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Radio Free Northwest – July 28th 2016

HAC on the Horse Race and the Ghost Dance; Gretchen on Nigel Farage; Andy on hobbyism and the misuse of White Nationalism as entertainment.


  1. Barney
    Jul 26, 2016

    No offence intended or taken from Gretchen, but I’d just like to raise a couple of minor points regarding pronunciation.

    Nigel Farage’s surname is pronounced Fararge (arj).

    UKIP is usually referred to over here as youkip (as if it’s a word).

    Had the votes been counted honestly, UKIP would easily have won last year’s election, which would have put Nigel Farage in 10 Downing Street, our more modest equivalent of the White House.

    The Rothschild jews wouldn’t allow that to happen though, so UKIP was reported as winning only ONE seat in Parliament (out of a possible 650 or so) in the manner of a rich man throwing a single crumb of bread to a starving person as a deliberate insult, to UKIP and the British electorate.

  2. Wingnut
    Jul 26, 2016

    Tim Kaine is the Dem equivalent of the GOP’s John Kasich, the guy who hoped the GOP establishment would anoint him, after stealing the nomination from The Donald at the convention, which didn’t even come close to happening.
    Kaine is a White Southern moderate Dem, like Kasich is a moderate midwest Republican. They both have a better establishment resume than any other 2016 candidate in their party. The Sea Hag basically chose a version of Billyboy, to be her running mate.

    Kaine has a Missouri State university bachelor’s degree in economics and is a Harvard lawyer, who had a career as a leftwing lawyer in both the public and private sector, and a career as law professor at the Richmond VA university school of law, before rising through the VA Dem ranks. First he was elected to the Richmond VA city council. Then he was elected mayor of Richmond (the capital and largest city of VA). Then he was elected Lieutenant Governor of VA. Then he was elected Governor of VA. While VA Gov., he was elected Chairman of the Southern Governors Council.

    On a national level, he was chosen to give the Dem response to George Bush Jr’s 2006 State of the Union Address. (The opposition party gets an equal time TV speech under our system.) He was then one of the candidates vetted to possibly be 0b0g0’s VP in 2008. he wasn’t chosen for VP was chosen by 0b0ng0 as Chairman of the Dem National Committee in 2009. He is currently the sitting Junior Senator of VA, having been elected in the 2012 0b0ng0 reelection cycle.

    People who “have never heard of Tim Kaine” are the average derp, who is ignorant about American politics.

  3. Methuselah Wannabe
    Jul 26, 2016

    I’ve heard a lot of rumors about these mystery ELE treatments, although no one seems to know exactly what they consist of. It may be just internet bullshit.

  4. Anonymous
    Jul 27, 2016

    I get the Indian chant would be too obscure for most of our people as a theme for your talks, and most of “us” wouldn’t get it–we don’t do irony well, if at all. But that first possible theme song you played last week didn’t sound too bad. If these are really that important they should have some theme music.

  5. Mountain Man
    Jul 27, 2016

    Ghost Dance huh? Yeah I remember reading a book a long time ago called “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”. It was about the genocide of the American Indians, primarily of the western tribes in the late 1800’s. Yeah it would do us white boys a world of good to read that book just to see how they’re planning to anhilate us. The saddest part of the story wasn’t the mass killings, or the wiping out of the buffalo, or the starvation on the reservations. It was the cowardous of so many of the American Indian males. We’ve all been taught that they fought bravely even unto death, but that wasn’t always true. Many of them turned on their own people out of fear. Many of them ratted out members of their own race and even their own tribe for the false promise of land and wealth offered to them by the U.S. Army for turning in a so-called renegade warrior. You know, kind of like Judas betraying Christ. In other words not all American Indian males deserved the name “Braves”, and apparently most of us white males don’t deserve it either. I hope we can change that soon because the only ghost dance I want to be doing is on top of the graves of my enemies!

  6. Ronnie Waters
    Jul 27, 2016

    Anecdotes about the Indian genocide and how it relates to our own dilemma are kind of depressing. If evolution or history eliminated the Indians for not being technically proficient, are we being eliminated for not being tactically proficient? You know, maybe it’s the Peter Principle applied across the board to all races. Modern technology has raised all races to their level of incompetence. Maybe no one really has to balls to do a “real genocide” anymore.

  7. Idabro
    Jul 27, 2016

    “The Ghost Dance” is the best analogy I’ve heard to describe what the White Nationalist “community” has been doing since the death of Rockwell. If our race collectively does not fight for its own interest we will go the same way as the natives, nothing more than irrelevant drunken mongerlized caricatures of our former cultures. Maybe if we’re lucky the jews will let us live on reservations and own casinos where we swindle the vibrant multiculti masses.

    @Andy Donner
    Ironically, I got quite a bit of entertainment out of your segment when I heard you say “squaw and squawlets”. I had a hearty chuckle.
    You provided some good insight that caused me to evaluate how I spend my time on the internet. I’ve been distracted by the alt-right a bit too much, and with your elucidation, I now see that it is ultimately a dead-end in and of itself, and in many cases outright racial poison with some faction’s toleration of jews, faggotry, and other bad things.
    To give your poison analogy a religious spin, I was taught as a child that the devil will tell you ten truths to get you to believe one lie; or as Harold has put it (although I know this is not original with him) it is the proverbial piece of crap mixed into the gallon of ice cream.

  8. Andy Donner
    Jul 28, 2016

    I appreciate the Ghost Dance analogy, but since we’re talking about White people’s equivalent, could we call it something else? I have a few suggestions:

    The Cracker Caper
    The Cracker Conga
    The Honky Hustle
    The Honky Hoedown
    The White Waltz
    The Frosty Foxtrot
    The Mayflower Mamba
    The Pastyface Promenade
    The Peckerwood Prance
    The Snowman Shuffle
    The Saltine Shimmy

    Okay, I’ll stop now. Just thought I’d throw it out there.

  9. James C. Marshall
    Jul 28, 2016

    How many of our people have in fact drunk the Trump Kool-Aid, Harold? I mean how many really think he’s the Messiah? Did they miss the faggot Thiel at his convention or his Jewish son-in-law and Jewish convert children? Did they miss his slavish pro-Israel commentary?

  10. John Cokos
    Jul 28, 2016

    It looks like your Agent Provocateur Theory as it pertains to the Trumpster may well be congealing as we speak.
    John Hickley is paroled after 30 year’s of “good behaviour” ? This deserves all of our Tin Foil Hat expertise and observation skills…:)

  11. John Cokos
    Jul 28, 2016

    PS: I normally charge for Sage Advice , but I’ll waive the requirement for the Movement. You will need to go to Netflix and watch Tony Robbins’s “I Not Your Guru” .That boy has the whole thing down pat. He get’s $5 Grand a pop for a 6 day cult intervention and the Meeting Room is packed with Hundreds, if not a 1000 bobble heads who ponied up 5 grand to help Tony pay off the Mortgage on his Palm Beach Mansion. My hat if off to Tony, although I still don’t know what the hell he is talking about. Would you move to Palm Beach is that is what it takes to get the troops motivated ?
    As for the Character Issue, The Wolf said “that just because you are a character, doesn’t mean that you have character” .
    Is it ok just SIP the Trump Koolaid ?

  12. BadGoy
    Jul 28, 2016

    @ Andy Donner.

    I have a good name for it Andy…

    The white races death spazzum.

    Thats all it is really. Our race is already dead but the nerves are still twitching.

  13. Idabro
    Jul 29, 2016

    I disagree. I’d say they are the death spasms of Western Civilization, but our race isn’t dead. Not yet, anyways. From the ashes of the West a new civilization will arise if our race makes it through.

  14. Seth
    Jul 29, 2016

    @ Methusalah wannabe:
    I clearly recall back in the late 1970’s seeing (on network news- not in a supermarket rag like The National Enquirer), a brief mention of a new drug that would reduce the human body temperature significantly below the 98.6 degree defined as normal. Animals with low body temperature typically have very long lives, like the Galapagos turtle. The reportage also mentioned that this drug promised to extend human life significantly. Nothing further was ever divulged- all mention of it dropped off the radar. Two points are worth noting about this: 1) The Oligarchs that actually run this world (think George Soros and Co.) would NOT want this drug freely available to the pleebs. Their plan for the world is significant population reduction (beginning with we, the white people of the world), and two, since even common medications are exorbitantly expensive, this drug would automatically be out of the reach of all but the Oligarchs (the self appointed Jewish “gods”) in any case. Yes, it certainly appears that there are treatments out there to extend life for some. Then you have to factor in the extraordinary medical care that “special” folks like judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg get. In her case they just happened to find a cancerous pancreatic tumor “just in time”. Consider that; pancreatic cancer is fatal and goes undetected 95% of the time. Not so with “lucky” Ruth.

  15. Seth
    Jul 29, 2016

    HAC: The Ghost Dance is the best possible analogy of the problem with our people and the activity (which really amounts to inactivity) in which they engage on the internet. By the way, you might be interested in another similarity between present day whites and the disappearing American Indians of the 1880’s and 1890’s. There was a phenomenon in those days called the “hang around the fort Indian”. These were Indians who desperately wanted to be white and so they tried to dress the part by wearing top hats ( in imitation of the “great white father” Abe Lincoln) and cowboy attire or other white civilian clothing and spent time hanging around the local military fort, desperately hoping to be accepted by the whites. These Indians put me in mind of modern white boys who wear their hair in dreadlocks, walk around in pants down to their knees showing off their ass cracks and otherwise make themselves into a ludicrous spectacle by trying to imitate black ghetto talk. A co worker at a former job dressed and acted in this manner and did all he could to kiss the butts of the blacks at work. Behind his back they called him a “wigger”. He had no shame, but I was ashamed of him, that such a “man” would share genetic heritage with me and the rest of us.

  16. Lewis Hall
    Jul 29, 2016

    I know you can’t speak or allow anyone else to speak of this openly, but looks like our old fishing buddy is getting clobbered with a massive dose of his own medicine. This time the daggers are in his back from his (not so) trusty number two wing man. Harold, surely the sight of this son of a bitch hoist on his own petard must give you some pleasure in your Golden Years!

  17. Latimer the Rabbit
    Jul 29, 2016

    Andy Donner,

    Good points and solid advise. While the alt-right can be a very good stepping-stone to White-collective identity and survival, most folks are simply not aware of the profoundly destructive influence that these jew-representatives of the so-called alt-right have.

    Everything is always couched in a narrative context, and that context as given by the parasite representatives is ALWAYS pro-parasite in ideology and/or behavior. The jew (knowingly and intentionally) uses those psychological hooks to keep the victim marginalized and cooperative by simply changing them from one jew-narrative to another one.
    – The disingenuous Stefan Molyneux NEVER identifies (like the jew-controled AMA) the actual causes of the symptoms or problems. Viewers get an ‘ist’ or an ‘ism’ as-opposed-to a subversive predatory race collective as a cause.
    – The same with Milo. He cleverly preaches his degeneracy (pro-creation destroying) gospel (which spreads to the White host and destroys young organic/family relationships necessary for White pro-creation) clocked in watered-down refutations of other jew-contrived psych-warfare narratives that are offered by his co-parasite subversives (feminism, MGTOW, etc).
    – It’s the same with the destructive free love or recreational sex pop-culture (narrative) as promoted contextually by shlomo’s. The intent and consequence is the massive reduction of White birth rates, i.e. White genocide by social engineering. There’s lot’s of screwing going on, but it’s always with the pleasure-fulfillment intent and never with the honorable (Aryan) intent of continuing the White collective in pro-creation. Context is almost everything in narrative.

    On a positive note, I have found that once this context is explained to White people (who don’t know what they don’t know) they get a massive jolt and the race-preservation light really goes on for them. A return (for both sexes) to our necessary biological imperative in the restored organic family narrative.

  18. Harold
    Jul 29, 2016

    @James C. Marshall

    None of our “hard-core” people have succumbed completely to the Trumpian mind-meld, at least not so far as I am aware, but a lot of the peripheral types are sending me e-mails and making a few comments on here wherein they fall down and adore. How deep-seated it is and how bad the reaction will be when Trump goes down I don’t know, and it worries me.

    As to noticing little things like the queers and the Jews all around Trump, both internet-wise and in his personal life, the pro-Israel comments, etc.—I guess not. You’d think our people would notice such things, but apparently not. I don’t know why. Us Whiteboys have an incredible psychic power of seeing things that aren’t there, but even more so of not seeing things that are there. We’re famous for it.

  19. Harold
    Jul 29, 2016

    @Lewis Hall

    It should have been settled 20 years ago, and not by me. I should never have had to lift a finger. We as a community failed a deep and profound moral test, and we are still payng the price for it.

  20. BadGoy
    Jul 30, 2016

    @ Harold, I’m with you on Trump. He wont do shit if he “wins”. Any WN/WS should know both parties have the same boss. Trumps AIPAC speech was disgusting and made me throw up. Trump made billions of this corrupt system. Does anyone really think he wants to change anything.

  21. SnuffySmith
    Jul 30, 2016

    Ghost Dance? That is an apt name for where we are today.

    For a number of years now I have repurposed the Feast of Brigid (February 1) into a “White Heritage Day” celebration. I figured, “Why not? Very few people celebrate Brigid’s Day any more; even in Ireland it is little more than just teaching kids how to twist rushes or straws or whatnot into crudely made Brigid’s crosses. It is not a big deal. The day itself marks roughly the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere and the return of the sun. As Children of the Sun, it is something all Europeans can relate to. I digress.

    Where do whites stand today? Whites are being annihilated. However, is annihilation the end? In the United States, ethnic identity was the first thing to go as a prerequisite to becoming an “American.” This ethnic reorganization reduced Europeans of various nations into merely “white people.” Just as there were no “Indians” in North America before European contact, there were no “Whites” until their ethnicities were stripped from them. White identity was created to fill the void.

    Today Whites are being annihilated because they are being denied their racial identity. Resistance to this can take many forms. Guns in hand are no substitute for racial consciousness raising. In the Northwest Homeland, I envision things like my White Heritage Day as vehicles to promote the survival of our race.

  22. Freekorps
    Jul 31, 2016

    Has anyone ever noticed how liberals and minorities are so much more successful at coming together to support a common cause than so-called white conservatives? I remember back in the late 1970s and early 80s when affirmative action reared its ugly head.
    The ultimate passage of this abomination came as a result of the constant “program” of violent social upheaval unleashed by lib and minority organisations that continued until legislative reforms were pushed through congress. What they could not do legislatively was done through the court system.
    Maybe it was Jewish social engineering that has been keeping conservative white males docile and timid so as not to band together to support common causes in the way the libs and minorities do.
    Call it doing the GHOST DANCE, but (in the 70s and 80s–before social media) the only opposition to affirmative action was limited to comments on talk radio and letters to the editor.
    Now with the path to citizenship that will surely be provided to 20 million plus mud people (as the result of a Hildebeast victory), we can only hope that a white backlash will come about before we are complete overwhelmed.

  23. AbstractEntity
    Sep 17, 2016

    I disagree with the assessment that the alt right are a negative or compromising force. Milo and McInnes are entryist tier. True alt right is stuff like Daily Stormer and TRS. They’re actually better than the old school white nationalists in the sense that they understand how to embrace humor and memes much better than the old school ones ever did. Also, I’m pretty sure I know which specific parody video is being alluded to here. The person in question who made this video is a feminist woman with severe mental problems. She’s hardly in the position to be criticising people like Andrew Anglin who are doing actual good for the pro-white movement unlike her and her histrionics.

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