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Radio Free Northwest – August 25th, 2016

HAC on what might happen in November and an excerpt from a British podcast. Gretchen on Jobbik and Lord Lucan returns from lying doggo.


  1. adam
    Aug 23, 2016

    a second civil war led by rebel president Donald trump, h@#$ yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also the audio on the interview wasn’t that bad. nice to hear from lord lucan, is Olivia still around?

  2. Andy Donner
    Aug 23, 2016

    I don’t normally chime in here, but I figure I’d better for the sake of the audience. Harold isn’t kidding when he talks about issues coming up with scripts and considering the content prior to recording. I ran into this very problem several times during my Real Politics series – which is interesting given the Ghost Dance is purported to be similar in nature with a particular exception. I had the luxury of not having to e so circumspect with my material.

    I still had a number of things to say which were not at all well-received and they might have been easier if I had done more overall planning and structuring. I knew the segments I wanted to do, but I would have done better to have sequenced them a little bit differently since their were patterns I didn’t detect until the material was actually written and delivered.

    Let’s see if we can all give him a break until this gets sorted. And further, let’s all see if we an get to a point where we’re actually willing to listen. I recall one of my Real Politics segments described “The Problem” in such a way that no other Solution than the Northwest Imperative would make any sense. The Movement’s Trump obsession wouldn’t be possible if this material had been ingested properly.

    Seriously, guys. Will you do the Party the courtesy of really listening this time around?

  3. BadGoy
    Aug 23, 2016

    There ya go again on a brilliant diatribe Andy. Too bad no one cares enough to do anything. When Trump is killed or somehow cheated everyone will run back behind their computers again.

  4. Anonynmous
    Aug 23, 2016

    The civil war-ish type revolt might happen without Trump actually calling for it. The problem is there will be no organization or leadership to it. More a peasants’ revolt than an actual revolution.

  5. Philip G.
    Aug 23, 2016

    Excellent podcast this time, Harold. I like Gretchen’s reviews, sometimes, but I can see how they might all run together in someone’s mind.

  6. Heinemann
    Aug 23, 2016

    This RFN refers to the moulding Bill OF Rights , which is used exclusively against the people and the spirit of the law.
    Constitution was already ratified. Virginia did not like it and even my father recorded it with an inherited Virginia disdain.
    The Bill of RIghts were conceived to prevent another rebellion. And they are these that are the agenda of the administrations to eliminate.
    May I give my interpretation because were there a new nation such as North West Front pray God , they not make the same errors. This ( Bill of Rights) is “outside” or beyond the COnstitution of U.S. The bastards in Washington can not touch it. It proscribe s what they CAN NOT DO! most importantly : can not interpret them, which they have already usurped . Inalienable , immutable and infringement are not in their vocabulary.
    The Bill of Rights is LAW, God’s Law and for Atheists natural law.

    What law makers do is legislation. Last 150 years administrations have circumvented these laws with unlawful , revolting abominations such as Defense Authorization Act and others. These should be ignored .
    It appears the only one of the Rights popular is the 2nd amendment , which has become a religion with a vestige of government intrigue in unions to advocate for the other fools like the ARA, Already another Jewish trophy in their treasure chest.
    YOU DON’T NEED AN ADVOKATE for your freedoms except your voice and your church . Both are silent or censored then what is left : capitulation or rebellion .
    Remember. it’s just like the Jew to rape a white girl and shamelessly smiling after his seduction she thanks him , all is consensual even if she is a child.
    I hope this time arrives when we will know what to do. But if we do not know already we never will.

  7. Heinemann
    Aug 23, 2016

    Enough has been spoken about D.Trump .But I’ll add a postscript.
    I hope Trump succeeds (win election) for my sister’s sake and the old people and younger,who like his rhetoric. But I fear he is chosen to lose.
    As Captain of the ship , that will be torpedoed he will be saved and vacation in Tel Aviv with his wealthy crew. I assume they all possess illegal dual nationalities. The people who have faithfully boarded will be abandoned to go down with the ship.

  8. Freekorps
    Aug 23, 2016

    Will Trump cross the Rubicon?

    While this question is one to be pondered in the remaining tumultuous 78 days remaining to E-Day, will a highjacking of the election result in a white backlash?

    If such an event is going to even have a chance of coming to fruition we of the right have to start an effort to win over the hearts and minds of the people.In my own limited world here in Texas, most people have the delusional idea that the “Great United States” will somehow survive even the wiles of Hillary Clinton.

    If in fact Harold may be correct in a belief that a rigged election could result in a conflict, the uncommitted elements of White America will see they have more to lose than gain by clinging to a belief that America will somehow survive and continue as a diverse, multi-cultural paradise . . . until they realise suddenly see the country being inundated by a continuous flow of Mud people, and even then it will be too late (if and when they finally come to their senses)!

    Those of us who are concerned enough to care have to make our feelings known loud and clear–as I believe in some areas of the country like here in the southwest–too much inbreeding between whites and beaners and niggers. Even in my own upscale white neighborhood I have to watch what I say to my next door neighbor, as he has a woodcolt grandson! It isn’t going to be easy but we have to think ahead and be prepared!

  9. (((The Neighbor)))
    Aug 23, 2016

    Oh come on’ goy. Such a lack of unity, I mean seriously your own race hates you more than anyone else and you can barely band together for a small meeting. Silly goy! It would take you stupid goy banding together for more than an hour and some other miracle like one of my servants; Hillary or Donald creating the perferct oppurtunity for you to carve out a homeland. Hah! Shalom!

  10. Bill
    Aug 24, 2016

    Civil war will come even if we don’t want it, we will be forced into it due to the secret stazi police will get there orders from the illegal government and they will come for us. The agencies believe it will be a walk in the park to steamroll over the citizenry, but only to find out it was not easy as they thought it would be. at that point we will be in full blown war with the Marxist Bolshevik Islamic democrats and republicrats who will be leading the charge against the American people with less then 20% of a brain dead military and a brain dead law enforcement agencies. it will be forced on us by shear anger and we will go to protect our families and friends who they want to murder and eradicate. Remember , they have already started down this road but when it becomes truly noticeable to all in the nation then there will be no turning back. This is just one persons thought due to all I see going on. I pray it never happens, but sadly it will come to pass.

  11. The Sultan Of Swing
    Aug 24, 2016

    Every movie with a music score by Basil Poledouris has a right wing leaning.. Conan, Red Dawn, Lonesome Dove, Etc..

  12. Whiteguy
    Aug 25, 2016

    OK, it’s no longer the left media. As of tonight, The Donald has officially pivoted to the establishment GOP Bush positions. This is now on FOX News. In fact, it’s via Fox’s most far right pundit, Sean Hannity. Tonight, Fox News has broadcast the 2nd part of a Trump rally hosted by Sean Hannity. At this rally, Trump has totally pivoted on the sandniggers and the spics and The Wall.

    Trump now parrots the Bush position on spics and the border. He now admits, there will be no Great Wall of Trump, from the Pacific coast of California to the Rio Grande. He repeated what he has actually always said, if you have been paying attention. He has always been saying, that there is no need for significant improvement of the border barrier along the sparsely populated wilderness parts of the border. He says the Bush position; that we only need to improve the barriers along the urban border regions (on this actual proposed Wall region, he did make an absurd claim, that The Wall would be “40 feet high”. lol) and he says we need to increase the budget for drones and border patrol agents.

    On the who knows how many millions of illegal aliens already here; he now parrots the Bush-0b0ng0 position, that he just wants to “throw out the bad guys”; but the “good guys” will get amnesty. They can stay here, as 2nd class citizens. They will have every right, but the right to vote. The amnesty immigrant’s kids born here will be regular natural born citizens. The amnesty immigrants will get to legally work here, get driver’s license’s, buy cars, homes and businesses. Their immigrant kids will get to go to public school and these amnesty immigrants will be eligible for all entitlements. They are citizens in every respect, except they can’t legally vote.

    Of course, they will ILLEGALLY vote and once they have amnesty as second class citizens, they and the Democrat party will immediately begin protesting their 2nd class citizen status. It will be a short time before they are made full citizens.

    On sandniggers, Trump has now pivoted from the primary rally position of, “a total complete ban on all muslims”; to parroting the establishment GOP Bush position, that we just need a more vigorous vetting process of people from “terrorist states”. Sandniggers, who are citizens or legal residents of the USA, will not have any action taken against them. Sandniggers will still be allowed to travel to and immigrate to America and sandnigger refugees will still be settled in America. Trump just claims they will be better vetted and there will be less of them.

    On 0b0mg0care, Trump has always parroted the establishment GOP line – “repeal and REPLACE”. Trump and the GOP does not claim to reject the basic premise, that America should have a nationalized health insurance system. The GOP and Trump just claim that they will “REPLACE” 0b0mg0care, with a better version of socialized medicine. They don’t have the stones to just outright repeal 0b0ng0care and go back to where we were.

    The way it was, people who held a decent steady job, could afford to choose to pay into their job’s health plan. 0b0ng0care has destroyed the worker’s employer provided health insurance system. The elderly, disabled and poor already had government subsidized health insurance under the Medicare-Medicaid system since the ’60’s.

    The Donald’s tax proposal has never been a populist plan. It is an extreme Wall Street, Corporate, Upper class favoring plan. It is the establishment right-wing Reagan “trickle-down” policy. Massive tax cuts for the rich, and small tax cuts for the upper-middle class, but no massive spending cuts. His Reagan like ‘trickle down” plan would double the national debt.

  13. corned beef and cabbage
    Aug 25, 2016

    Don’t worry Andy and Harold, some of us are listening. I’m sure you know it’s usually the case that the complainers are about ten times louder than those who agree. On my part, I have no complaints, and these series are helping me figure out what the hell is wrong with all of us, and what the hell is wrong with my character in particular. It sounds stupid, but as someone who is pretty young, nobody has ever told me why my generation has the character flaws it has, or how to fix it. Until now, anyway. The transformation takes a bit, but at least now I have a vague idea of the kind of person I need to become, where before I had nothing, or only bad advice. In short, thank you.

  14. Erik
    Aug 25, 2016

    Well, I for one have reached the prophesied point Harold predicted before we even got to the election.

    As Whiteguy above laid it all out. Trump blinked.

    “Ban all muslims” became “vet people from compromised regions”. “Deport all illegals” became “just the criminals”. “Ryan works for Obama” became “Party unity”. I should’ve known it as soon as he torpedoed his own supporter, Nehlen, in Wisconsin’s first district, to appease the establishment.

    If a full 50% of illegals were criminals, it means he is leaving 5.5 million illegals here to breed the next generation of liberal voters that will finally bring the nation as we know it to extinction. The demographic damage is already done. The only way this was going to work was if we remove the parents of the next generation of liberal voters.

    I just found the black outreach to be comical. You are telling blacks you wil get them a job and keep police in their hoods. You may as well be offering them negroid kryptonite.

    But this was supposed to be ‘law and order’. I ask: What other crime besides invasion of the nation gets you less punishment the longer you get away with it.

    I wouldn’t care if he was going to just grandfather in people who were here for decades. But when the fucker never has a clear plan about the rest, alarms go off. There’s a lot of room between gangbanging narcos and abuelitas who have been here 20 years and it appears he has no plan. “No detention centers” as if Juan is going to wait around for his deportation hearing.

    Clearly he has been running for a year and either has been lying or is within 70 days of the election and is just now figuring out what to do.

    He claims he cant make new laws to deport yet people believe he will take on a constitutional interpretation of citizenship. He wont even go to bat to deport illegals unless they are “criminals”.

    And now Hilary’s “alt-right” speech tomorrow night. Brace yourselves. She wont be trying to hit Trump. She us trying to hit us, the electorate. Demoralize, shame and terrorize. Its not a speech to the voters, its a speech to the media. She is giving orders for September. By making a new term public, she will have the news cycles tied up for a month. I suspect it will include a tacit muster-call to BLM too. If it takes more riots to get her in, she’ll do it.

    I fully support him as anything but Hilary. But this is not the sonofabitch we nominated.

  15. Harold
    Aug 27, 2016


    It’s not about helping Trump win. It’s about making sure the Hildebeest loses. I know what I prophesied in my novels, but I don’t want to be proven right at that price. A Hillary Clinton presidency would be catastrophic and I have enough residual patriotism for the old way left so that I don’t want to see that. A Sea Hag presidency would also likely see a genuine Iron Heel style repression of us. When you find you’re being cheated in a rigged game, your only option is to kick over the table. Trump is our way of kicking over the table.

  16. Erik
    Aug 31, 2016

    I’m feeling a little better now that I am getting some definition on where he (Trump) is headed on this.

    I got to see him again in Erie a few weeks ago, got front row.


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