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Radio Free Northwest – July 7th 2016

HAC on the latest machinations of Billyboy and the Hildebeest; Trucker, Gretchen, and Edgar Steele.


  1. Adam from Portland
    Jul 05, 2016

    Wouldn’t the VP’s take over if both the seahag and the Donald are both knocked out of the race?

  2. Adam from Portland
    Jul 05, 2016

    Wait a minute, this could all be a plot by Joe Biden

  3. Brad
    Jul 05, 2016

    Thanks Mr.H for the song, and i’m absolutely being Sardonic! you damn right! I’ll always fight all the way! you north westerners look out, a deep Southern redneck heading your way!

  4. Adam from Portland
    Jul 05, 2016

    The first song literally made me want to throw up. I’m also sure that the brigade will prove to be correct more or less.

  5. Brian
    Jul 06, 2016

    I like your reviews Gretchen.

  6. Heinemann
    Jul 06, 2016

    The voice of Edgar Steele excited the rebel in me with his evocation of secession . Is it still possible? I fear it is only subterfuge by ambitious state politicians, like from Texas. Often they will substitute the amelioration of “nullification” , Arizona from a state senator , whose name I have forgotten, of all the unlawful legislation that emanates from the Den of Iniquity. Steele’s proposition for secession when he was once aspiring governor would certainly provoke the State to reply with a final extralegal judgment.
    All legislation since reconstruction has been conspired to prevent the state to “convert” to its God given right and responsibility to revolt and assert its resolve for sovereignty. Is it mute to recall the Bill of Rights has been long held in contempt and dissolved by the occupational government?

  7. Wingnut
    Jul 06, 2016

    HAC should have actually waited till July 5th to prophesy about Emailgate. Can’t wait to hear, what he has to say about it next time. While he threw out some interesting possibilities, what has really happened is even worse.

    Slick Willie’s jet just happens to park beside the Attorney General’s Z0G jet, so they can openly have a secret half hour conference on board the official Z0G jet, so there would be no possibility of what was discussed being known to the public.

    Then the Attorney General suddenly announces, she promises to follow the FBI recommendation on the investigation.

    Then the Director of the FBI suddenly gives a press conference explaining in great detail, how the Hildebeest is guilty as sin, but that nonetheless he will recommend that the Beest not be charged with any wrongdoing.

    They have given the American people a big middle finger, and are unashamedly showing that the supposed “non-political career law enforcement” is now in fact openly, totally a part of the political apparatus.

    Since for 16 out of the last 24 years the Democrats have held the White House, with the 8 years of Bush Jr. being in between Slick Willy’s 8 years and 0b0ng0’s 8 years; virtually all the career bureaucrats in the Executive branch, and the entire DOD officer corps, warrant officer corps, and senior NCOs are all Democrat appointments and promotions.

    The whole system is corrupt and rigged from top to bottom now.

  8. kerdasi amaq
    Jul 06, 2016

    This is a neat dissection of the mental disease that is the liberal mentality, centered on their Brexit defeat and the “tragic” death of Jo Cox:


    “modern liberals pride themselves on their sophistication and discernment. In fact, their grasp of psychology and epistemology is crude in the extreme. While proclaiming their expertise in diagnosing the hatred, poison and negativity of their opponents, they demand that the purity of their own motives go unquestioned”

  9. Jaye
    Jul 08, 2016

    BlackLiesMatter terrorists have targeted White police officers in Dallas TX. Co ordinated Black sniper attacks have killed 5 police officers and wooded I believe 12.

  10. harpax
    Jul 09, 2016

    Actually, I’ve thought about Obama taking power for a long time. He has said he will remain in D.C. ‘so his daughters can go to college there’, and as Rush Limbaugh said, Obama has every intention of making sure what he’s done will stay done. It’s possible something could knock Trump and Hilary out, and so far, no one has challenged the Monkoid, so why shouldn’t he think he could get away with it? Like Bill White said in his recent post on NWF, people seem under a spell. They won’t do anything, or wait for a Trump to ‘make everything go away’, as HAC has said.
    Watch the HBO series Rome, and see how Caesar took power, and how unfocused his opposition was. Yeah, the Idi Amin comparison is chilling.
    By the way, Trump may be considering Newt as VP, or Scott, the black senator from SC. I’d say if so, then the Trump movement is over. Hilary choosing Warren is a direct slap in the face of all white men in the country, but they seem used to slapping.
    A really good program, and the trucker was especially fun. Also, always good to hear from new migrants. Needless to say, HAC, you’ve got a LOT to talk about next Tuesday with all the cop/ black shootings. Maybe a roundtable with some of the gang?

  11. Steve from Yorkshire
    Jul 10, 2016

    As a regular listener from the UK I was disconcerted to keep hearing people criticise the show. Though the content isn’t always relevant to me, I enjoy very much listening to what’s going on within the Northwest Front and all things Stateside from a nationalist perspective. I also particularly enjoy Gretchen’s book reviews as I find her taste in literature very similar to my own and I like hearing her take on books that I have already read. I’m also a big fan of the very varied nationalistic music that Harold chooses, which breaks up the show nicely. Keep up the good work.

  12. Robert
    Jul 11, 2016

    The commentary below does not reflect the opinion,views or philosophy of this organization, it does reflect mine. Please excuse the lack of intellectual pablum ?

    AMERICAN Government is lawless

    1 4 8 8
    Niggers openly advocating the murder of WHITE police in Atlanta.
    Niggers killing white police all over the U.S!
    U.S president and DOJ intentionally importing MOOOOSLUMS into American cities and small towns, which are mostly White, in order to dilute its racial make up!
    The U.S court system openly acknowledging racism by universities against WHITE student as O.K!

    Every warning by Thomas Chittum in his book “Civil War 2” is here!
    VETERANS you need to be force multipliers, NOW!

    Wake up!

    Get organized!

    and F I G H T !


    YALL better pick sides, gonna be interesting soon!

    Special thanks to Luther Gray of Lawrenceville Georgia, Coward, P.O.S. and a Government NARC!!!!!!!!!

    1 4 8 8


  13. BadGoy
    Jul 12, 2016

    @ Big Al,

    David Duke can go to hell. He has never done anything except try to sell a book. Running for CONgress won’t do anything against this evil empire.

  14. Big Al
    Jul 14, 2016

    True.But it could be quite entertaining.

  15. BadGoy
    Jul 15, 2016

    @ Big Al.

    The hour is too late for entertainment. Everyone should be getting ready for the unknown inevitable events that are on the way. Am I the only one who hears the distant thunder?

  16. Johnny Midnight
    Jul 18, 2016

    I am a licensed Engineer and I would LOVE to move up there from Alabama. I see the writing on the wall – it’s getting ugly folks. The South is being overrun, the South tried hard back in 1861, but failed. It would be awesome to develop a large parcel of land JUST for my White Brothers. 5 to 8 acre mini-farms, roads, water, sewer and seclusion. I could do it! I guess I can dream – right?

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