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Radio Free Northwest – November 29th, 2018

The Party opts to replay a very early RFN episode to help many of the newer listeners understand our stance on system politics and the path to the creation of the Northwest American Republic.


  1. Barney
    Dec 04, 2018

    Late again! (Sorry Andy and the team. I know you’re working hard to get on top of things, but HAC understood the importance of getting the weekly podcasts out well in advance of the official deadline.)

    Being trapped in the belly of the beast, the sewer that was once England (and will be again), it could be argued that these podcasts aren’t really intended for people in my situation, and while that’s true up to a point, for most of us they are our only contact with the party, providing, if nothing else, assurance that we’re not fighting this war entirely on our own.

    It seems to be generally assumed in Britain, and in Europe generally, that we have to follow events in the US, to take that as our cue to re-take our own countries, because for any one European country to take the initiative would be suicide.

    There’s a lot of anger over here, but we don’t need pointless acts of martyrdom like Joseph Stack or Dylan Roof. We look to the party for guidance as to the best time to act.

    I’m sure the Great Man is watching from his throne in Valhalla. He knows better than I ever can how hard you’re all working, and I’m sure he approves.

    He’ll approve even more though when you can get the podcasts out on time (meaning early, like he always did) and without having to rely on re-runs of old work. The movement needs to look forward, not back. That way lies stagnation and ultimately the demise of the party.

  2. Andreas Donner
    Dec 05, 2018


    RFN has only been late once and that was due to circumstances out of the Party’s control. The deadline to post episodes was always 8 PM Pacific time on Thursdays. Some users report seeing UTC dates and I’m not sure what’s up with that, but this episode, like every other excepting that one, was posted by the deadline.

  3. Andreas Donner
    Dec 05, 2018


    Here’s another way of looking at things: I and the rest of the HQ group are deliberately not sharing the things we’re up to right now and that’s not likely to change any time soon. There are much more important things going on than producing new RFN content. The “Class A’s” the Party has always geared out material to understand this. Quite a few of them are still in touch about Coming Home and helping out, too.

    The HQ group and I are all in agreement that yes, this transition is difficult for everyone involved, but no, we are not going to apologize for taking care of things that need doing. We’ve made the situation as clear as is appropriate and our statements regarding such stand.

  4. Julian Lee
    Dec 05, 2018

    This is intentional improvement and enhancement of the Party at the hands of Donner.

  5. Andreas Donner
    Dec 05, 2018

    @Julian Lee

    Thanks, buddy!

  6. Andrew
    Dec 06, 2018

    Brilliant, incredibly insightful, born of a lifetime experience and observation. This is probably my favourite HAC podcast because it succinctly details the moral courage and intelligence required to push forward in the cause of the Northwest American Republic. This cause is real comrades! You can achieve Freedom from the Beast if you just listen and, I mean LISTEN to this talk by Harold. Analyse his every word and points made. Absorb them and apply them to the reality that is your life right now and going into the future.
    Allow your intellect and Harold’s podcasts to get the better of your judgement. NOT your anger!
    @Barney. Your commitment to the cause of White survival should be more pro-active to your circumstances in the UK than sitting around waiting for an RFN broadcast to bolster your sense of worth. What are you doing legally in the UK to further the cause? I hope you are not following the Shaboz goy Tommy Robinson?
    Mr.Donner, please keep repeating the words of the late GREAT HAC, because they are now and will be in the future as relevant as ever. To all detractors and critics, what the hell are you doing right now to secure the future of white people? You have been given a credible blueprint by Harold, the Butler Plan. Read it, and read it again and again until you can recite it verbatim. Listen again and again to Harold’s podcasts because they are the best education you will get in how to succeed at this. The neo marxist postmodern world hates your guts. it wants you and your kind extinct, DEAD! So stop the sneering criticism of Andy Donner and be a God damn comrade!

  7. Hammerheart
    Dec 07, 2018

    This is a great HAC piece that needs repeating.

    It has one flaw: Donner says ‘…not “systems politics”…’, but actually the term is never defined (if you blink you miss “electoral”). 30-60 seconds spent defining terms can save enormous amounts of time & energy.
    HAC & others said they wanted “Normal white people from Normal World, ie NOT from within “The Movement”, to become interested & join etc”. The problem is when you originate in normal world, completely outside the movement, it’s like being a civilian vs military: the other people are talking (writing, etc) in incomprehensible code, acronyms, etc.

    Barney: you guys are not dependent on the US of A. But for a freak throw of the lot, I might’ve been raised in the UK & be there now. I feel many of your (“y’all’s”) burdens as tho they were my own. (I turn red with anger when Chris Eccleston says he couldn’t portray Dr Who with a Northern accent but was ordered to use RP, etc.; admittedly a minor issue compared to extinction). I don’t know if any of you from Iceland to the furthest East Greek island can ever crawl out from under the crushing weight of European history, etc.
    What I do know is that if you lot don’t at least try, you’ve let Londonistan/the EU/Brussels/the ruling class/the globalists/the bastards win.

    This raises a very important point:
    Suppose Europe somehow miraculously turned around (but not at this stage, the US).
    Many people, from Native American Indians (eg Vine Deloria Jr) to some White Pagans/WNs have suggested White Americans “go back to where they came from”, ie their European country of origin.
    Problem: the low white birthrates originate with the fact that in Europe, physical space, land, along with resources are so terribly limited.
    Europe couldn’t possibly absorb all the American (et al!) white population wishing to return.
    A bioregionalism model, with a view to a white ethnostate Homeland (“14/88”) in the Americas, clearly points to only a few possibilities; of these, the Pacific Northwest remains the best candidate. Whites in America et al will have to forge a homeland somewhere, if they are to survive, if for no other reason than Europe simply can’t take in many millions of (ie white) refugees.
    The bioregional homeland, probably the Pacific Northwest (Butler/HAC etc plan), remains a dire necessity even if Europe were to somehow miraculously turn around.

    The 1984 ‘Panopticon’ super-surveillance state is being perfected in China with a view towards our lords & masters importing it to the West (i don’t know enough about Russia to comment). The clock is ticking. The sci-fi Brave New 1984 World dystopia is on the way. We don’t have forever before the sort of “campaign” HAC portrays, in a simple straightforward manner at least, becomes largely impossible, after which it becomes a Matrix-ish cyberspace war between computer geeks.

    I tried to warn people going back 3+ decades, but I was normally told to STFU. Now even the people like HAC have admitted it all comes down to the computers, the algorithms, the numbers etc. The system can normally wear down rebels, protesters, etc. (eg, look how Occupy finally lost steam & fizzled; watch how the Yellow Jackets thing in France gets worn down). The strategy is to fix it so any effective resistance can’t get out of the hangar; it is intercepted at the hangar doors or at most a few steps down the driveway. In HAC’s NWNovels, the rebels could obtain shelter, transportation, phone service (critical to basic ops), food, ammo, could engage in monetary exchanges etc. The ‘very hard’ scenario–where the US/WDC has declared full embargoes, maybe martial law* etc, where rebels cannot obtain these things, cannot use (possibly obtain) cash, cards which can immediately be traced etc–was not one HAC portrayed.
    * The gov declaring “martial law” is a Right wing trope. My point would be that with the computer systems (phone tracking & monitoring, it’s illegal to own a manually-operated car, immediate blocking of access to or use of money ie in ANY form, etc), they probably don’t need to. The person who insists on having cash, or strange irregular transactions (or anything else), a 2G flip phone with no GPS, a manually operated car without contemporary electronics (can be switched off/manipulated remotely, etc), by these things alone is in “violation” of whatever (including things cooked up on the spot). (Sounds Ray Bradbury-esque, no?) The liberal populace is now paranoid re: whites & white males. A white guy comes into a 7-11 & pays in cash & a highly concerned person (male, female, white, non-white, whatever) agrees with the day’s PSA to “Report Suspicious Behavior!”. THAT’S what we’re headed towards.
    Oh, & we have one of the world’s huge tech hubs right here in NW Washington in a huge metropolis, with the other huge tech hub(s) south of us. Ie, apart from China (where this stuff already exists), among the first places this stuff is likely to be implemented.

    HAC said the system is run by a bunch of stupid morons whose incompetence can be counted on. That was one of our few fundamental disagreements. Not all the security apparatus are dumbass idiots, & they’ve now got not merely computers but sophisticated algorithms, facial recognition systems, AI etc as more-than-equalisers.
    There are still options, but the window on a HAC Novel-style deal is closing.

    I honestly thought Harold was going to live long enough to see at least part of his dream realised, eg a functioning communications center of the type he opined, & that I would be helping him with it in some way. Now he’s deceased & I don’t know as we’ll be able to use the internet etc in future (5 years? 15?), never mind grand communication centers etc. One thing we know for certain, Trump is out of office in 6 years at best, & then we may rest assured The Empire Will Strike Back. If we think things are bad now, just wait. RFN going out a week late will be the least of our problems.

  8. David Steel
    Dec 09, 2018

    Barney, there are plenty of things you can do whilst in the “belly of the beast” and sitting at home whinging on the laptop is not one of them. Plenty of ways you can help the Movement, all perfectly legal, it just takes a little bit of effort and sacrifice.

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