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Radio Free Northwest – June 22nd 2017

Andy on Movement and alt.right Jews and bugger boys, plus Gretchen and a British National Socialist and more HAC on stochastic terrorism.


  1. Randolph Carter
    Jun 19, 2017

    Who is the Englishman in this broadcast?
    Hail Victory

  2. Hammerheart
    Jun 19, 2017


    In case you haven’t already heard:

    Attack in UK of what one presumes was a white Briton drove a van into a crowd of Muslims outside a mosque. It appears 1 dead, 7-9 people injured.

    The (?) white male who did this just magically expected to be killed in the attack, but instead was taken alive.

    A Muslim at the scene provided the BBC/news media with the perfect quote, ‘It doesn’t matter whether this was a Muslim or a Christian, it was terrorism, ‘ which the BBC has repeated over & over (both the snippet as well as the words).

    So somebody has done something…sort of… As usual (with noted exceptions) these actions by White males are largely ineffective with a paltry count at the end (“Let me get this straight, he opened fire on a crowd of 3 or 4 hundred people with a. 50 cal bipod, fired over 100 rounds and he hit 4 people, no dead, 3 wounded? Seriously? This guy could unload a blunderbuss in a barrel crammed with ducks and just wing a single duck, right?”).

    The reaction is to label White response as terrorism and something about affecting or altering stuff on the internet.

    Exactly as i predicted the object was to label White responses, including looking at websites, as “terrorism”: There is no distinction whatsoever between eg a white Briton responding to say Rotherham and ISIS slaughtering Yezidis and Orthodox Christians et al.

    The authorities, govt, BBC/news media going on ad nauseum about “attempting to divide us” is incredible. It would be a Woody Allen movie except this is for real. They don’t seem to get that no, it’s for real, this stuff is happening because we ARE divided.

    I feel (with misgivings) ineffectual efforts are worse than none.
    This incident without doubt will set things back. There may be 1 or 2 “copy cat” efforts made which will likely be as ineffectual or worse.

    These attacks by men 50-60 seem to produce some heat & smoke but no real light.

    Btw young people using some spray paint or throwing a rock at a building late at night doesn’t really count as resistance. The young people of the other races seem to instinctively understand their position and role.

    Cmdr Rockwell’s 1st-2nd chapters of WP gave me real pause. Whites in the 1950s and early 60s just rolled over. The more I learn (in this case i mean the history of the last 50-100 years) the more bewildered i am over the junctures where our immediate ancestors could have either turned things around, or perhaps even have prevented large swaths of current problems, and they just didn’t. They rolled over, abject surrender, I’m not sure what other words to use… It’s just incomprehensible. I can understand why whites programmed from birth (by liberal mother, PBS, the educational system at all levels, the whole Judeo-communist entertainment education etc complex ) react the way they do; i do not understand why people reacted the way they did before there was a 20th century, WWII, the Shoah, etc etc.

  3. Heineken57
    Jun 19, 2017

    Dear Andy for the record I haven’t done the 23andme so I have no idea if there’s a nigger in my woodpile or not. And with the tin-foil hatters claiming it’s the jews gaining genetic data so they can create a gene tailored virus to wipe us out, I don’t think I ever will just in case.. I do however know that there are many “whites” in the movement who are tainted and most don’t realize it.. These are those people who end up on kike jew talk shows being shamed when their DNA test is revealed.. A few years back a solider friend of mine fresh back from Europe and I were talking. We were young guys at the time so the topic eventually came to women and what he told me kinda stuck with me.. He said “European women make ours look like retards” He further said ” It’s like comparing pure breeds to mutts” What I’m getting at is that we are indeed mutts, And worse we have been in contact with non-whites for a long long time.. I’m just looking at the facts man! With our declining numbers due mostly to kike jew feminism, abortion, and economic meddling it’s going to be hard especially in the beginning to form our home land particularly in North America with a “pure” white gene pool. We aren’t in Europe after all.. This is a weakness that the jews gladly exploit any time any intellectual discussion on race and genetics comes up so we need a sort of inoculation against it..
    What I believe we need is to set a genetic standard.. This standard needs to be set for except-able amounts of non-white genetic taint as if we were the heath department deciding how many parts per million naturally occurring toxins can be before they become harmful.. I think once we find a small non-jewy company in the Northwest that can do a lot of genetic testing for us in a bulk discount we can set a high concrete standard of 95% white, higher, or what ever our council deems accept-able.. We could even take it further by dividing it into something like, No more then 5-10% Mongolian, No more then 2.5-5% Negroid, And no more then 0.75-1.5% kike JEW in genetic make-up will be accepted concrete for all time DNA based immigration policy.. Once we establish a standard people like Morrakiu can stop complaining about their 1.6% Negroid DNA!
    Also once established make sure to put this standard in “Muh New Constitution” in clear and simple terminology so no liberal traitor taking funds from foreign jews can ever meddle with it’s wording!

    PS: If we ever establish such an institution and I myself come up sub-par “which I highly doubt but just in case” You have my word I’ll eat a bullet if I don’t meet the minimal jewey standards! And if I’m too much of anything else I’ll chemically castrate myself and become a “Lifer” in the NVA!

  4. Lewis Hall
    Jun 19, 2017

    One of the reasons I contribute to Harold and none of these other critters running round on the internet is because I know him personally from Back In The Day and I know who I’m subsidizing. These alt.right characters more often than not won’t even publish a verifiable photo of themselves. Who the hell were we supposed to know who we’re talking to? We’re supposed to send money to a “meme?” I don’t think so.

  5. Harold
    Jun 19, 2017

    @ Randolph Carter

    He’s a comrade who has experienced some trouble with the authorities back in Blighty and so probably shouldn’t be identified in public.

  6. Harold I just plain don’t get this pro-queer business in the Movement. I mean, what the FUCK? (Pun maybe kind of intended.) Seriously, what in the name of Heaven is WRONG with these people?

  7. Saranda
    Jun 19, 2017

    Gretchen needs to post written versions of her reviews, so we can go back and access them at our convenience. Let us know where we can find them.

  8. Roger Hughes
    Jun 19, 2017

    Harold, do you ever think we should just say fuck it and go right back to the hard stuff, the real stuff, the right stuff—the National Socialism of Adolf Hitler with a generous dollop of George Lincoln Rockwell? It’s the only antidote I can see to all this “modernization” horse manure.

  9. Andy Donner
    Jun 19, 2017

    The trouble with this “how much is too much” conversation is that the amount is always arbitrary and ends up being higher than anyone would think when starting out. Discernment should tell us all that we just don’t go down that road because there’s no way to come out of it ahead.

    In the U.S., the real “mixing” danger comes from the reds, not the blacks and browns. Even then, that sort of mixing really didn’t happen as much as it’s said to have been. It turns out having a sliver of prairie nigger was considered the mark of a good outdoors-man and rumors of such just stuck around in families where no such thing occurred. Mixing with other races is much more rare and known because it would have happened in the relatively recent past. In point of fact, the Party standard is “no known racial admixture” and it needs to stay that way. In college, I saw a video about a DNA test where a White American elementary school student turned out to be genetically Asian even though it could be confirmed he had no Asian ancestry. I don’t particularly care for DNA test results for that reason.

    Once again, *DISCERNMENT*, please. This business of “being practical” ends up justifying things which would never have been considered had the matter been thought through by someone who knew what they were doing. These sorts of compromises are to be avoided at all cost because they create the gray areas the jew uses to worm their way into everything we do. I don’t fault people for not knowing the ins and outs of the situation, but I *MUST* fault people for so quickly jumping to compromise.

  10. Randolph Carter
    Jun 19, 2017

    Mr. Covington
    Thanks for the reply. The anonymous Englishman almostt rivals you with his speechcraft.

    Hail Victory

  11. Harold
    Jun 20, 2017

    @Roger Hughes

    The thought has occurred to me. Probably not feasible this late in the game, but at least we wouldn’t have all this “modernization” crap over Jews and bum boys.

  12. East Coast Don
    Jun 20, 2017

    Outstanding comments from Andy, Gretchen fantastic as she usually is, but the best of the best for this broadcast is the “Englishman” that spoke of Martin Luther and the great one, A.H., along with Alexander and Napoleon! Wow! I am going to have to listen to that several times. It was powerful and so, so true!

    Note to HAC: I have noticed that often, when you apologize for a broadcast saying it had to be rushed or thrown together, it often turns out to be one of the very best! Everyone seemed top notch on this one, including you!

    Note to “Englishman.” I never knew that Martin Luther disliked Jews! Good for him! I will have to study up on him more. That is something that I guess they have tried to cover up. Though, admittedly, I do not know a lot about Martin Luther. Thank you for your powerful spoken piece, Mr. Englishman.

  13. Wayland The Smith
    Jun 20, 2017

    The battle against moral perversion is just as important as anything political our Party can be doing. Internal struggle for ideological clarity is part of any revolutionary movement.

  14. James C. Marshall (Repost)
    Jun 20, 2017

    The Andrew Anglin thing is a stumper. On the one hand he is a mudshark who is living in a Third World country so he can have sex with underage non-White girls, which is not only disgusting but illegal to the point where we really need to think about whether having this man as a public spokesman is a headache we need. On the other hand, he is being pursued by the SPLC and mudshark or not, if we continue to criticize his vile personal behavior, the bulk of our simple-minded Homer Simpson “comrades” simple won’t understand. We really need some kind of pass-or-fail basic ideological and moral instruction course for our people.

  15. BadGoy
    Jun 20, 2017

    What? No Dry Ice? Harold, I don’t want RFN getting into trouble with the FCC. We all need our weekly entertainment so please add some diversity and minority opinion to RFN. Maybe some LBGTQ opinion as well to enlighten us all.

    I think I saw the real DryIce under the I 5 NORTHBOUND lanes scavaging for used heroin needles, while I was sitting in traffic headed back South. I pulled over and tried to get him to do an interview with me but I didn’t have any malt liquor to pay him with. He doesn’t take cash…….Says it’s fake money n shit. Then he muttered some shit about Jews, Harold Cunningham always had his favorite malt liqqa and how I was a dumb ass crakka .

    So look in the old “jungle” homeless encampment area under I5 for dry ice.

  16. Anon
    Jun 21, 2017

    I would be careful of 23 and me. Personally I think somethings off with it, and there’s all kinds of rumors abound about it being a modern day snake oil.

  17. Hammerheart
    Jun 22, 2017

    Re: Andy’s piece

    I lived a long time in a Deep South state with Baptist “non-denominational” evangelicals, Pentacostals incl the televangelist set.
    What Andy describes was just normal. We even had a bit 9f problem once with a Lebanese-descent minister in the family’s Episcopal country club church.

    I heard “discernment” mentioned every other sentence.
    Andy, how was your pastor supposed to know a janitor was ‘a sodomite’? Magic?? The problem is if it really were that simple the human universe wouldn’t work as it does. It starts in magical thinking and ends up in witch-hunt inquisitions. Ergo it’s NOT that easy and simple.
    I agree with the idea of discernment in principle. My life experience is its nowhere near as easy in implementation.

  18. Hammerheart
    Jun 22, 2017

    Re: Andy, “discernment”
    I easily discerned the televangelists like Jimmy Swaggart, Jim & Tammy Bakker were frauds. Everyone thought I was a heartless monster. My discernment was true & correct–& it was worse than useless being the sighted person in the land of the blind.

  19. Andy Donner
    Jun 22, 2017


    Your question, while a good one, isn’t applicable to the story I shared. The janitor had his job purely because of the pastor’s attitude about the tired, old “give them responsibility and they’ll change.” He was well aware of the situation because that is the very thing that prompted him to make the man a staffer in the first place.

  20. Andy Donner
    Jun 22, 2017

    I’ll further add that I had to cut a little bit of material about how the religious description of discernment being some sort of gift isn’t true. In reality, anyone can do this provided they’re willing to put the time in to develop their gut and/or observational skills to where they need to be.

    I was going to use the example of chicken sexing. That’s a sort of gut reaction job that takes mentoring. Unless that job has changed since I heard about how it works, the veteran chicken sexer nudges his student every time he gets one wrong. Eventually, the student has the accuracy of the person who taught him. There’s not a whole lot of verbal communication involved. It’s entirely a look and guess process.

    It sucks, but it does turn into a useful skill if you get enough data to learn with.

  21. Contact me
    Jun 22, 2017

    I live in the Pacific northwest
    Contact me.

  22. kerdasi amaq
    Jun 22, 2017

    This guy is interesting; ex-BNP, Brexit and a bit of Muzzie-bashing; he speaks clearly and articulately but the flaw in is program is that he believes he can win at the ballot box. 38 min



  23. Jack The Ripper
    Jun 22, 2017

    https://youtu.be/MFbjfjpefYY more confirmation kike Enoch is a Jew. Holy hell is the nwf the only true White nationalist movement?

  24. Hammerheart
    Jun 22, 2017

    To Andy
    Yes, that information changes the story as i understood it.
    I saw plenty of instances of that sort of thing. I held my peace because i was a nobody. Finally later on i began making comments, in private, eg that the minister trying to help this drug addict or mentally retarded person was sucking all their time energy even money etc oxygen out of the room and from other, deserving members who needed & deserved help.
    I don’t call that a discernment problem, i call that a bad error of judgement being caused by an ideology being far more important than reality, & in numerous instances what most people call common sense.

    Change languages in the story of the Tower of Babel to everyone woke up the next day with a different common sense, & you get the gist of my point. But it’s about as politically incorrect as anything else these days to say to someone, certainly not someone who’s in a position of authority, or popular etc etc, that their ‘common sense’ is wrong.
    Which is kind of at the root of the whole anti-white thing…

  25. Hammerheart
    Jun 23, 2017

    Heinecken57’s comment was very much to the point.

    I have already written to you in the past, if you read it, the screamingly white person ie people I’ve personally known, who for reasons of curiosity and necessary medical tests, found out about their genome, and are going “Well I’ll be darned, a 1.7% jewish ancestor in the Orkney Islands group circa 1700, etc… I’ll be darned, i never knew I’m really jewish” etc. Yes, THAT sort of stuff needs to be decunctionalised immediately!

    Also (& this is important), if we ever have STEM people who know what they’re doing with our own independent labs, and although i am extremely leery about this sort of thing, it should become possible in theory in the future to perform ‘genetic surgery’ (whether it’s a health problem/disease or non-white genes). This latter point ESPECIALLY is why we DON’T need the smart educated guy saying in public for all to hear “DNA testing’s a bunch of hooey”!

  26. Littleberry
    Jun 23, 2017

    Who is that making a speech that starts at 36:06 until 53:34? That is so stirring! Please have more of him and tell us who he is and where can we get more.

  27. Littleberry
    Jun 23, 2017

    Excuse me, I hadn’t realized there were already several posts concerning this English spokesman. Instead of identifying him (since he may be in jeopardy), is there a website where his speeches are available for download? Where did you, Harold, get this speech? Is that confidential also?

  28. Joseph Anthony
    Jun 23, 2017

    A more likely belief is not that the Amorites were Aryan but that the Philistines were. Egyptian murals depict and invasion by the “people of the sea” that were depicted as tall and fair with nordic features who were beat back to what is now Palestine- hence the name Philistines- who settled in the coastal regions. Contemporaneous with the invasion of Egypt was a horrific volcanic eruption in the Mediterranean world on the island Thera.This what what caused the Philistines to invade Egypt.

  29. Paul
    Jun 23, 2017

    Elegy One: I am no Anglophile. My niece ( whom I love) through marriage is an English immigrant. The 19th century British soldier, who earned us the endearing epithet of redneck conquered the world with a few battalions of volunteers, who must enlist for life, which in the Victorian army often wasn’t long.

    In 1940 young graduates of their famous universities climbed into spitfires with 10 hours experience and demonstrated a courage common at the time on both sides of the channel.
    Yes, listen to this last ENglilshman. England nor Germany are no more English (nor German) than a cadaver is a living soul. What has happened to such a race of people?!
    Today, the women compete to marry niggers and wags and the “men” have dedicated to sodomy. Earlier, healthier generation of young women and men were never happier than when they would marry (Hochzeit) and have their first baby. Now they obediently murder (genocide) it before they are born.

    Three generations and the Christian culture and a unique race of people is vanished. What has happened?

  30. Basil Brush
    Jun 24, 2017

    Any chance of some more from the English gent? Kind of like a latter day William Joyce.

  31. Bostin Loyd
    Jun 25, 2017

    I loved listening to this podcast. I live in Florida but I want to move to the PNW as soon as I can. Harold, can you email me any materials that you think will be helpful?

  32. Andy Donner
    Jun 26, 2017

    I find myself in the odd position of yet again having to comment on things that weren’t said. I’ve yet to hear anyone in the White Nationalist Movement say DNA testing is junk. I have seen multiple types of testing produce results that were known prior to the tests to be wrong. At some point in the future this year, I’ll share a couple of the more concerning stories I’ve collected that demonstrate a lowered level of trust is more than justifiable.

  33. Lissner
    Jun 29, 2017

    The point is that Mike Enoch, while calling out Jews and Jewish behavior on his podcast, was married to a Jewish woman. And it’s possible that Enoch himself is Jewish.

  34. Sigismund
    Jul 09, 2017

    For everyone asking about the Englishman, here is his youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbwOU_-cAjIu-Z3iFCK4z_g

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