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Radio Free Northwest – April 26th 2018

HAC, Andy, and some British guy off YouTube debate on the subject of debates.


  1. JP
    Apr 23, 2018

    How did the legal system work in Germany under Nat soc? These lawyers have to go. They only justify a corrupt system, nothing more.

  2. Bill Gilbert
    Apr 23, 2018

    Andy ought to go off-the-cuff more often. That one sounded pretty good.

  3. The Guitar Man
    Apr 24, 2018

    That “Old Ways” feature you mentioned sounds like it might have possibilities, Harold.

  4. Ed Reynolds
    Apr 24, 2018

    That commentary on how things were done back in a time very few of us remember sounds like something worth hearing, given Harold’s historical knowledge and the fact that he was there for some of it. I would also be interested in hearing what life was like in the old Rhodesia and South Africa.

  5. Harold Covington Super Fan
    Apr 24, 2018

    I agree with the British guy’s overall point that anyone that either declares themself a movement figurehead or who is declared by the Jew mass media to be a movement figurehead should be forced into what he called “internet bloodsports” which is to say open debate so as to back up their opinions.

    The only thing that infuriated me about the guy’s otherwise sensible talk was that he bought into the chan site bullshit meme (4chan and 8chan) that says Varg Vikernes promotes hiding in the woods as the solution to the Jewish problem along with the implication from how the british guy set things up that Vikernes (along with the other movement figureheads) does not defend his views.

    Utter nonsense as Varg has answered this charge on his Thulean Perspective youtube channel and rightly pointed out that if there is a general breakdown of the system or system wide collapse all those “smart people” of 4chan and 8chan who live in the cities will get eaten (literally) by roving bands of niggers and other non white trash once the trucks are no longer running and thus bringing in the food supplies, meanwhile people who supposedly are “hiding in the woods” ala Vikernes will be well fed since they took the time to prepare and learned to live off of the land not to mention people who live out in the wilderness are less prone to contracting nasty diseases and viral plagues that effect citygoers more readily since they are all lumped in together like a can of sardines surrounded by both masses of humanity (whites) and subhumanity (the dark hordes of colored and Jews).

  6. Chris from London (Re-post)
    Apr 24, 2018

    A millennial White Nationalist just told me that he has chaturbate [the adult porn site] pinned on his browser bar in between RFN and the Daily Stormer. https://chaturbate.com/ Harold… How the fuck do I work with these people??

  7. Lewis Hall (Re-post)
    Apr 24, 2018

    Actually, yes, Harold I remember getting that Metzger letter. I also got the one you sent out from the kid Klassen buttfucked up in Otto. That didn’t make a dent either, as I recall.

  8. Harold
    Apr 24, 2018

    @Lewis Hall

    Yeah, but I’d rather not revive the Klassenkampf. God, that was grotty!

  9. John Duffy
    Apr 24, 2018

    I don’t remember the postmaster letter, although people told me abojt it, but I do remember the one you sent out about Metzger getting drunk and dancing around like a chicken while singing that song from the Simpsons.

  10. Mike From Portland (re-post)
    Apr 25, 2018

    I strongly second the 4-19-18 RFNW comments by Harold Covington Super Fan. People who believe in magic much past pre-teen years are too irrationally stupid to be anything but trouble.

    Yes there are many. And they are accepted based on numbers without seriously thinking about the Judeo-Christian nature of these
    people’s beliefs based on all but one(?) bible book written by Jews. The stupid shits don’t even read the damn thing, they just listen to sex-pervert preachers or to the top 20,

    One of the few bible chapters I’ve read completely is Esther, my mother’s middle name. So I discovered Jew-strategy & tactics that transpired leading up to November, 2016 were simply Jews once again reenacting the past.

    Trump is playing gullible Persian King Ahasuerus (aka Xerxes the Great, 518-465 BC, quiet, back-stabbing, slime-ball
    manipulator Jared plays Mordecai; influential daughter Ivanka Kushner plays Esther who was Mordecai’s niece, not wife. It’s not yet clear who’ll play Artabanus, the king’s assassin & commander of security. There’s an uncountable number of possibilities for that role. So far, it’s death by a thousand cuts from Trump’s Jew-town past and dozens of Jew lawyers.

    Besides Zionist-Christians too dumb to understand their own “good book”, there’s many social/sexual liberals. And many mixed-race with a steady stream of new White men impregnating Asian, Mestizo even Black women on top of a pile of malattoes from White-slut females. And don’t forget about the well-organized sexual deviants who form a powerful political block.

    We can’t build a White world on magic or with race-mixing liberals or society’s dregs. On top of personal disgust for these groups, there’s another issue I’ve never seen discussed. What sexual deviants, tattooed faces, lip-nose-tongue rings tell me is these people(?) with pink-spiked hair are such complete victims of Jew mind-control it would be futile to waste efforts to salvage them. Instead of a welcome mat, maybe rejection will help some re-evaluate their beliefs
    and recognize the role Zionist-Christians play in destroying White culture.

    It isn’t just magic that befuddles these people. It’s their social, sexual, race-mixing liberalism that prohibits them from recognizing the vital importance of race. Focus on the far-too-few people who recognize the world has a problem, who are finding others & learning more from them.


  11. J Ryan
    Apr 25, 2018

    I disagree with the British guy – the constant gossip and infighting in Alt Right or worse 24/7 White Nationalism is a huge, hug turn off. There are plenty, plenty of extremely rich *#$&# enemies and traitors like the still alive George Soros and the CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz who never receive anything negative, let alone revolutionary bullets for their attacks on our people. We should dox our enemies and our traitors – mess up their personal lives, get them fired from their jobs or in the case of the F#*$&# Jew Starbucks ex CEO Howard Schultz get his annual compensation cut from $22 million a year to maybe $100K.

    We can and should do things like go to Starbucks shareholder meetings. It doesn’t take much to become a shareholder.

    Howard Schultz isn’t even the CEO anymore he spends all his time planning, doing and funding anti White causes like promising to employe 10,000 undocumented migrants to insult Trump and Trump supporters. Now he and some Jew real estate swindler in Philadelphia have pulled off a hate crime Hoax and have called in Eroc Holder and the ADL to reeducate, indoctrinate White minimum wage Starbucks workers.

    Why do we let these enemies get completely away with this and instead spend most of the time gossiping and infighting against another WN, Alt Right activists.

    We need to learn to dox.

  12. Dead Laszlo
    Apr 25, 2018

    That idea of a feature on how our people really did things in the old times sounds like an excellent idea. What would be the first segment?

  13. Travis
    Apr 26, 2018

    Right on, Harold Covington Super Fan!

    Wasn’t that Enoch guy the one who started saluting in front of TV cameras at the hailgate thing? Eh, what does it matter? AltRight hasn’t any standards.

  14. Jashub Shields
    Apr 27, 2018

    Not sure if I’ll bother with listening to Lee Rogers again. [Warning] Way too much cussing which was too annoying and distracting for me. Anyhow, at 50 min (about) he gives an assessment of the AltRight after NSM’s rally in Georgia. Currently, most the altRight are purposely shunning public rallies, even physical confrontation with the Antifa, and now backing away from University events.

    I suppose one of the few healthy results of Charlottesville was spurring critical discussion within the altright about public rallies (not merely optics [what clothes to wear and what banners to sport] but other “In the Real World” priorities akin to community-building). Spencer and others set the tone by “Operation Homeland”, which was a half-way approach to visible engagement with the public, using flash rallies, banner drops, and leafleting vs. broadcasting in advance large planned demonstrations which antifa and media could prepare against. Hard lesson learned?

    If post-C’ville has other ‘plusses’ (and probably why it remains a turning point for WN whether for the good or bad) its the huge gains in cyber-audience that altright websites and radio have since received and appears to be sticking around. We’re talking about sites with tens of thousands, if not hundred of thousands, hits per broadcast. So, the consequent ‘virtual ratings’ is Lee Rogers main point as he considers the health of the AltRight at the 50 min mark. Being more cynical, I have to ask if a bigger cyber-audience will indeed translate to IRL, and if the IRL is sufficient quality to build either new, or partly reclaim old, institutions? What the Alt Right apparently has accomplished is a ‘break thru’ internet presence by use of techie media, and perhaps, more importantly, a similar diffusion of ideas.

    Or, as HAC sometimes wonders, perhaps it’s only generating more keyboard activism and modes of sensational entertainment? Maybe there is a feedback loop here with ‘sensational’ discourse of any kind, leaving community-building just too boring?

  15. Volker
    Apr 27, 2018

    Harold,tell us honest in your opinion White Race in Western Europe and Germany are doomed? If not,how we should act in such dictatorship and powerful zionist-matrix of power?

  16. James
    Apr 27, 2018

    So, the Alt Right is weak and dogged with scandal and in-fighting, and the strategy here is not to take the opportunity to become more prominent by debating. It is not your opponent you have to convince, it is the listener.

    When the locusts run out of food, they swarm and start eating each other. The time is right to throw your moldy old hat into the ring. You have the experience, the credibility, the knowledge, and you won’t engage?

    The opposition, and by that I mean the progressive left, they never stop, they just keep going, so even though you do not have the money they have, you still have to keep going. Your other opponent the Alt Right is not so much an opponent but a chimera. At this moment in time, you should be taking every debate offer and every interview offer you can get your hands on against the Alt Right. There is an audience out there, they are angry and depressed and ready to listen to something else, and a way forward that actually is a solution.

  17. Devin Sible
    Apr 28, 2018

    Harold, you are considered fraudulent because you’re not given Americans a Warranty on their Feedumbs and so they can keep their props. You’re making people spend time and money building communities on a new expression of American nationalism that opposes the liberal, egalitsrian, loose consumerism of Athenian styled Americans.

    You’re making people go past awareness into responsible actions to sacrifice for their ideals and nation. That’s not fun. You’re not fun. Stop asking for men and material when Americans want a Trump character to buy them pizza as they hort the hodor with their favorite degenerate bodcast that plays like an MTV skit. Your making us shut up about dumb ideas shilling for the shekels on superchat like a camwhore. Your telling us to clean our room.

    Not cool. We don’t clean rooms. We throw money at useless drug addled e-celeb racist degenerates for entertainment as most of the huite race kind of deserves their inglorious fate. Hump the Drumpf and hort the dortler. Amirite?

  18. anonymous
    Apr 28, 2018

    The millennial shitty Americanized consumer attitudes are the precise kind of people Murrikah can keep. Its like the old old story of the lady who baked the cake who asked for help when nobody would. When she finished, she rightfully wouldn’t share to those who wanted her cake, but they could have pieces of the next one if they helped.

    We’ve got too many lame white boys and middle aged men who are doing lame things, constantly trying to bring awareness to a product, but refuse to control quality, manage logistics or close the sale. Without closing the sale, all of their awareness is just another stormfront with more contemptable cartoons.

  19. Wes Hay
    Apr 28, 2018

    Does anyone know what happened to SAGA? (the female lead singer and head of the band from Sweden.) I don’t know her name) She seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth.

  20. Hammerheart
    Apr 29, 2018

    Very interesting content to this week’s show, thank you.

    Apr 30, 2018

    Excellent podcast as usual Mr. Covington. I totally agree….I do not think we have to “engage” in a tsunami of endless “debates” which only makes people on the sidelines question the movement more and which entertains our enemies who are watching us. I really enjoyed the “legal side” to all of this with your historical perspective on the “real consequences” of being a White Nationalist and how all in the movement need to be careful how they comport themselves or risk legal and financial jeopardy. Because sometimes….they really are out to get you…..The Tom Metzger information was very revealing and I would like to hear more (time permitting) about the history of the movement up to now i.e. seizure of property, lawsuits, ramifications, etc Be good to know their legal playbook going forward. The particulars of the legal Beast Zog system taking the Metzger donations and sending them to the splc or other uber liberal anti-white racist groups was very telling and a cautionary tale….as they cannot defeat our ideas….they cannot defeat our will to power…..they cannot totally defeat the Aryan Race yet they incessantly try…..but instead they attack us on “their playground” i.e. the legal beast court system and not our own. Once the Homeland and New Reich gets underway, we will have to “block out” with our tech dept all the Bolshevik news coming from the Amerikan territories. We will need to have our own state run media with no outside influences whatsoever…..because without it we are doomed. CNN and MSNBC transmitters must be jammed hacked and blocked from entering the Homeland completely. And that goes for all the Amerikan juden mongrel run news media. We cannot let that toxic level of fake news contamination and liberal brainwashing to ever reach our shores. No TV shows that “they” program unless they are state approved, no liberal rag “newspapers”, etc. need apply. Sieg Heil from my Rocky Mountain stronghold.

  22. Coming Home
    Apr 30, 2018

    @ Wes Hay
    This is what I was able to find on Saga. There is a link to purchase music.

  23. kerdasi amaq
    Apr 30, 2018

    The Book of Esther. I read somewhere that this was the one book not found amongst the Dead Sea Scrolls.

  24. Lunatic
    Apr 30, 2018

    Hi. I’m crazy as a shithouse rat and I think I’ll fill up your comments section with deranged gibberish.

    [Deranged gibberish redacted.]

  25. Sparky
    Apr 30, 2018

    ‘British guy’ on featured segment goes by the name ‘Brutus of Troy’

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