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Radio Free Northwest – February 4th 2016

HAC on the murder of Lavoy Finnicum.


  1. m
    Feb 02, 2016

    Perhaps a critique on what the anti-gov people did from a revolutionary standpoint? A couple of talking points to get you going,

    1 – Now maybe it is a tyrannical gov harassing hard working ranchers, or perhaps it is Forest Service employees trying to keep the cholesterol-laden cattle of the ultra-wealthy ranchers from despoiling the environment of public lands that belong to the Folk, whichever, the point being we need to pick our fights and this one is pretty nebulous.

    2 – Leaving the fortified area without a scout ahead, terrible move?
    Or at least invest in a drone with a camera,


  2. J P Franklin
    Feb 02, 2016

    Just another white victim whose murder will go unpunished and sadly in time will be forgotten

  3. Kelly Shipman
    Feb 02, 2016

    You brought tears to my eyes, Harold. This man’s innocent blood cries out to God for justice against his cowardly murderers.

  4. Katt
    Feb 02, 2016

    God will get the guilty

  5. Anonymous
    Feb 03, 2016

    This is one of the best RFNs I have ever heard you do, Harold.

  6. Phil
    Feb 03, 2016

    What happened to Mr. Finnicum is abhorrent and is outright Cold blooded murder by a gangster syndicate drug and gun running agency ,. The FBI must be held accountable at some point and the people behind hanged and dangles from the end of a hangman’s noose. We all need to lock and load because will be going to battle at some point in time even if we don’t want to, we will be forced into it. this is fine with me because these are not humans we are dealing with, they are entities from hades doing the work of the satan and Mr.Finnicums murder was a blood sacrifice for the islamic marxist sodomite negro in the house of horrors and for Satan his master. this nation is almost all but over, especially when wer see a lesbian POS by the name of Hillary running for the highest office o the land even with her lengthy rap sheet of hog crimes and reason. I really have to cry for our once great nation, it’s almost over with now.

  7. Phineas Phreak (Re-post)
    Feb 03, 2016

    It’s almost worth getting murdered in the Northwest to know I’ll get a euology like that one. Good job, Harold.

  8. Rosalie McCormick (Re-post)
    Feb 03, 2016

    That’s a really beautiful rendition of Roddy MacCorley, Harold. Who are the singers?

  9. Lewis Hall (Re-post)
    Feb 03, 2016

    The blood of your new country out there seems to be getting watered with the blood of martyrs. A sad but necessary preliminary.

  10. Harold
    Feb 03, 2016


    An American folk group called Schooner Fare

  11. Bad Goy
    Feb 03, 2016

    I hope this isn’t all your posting for this week. We need the full hour of RFN.

  12. Snow
    Feb 03, 2016

    Thank you for doing this. God bless!
    @Bad Goy
    Agreed. We need a full hour to discuss the dynamic changes on the american landscape that’s inappropriate for Lavoy Finnicum’s Memorial.

  13. Roger Hughes
    Feb 04, 2016

    Roddy MacCorley is a beautiful song, but I hope we never hear it again on RFN. Sadly, I think we will be hearing it all too often in the years to come.

  14. Bad Goy
    Feb 04, 2016

    I hope everyone is ready for the financial collapse and the escalation of WW3. I am. Remember copper jacketed lead will be more valuable than gold or silver in these times.

  15. Lawrence1978
    Feb 05, 2016

    Off topic (but not much): The SHITLORD HUB (http://theshitlordhub.blogspot.co.uk/) aggregates almost 100 feeds for Alt Right blogs and sites, allowing Alt Righters to check their most recent updates in a convenient, time-saving way (Radio Free Norhwest for example is among them). Give it a look, bookmark it, spread the word.

  16. The Sultan Of Swing
    Feb 05, 2016

    Sorry I know this is a bit off topic, But recently I’ve found my self commenting on Youtube videos.. I told myself I would stop doing this a long while back.. Now post Ferguson I’m finding a whole new wave of vibrant energetic young whites posting non pc pro white videos.. These new comers talk in a strange new code with all new slurs.. They make me feel elderly, I mean I call em coons, niggers, spooks, etc.. They call em dindus “mane I dindu nuttin mane!” I call racial awareness being awake, They call it red pilled “the pill Neo takes in the Matrix”

    On another note the JIDF trolls no longer bother to report, they have changed their tactics to simply never shut up.. IE if you work hard to put out several paragraphs of truth in a post they will simply spam over your post till people have to dig for miles to find it.. So recently I’ve resorted to replying to every kike troll by simply posting links to credible articles that they can’t stand, then slander the hell out of them in the following paragraph.. While doing this I have stumbled upon the JIDF troll’s Achilles Heal, Their kryptonite!
    This link-
    Followed by my best slander citing all jews as homosexuals, pedophiles, and baby torturers! The kikes have gone ape shit! I have never ever seen so many yids freaking out on youtube! Its great! They completely loose their reserve and begin to fully reveal their inner satanic hebrew nature making other yids very worried! It has gotten so out of hand for them that fellow kikes are chiming in and accusing each other of being fake Polack jews etc.. A few kikes have the chutzpah to continue to reply, And then I piss them off more by telling them something along the lines of “wow your own people are telling you to shut up! You really must be one of those lesser intelligent Polack kikes”.. And they freak! I will continue to find more ways to spark their measly feeble rage, Next I’m going to find a video that supports PETA, or the Humane Society on you tube and leave a post with a link to a graphic vivisection koshur slaughter video, Then I will say boldly “All jews torture defenseless helpless animals!”

  17. Feric Jagger
    Feb 06, 2016

    Cattle die, kinsmen die. One day you to will die. I will tell you something that never dies and that is the fame of a hero’s deeds!

  18. William
    Feb 06, 2016

    I need to listen to this podcast, but Harold needs to discuss the efforts to resettle hundreds of Muslims into Western Montana and Northern Idaho. That this is happening tells me the iron heel is trying to eliminate a white save haven and is taking the Northwest Imperative seriously and taking steps to counter it with subhuman Muslim savages as the hundreds with grow to tens of thousands within a decade or two.

  19. Johnny
    Feb 06, 2016

    Do we all have to walk in lockstep? Can you be a white nationalist and not think Finicum was a hero – but a fool? What did he accomplish, anyway? Not a damn thing, by my reckoning. Timothy McVeigh made a statement that will not be forgotten. Finicum? A year or two, and few will remember his name.

    We tend to lionize to many crazy people, from Finicum to Glenn Miller to (fill in the blank) and it leaves me with disgust. We are so starved for real heroes that we’ll glorify anyone who walks in front of a law officer’s gun. This whole incident was pathetic, yet so many think it meant something favorable. It did not.

  20. Anonymous
    Feb 06, 2016

    There are now some serious discussions of the Oregon stand off, FBI murders in some Montana local papers. I have found the comment section to be allowing intelligent positions from more or less our side.

    Please stop by, engage in conversations, don’t spam – keep things intelligent and well mannered. You should be allowed after awhile to mention/promote the NorthWest Front.

    Here’s one place.


  21. harpax
    Feb 06, 2016

    HAC made a thoughtful and compelling broadcast. I’m sorry to see Lavoy Finicum murdered, and the video is very shocking. Also, events leading up to it were sad. I read a book by Norris called The Octopus, written in the 1890’s, dealing with the railroad suckering ranchers out of their land in California. Substitute BLM and FBI for railroad, and you’ve got the same story. A very sad novel.
    As much as I support the cause, I think Bundy and his group made some mistakes which I cull from HAC’s novels and writings.
    1. Don’t let yourself get surrounded.
    2.Keep your mouth shut. When Finicum stated he would rather die than go to jail, and would resist, it gave the feds the excuse they needed to shoot on sight. Not they needed much of one.
    3. A siege is a siege. When Finicum and Bundy left to go to a meeting, they must have known the feds were waiting for them. A routine traffic stop? By the FBI? Yeah, right. When they pulled off to one side, it was obvious it was over. If they’d fired back, we would have read of a slaughter ‘resisting arrest’ of course.
    I just saw a PBS special on Bonnie and Clyde, and the ambush they went into brought back memories.
    3. Don’t talk about armed resistance, then meekly give up your guns.
    I think the show was over when the two ranchers charged for additional time gave up. Then, it was time to leave and keep up the fight by other means.
    Again, I read a novel by Steinbeck called In Dubious Battle, where strikers take on goons. The strikers are led by communists, but Steinbeck captures what a real siege is like, and how you prepare for it.
    Also, I know the northwest is the site of our retreat, and I’m all for it, but the political system there is so entrenched anti-conservative. The lesbian Governor practically cried for troops, and the local authorities
    went in lockstep with getting rid of the ‘outsiders.’ How can our migrants overcome such confederated efforts? Yes, away from the coast it’s not so radical, but to a large extent, the coast is what makes up the NW.
    I don’t doubt the feds had their eyes on getting Bundy for a long time, and now they’re happy. He should have known what was going to happen.
    As for the media coverage, it was almost nonexistent. The big issue of the day was Flint and all those poor nigger kids drinking lead because of that durn old Republican governor (although Flint is democrat and they were the ones who started it). So: ranchers or Flint? Flint. Ding-ding-ding!
    And of course it’s all about the presidential horse race now.
    Much of the west is a federal colony anyway. My heart is with all those who suffered, and I hope they get a good lawyer.

  22. Capt Kurtz
    Feb 10, 2016

    Johnny and harpax I couldn’t agree more..

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