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Northwest Front T-Shirts


In the absence of a centralized headquarters vendor or supplier for NF and Northwest independence knick-knacks and memorabilia, etc. I encourage individual entrepreneurship. If nothing else, the Party could use a few more Café Press sites, for example, to replace the one that got pulled down after Dylann Roof pulled his little freak-out last summer.

An “official” vending house for what Gerhard Lauck used to call “toys”  will come with professionalization; for now, anyone who wants to is free to promote the NF independently and I have no objection if you want to make a few bucks doing it. I have always been amazed at how little entreprenuerial spirit our people have; it’s another aspect of our racial personality that we can’t seem to be bothered with any more.

If someone wanted to actually STEP FORWARD and devote some serious time and effort to such an online project, which would cost almost nothing except time—if they wanted actually to work at it and not just treat it as a hobby they can wander away from when they get bored, they could probably pick up a nice chunk of change.

I would certainly help anyone who was producing high-quality knick-knacks, and there is a demand for them—our “fan club” may not be very large, but there are some thousands of us and whatever else Whiteboys won’t do, we will actually purchase this kind of stuff. Buying cool stuff online is within our subcultural parameters, so to speak.

There is in fact a market for NF and Northwest impedimenta, potentially quite a lucrative one if some elbow grease could ever be supplied to developing it, it just looks like no one can be bothered to fill that market. Perhaps this young man Jason above can be persuaded to STEP FORWARD a little more.

Well, we’ll see.




  1. Troy
    Dec 06, 2015

    That tee looks very professionally designed. This type of thing requires a little capital, perhaps $600 for a run of 50 screen-printed t-shirts just to get the ball rolling, but that’s just for the merchandise, mind.

    However, as the fella at the link above has shown, a good design can become a very sexy piece of party propaganda.

    What I like about Jason’s design is that it includes NF policy on a currently hot-topic on the reverse that would surely resonate with many folks.

    However, I’m sure Andy Dalek will rubbish all the above as “a waste of time”.

  2. Jon
    Dec 08, 2015

    I want a few

  3. Julius Nepos
    Dec 08, 2015

    2016 Northwest American Republic 1 oz silver coin — $25 ea.

    I would like to have a large coin (silver dollar sized, i.e. 38 mm) specially struck of the Northwest American Republic. Hopefully the coin can be made of silver (1 troy oz) which is very cheap these days. If not in silver then perhaps tin, copper, or some other metal. I’ll investigate to see how this can be done by a private company and if the project is within my capabilities then going with it. This has been used before by other groups (see below) for similar purposes.

    For example, just before their successful Independence from Spain (1898), the Cuban Revolutionaries had a silver Peso struck & dated in 1897 & 1898. Their profits (the coins were silver dollar sized) went to finance their Revolution. Then silver was 60 cents /oz and a US silver $ was 0.779 oz of silver. The coins were made in the US & sold for $1 each, around 20,000 (I think: need to check references) were made and they were redeemable by the Cuban Government after Independence from Spain. Very few were actually redeemed I believe, but today a choice uncirculated one of the common date (1897) sells for about $4,000. (I have one in my collection).

    During our own Revolutionary War, the American Continental Congress planned on issuing a silver dollar in 1776: made from silver donated by the French. Dies were made; they were quite audacious having the saying “MIND YOUR BUSINESS” in the center of the coin along with a sundial & the names of the 13 states. The promised silver never arrived so instead base metal (pewter: a non-precious tin alloy) was used and quite a few were made. Two silver specimens also survive to this day. A slightly worn specimen in pewter currently sells for around $60,000 and last year or so one of the silver specimens brought (I think) around $500,000. at auction.

    What I am considering is either:
    1) A silver dollar sized coin which would be ~38 mm diameter and .999 fine silver. This would have a facing portrait of Mr. C., his name below & the date. The reverse would have the 3 state symbol, the wording “Northwest American Republic” (I’d have to check with the US Government on the legality of the wording I can use) and the 14 words in the center.

    2) A larger coin which would be 1.111 oz of 90% silver. This would be able to circulate better as the silver alloy would be harder but could cost much more to produce even tho it would be the same 1 troy oz of silver. The large size is very much non-standard. The design would be the same.

    The coin would be denominated “1 Thaler”, thus not causing any problems with the US Government. The first post-ancient large silver coins, coincident with the beginning of the Renaissance (1485) and the rise of the Western Civilization were called “Thalers”. The 1st of these was made in 1486 (I also have one in my collection).

    I think it’s important to keep the metal near 1 troy oz of silver as investors, survivalists, traders, and pawn shop owners are used to the 1 oz of precious metal standard. However, in case I have funding problems, I can also fall back on making these of tin, copper, or some other non-precious metal (appropriately marked of course). Right now silver and other precious metals are dirt cheap with silver being $14 /oz. Alternative investment types like to buy silver anyway in case the dollar hyper inflates or collapses, so maybe they’d like even more to buy a NAR silver 1oz? Maybe we can sell these things for $25 or $30 apiece?

    I will not make any personal profit from this venture: all profits will be donated to the NWF. I also will not put my name or initials on the coins, unless requested to put my initials on precious metal specimens as an “assayer” which is the tradition.

    I like a facing portrait as I think it’s a very characteristic picture of Mr. Covington with the hat & all. Collectors also like coins with portraits on them. Henry 8th of England (1509 – 1547) made a few of his coins with the facing (as well as the profile) portrait and today these are very sought after. Also the picture of a white family could be used with 4 full length figures. The First French Republic went with this theme after the Revolution for all of their silver & gold coins (1793-1803).

    I’d like to limit production and have the coins dated with the current year. If these things sell, then subsequent issues can have different dates (& maybe designs). If the NAR eventually comes into existence, then these early coins can become quite valuable. For example the finest known specimen of the first USA regular issue silver dollar, a 1794, sold a couple years ago for 10.1 million $. Even if the NAR as proposed doesn’t happen soon, but an economic crisis occurs, any large silver coin could be an excellent investment.

    Also coins are very permanent. The world’s 1st coins were made around 630 B.C. and some of these are still around, albeit a little rare. (I do have one). People are aware of and collect all types of ancient Greek & Roman coins. Even if someone really opposes the NAR they may not melt down the coins on the simple premise that, with time, these things could become very valuable and collectable. The coins could hang around a very long time and their exposure may also include new groups of people who collect silver & gold coins that the NWF has not previously marketed to. These groups are overwhelmingly white.

    I won’t go into all the details here as I am unused to blogs. I was hoping to get a good facing portrait of Mr. Covington which I can use by email: which you should have on record. I’ll also email you directly. Later, if this works, I might need a profile portrait of Andy Donner, head to shoulders, for the half thaler, as I’ve been unable to find any pix of him on-line.

    Naturally everything is open to discussion.

  4. Anonymous
    Dec 12, 2015

    These guys are out of Milwaukee WI. Talk about “shortstopping” by a long mile.

  5. Paul Moses
    May 24, 2016

    If someone wanted to do the Cafepress store idea, would they be allowed to use the graphics from this site? I wouldn’t want to infringe on any copyrighted material. Also, would I have to pay for the use of any graphic or the name Northwest Front?

  6. Goyhammer
    Jul 07, 2016

    Butt hurt over a shirt???? I wanted a quality shirt without going through some “print on demand” company who could careless about the NF and just as quick have all images banned from being printed if they only knew. I sat down , learned the very simple basics of graphic design and made my own. The shirt being two sided and three colored with a very limited production of under 40 pieces of various sizes made it very expensive. White boys are known to love signaling via T-shirts and I figured other comrades would appreciate it…..and all that have bought one do.

    More are on the way but as with everything else related to the NF , it seems to be at the speed of molasses in January. Considering I’m a working class “short stopper” with very limited time because of work and family , I would design the next shirt in the vein of SJW style imagery that demands the borders of the NF be extended to the city limits of Milwaukee. The mass produced toxic condom slick in a can that is known as Miller , is just to good to leave.

    A comrade just brought this to my attention , therefor the delayed response.

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