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Radio Free Northwest – September 7th 2017

HAC mumbles for a bit, then Gretchen, Matt Heimbach, and an extended interview with Lord Lucan.


  1. Red Green
    Sep 05, 2017

    Really glad to hear Matt Heimbach on there. I understand he’s actually married and has White children. What a refreshing change to have a leader like that!

  2. Travis
    Sep 05, 2017

    Informative chat with Lord Lucan.


  3. X-Out Quanell
    Sep 05, 2017

    For the few whites who are left who grew up and spent their lives surrounded by other whites (mainly New Englanders), and who have little experience with blacks, the following link shows what life is like for whites in the South today, and what your future may very well be like if current trends continue. What you are watching is one white man surrounded by a group of blacks who can hardly wait to get their shots in once violence erupts and before the cops can break it up. Most however, will not have the luxury of having a half-dozen Texas DPS Troopers standing by to safe their asses.

  4. Al Kidolas
    Sep 05, 2017

    Did Lord Lucan ever meet Enoch Powell or hear him speak?

  5. Anonymous
    Sep 06, 2017

    Re: Gretchen’s marry someone you’ve known since childhood:

    I was moved around as a child so much that the only people moved as much or more are military brats. There was a year where I attended 3 schools.

    American society is mobile (some people more than others). If you asked someone from my 3rd grade to remember me, they wouldn’t even know who I am. Some people do have a childhood in one place with the same people. Some don’t–I was one of them. I don’t see how you get around the fact some people, like me, just will get moved around so much as a child that the most they can say is ‘I’m from the Midwest’ (from Duluth to Houston), & they will be absolutely frozen out of such a system.

  6. Hammerheart
    Sep 06, 2017

    Re: Gretchen
    Gretchen also makes an error in assuming that all parents want to see their children get married. I know for a fact & have experience with ones that absolutely do not, & who were willing to employ virtually any dirty trick to browbeat, force etc a selected child (young or grown) to remain single, usually to care for a family member they have (often unknowingly) been chosen for. Not all parents are models of altruism, want grandchildren etc. Monied families especially can have some rather ugly dynamics going on.

  7. East Coast Don
    Sep 06, 2017

    Thank you, HAC, and thank you, Lord Lucan for the fascinating interview. A lot of what was discussed I did not know.
    Also Matt Heimbach was great and I hope to hear more of him, as well as more of Lord Lucan.

  8. Roy L.
    Sep 06, 2017

    So the trucker is taking shots at those who might get caught in the path of a hurricane in NY… while Montana is full of wildfires and Idaho is rocking with earthquakes?

  9. Harold
    Sep 06, 2017

    @Roy L.

    I can’t really recall the last time that Idaho was “rocked” with an earthquake, and the only serious fire in the Northwest I’m aware of at this moment is here in Washington. In any case, none of this invalidates the basic fact the the Northwest Imperative is right and the rest, so far as they go (and they don’t go very far) are—well, WRONG, actually.

  10. Fathers Initiative
    Sep 07, 2017

    First, I’ve periodically sent many “one-way” letters without expecting any response from HAC. Sure, I would love to chat with him and correspond. But, I understand the effort required to do his weekly program. I’ve operated websites, first with the Men’s Movement, and now, White Advocacy. I sometimes wonder how HAC is able to put out these Shows every week.

    Comment#2- @Red Green ….lol. “what a refreshing change”.

    Comment#3- regarding “Dating”, I was impressed with Gretchen’s take on the subject.

    But, aside from the issues, it’s gonna be difficult to change current trends. Never mind talking about radical feminism. There are many other problems here.

    — It’s difficult for men and women to meet each other.

    — A few generations of people were just plain too immature to get married and start families. It reminds me of a few female relatives who are age 28. and I couldn’t even imagine them settling down. They’re too immature.
    — Many kids nowadays have meager jobs. So, they all sit inside their ‘safety zone’.

    — Combine this with natural gender tendencies. So, young women aren’t open minded about marrying males who are lower middle-class.

    — Women are very picky. and that’s bad news for nowadays. At least, years ago, a man could throw money at her.

    — there are other serious problems which I won’t mention now.

  11. SnuffySmith
    Sep 07, 2017

    Perhaps all the smoke and charred stumps and other fallout from the fires will discourage libtards from moving in? Who wants to buy property which will be at risk now from landslides when the rains come again?

  12. Stephen Landser
    Sep 07, 2017

    AWESOME! cast, esp LORD LUCAN !

  13. Bob Badoglio
    Sep 07, 2017

    With Andrew Anglin and Stormfront pretty much shut down, the NWF ought to start playing nice with those people and with Kevin Strom as well, and anybody else who is racially aware.

    You are being picked off one by one; if the NWF continues to isolate itself as the only ‘pure’ racially aware group, it will be that much easier for the Jews to destory it.

  14. Roger Hughes
    Sep 07, 2017

    Hope you can get your technical issues sorted out. Harold does well on interviews.

  15. Wingnut
    Sep 07, 2017

    @Bob B.

    Light in the loafers Strom is one of the persons, that has crossed the line of acceptability under HAC standards. This “man” was indicted by a Grand Jury for trying to sexually molest a 10 year old girl and for kiddie porn trafficking. Which he plead down to just having kiddie porn pics on his computer.

  16. Captainchaos
    Sep 08, 2017

    Start “playing nice” with fairies, fags, pedophiles and race-mixers? Best joke I’ve heard all year.

  17. BadGoy
    Sep 08, 2017

    Never bend our morals. Bugger boy faggots, dykes and race traitors deserve just one fate.

  18. Basil Brush
    Sep 08, 2017

    What does Lord Lucan think of the BNP?

  19. harpax
    Sep 09, 2017

    I enjoyed Lord Lucan, and his observations and reminiscences. As for Jehovah’s Witnesses, I notice when I’ve read The Watchtower, there are always stories by Germans who turned JH, were in the war, and really anti-Nazi. They almost all are in S. America, Africa, or some third world country or Canada. And they ARE multicultural.
    Gretchen had some thoughtful views, and it’s good to hear her away from books, so I can see a different side of her. I’d say that marriage is desired by many parents, but mine didn’t care much if my brother or I got married, although my Dad, after leaving the family and showing mild interest in us, then complained that he had no grandchildren. I was born in 1952, and see many people from my generation who simply didn’t marry or have children.
    Like last week, this was a superb podcast. I sent HAC a looong letter on last week.
    Like Trump pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio, we should pleased he has gone against the Dream Act…kind of, giving Congress six months to do something (this Congress?), and saying he loves those little kids, etc. Like HAC said in Freedom’s Sons, Americans, when offered a chance to act, will usually do nothing or put things off.
    again, Trump isn’t one of us.

  20. Jaye
    Sep 09, 2017

    M’thinks we could use an updated version of “Who Rules America?” including more recent visuals of the enemy, ethnic mafia that monopolizes the “American” media and forces sh** like “D’jango Unchained” mass opened on Christmas Day by the Weinstein Brothers.

    Mr. Covington’s Northwest Novels are excellent, but most White Americans don’t read novels and their attention span is short – they need to be Red Pilled with simple, straight to the gut visual images that clearly denote who is our enemy, who is on our side.

    The current “Who Rules America?” doesn’t have really any strong visuals, it’s just talk, talk, talk. The 50% of America that voted for Trump is really pissed at the mass media – most go for the lie that the media is just “liberal”. These types will always fall for fake conservative, Neo Conservative “Rah, Rah America” – support ZOG wars against Syria and Russia and always get suckered for some patriot magic negro Conservative like Gen. Colin Powell or some appreciative Conservative immigrant like Marc Rubio, D’Nesha Desuza (sp?) who tries the spin that Democrats when they were Southern Democrats are the real Racists and everything will be great when the GOP abandons Trump and rejects White identity politics.

    No, we need strong visuals about Who runs the “American” media mafia – it ain’t the Italian American mafia. I like this visual:


    Joel Stein LA Times bragging about Jewish monopoly of the media.

  21. harpax
    Sep 09, 2017

    One thing Lord Lucan made clear were the communist crossovers in the Nazi party. Also, he’s right when, in Mein Kampf, Hitler uses ‘bourgeoise’ in hateful, contemptuous terms. You can sense the acid in his writing. A lot of reds did switch over after 1933. There was an expression ‘beefsteak Nazis’ who were brown on the outside and red on the inside.
    Lucan discusses the working class origins of national Socialism very well. A constant attack Jews and conservatives make on Nazism is that it is leftist and really just another form of communisn.
    Dinseh D’Souza, a spokesman for neocons, has a new book claiming…yes…the Nazis were influenced by US Democrat slaveholders. Aha!! That explains it…it’s all the fault of the Democrats. Rush is giddy recalling this absurdity, and I’m almost angered by this attempt to dump on the Democrats, southerners, and the past while still posing as defenders of ‘freedom’ and ‘free enterprise,,’ and of course catering to the blacks; I assume in hopes they will at last see the light and vote Republican.

  22. Paul D.
    Sep 09, 2017

    9/11 was done by jews. 9/11 has been solved and it will be resolved. The Pennsylvania crash site of the supposedly hijacked “4th” commercial airliner was a hoax. I believe the that local sheriff said as much. I believe that that was also the flight which had technically impossible mobile phone communications “recorded” or should we say “pre-recorded”?

  23. Harold
    Sep 09, 2017

    Oh, THAT’s who you are? Chicago Guy trying to sneak back onto the comments section?

    You know, you CAN post under your own name so long as you behave yourself. I don’t believe in censorship, I just don’t tolerate bullshit any more, because the crisis has become too desperate.

  24. Lewis Hall
    Sep 09, 2017

    Harold, I’ve noticed this incredible ability you have to get other people obsessed with you to the point of real insanity. You have not just Jew-paid political stalkers but movie star fan-type stalkers. They have to be around you and have some contact with you even if it’s just trolling you to get you to acknowledge their existence. Chicago Guy one of these?

  25. Harold
    Sep 10, 2017

    @Lewis Hall

    Looks like it, IF … big if … that was in fact him. You see, Chicago Guy is a stalker who in turn has his own stalker who poses as him on the internet, if that makes any sense. (I know, it doesn’t.) Chicago Guy’s stalker likes to troll me into acknowledging him as Chicago Guy, and that’s a pathology I don’t even pretend to understand. For all I know, he may have successfully done so on one or two occasions down through the year and I may not have heard from the actual, legitimate Chicago Guy for many years.

    Or else Chicago Guy is a genuinely psychotic head case who is making it ALL up, including his own alleged stalker.

    God, ain’t this internet thang fun?

  26. Freekorps
    Sep 11, 2017

    @ Anonymous and Hammerheart
    I agree with their assessment of Gretchen’s commentary on relationships. Shortly after college graduation, I was plagued by career selection anxiety and extreme shyness, which after a long time I overcame. When I did overcome my “demons” I found a very
    good gov’t job and announced my intention to find someone to marry and YES, my parents stood in opposition. To make a long story short,
    I did find my special someone and ultimately married later in life, after
    my parents passed away. We are still together and happy.
    I cannot help but wonder how wide spread this parental anti-marriage
    draconianism really is.

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