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We’re The Worst, Apparently


Guys, this is what I mean about major media now monitoring the NF and why we have to start being careful what goes out in public.



  1. Adam
    Jul 08, 2015

    This is good. We’re freaking out the SOBs and we’re doing nothing. What could we achieve if we gave everything we can do at this point?

  2. Anonymous
    Jul 09, 2015

    You know the other Movement personalities, such as they are, will be seething with jealousy now, Harold. I think you can expect more internet bullshit from That Nineties Show coming down the pike.

  3. Anonymous
    Jul 09, 2015

    The other Anonymous is right. You Know Who has fucking steam coming out of his ears he’s in such a rage over those articles on you.

  4. Harold
    Jul 09, 2015

    @ Anonymous (both of you)’

    Yeah, I reckon so. WTF can I tell you? It’s who we are. It’s what we do.

  5. Troy
    Jul 09, 2015

    Just remember, offense is the best form of defense. [clich├ęd, but very correct]
    I still think we should start seeing a Northwest European’s Nationalist Party, aiming o achieve what he SNP have in Britain [minus the rampant Marxism and degeneracy of course].

  6. Mike
    Jul 09, 2015

    Wonderful! I learned so much from that article! Apparently we want to still reign supreme over non-whites even though we want them out of our future ethnic homeland. lol.

  7. Roger Hughes
    Jul 09, 2015

    The insults and abuse of one’s enemies are often the highest of accolades, Harold. These jackasses evidently know a real opponent when they see one.

  8. Anonymous
    Jul 09, 2015

    I hope you guys ARE the worst, because it’s going to take some really bad dudes to turn this mess around.

  9. Mstr Rick
    Jul 09, 2015

    Notice OVER 10,000 comments? Ten Thousand! I’d say some new interest is on the way.

  10. Steve the Elder
    Jul 10, 2015

    Worse is better

  11. DOC
    Jul 10, 2015

    That is really great news!

    HAC, those NF White People in the Homeland, including yourself should be lighting up some good cigars to celebrate the announcement of a pregnant wife and a son not yet born, but definitely on the way. That imbecile moron and useful idiot, Casey Michel, just handed over several thousand, privately frustrated and most probably tyrannized and victimized, White People into the open welcoming arms of the Northwest Front. Thanks to that very clever Casey Michel, those several thousand White People are now well informed about the existence of the Pro-White Northwest Front.

    Now those informed frustrated, tyrannized and victimized White People who have read Mr. Casey Michel’s informative article, see a way to break their slave shackles and chains and free themselves from the bondage, servitude and enslavement to the ZOG controlled Third World Multi-Cultural Diversity Marxist Mud People’s States Of Ammuuurrica, by migrating to the Pacific Northwest States to help found a new exclusively all White Northwest American Republic without the baggage of tens of millions of non-White Mud people, especially Blacks and Beaner Mestizos, continuously habitually terrorizing and murdering innocent White People and parasitizing off White People by taxing the White middle class to pay for the welfare of the tens of millions of Mud people parasites.

    Casey Michel did a wonderful, helpful and superb job of describing the diminishing and shrinking population of “Blacks” in the Pacific Northwest States that translates to much less Black on White crimes compared to the jungle lands of Ammuuurrrica.

    HAC, perhaps you should send a nice Hallmark “Thank You Card” with a photo of a spectacular panoramic view of the forests and mountains of the Pacific Northwest to Mr. Casey Michel to thank him for writing an excellent article and presenting some great and highly informative publicity that was handed over to the Northwest Front on a silver platter. Well, it’s the thought that counts. Congratulations to everyone in the Pacific Northwest Homeland who is associated with and helping the Northwest Front.

    It appears the enemy is genuinely nervous and fearful of a simmering and brewing slave revolt, slave uprising and open slave rebellion erupting among their enslaved White subjects.

  12. Nevets
    Jul 10, 2015

    @ Adam – Comrade, who ever said we are doing nothing… see ya Saturday!

  13. Nevets
    Jul 10, 2015

    Good article though. Idiot commenters for the most part. Keep it up Harold!!

  14. Wingnut
    Jul 11, 2015

    The supposed Roof manifesto had just 2 sentences, that in a dyslexic manner, misspell Northwest Front. This short paragraph was a Northwest Front NAYSAY, a “goat dance”. Yet amazingly, all the Lefty-Lib sites are saying Roof was “Influenced” and “inspired” by HAC and the NF.

    I guess what they say is true. There’s no such thing as bad press.

  15. Chicago Guy's Cyber-Stalker
    Jul 11, 2015

    Hanging would be good, Harold. Why don’t you hang yourself? Take a load off. Swing a spell.

    Come on, man, I GOTTA get you to off yourself, this week, or that wog in Vancouver is threatening to cut my boss off from his “backsheesh.”

  16. Snow
    Jul 13, 2015

    Oh no. The federal government and its minions consider we the people of the United States to be disloyal as disobedient members of the producing social petty bourgeois, “white people”, that the parasites cannot tolerate being absent from paying their dues. The confort of the king is paramount, and we all should be denied careers and civil liberties for thinking “fascist” Republican thoughts that disagree with The Guardian.

  17. old engineer
    Jul 16, 2015

    We are the worst? All we ask for is a homeland– a place to be allowed to live in peace. There are southern nationalists who wish to bring back the Confederacy. There are neo-segregationists who want to turn back the clock to an integrated, but white dominated country. There are hundreds of groups jockeying for political power in the USA, but we want none of it. HAC of all the people in the WN movement today most completely embraces passivism as a political strategy. Why are we the worst then when we pose no challenge to the authority of the powers that be? Because the Homeland is the only solution that could actually work! If ever there should be a homeland they know that it would be the most desired place on the planet. They would need a huge Berlin wall to keep their subjects, um, wage slaves, err, citizens in. All we need to create the homeland is to go there and to become worthy. We must turn away from the bitterness and focus on the prize. We will win eventually therefore we really are the worst.

  18. Newbie
    Jul 24, 2015

    This individual attemptd to post his e-mail address and his telephone number here. On the presumption that he is very new indeed, and has no idea how foolish and potentially dangerous that is, let me explain: the first step is to e-mail me at nwnet@earthlink.net with a name and mailing address and get a packet of Party literature.

  19. Paul
    Aug 18, 2015

    It strikes me as odd that what has to be the quietest White Nationalist group in Amurrica has managed to be classified as the most dangerous. All you do is tell people to come to the Northwest and settle. No violence, no vitriol against anyone. Just pack your stuff and come on up. Something this simple has the liberals’ panties on fire.

    I am waiting to see how the other so-called leaders in the Movement spazz out. Here is Harold. Man has been dumped on by every so called leader in the movement for years, and still he is listed by the liberals as the most dangerous man in the Movement. I can just picture how that burns them up. Don’t tell me you haven’t been sitting there with a little smile thinking about all that. I know I would.

    I get your point about having to be more circumspect. Uncle Slime is going to go over everything you or anyone in the Northwest Movement does with a fine-toothed comb just looking for an excuse to drop the hammer and get them some face time on the tube. That in and of itself should motivate some people to actually move. This being the only group in the Movement that the liberals consider an actual threat. Something to consider.

  20. lacey
    Sep 11, 2015

    I think this is wonderful!
    Any press is good – even the BAD-
    The only thing he left out was a link to the site:)
    Thank Goodness for Google

    Way to go
    Thanks Politico

  21. +Ulfberh+t
    Sep 13, 2015

    No comments at the linked article. Typical.

  22. Ian
    Sep 26, 2015

    Nothing wrong with calculated caution – you’re doing great things HAC – never stop.

    Doing what I can here on the east coast…educating and enlightening and such…

    Be well –

  23. maukali666
    Oct 13, 2015

    If the media doesn’t hate you, then you are not doing your job.

  24. Adam From Portland
    Oct 14, 2015

    @ Ian
    Come out to the homeland and help us do it out here

  25. The White Knife
    Feb 02, 2016

    The attacks on NWF from outside sources are merely frantic reactions to what they know to be the beginning of the end of their free ride. Without the Amazing, Hardworking, Intelligent and Beautiful Caucasian peoples to fund their lives they know they will ultimately fail as a species!! Without us to take care of them they will perish like Roaches in a fire!!

  26. Joe Samples
    Apr 07, 2016

    This is a great article. Not many people know about this. I am very excited to learn that there is a place after all that people can go to escape the ugly, oppressive, violent, cesspool of diversity and multiculturalism they call utopia.

  27. Scott "White Knife" C.
    Apr 07, 2016

    National Socialist European Heritage Workers (NSEUH, pronounced ENSUE, as to occur/happen due to the current anti-White establishment) Party coming soon!!!

  28. Patton
    Jun 21, 2016

    It is hypocritical to be ok with a homeland for the jews, and not one for the euro-americans who founded this country and have spilled more blood for it than any other group ever since that day.

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