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Radio Free Northwest – October 12th 2017

More Brandenburg vs. Ohio from HAC, Brother Andy testifies.


  1. Al Smith
    Oct 09, 2017

    I finally made the trek back home. I am now in Idaho and looking for fellow comrades. Fortunately I have found some decent folks to stay with who are intolerant of foreigners in our land, they even kicked beaners out of their inherited property, in which I now live. I am alarmed at all the foreigners I see here, since I last lived here decades ago.

  2. Charles Lee Ray
    Oct 09, 2017

    That song is talking about the Kent State shooting.

  3. ThurstonCountyComrade
    Oct 09, 2017

    Hi Al, i been to Idaho and meet comrades there. Fine people all of them. Even a few Assatru comrades. Havent seen them in a while though, our second meeting failed. If any of you are reading this then you know who I am. Lets get together again comrades.

  4. Andy Donner
    Oct 10, 2017

    Surprisingly, I was also able to pick up on the reference to the Kent State Massacre. Way to make me feel old, Harold!

  5. Lord Lucan
    Oct 10, 2017

    So Andy when it comes to the question of religion will Islam be declared a barbaric uncivilized and consequently un-Aryan or not a NOBLE religion since Aryan means noble. Spain abolished the Aztec religion which practiced human sacrifice, the Incas practiced child sacrifice, placing them on the top of a mountain to die. One of the gods of the American Indians was Okey. He was worshipped by torturing prisoners. Settlers were burned to death to appease their god Okey.

    Before America was founded these Indians were deliberately exterminated. I believe they were the Seminoles.
    Judaism is an evil religion but so is Islam which has a mandate to exterminate all non believers. Mohammed on his death bed called for the extermination of all “People of the book” meaning Christians and Jews. Mohammed hated music and therefore this explains the massacre at a music concert in Manchester and Nevada.

    After Columbus went back to Spain the local Indians on the Island of Hispania sacrificed one or two of his sailors. On his return as the governor of the island he proceeded to try and exterminate all the Indians. Remember General Sherman, “The only good Indian is a dead Indian.” So should we not be saying since the defeat of ISIS in Syria. The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim is a dead Muslim.”

    Since the white race is still one of the only civilized races left religion does matter. True religion is Opium but Christianity and Buddhism is like comparing a palace with dog do-do. And the Tibetan Buddhists still use the left-handed Swastika as their sacred symbol.

    Those that live by the sword shall perish by the sword. Since Islam lives by the sword and Mohammed has stated in the Koran that he had become victorious through terror. Therefore Islam must perish by the sword. According to Hinduism the white race are the descendants of the gods, the white race is the highest caste and the priest caste. Hinduism is the world’s oldest religion.

  6. J Bramlette
    Oct 10, 2017

    Sorry if I sound dim, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of “the duck books”, if I heard that right.
    What are those?
    Do you have any titles in particular.
    Thanks in advance, and Hail Freedom!

  7. Tina Roper
    Oct 10, 2017

    How can I get notifications for new podcasts?

  8. […] Brandenburg vs. Ohio from HAC, Brother Andy testifies. […]

  9. Mountain Man
    Oct 10, 2017

    I know this comment is a week late but this is in response to the two guys from Radio Aryan last week talking about violence and killing our enemies as our finally solution for survival as our race. May suggest that’s only half true. I propose that it’s not just bloodshed that will save us but blood, just plain old blood, white blood that is. What I mean is we won’t be able to fight if we aren’t increasing our numbers. We need to start reproducing like rabbits if we’re even going to stand a chance. In other words we need start getting white women on board with this, because we can kill our enemies all we want but if our woman don’t support our cause we’re fucked! Currently millions of white women have been brainwashed to hate the male of their own race. That needs to stop. We need to figure out how to get our sisters on our side, because the only true way to stop the genocide of white people is to create more white people!

  10. Tina Roper
    Oct 10, 2017

    I also highly recommend The Brigade!

  11. Jesse A.
    Oct 10, 2017

    Al Smith I’m currently in Boise Idaho. There are definitely a lot more non-whites being brought into the area.
    I really enjoyed HAC’s information about Martin Luther had an armed escort of 200 men when going to Rome. How we need to remember that to defeat tyranny, we must use armed force.

  12. Ray
    Oct 11, 2017

    Harold, please enable your nwnet email account to accept emails from protonmail accounts. I tried to contact you twice already, however, your nwnet email declined both times.

  13. Guest
    Oct 11, 2017

    Along the theme of your past few podcasts, something in my bones says that once the ‘fun’ starts, those who call for calculated restraint should be one of many competing stratagem. Do not regret the character Oglevy. You thought of him for a reason. Justice must breathe, not hyperventilate.

  14. Andy Donner
    Oct 11, 2017

    For some reason, an update to WordPress a long time ago made the podcast feed hard to determine (as opposed to being made evident by the site.) The podcast feed is located at


  15. anonymous
    Oct 11, 2017

    I would have to agree with Lord Lucan on religion. I do note that various forms of successful Christianity have been race realist and not pacifist – the Knight Templer, El Cid in the Reconquest. Early Latter Day Saints Mormonism is very solid on racial matters, plus they had some interesting guerrilla fighters, bodyguards, gunslinging Cowboys like Porter Rockwell.

    Some buddy tried to assassinate the vicious anti Mormon governor of Missouri Bogs (he issued the infamous extermination order against the Mormons). Gov. Boggs was wounded but not killed. The authorities arrested Porter Rockwell and kept him a dirty prison for many months. When they brought Porter to trial they asked him what was his defense:

    Porter said:

    “He’s alive ain’t he. Everybody I tried to kill is dead”

    The authorities conceded that this was true and they had to release Porter Rockwell.

    I highly, highly recommend this movie starring Tom Berringer and Charleton Heston as Brigham Young about Brigham Young’s body guard, plots in the LDS church – it’s a shoot em up cowboy movie.


  16. harpax
    Oct 12, 2017

    A strong podcast, and targets hit. Re Martin Luther, when, in England, the very brief rule of Jane Gray fizzled and Bloody Mary became Queen, she demanded a meeting with her sister Elizabeth to smooth things over with the protestants and read everyone the riot act about her succession. Elizabeth arrived…with 100 heavily armed nobles, and Mary had to play nice. ER apparently took Luther’s example to heart.
    Yeah, Vegas is weird. I listened to a lot of talk, and especially History Reviewed, with J Lamprecht and Alex Linder. Lamprecht is SA, and has some good commentary. Does HAC listen? Anyway, Linder made a good point that the people who rule America seemed to have declared war on the people who are Americans.
    Also, apparently Paddock started shooting after a security guard found him, was wounded, and the police were there in ten minutes…and did nothing until SWAT arrived, and they hung around for fifty minutes. Just think, all these badass cops geared up to take on one 64 year old man. I’m having less respect and fear of our uniformed guardians. If rumors, which seem to keep popping up, of Isis being involved, they must have 0 fear of us. Harold, I feel more and more that this whole system has a deep rot to it. Why are we afraid of these guys??
    In lieu of Weinstein, maybe you should reprint the chapter in Freedom’s Sons where the NWV go to Tinseltown. When I read that a few years ago, I thought it was a little over the top. Now, I wouldn’t mind seeing it at all.
    Again, Linder reminded us that in America there simply is no unity, no country, with millions of foreigners who owe nothing to our system or people. More people must…they must see how empty it all is.
    The NFL ‘kneeing’ only shows more of this, especially when it’s come out that the NFL doesn’t even pay taxes..like a damn church, which sports kind of is. Trump, despite our disappointment, is showing the shallowness of the system. It really is no longer at the top of its game.

  17. Jared Tosterson
    Oct 12, 2017

    Looks like the Spencer cult is coming after you now, Harold.

  18. Harold
    Oct 12, 2017

    @Jared Tosterson

    Yesh, well, what can I tell you? This is our wee little Movement. It’s who we are. It’s what we do.

  19. ThurstonCountyComrade
    Oct 13, 2017

    Harold, i am headed from the homeland to your homestate of NC. Asheville to be exact. Going to visit a friend.

  20. Heath Franklin
    Oct 13, 2017

    If you want us to help you, I suggest making your podcasts more accessible by posting these podcast on youtube so that they can be embeded and shared easily via social media. I support you, but it’s not easy to share this podcast.

  21. Al Smith
    Oct 13, 2017

    Thanks to Jesse A and Thurston County Comrade for the replies. And Jesse, I wholeheartedly agree about using force. However, such direct force is not being used against us on a large enough scale to justify return fire. The enemy is using various means of delivering carefully crafted words to change the minds of the many against us. Our first response, I believe to include the same tactics. I made first contact with a Comrade in Washington and talked briefly about the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP, to sway their minds back. I have begun coming up with some ideas on this…
    The use of thought-terminating cliches can stop their programming and introduce programming anew. An example of these cliches could be ” I am what I am”, in response to something like “white men are evil” and could be followed with stating something showing how you are not evil. An example of NLP that I shared with my Comrade of first contact was calling attention to the beauty of white things like trucks, due to common acceptance of white vehicles looking cleaner or not showing dirt. It is best to use techniques with people who are mentally overloaded and thus less likely to see through the deception. Dogs evoke emotions in people that can also be used to call attention to how white is good, such that I have found it remarkable how dogs with white fur stay so clean-looking, despite having rolled around in the dirt. I am still coming up with ideas and will share. I have not actively used NLP in a while, so I may be rusty and any additions or subtractions to my ideas are thoroughly welcome. Once We Have Become Proficient In Using NLP, we gained a strong foothold in securing our existence and a future for white children. Comrades, have a bunch of kids, because “the more, the merrier”…another saying that would help our cause. OEM

  22. Anonymous
    Oct 13, 2017

    We need to focus on two very important steps that all WN movements seem to be missing..

    1. Creating more white people. And I don’t mean breeding them. There’s no time for that nonsense. And ALL White countries are purposely experiencing a genocide to counter that anyway. The Whites in the West are not White, they are white (goyim). Genetics are only one way a people are brought together. Culture is very important. This has been used against our movement. We need to offer white goyim the one thing the Enemy can not.. a real community. Once that is established, then tribesman willing to lay down their very lives to protect their people will come forward. Simple human nature. There’s just too few real White People left to have a WN movement. That’s why memes are important, BUT NOT ENOUGH.

    2. We need better leadership to meet the first goal. I’m not gonna name names.. but some of our current leaders are NOT effective. They simply are out to benefit themselves. That’s counterproductive to the movement. If a leader or frankly any member is not goal oriented (puts personal greed above race), they are hurting our cause and our community.

    In this way, WNs who put greed above the cause are even more damaging to our goal than a SJW. They sap energy and drive others away from a movement and leader like HAC who is in this for our people first. It would be better to not have a fake WN movement, but that seems mostly to be what the existing alt.right is what with all the queers and demi-Jews and mudsharks. That way, tension and pressure would build, the need for a movement would cause one to be created.

  23. Troy
    Oct 13, 2017

    NLP is simply the systematization of traditional Semitic (merchant, trader) manipulative language. NLP is generally used for manipulating people in generally Semitic endeavours. It appeals to those with below-standard English, who think they can make up the shortfall with this ‘wonderful’ little Jewish tool. Something like a whore’s abortion of rhetoric. Rhetoric btw, was considered by the ‘traditionalist/conservative’ ancient Greeks as a degenerate aberration. No doubt Jews carried it into Rome via Egypt, just as Plato learned his degeneracy while being ‘schooled’ in Egypt (probably by Jewish ‘intellectuals). When one delves into it, it certainly does seem to be a fairly cheap trick used to ‘hoodwink’ unsuspecting innocents. In his campaigning Hitler did not use anything like ‘NLP’, or even rhetoric for that matter. However, you may retort that the problem with the current mass of our race is that it has become so Judaized that only communication tools of that nature (that is to say, Judaic) can be realistically expected to work. Perhaps that is up for debate.

    I would add that if things are at the stage where it is necessary to debate the METHOD of communication, let alone the content, there is a VERY long way to go indeed – if any way at all. Hitler said that any movement which seriously wishes to replace an existing government MUST if it is to have any chance of success effectively be a GOVERNMENT-IN-WAITING. Frankly, it is terrifying to think of 99.9% of the ranks of the ‘white nationalists’ (etc!) holding the reins of any government. Any movement which does not have the real status (to an outsider, peering in) of a serious government-in-waiting, is never going to be considered worthy of support by any person of average intelligence.
    This is self-evident.

    In Europe, all we have here in the way of a serious movement is the Nordiska Motstandrorelsen (Nordic Resistance Movement, ‘Nordfront’). There is nothing else. In the USA, the Northwest Front is the only group that has the serious ‘real-world’ plan. But, as an outsider, peering in, I am concerned that outside of Harold Covington, the plan has no men capable of taking it further than where it currently is [i.e. the internet].

    Extreme diseases require extreme remedies. Da’esh (‘ISIS’) were so successful in their conquests due to their extreme fanaticism and medieval militancy. They gained the successes they gained (US, Saudi and Israeli assistance notwithstanding) due to the fact that they understood that this is an age of EXTREMES. Therefore, only an ‘extreme’ approach, and ‘extreme’ actions will contain the necessary overwhelming force of fanatical fury to puncture the leather hide of this beast that has our race face down in the dust. All these silly little torchlight ‘demonstrations’ and ‘protests’ are frankly embarrassing examples of pissing in the wind, ass-to-grass with pink frilly knickers at the ankles.

  24. Harold
    Oct 13, 2017

    @Heath Franklin

    I agree. The things is, I simply do nor have the physical TIME to do that.

    Tell you what—I’ll put you in charge of that particular project. I assume you already have a YouTube channel. If not, set one up. Better yet, multiple channels. Send me the URLs of the RFNs you upload to these channels you will create, and I’ll advertise them as best I can.

  25. Katt
    Oct 18, 2017

    You know that Shelbyville meeting is going to be awesome because they are right, they keep dumping shitskins in the middle of OLD white communities and new ones too. I don’t hate, I just know what God says about us being bound to our own habitations. He may save and forgive race mixers but he does say he wants us with our own.

  26. ed
    Oct 20, 2017

    An excellent episode. And Harold is right on target regarding conspiracies and the federal government. There was a time when federal agencies were competent enough to pull off conspiracies. All that began to change during the Clinton ’90s with the massive affirmative action/ass-kisser hiring spree.

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