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Free PDF Copies of Harold Covington’s Northwest Independence Novels

We’ve made a habit of recommending the PDF copies of the Northwest Independence Novels since that is the most accessible method of obtaining them.  Even so, we never put them up anywhere.

Until now.

The Northwest Independence Novels page of the Party website has been updated with download links.  Pass this one all around, please!


  1. Molly McGuire
    Jul 28, 2018

    Thank you!

  2. BadGoy
    Jul 29, 2018

    Everyone needs to download these and share them.

  3. Josh
    Jul 30, 2018

    Thank you got the four on pdf I have a soft copy of dreaming the iron dream but I don’t have the other but got em

  4. Stephen Christopher
    Jul 30, 2018

    Will the proceeds of the Amazon sales still go to a good place? I’ll have to buy the ones I haven’t got yet.

  5. Andreas Donner
    Jul 31, 2018

    Stephen, that’s something we’re still working out. Sadly, we don’t have a solid answer for you right this moment.

  6. Stephen Christopher
    Jul 31, 2018

    Thanks, Andreas. I’ll stay tuned.

  7. JR
    Oct 08, 2018

    Does anyone have Mr. Covington’s excellent commentary on the murder of Vicki Weaver? Or complete runs of Mr. Covington’s “Resistance” Zine from the early 1990s.

    With Social Media monopolists seriously curtailing free speech of race realists or even just mainstream Conservatives, I think we need to go back-up to things like Zines.

  8. Andreas Donner
    Oct 09, 2018


    There’s a good chance you’ll find those on his personal blog.

  9. JR
    Oct 10, 2018

    “Andreas Donner
    1 day ago
    There’s a good chance you’ll find those on his personal blog.”

    Can you include the URL of Mr. Covington’s personal blog?

  10. JR
    Oct 13, 2018

    Thanks Andy. But, HAC’s archives only go back to 2005. I’m looking for HAC’s best articles from his Resistance newsletter/Zine from the early 1990s during and after events like WACO, the Randy Wiever Siege and murder of Vickie Weaver. Anyone have source for that?

  11. Blitz the Cat
    Nov 17, 2019

    Could you release the books in the epub format, so they can be read on ebook devices?

  12. AJ
    Nov 17, 2019

    @ Blitz the Cat, Harold’s Novels are available at http://northwestfront.org/northwest-novels/ in PDF format. I have found calibre https://manual.calibre-ebook.com/edit.html easily converts to many formats, I believe epub format is an option.

  13. Blitz the Cat
    Nov 29, 2019


  14. AJ
    Dec 03, 2019

    @Blitz the Cat Look for email at address you provided.

  15. Blitz the Cat
    Dec 24, 2019

    I’ve sent two mails to the address I’ve been contacted from.

    The former one you can ignore, as ideological talk may very well be a waste of your time, especially, if you’ve made up your mind. In the latter one I’ve basically asked for which conditions you’d find acceptable for publishing the epubs, and an answer to this one would be nice. Afterwards I won’t harass you any further.

    I can live with you not promoting us, but I dislike the idea of having wasted days of work, and I think, that those epubs would be useful for many people. I also dislike to upload them over your head, because I’ve promised not to do this.

  16. Blitz the Cat
    Dec 24, 2019

    I’ve just noticed, that you’re now publishing epubs, so you also find it to be a good idea. Great. But those files you’re serving, and which you’ve probably found at archive.org, are of really low quality, because they have no dynamic linebreaks.

    The epubs I made are of significantly higher quality. And just so you know, converting a pdf into an usable epub is not easy and requires hours of manual editing, so my files probably are the best thing you’ll find.

  17. Andreas Donner
    Dec 24, 2019


    We’re aware of all points and in time, we would like to improve what we’ve put up. I emailed you personally to handle the discussion some weeks ago. Please let it be. Had I known you invested that much time, I would have suggested you not since it was very speculative at best.

  18. Blitz the Cat
    Dec 25, 2019

    Our server got deleted as a 卐-mas present, so contact via mail is pointless right now. But I’ve read the e-mail you’ve sent a few weeks ago, and answered it. I do believe, that your mail provider let my mails through, but they may have ended up in your spamfolder, as that’s what usually happens to new mailservers.

    Use my epubs, because they’re better than yours. I made them for myself as well as for other people who want to read them. If you don’t want to promote us, that’s fine. I considered the promotion to be a nice side-benefit, but my main aim was to give something back, as I enjoyed the reading.

    Simply use the editor from calibre to remove the helicoptarian logo you don’t like – look inside the (I think) second xhtml file in the listing and delete the tags, and also the .PNG file from the epub storage, or just let it in, as it’s not large and won’t be displayed, if the tag has been deleted from the xhtml. If you’re not good with editing, then answer this message, and I’ll do it for you.

    I’m sorry for harassing you like this, as that’s usually not my style, and I’ll stop after this message. Simply do what’s in your best interest. I’m not carrying more impurities than anyone else you’ll come into contact with, but unlike most other people, I’ve been willing to put work into something that mainly benefits you.

    In any case, merry 卐-mas. Take your present.

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