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Radio Free Northwest – September 14th 2017

The third anniversary of the murder of north Idaho attorney Edgar J. Steele.


  1. Fathers Initiative
    Sep 11, 2017

    This innocent man, Edgar Steele shows how crazy our government can be. And, the media doesn’t seem to care. The FBI didn’t even do a good job, either. Murder for Hire against his wife? Clearly fake. But the public doesn’t seem to care. I”m glad that HAC is discussing this for newcomers. Besides the Edgar Steele Case, here’s enough repeat-information to add an entire segment.

    (Now, here’s a review of the past month on Northwest Front)…
    During the past few episodes, there’s been a lot of debate regarding Male-Female relations. I can give a MAJOR issue which is rarely discussed.
    Quite simply: Society has been taught incorrect advice by Mainstream Media. It’s almost as if, they’re deliberately steering us into the wrong direction.
    For nearly 50 years, women have been told to “wait until Age 40 before settling down and starting a family”. This is totally false information. The media knows that women’s bodies are designed for child bearing at a YOUNG age. and, age 40 is a bad time to plan getting married and settling down.
    Here’s a few quick facts about child bearing. At age 37, a woman’s fertility level drops exponentially. Women falsely believe that she can keep having kids until menopause. Although that’s not impossible, her ability already declines over a decade earlier.
    More importantly, pregnancy is not easy as having intercourse, then waiting 9 months for a baby to appear. In truth, a woman’s window of opportunity is less than 2 days each month. She can ONLY get pregnant just prior to ovulation. And, it usually takes several months to successfully become pregnant. Women’s Magazines taught her that it all happens instantaneously. IF pregnancy is desired, this can all be accomplished within 9 months. Oddly, it sometimes takes a few years just to find a partner before even trying.

    If a couple is attempting to have a child, Fertility specialists won’t even accept them until after 1 full year of unsuccessfully trying. Sometimes, they require 2 years before examining the hopeful mother-to-be. Also note that healthcare (including Obamacare) doesn’t cover fertility specialists, etc.
    I tried to keep that as brief as possible.

  2. Matthew Shardlake
    Sep 11, 2017

    Great podcast. We must never forget Ed Steele, just as we must never allow the fear of the example he was used to set for us by the tyrant initimdate us into failing in our duty.

  3. MadMagyar
    Sep 12, 2017

    @Fathers Initiative: actually a woman can’t get pregnant BEFORE ovulation (the release of the egg from the ovary – hopefully into the Fallopian tube). She can only get pregnant within ‘about 2 days’ AFTER ovulation. That’s how it generally goes. There are exceptions, with undesirable consequences like ectopic pregnancies, etc., but usually this is the way women get pregnant. It’s because the egg is viable for only a short time after ovulation. OB/GYNs may disagree, but I think the ideal is that sperm (which are viable for up to 5 days) meet it in the Fallopian tube maybe a day before reaching the uterus, which means it will likely implant there and not in the tube (which can be a big problem usually leading to surgical removal of the tube and the associated ovary). So the best time to get pregnant is right at or just AFTER ovulation. Otherwise this risks the sperm (which can travel up the uterus and the Fallopian tube as fast as an hour or so) fertilizing the egg before it enters the Fallopian tube. This doesn’t happen too often (1-2% of pregnancies) but if it does, then a woman loses half her babymaking ability.

  4. MadMagyar
    Sep 12, 2017

    . . . oh, and while I’m at it – Happy Birthday to you, too, you old fart! 😉 Bet you thought nobody remembered, eh? Wish we could celebrate together, but my family is still making prep’s to do the move.

  5. Red Green
    Sep 12, 2017

    Edgar J. Steele was a great man. Thank you for commemorating him in this podcast.

  6. Troy
    Sep 12, 2017

    Many happy returns on your 64th Mr Covington – be sure to have a large BEEFSTEAK on your day!

    As we say here, “may your lum lang reek!”.

  7. harpax
    Sep 13, 2017

    It was good to hear a tribute to Steele. I always listened to his Nickel rants and have a copy of his book on racism. A very sad case of the system destroying a man who was courageous and lucid…but two problems I have with Steele is his threatening to squash HAC ‘like a bug’, and why, WHY did he hire an informer? He should have checked people better, and HAC, bug that he is, would have been a good sounding board for Steele. Another example how we WN never get together, but like to attack our comrades.
    Really, the whole Steele case makes our country putrid.
    Also, I was pleased reading an interview with Steve Bannon. Like HAC said, he’s not one of us, but now that he’s free of Trump and the stranglehold of the system, he’s open and honest about where we stand.

  8. Guest
    Sep 13, 2017

    God willin’ and the river don’t rise
    Many Happy Returns to the Old Man
    I ain’t far behind

  9. Fathers Initiative
    Sep 14, 2017

    As for the HAC podcast, I always soak in more information after listening a few times. The FBI did this to Edgar Steele because they could. and coincidentally, this is why Jews attack Western Societies. ….because they can.

  10. EpicKWJ
    Sep 14, 2017

    Christopher Cantwell appears to be heading into a biased court and ridiculous charges – something Steele suffered the tyranny of, too. Just as Cantwell was going to do an interview with yourself, HAC. What are the odds? He is hitting many NWF talking points in his phone conversations series from jail. Eg. uselessness while dispersed; Bolshie controlled cities, counties and states; access to sea ports (which he had to explain twice to the same person) and other NWF key points. Perhaps failed street activism has taken the scales from his eyes.

  11. James C. Marshall
    Sep 15, 2017

    Many thanks for the reminder of the martyrdom of Edgar Steele. He was a fine man, and what the feds did to him was despicable even by their standards.

  12. zog
    Sep 16, 2017

    I have listened to your comments on the Irish British problem, and if you translate that to the USA you will have to be going after Wall Street and Hollywood if you wish to have a similar effect to the IRA on the politics of the British Isles.

    For me, I see a Republican movement that now makes money, not out of protection rackets like the old days, but out of illegal immigration. They help sub saharan africans get to Ireland and then use them as illegal labour in the industrial estates. The result, they use rental homes as a way to replace the lost revenues of the old protection rackets by taking rental money from the africans as a way to fund the mortgages. For them it is great, they get to replace the protection rackets and make a living from real estate.

    The truth is whether Loyalist or Republican in Ireland the game has changed, and the only group that even remotely care about an ethno-state are the Loyalists who did their gun running through BNP contacts back in the 70s and 80s.

    In terms of race, the Republicans do not care. So, you need to update your understanding on this issue.

  13. akmaverick
    Sep 17, 2017

    Almighty Yahweh blesses the Mr. Steele’s truly honorable soul.

  14. kerdasi amaq
    Sep 17, 2017

    I’d suppose that that Fairfax became an informer after he was hired.

    If he was caught selling silver from an unknown source; he may have agreed to tell fibs in exchange for a reduced sentence.

  15. harpax
    Sep 17, 2017

    Zog, I think the Irish mentality is also to sympathize with third world people. For a long time, all I heard from Ireland’s intellectuals was ‘we were the first nation to experience imperialism’ and ‘we were the first natives to be controlled by white elites.’ A lot of Irish seem to prefer identifying with Africans rather then the English, much as many jumped on the EU because they see themselves as Europeans and not British. The Irish have an outdated view of the
    world, and while I don’t think they’re wimps, they don’t really know what’s in store for them, and since they’ve given up the Church, they’re kind of naive to what the EU tells them.

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