, especially when competing for the all mighty dollar. And there lies the most contentious issue in the movement.
    1 Timothy 6:10 Douay-Rheims 1582 (DRA)

    10 For the desire of money is the root of all evils; which some coveting have erred from the faith, and have entangled themselves in many sorrows.

  6. OOTSS
    Feb 20, 2019

    Suggested change proposals for the NF website in accordance with the teachings of David Eden Lane. (The NF should establish the upper-hand in White Nationalism by holding fast to what David Eden Lane taught and providing easily-verifiable articles that he wrote. Many people think the 14 Words means flying the red, white and blue and pledging your loyalty to “United States”. David Lane said: MY CAUSE IS TO STOP THE AMERICAN MURDER OF THE WHITE RACE. David Lane was not an “American patriot”. He declared very clearly that a White Separatist revolution is needed and we need to carve out a White territorial imperative in North America. There can be absolutely no shadow of doubt in the minds of people that one absolutely cannot fly the flag of “United States” and continue to identify with the 14 Words.

    “Real and major changes in religious or political power systems do not occur until substantial numbers of people realize the old systems are destructive, genocidal and beyond repair.” – Revolution By Number 14: Mechanics Of Revolution

    If the NF wants to establish a White territorial imperative in North America then they need to truly claim the upper-hand under the 14 Words by shattering false illusions.


  7. Donjo
    Feb 20, 2019

    I’ve been thinking about creating a Northwest Front discord server. It seems like a lot of our people use it to connect, and I think it would be a great way to distribute info about the NWF. Would it be okay if I did so? What are y’all’s thoughts on creating social media networks (assuming that such networks are not corrupted representations of the NWF) to distribute NWF info and ideas? Thanks! – Donjo

    P.S. Pardon me if this has been asked before, I’m listening to as much as I can right now so I might have missed it or may have not gotten to the episode that discusses it.

  8. NAR Constitution (PNW)
    Feb 20, 2019

    In the name of the Divine Creator of all things we, the Aryan peoples of the earth, do hereby set forth this Constitution of the Northwest American Republic, in order that we may secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

  9. Goem
    Feb 21, 2019

    Just a thought: It was anti-white sentiment that brought me here. I know we are discouraged here to wake people up, BUT, if anti-white hate got me here, would it be a good measure to drive others here with that message?

  10. Comrade Jason
    Feb 21, 2019

    Any networking that can increase White solidarity and cooperative action on behalf of the mission of the Northwest Front by promoting a White racial state, and the Butler Plan and the Northwest migration imperative, is certainly welcome. Your point that the NF mission and message be accurately represented is, of course, important, and your idea sounds like a good one, as long as no one is trying to hold himself up as speaking officially for the Front. No one who is not in the Homeland, and a part of the HQ group, has that authority, obviously, but if anyone is motivated to take action for the cause as a proponent and booster, that is all to the good, and we encourage it and all like-minded efforts.

  11. Comrade Jason
    Feb 21, 2019

    I am confused by your perception that the NF discourages “waking people up,” for that is certainly a large part of what we are about, and it will always be a necessary function of the work to direct our disaffected and confused brothers and sisters to the answers they need, which we have. Maybe you have gained the idea that we don’t propose this from some of Harold’s commentary that really just says we cannot be satisfied with doing merely this, as it is insufficient. We must go beyond only waking people up, and then hoping someone takes care of the problem for us without further sacrifice and effort on our part. That would certainly be correct…more is needed beyond just educating others. However, education is and always will be central to the “thought pipeline” that will deliver committed and useful racial nationalists to our door. In that vein, it is certainly a good tactic to point out the increasingly hostile environment that modern America is becoming for our people. You and each of us should actually remark upon it to our fellow Whites, who may still have a penchant for burying their heads in the sand, as much as we can get away with in familiar social settings. When people hear others giving voice to their own observations, and remarking upon them, they gain courage from those who are speaking out, and racial courage is one of the things White Americans must regain. As foolish and gullible Whites over the last six decades gave an honest try at this whole thing of, “Let’s see if the niggers really can be equal, just to gain some peace and shut them and the goddamn Jew-controlled media up,” our muscles for exercising racial politics have atrophied to almost non-existence, and they need to be built back up through frequent use again. So, by all means, do your part wherever you can and as often as you can. America, created by Whites, for Whites, as an extension of our civilization in Europe, is increasingly no longer a fit home for Whites. The more of our people who come to realize this, the sooner we can all start thinking and planning for what comes after America.

  12. Fathers Initiative
    Feb 22, 2019

    I remember that guy who held the entire West-Coast hostage. You’d think that an entire army was involved.

    As for the suggestion from ootss, we’ll all take these things into consideration but I’ve loved the layout of this website. It’s soothing for the eyes, but not too simple. It drew me here in the first place. I always wondered how HAC derived this site’s aesthetics. I always thought the family was waving the real NF flag. (lol).

  13. Barney
    Feb 22, 2019

    I too have never understood Andy’s opposition to “waking people up”, as stated in numerous podcasts. He seems to think it’s a waste of time trying to educate people, but we were all unaware until someone “woke us up”.

    If people aren’t aware of the problem, they can’t do anything about it, so imho spreading the message is vital to our survival.

    I know Andy’s a good man, so I don’t like to criticize, but this is one issue we can’t agree on. If we don’t “wake people up” to the dangers, they’ll die in their sleep, perhaps literally, when they could have been working for White unity against the common enemy.

  14. Andreas Donner
    Feb 25, 2019


    As it stands, we’re likely looking at a Q&A episode of RFN in a couple weeks. Even so, I have never, ever opposed making information available and “spreading the message.” You’re well aware of the numerous times I’ve gone over this subject since you reference them all and yet you claim not to understand. Could you clarify which parts of the presentations you haven’t understood? This particular issue comes up enough that it’s well worth my time to go into it, regardless, but I have a hard time believing you don’t understand. In fact, that claim might be the jumping point into how I explain this for the umpteenth time.

    And since we’re talking, I have a sincere question. If / when I go over this again, would you listen and critique the argument rather than what you want me to have said?

  15. John Smith
    Feb 25, 2019


    Delete that discord server immediately.


    “Discord and the Southern Poverty Law Center are working together to try and rid the platform of hateful groups, a Discord representative said.”

    They are forwarding anything the ADL and SPLC asks for to them including emails/IP addresses/other assorted metadata. How are you not aware of this?

  16. JR
    Feb 25, 2019


    The American full time 24/7 White Nationalist movement has been plagued by personal feuds, jealousies, gossip for, well forever.

    And yes Mr. Covington has fallen down in to this very many times.

    I recommend separating the art from the artist. Mr. Covington was a great writer and teacher, very good public speaker.

    He wasn’t good at a lot of other things like fundraising, business – he wasn’t able to get White people in need things like:

    A good job
    A good girlfriend/wife

    We all need to find people who are good at these things.

    Our “Movement” also attracts a lot of dysfunctional losers who frankly would be dysfunctional losers under most any system.

    I recommend not falling down in to this stuff yourself, none of this “he said, she said”.

    That said, if someone being presented as an American White nationalist leader turns out to be Jewish homosexual pedophile like Frank Collin, yeah, that needs to be handled.

    Otherwise, don’t air dirty laundry like when some guy starts F*#&$@ a close movement friends legal wife.

    I also just highly recommend none of us makes American White nationalist movement our entire life. Take up some White hobby like supporting White College hockey, hiking clubs, whiter forms of partner dancing.

  17. Barney
    Feb 26, 2019

    Andy – I’ll try to explain, but it could be nothing more than a difference of opinion as to what “waking people up” really means.

    For me it means helping people find a path to racial truth by pointing out some aspects of the problem (“planting a seed”) and encouraging them to conduct their own research as opposed to giving them everything at once, which is likely to have the opposite effect.

    You do use the term “waking people up” as a futile exercise in a lot of the podcasts (I’ve got them all), so I can only assume your understanding of this term differs from mine, hence the misunderstanding.

    As I said, I don’t like to criticise, but this may well provide a useful starting point to overcoming our differing views on the matter.

    I’d like to end by thanking you for taking the trouble to respond, and I will listen carefully and provide the requested feedback when you go over the subject again.

  18. Donjo
    Mar 03, 2019

    @john smith
    Okay, I deleted the Discord server. I wasn’t aware that Discord was releasing personal info, just thought they were purging servers like Twitter does with accounts. Kind of sucks because I want to help, but don’t really have much that I can do until I Come Home .-.

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