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Radio Free Northwest – June 14th 2018

HAC on terrorism, misogyny, LARPing and other good stuff. Gretchen, Trucker, and Andy chime in.


  1. The Ghost of Jacob Marley
    Jun 12, 2018

    One man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter.

  2. Barnacle Bill The Sailor
    Jun 12, 2018

    I wish to hell the White man DID have some terrorists in our corner. We’re cowering like whipped dogs while these people tke everything we have, including our lives if we happened to be named Edgar Steele or Jeff Hughes or Lavoy Finnicum or Kate Steinle or Jeff Shifflet or God knows how many other countless thousands down through the years.

  3. Tony C.
    Jun 12, 2018

    I wanted to say that last week’s show whjere you discussed the history with Pierce you were really honorable on how you did it. A lot of the older guys in the movement can’t wait to wave the skeletons out in order to make them feel better. But you didn’t attack him in my eyes. You gave him the credit he earned by learning from Commander Rockwell as well as for his books. People like to say it a lot but in this case it’s true. It was very white of you to do. I truly believe you are in this thing of ours for the better of our people. I know my acceptance is not needed but you have it. Thank you for you time and hail victory. Until my family and I make it to the Homeland if there is anything you need I’ll do what I can. Thanks again.

  4. Dead Laszlo
    Jun 12, 2018

    Dear HAC,

    I really like Fire and Rain and A Slow Coming Dark. It’s a shame that people don’t understand who controls the publishing industry. If Fire and Rain is ‘filthy’, then I wonder what the supporter would say if he read any Bizzaro literature. He/she’d probably have a heart attack and their brain would explode. Even the titles of those novels/novellas just scream filth, decadence, and all around perversity – the likes of which would make Caligula blush!

    It amazes me that various WNs refuse to live in the ‘real’ world. I can understand why – the ‘real’ world is full of chaos and depravity and WNs just wring their hands and complain. Another thing that astounds and stupifies me is why in the hell would any ‘right’, Conservative, or even so-called Christian evangelical (I know, I know, Israel, blah, blah, blah…) send their son or daughter to an American university. After seeing some of the courses on offer in various history and English departments at various universities in the States – I’m really curious as to what goes on in these peoples’ minds.

    Thanks for the pdf.


  5. Jashub
    Jun 12, 2018

    HAC. Is there anyway you could post a link here to your old post on the ‘Twelve Points’? Wasn’t able to find it (as you said its buried) at Jugears, etc.? Thanks!

  6. Red Green
    Jun 12, 2018

    It’s only terrorism if we lose. If we win, we get statues of us put up in parks.

  7. Robert
    Jun 13, 2018

    The mindset that exists with most white women is the deadliest blow the kike Jew has inflicted on white males. Personally I think this needs the most attention. When white men scream about them playing for the wrong team, the real issue is they don’t even realize there is even a game being played.

  8. kerdasi amaq
    Jun 13, 2018

    This may be a book of interest, concerning the Norman invasion of England and its consequences to modern times:


  9. Barney
    Jun 14, 2018

    Not “if” we win, Red Green, but WHEN.

    I too enjoyed reading Fire and Rain (thanks, HAC, caveat acknowledged). You slipped some good stuff in, especially towards the end. I’d personally have liked to see a few paragraphs dealing with Matt’s initial reaction to the murders, difficult though that would have been to write. In my own case it was real, and it took me about three years to get back to something resembling normal (whatever “normal” means after something like that). I liked the final resolution though, and I’m hoping for something similar when my own time comes to move on from this world of evil.

  10. anon
    Jun 18, 2018

    For the record:
    Richard Spencer is a 40 year old meterosexual manchild with all his millions of dollars and prestigious tier 1 D.C. contacts, still can’t attract winners. MSU was the March of Madness.

    Sick costumed freaks with serious criminal gang records that prevents most job interviews, never mind a legitimate organization.

  11. anon
    Jun 18, 2018

    @Barnacle Bill
    Personal CHARACTER.
    Orderly conduct
    Strength to endure:

    People will not honor ignorant sick freak’s temper tantrum so long as movement cancer exists. Nor should they.

  12. Hammerheart
    Jun 18, 2018


    Just to let you know, I am not an Elon Musk fanboy.

    To me, he’s just there. He’s 40 years late a $4K short.

    Unfair of me, & unreasonable? Sure, I suppose.
    To quote somewhat paraphrasing John Trudell as Jimmy Looks Twice in Thunderheart, There’s the reality of freedom, & there’s the appearance or illusion of freedom.

    The Elon Musk thing is buying whiteness, an illusion of whiteness.
    I haven’t heard the ‘SA Jew’ thing anywhere else except here. He might’ve been my hero when I was 14 etc. Not now.

    When his soldiers start getting lawfared, defunctionalised, maybe even jail etc, we’ll see if he comes to their rescue. I’m 99.99% certain his assurances or appearance of assurances are worth the same as Trump’s–ie nought.

  13. Lost Lenore
    Jun 18, 2018


    The Emily Van Evera version of ‘O Viridissima Virga’ was absolutely beautiful, another great choice of music for the podcast, I think. I never heard that one before.

  14. Dave From Texas
    Jun 20, 2018

    I’m going to go ahead and take the bait on this one. I’m not sure if this is Covington’s postion on this but feminism is not really a white man only disease. Some numbers might indicate Japan has it worse. (See Herbivores or Grass Eaters in Japan).In fact assuming W N ever gets it’s head out of its ass on the “white knighting” woman worshipping nonsense. They might become the solution. Fact Is women DO NOT Build civilization. Nor is there any hope with married cucks who will stay in perpetual debt, feeding the “wife’s” never-ending lust for status. The 50% men’s fault also does not fly if you are looking at divorce rates from the 1970s to now. Which last time I looked was 70% probably up to 95% now. As I have pointed out white men are tired of putting up with western bull shit. And as I have seen Asia has both a booming technology sector as well many Asian women who will gladly take white guys. Same as many leftist white bimbo’s want to hook up with Niggers. (Female Hypergemie at work here) So NWF has a limited amount of time before younger white men are forced by both economics and Western sexual politics to relocate. Of the younger guys I know Gen Y who are doing the “marriage thing” two have Asian wives, and one has a (White) South African girlfriend. There are ramifications for screwing young men up the ass by the State. And those ramifications ARE financial, social, and militery defeat.

  15. C. H.
    Jun 20, 2018

    Hello, I emailed you (or Harold, depending on who is reading this) a week or so ago, but I think it got caught in the automatic spam filter or something.

    Anyway, to update from that (possibly unread) previous email, I’ve listened to the basic contact protocol on YouTube, and I realize that if you had received the email, it probably sounded like an ICI. I assure you, it’s not, and to make that clear, here’s my mailing address: [redacted]. I’m planning on going on my scouting trip the next time I’m laid off, which is a part of life in my field. Which brings me to my question. I know it’s crystal ball gazing and it’s impossible to say for certain, but you have more experience in this than I do, and I would appreciate your wisdom on the matter. I could make it out to the PNW in a month or two as I don’t have a whole lot keeping me here in Ohio, but I would be going with not much more than the clothes on my back and whatever skills I picked up in the army or when I was driving a tow truck. However, I’m in an electrician apprenticeship program, and would be able to find a job and help fund our efforts in the NW more easily if I was able to finish, along with room to expand through an electrical engineering degree, which would allow me to start my own business and hire our guys. The catch is that my union hall has already invested in me and I haven’t heard of anyone able to transfer across the country like that.

    My question is whether you think I have the 5 years to work here to finish the program and make myself more useful when I’m there in the future, or whether I’d be better off leaving now? I’d be interested to hear your input and maybe discuss other things in the future.

    Thanks for your time and effort, Saoirse an dath Ban.

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