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Radio Free Northwest – August 4th 2016

Andy and HAC on money, Gretchen reviews East German novel, Trucker, N.C. comrade on Edgar Steele.


  1. Anonymous
    Aug 03, 2016

    Donald J Trump will be president of this country. I threw money at Donald J Trump. I help win votes for Donald J Trump!

    Any white nationalist, conservative, libertarian, patriot, or cuckservative (((critic))) who’s not on the Trump Train needs to get their ass in gear or leave this country. We will Make America Great Again and Build A Wall!

    Good luck with the north west front, but I’m standing behind a strong leader with a good chance at winning until he’s either president or dies trying.

  2. Roger Hughes
    Aug 03, 2016

    The problem is that you give it all away, Harold. You should be a whore and not a mere slut. Make them pay for their entertainment.

  3. Mountain Man
    Aug 03, 2016

    I wonder if the reason three thousand loyal listeners don’t each send money to the NF is because they’re afraid that sending cash in an envelope is to risky and that someone working for our great U.S. Postal Service seeing three thousand envelopes going to the same place every month might decide to cause a few of them to go missing, if you know what I mean. Think about it, have you seen the color of most postal workers these days?

  4. tl
    Aug 04, 2016

    WELL, I ac tually live oin a white area… so, the chance of a mail man taking money near here I would say is slim.. but hey before long I think times will get tough.. will, their be a mail man? trump is a business man not a politician I have no hope for this coun try I think it has been ove3r for a long time.

  5. Goyhammer
    Aug 04, 2016

    I’m assuming when it comes to money people don’t want to or are a little worried at throwing money at a party/org that actually will eventually do something with it that will lead to people actually taking physical risks. I listen to three podcast on another network (TRS) through out the week and they have assholes throwing money at them left and right.

    TRS has been around for about 2 years now and they have a huge following from what it seems like and more F’n white people coming out of the wood work like crazy everyday , but only once have I heard a host of one of the podcast (REBEL YELL) mention briefly and I mean very briefly , that the only way we are going to have a country of our own , people are going have to start pulling triggers.

    My point being is I think like all the other white boys before us , we get very comfortable and satisfied with just talking about what needs to be done but never actually doing it. The money that (sounds like) it’s pouring in , is the money that makes us feel like we contributed to the struggle in a way that we have very minimal guilt about not actually physically doing something.

    TRS without a doubt is top of the line white propaganda that would fit like a glove in the Northwest if we already had our own nation. These guys are very smart and intelligent , up to date on all the fascist and normal trends and issues , plus a sense of humor and sarcasm that most likely will have a lot of leftist contemplating suicide. The only HUGE down fall I can see is that they don’t signal the fact that the only way they will achieve any of their/our goals is if we dump democracy and acquire state power.

    That is what I think in my opinion scares a lot of money away from the Northwest Front. Harold & Andy nailed it pretty good.

  6. Gizmo
    Aug 05, 2016

    I think if he does get elected we will see martial law before he sees one day in office, then we get to keep Obama

  7. Katt
    Aug 05, 2016

    They cannot steal funds in check form without getting caught.

  8. Gizmo
    Aug 05, 2016

    True story katt, but big bro can make a list of ppl sending hac checks , cash or money orders are better, postal checks work well. I’ll be in the homeland soon enough but for now I do my part here in CT trying to talk some sense into the ppl icare about and trying to spread the word

  9. harpax
    Aug 06, 2016

    An enjoyable podcast. The novel Gretchen reviewed sounds interesting. Turn is a strong series that dramatizes an actual event, the Culper spy ring, and is a good series, very correct historically, and a lot of Abe Woodhull’s (the spy) turmoil can be seen in our movement and beginning to organize against overwhelming imperial power.
    As for the money, I’ve been sending HAC ten dollars a month. Guys, you can do it, too. Just ten dollars. If you’re worried about the mailman, then you need to get some courage. Look, ten bucks. I’m mailing mine tomorrow. We can do that.

  10. T.O.
    Aug 07, 2016

    I feel like funds would go up substantially if you had a news column that is updated weekly on events going on in the homeland. All successful money grabbers drop crumbs to hook you and show you all the goodies once you pay up. Put a cash meter bar on the website as well for each month like Stormfront does. People will see it getting close and will want to chip in to see it make the mark. It’s sad to say, but if it is really low you can also probably pick up pity money like homeless people get. Lastly making online financial transactions that are very secure and anonymous to protect people’s identities, something third party overseas perhaps. This will help tremendously. So yea, I think if you did these things, you’d see your funds increase drastically.

  11. Jaye
    Aug 07, 2016

    I was a little disappointed to receive an e-mail from Mr. Covington linking to an Economist Magazine (as bad as the Jew York Times) describing a migration to Idaho of survivalist, Christian Zionist Libertarians.


    Great, a movement calling for Libertarian Jews to resettle Idaho!

    “James Wesley, Rawles (yes, with a comma), an author of bestselling survivalist novels. In a widely read manifesto posted in 2011 on his survivalblog.com, Mr Rawles, a former army intelligence officer, urged libertarian-leaning Christians and Jews to move to Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and a strip of eastern Oregon and Washington states, a haven he called the “American Redoubt”

    I respond:

    Maybe ol Oliven Bundy himself can lead the movement to have Libertarian no restrictions on free movement of labor – ranchers can hire hundreds of thousands tens of millions of Mexican and Central American mestizos who supposedly have a better work ethnic than White Anglos and do the work Americans just don’t want to do (happy slaves)

    Ted Turner environmentalists are much better for Idaho than these Christian Zionist/Zionist, Judeo Libertarian loons!

    Upper Midwest

  12. Praesidius
    Aug 07, 2016

    It has to get worse to get better. Trump won’t help with that.

  13. O.C. Oglevy
    Aug 08, 2016

    “People who say such things show that they are looking for a country of their own. If they had been thinking of the country that they left, they would have had opportunity to return. Instead, they were looking for a better country – a heavenly one. Therefore, God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared a city for them.”

    – Hebrews 11:14-16

  14. Lord Lucan
    Aug 09, 2016

    Anyone who thinks that “God” is going to help us is suffering from
    delusions of grandeur. The Apostles thought that the second coming of Jesus would occur before the death of John. it is now almost 2,000 years since the 1st coming. When Jesus said, “When the Son of man comes he will separate the sheep from the goats” it is a Parable NOT a prophecy !!!
    It is up to us and us alone to save the white race from extinction.
    It is up to us and us alone to save part of this planet for civilization.
    Trump cannot save America. The Confederate South already belongs to the Black Race and the looney Liberals who support them. The whites in the South who are racially conscious constitute
    maybe 25%. You Southerners are already out numbered, the only way you can hold on the power is to rig the elections. If the Blacks and the Mex go on a riot to burn down the South you will not be able to stop them. New Jersey, is in the same place as the South.
    Martial Law?? to stop the rioting? Forget it !! The amount of military in the US to do anything is very small, they have been deployed abroad. You might say you have the guns? So do the blacks. Black Power has the guns they do not demonstrate without them. They already want a separate state of their own. If they decide to take Georgia who is going to stop them? Obama?
    There is no such a thing as property ownership. This world is ruled by the sword. If you cannot protect your property by military superiority then you own nothing. Under communism all property belongs to the state. The Communist party is 100% behind Hillary.
    you think that Trump is going to win? The Communist Party that is Black Power will use violence to prevent white people from voting.
    They will rig the computers to give Hillary the win. You need to read “The Iron Heel” by Jack London. Gangsters already rule America people who think that Donald Trump is going to win are as stupid as
    Liberal Looneys. There is only one way you can overthrow a government that has become a Plutocracy. Anyone in this country who still thinks that we have a “Democracy” in this country has forgotten what happened to Huey Long and JFK and Ronald Reagan and JFK’s brother. I am quite sure they have already got the secret service agents in Trumps security who can and will pull the trigger when ordered to do so. Robert Kennedy was shot multiple time in the REAR. The only thing that can save Trump is to hire his own body guards his own storm troopers.

  15. O.C. Oglevy
    Aug 11, 2016

    I agree with your Lord Lucan, and I only quoted the Bible because (a) I am a Christian of the Wingfield stripe and
    (b) in the end religion ought not matter, race will.

    Our interim anthem is A Mighty Fortress is Our God” I do not say that it will be our true anthem – but I will quote Cathy Frost from A Mighty Fortress – ” Yes, Captain, it is Christian, but it was written by one of the greatest men of our race who ever lived, a German. His name was Martin Luther. The name of it is Ein Feste Burg Ist Unser Gott, which means A Mighty Fortress Is Our God. However you view God or the gods or whatever destiny rules our world, this day could not have come about without the approval of that force. He has been with us, gentlemen, throughout all these terrible years. And even if we have forgotten Him, He has never forgotten us. Play track four, Lieutenant.”

  16. O.C. Oglevy
    Aug 11, 2016

    And if I may, for the sake of spaced repetition, as Harold would say, submit this passage from A Distant Thunder once again.

    “I think I’m free.” – Jane Chenault
    The Northwest nation was born on a crisp and clear afternoon in the autumn, five years to the day after the Singer family had been burned alive in their home in Coeur d’Alene rather than allow their children to be torn from their arms by The Beast. Five years to the day after Gus Singer’s neighbors had taken guns from their hiding places and opened fire on the armed forces of the United States, in order to help a good neighbor and a good man fight against the tyrant who came in his power and his arrogance to do them harm. Five years to the day after white males became men again.
    The crowd watched in stunned silence as the group of delegates walked out the front door of the hotel. They and the watching world could hear a rattling from the cable on the flagpole, as the Stars and Stripes which had flown over this land since the days of Lewis and Clark went down for the last time, after something over two hundred years. Human history brings change, and two hundred years in the Northwest was the span that destiny had allotted for the red, white and blue banner that now seemed to drop like a stone down the staff. There was a brief and quick folding, and Barrow handed the flag to Brubaker, who was weeping openly. Barrow stepped back and saluted; Brubaker was too overcome to return it and simply clutched the American flag to his chest. Then Cathy hooked the grommets on the new nation’s banner into the clips and drew it floating and snapping, high into the air, green and white and blue against the sky.
    As the Tricolor went up, music burst forth from the hidden speakers. A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, by Martin Luther. It was a thundering paean to God and human destiny, in the proud and ancient tongue of the greatest and most noble nation among the Children of the Sun. Generations after the heroic immolation in the Berlin bunker, the spirit of a mighty people and their Leader was avenged by a hundred mighty voices, singing in German. Nobody noticed that the hymn came from a public address system. It seemed to come from the sky and earth itself, as if a choir of angels and heroes from Valhalla had descended to earth sing at the new dawn of time.
    The entire crowd suddenly burst into an incredible cacophony of noise. Men and women screamed, wept, cursed, pounded one another on the back, embraced one another in a mad passion of joy that at long last their ancient race was free once again to be who they were. Jeanette Galinsky ran hysterically through the crowd, shrieking and bellowing in Yiddish like a wounded beast. Howard Weintraub fell to the grounds, jerking like an epileptic, white froth coming from his thick lips. No one paid them any attention. Their day was done. Barrow stood staring at the flag, his arm around Jane Chenault. He turned to her and said “So what are you doing after the revolution?”
    “I think I’m free,” she whispered.
    Cody and Emily turned to one another and hugged in unbelieving joy, both of them crying. “This day has to last forever!” Cody whispered into her ear. “Never leave me! Stay with me always!” Her face was buried in his shoulder, and she simply nodded.”

  17. O.C. Oglevy
    Aug 11, 2016

    Pardon, both quotes are from A Mighty Fortress.

    I’m re-reading ADT, and apologize for the confusion.

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